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    Pedersen also said about Goodwin He doesn’t have an office and sits in an area with the other coaches making it easy to have ‘chance encounters’. “Goodwin doesn’t hide away in an office”. You can have a joke with him. He is unrelenting about being competitive. If you are not competitive then you won’t play in a Goodwin side. Cam said there were flashier players who could be playing but Goodwin wants good, honest contributors. Goodwin is big on the what you are outside the club, the ‘higher purpose stuff”
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    My 5 week old daughter still hasn't witnessed a loss... she's going to think I'm crazy when I tell her about "the dark days" hell, she's only ever seen 1 lost quarter!
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    Cam was interviewed on a ‘competing’ Demons podcast on Monday. He said he was knocked out for about five seconds during the VFL game. Apparently the first time in his life he has been concussed and he has pulled up well, is training and available for selection. Apparently Goodwin has acknowledged to Cam that he is playing very well and banging on the door. He said Goodwin had some sympathy for his situation and that there will be injuries and form lapses amongst the players and so Cam just has to keep playing well. He was the Captain of the VFL side on Sunday. Cam also said that at this level the players aren’t as strong or fast and he thinks he has most players measure in a marking contest. He is studying to become a teacher and sounded realistic about his contract situation joking instead of a two year deal he thought a month to month deal more likely. He seemed like a really good bloke. I hope he gets an opportunity at the senior level, through sheer weight of form, at some time this season.
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    We will be interviewing Paul Roos on the next Demonland Podcast on Wednesday 13 June @ 8:30pm The following week we will be interviewing Brad Green on Wednesday 20 June @ 8:30pm If you have any questions for either of these two greats of the club please post them here.
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    I will be in a corporate box on Monday and just found out I will be the only Demon supporter again. I was with the same group last year and took a great deal of pleasure with the end result. I hope its the same case on Monday.😍
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    No chance tmac goes back unless we are really under siege, he has to stay forward, no backline in the league can go with hogan and tmac
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    Well, that’s put roundup on the Weed theory.
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    I was just continuing the tradition of suggesting he needs to be rested.
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    Based on the ins and no Weid you would think its Ped for T Smith and we will I would back J Smith for Lever.
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    This may appear as if an ultra-long, self-indulgent post to celebrate my 3000th instance of time-wasting on our beloved Demons footballing hub; sifting through 118 pages of mostly drivel (up until about a year back) to compile a personal ‘best of’ in the disappointing fashion of a sitcom milestone retrospective. But really, the thread is not intended as just a pointless self-homage – rather an opportunity for us to cordially gather together in these current times of abundance and back-slapping and reflect on our own personal and collective journeys to this point, both the camaraderie and the occasional degree of bickering befitting of Cormac McCarthy’s ‘The Road.’ Include what you will, boast of impressive predictions, recall wonky or wacky opinions, showcase your sublime comedic talent, or just settle old scores in a never-ending verbal fight to the death – I’m certain you’ll be judged accordingly – but, a quick note, I suspect a third-person format will quickly grow tedious, so perhaps a better template would be something of this like: …………………………………………………...... First post: Best Nostradamus moment: Spot-on calls: Biggest predictive flop: An absolute personal embarrassment: Greatest interpersonal abuse (for and against): Most contentious post: Persistent bugbear: (I’ll prefill this for Clint Biz – unstuck tackles and not getting back quick enough on the mark) Individual player lobbying and castigation - and your wrong and rights: Best/most flamboyant meltdown: All-time greatest zinger: Little would we know: Etc . . : ………………………………………………………. Anywho, without further ado, this is your life . . . Skuit. May 19th 2015, you finally broke your cherry on the boards, after lurking since 2011. This very first entry into the realm of Demonland perhaps best illustrates your attraction to the site in the first place: a debilitating case of MFCSS and the psychological need for community. Following an injury to some kid called Dean: It seems the only players on our list outside of Tmac to have shown some positive signs of individual improvement so far this year were Viney (426), Salem (426) and Kent (?). Your MFCSS would become a common theme during your time on Demonland. On our likelihood of victory during the bye-week: Hogan gets hit by the regular bus. #fistedforever In more general terms: MFCSS logic: The opposition are rebounding off an embarrassing loss. Melbourne are going to lose. The opposition are in good form and coming off a win. Melbourne are going to lose. But turning to Demonland as a support network may have been ill-advised. The first time you were told to shove it: @faultydet: What a phlog ... Take your "sweeping generalisations", and belt them up your ars, you racist [censored] Your response, however, was all class, resisting the temptation for antagonistic leftist baiting; I have a gangly inverted black humanoid figure as an avatar so I clearly can't be racist. But your suggestion that I belt sweeping generalisations up my censored as a punitive measure rather than something that might be enjoyable makes me think that you could be possibly homophobic. (cutaway for an emotional Skuit/faultydebt reunion and non-sexual burying of threatening implements). It wasn’t the only time you would engage in virtual fisticuffs on DL in the early days. On your suggestion that Stef Martin would have been a useful inclusion in a particular match: @Curry & Beer: oh ffs yes we aware that one of the last hundred players we have delisted has actually gone on to play well at another club, big friggen deal On your defense of the ‘spud’ Joe Daniher after kicking a bag against the MFC: @Curry & Beer: oh shut up please politically correct social justice warrior On specifically Curry & Beer: (return to the studio present): If you’re listening Curry, we all miss your pleasant contributions and wish you a speedy recovery. Still, you have displayed a fair degree of vitriolic yourself towards a particular young man in Jack Watts; @Skuit: And Watts can go and sit on a selfie-stick for that last effort. Including your most contentious post ever, directly following young Jack’s notable efforts to get the Demons across the line against Gold Coast in Alice last year: You can't just pick and choose when to compete. Jack Watts' contribution weighed up against Jack Watts' non-contribution for me adds up to trade. While questionably defending the deficiencies of others in the past: @Skuit: Fitzy any chance to get up and run with White? Would beat him hands down in tunnel-ball, leap-frog, rounders, fiddle-sticks . . . Can you tell us the source of this apparent resentment? Live Skuit: Thanks Ray. I never felt that Jack would be the right fit in moving us forward. That is all. Outside of Jack though, you’ve levelled an undue amount of abuse at another pair of current-day performers, brothers in fact: @Skuit: Imagine living next-door to the MacDonald clan. Mister, can we have our ball back. Mister, can we have our ball back. Mister, can we have . . . . @Skuit: The nick-name 'Tomald' is revelation enough (courtesy of @Deestroy All): It can even be used as a verb. Like when you Tomald the ball directly to the single opposition player standing in the middle of four of your own teammates. @Skuit: Hibberd and Pedo can go and stand next to Nev in the Reliable Camp. Omac can go and stand next to that Traeger Park tree and wait for the next electrical storm. Might spark some life into the boy. @Skuit: I'm certain it's to do with his vision and depth perception. Needs corrective lenses. OPSMac. So, do you have anything to say in your defence in terms of the McDonald bothers? Yes, thanks Ray, I would really like the opportunity to sincerely apolog – hey, look, is that @stevethemanjordan? But the abuse hasn’t all been confined to Melbourne players: Excuse my language, but that umpire Nicholls is a [censored] [censored] camel [censored] [censored] stain. Yet, it hasn’t all been anger, frustration and arguments over the recent past years. Let’s look back at some of the good times and more light-hearted moments you’ve shared on Demonland. On the solid bonds of community, (or, impressions of your Demonalnd peers): Where Demonland posters go to get their insights on the MFC . . . Saty: the Viney-family garden. Ethan Tremblay: reruns of Hawaii Five-O. SWYL: 9/11 footage. Beezlebub: The scoreboard stupid. Old Dee: The 1965 VFL season almanac. Wiseblood: the contraindication info on the back of a Percocet packet. BBO: subspace Picket: sheeeit! I am the ORACLE!!! Stevetheman: the police report from that time Oscar ran over his own cat the clumsy stupid doofus. Stuie: Stuie’s facebook page moderated by someone called Stuie. Clint Bizkit: personal stopwatch splits for players getting behind their mark. hemingway: whisky and soda. Puntkick: whisky and rum. And your most proud pun over the journey: On the Brayshaw brothers: @DubDee: Assume they are from Scottish stock with those names? @Skuit: Irish actually. To Brayshaw, to Brayshaw. Or; on the broader question of how to resolve AFL midfield congestion: Clarryntyne. And by far your worst effort, indeed the most disappointing pun you’ve ever committed to the digital ether: On North recruiting a certain unnamed recruiter: I imagine some the North fans would have been shocked by this decision. A Barry Prend-aghast even. Your best, however, digital work in this modern high-tech era of cut & paste technology: On Lynden Dunn’s curious ongoing exclusion at the expense of some kid called Oscar: Or, following another injury to our reserve stocks last year: What it’s like being a Smith playing for Melbourne: And possibly your sharpest ever grand take-down: @Nasher: Flip through my contacts for a Port supporter to bag, realise I don't know a single one of them. @Skuit: You should call your insurer. You may be entitled to a discount on your home-and-contents premiums. Still, some of your anti-club witticisms may have on occasion come back to bite: (last year): I’m calling it now – Richmond will be in 9th position heading into the final day of the season. On the other hand, some eerie soothsaying [censored] leading up to the Collingwood QB clash in 2016: If I were seeking a way for Garlett to recapture his form and confidence, I'd send him to the forward pocket on Queen's Birthday at the MCG against Collingwood and tell him to kick goals. Also: Roos: 'our job is to decide whether he can functionally perform the way we want him to play and we won't know that until Saturday morning.' @Skuit: But whose job at the club is it to decide whether playing could aggravate the injury or cause longer-term damage? I hope they're not leaving it up to a character like Viney to self-report. And on a final note and fitting summary of your Demonland excursion to date. In respect to the potential of the Demons making the grand final last year: This will sound like the strangest comment ever uttered in these hallowed digital halls, but I don't think I'm ready yet. This is my life now. Melbourne's inveterate crapness is a core part of my personal identity. The Stockholm Syndrome has full hold of me. Just the thought of a flag and the existential anxiety seizes my brain. How the hell am I possibly going to cope on Grand Final day?!! And around all those bloody neutrals who couldn't possibly understand. What if it all goes horribly wrong? And surely, surely, after waiting so desperately all this time, there isn't the slightest hope that the joy however great could ever live up to the desire. And how much salt would it rub into the wounds - to suddenly do it so easily after a half-century of wasted effort? What happens when life returns to normal? When cricket returns to the G' and ordinary people no longer care? When everyone else has forgotten the pain and the suffering and simply moved on? I'll be that prisoner released into society after serving a life sentence. I'm institutionalised. My only hope is recidivism. To bid farewell to the MFC and jump on the Richmond bandwagon to nowhere . . . @Demonland: Where were you in 2000? @Skuit: Drunk by about 10am.
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    Professionally approached training. The coaches had the field well organized for drills with player skills and involvement abundant. Light duties included, Jack Viney, Jake Melksham, Joel Smith, Mitch Hannan, Christian Salem and Tom Mcdonald. Vieing for the Jake Lever position looked to be either tall or small. Dion Johnstone, Sam Frost, Petty Harrison, Harley Balic, Jayden Hunt, Josh Wagner. All having exteneded training and being the last off the track. Along with Declan Keilty, Lachlan Filipovic and Sam Weideman. The rehab squad was Cory Maynard and Dean Kent. Simulations were well controlled clean football. Some goal kicking practice had video been taking for later analysis. Coaches stole the day with Max Rook absorbing the beautiful winter sun rays on his scalp with his new crew cut.
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    I can live without Wines. But if we keep bringing in better and better mature players every year, like we have been doing with increasing quality: Vince, Melksham, Hibberd, Lever... Gaff? Then keep finding late gold at the draft... If we can keep up that momentum, like Hawthorn & Geelong did, we'll keep turning out a powerful list year after year, and be around the pointy end for a long time
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    I was a big fan of vandenBerg when he was fit. He always bobbed up for a couple of goals. It's going to be tough to sneak back into the team but if he can keep fit and find his way in through form at Casey then I think he will offer something. Having said that another injury would probably spell the end of his career. I hope he can stay fit.
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    Cripps should be in there ahead of Martin.
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    Brayshaw doesn’t have a “condition”, He received a couple of concussions in a short period of time, so he wears a helmet for peace of mind. Any player could be knocked out at any time. Brayshaw isn’t a bigger risk. Nev Jetta went through almost exactly the same thing a few years ago and nobody ever talks about his “condition”.
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    That photo is just sad to look at. Partly because most of the boys in it never reached their potential. Those that did become half respectable moved on to other clubs. Mostly it's sad because of Bails. We hung him out to dry in 2011 and he would pass on nearly two years later. It's a real tragedy that he went through as much crap as he did in his final years but a testament to him that he refused to die bitter.
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    Having watched Pedersen about five times for Casey this year T Smith four times (twice live) at AFL level they are distinctly different types of players. Smith is one who can really bullock and get out the quick handpass from a scrambled pack. He can crash a marking comp and of course take the occasional mark. Pedersen is more your traditional marking player... think Tom McDonald. At VFL level he uses his strength to impose himself on the competition. His ground play is probably not as strong as Smith's. He's also not to my knowledge super quick at decision making in the sense that if he takes a mark 60 metres out it is not often you see him slamming it onto the boot Melksham style to a player 30 metres from goal. Will be fascinating to watch how the forward line works with these three talls. I like many others am a great fan of Pedersen and think at present he delivers more than Weideman. However Smith's performance at AFL level has really sold me that for the sake of team balance he's the man ! Hope Pedersen plays a blinder and we see Smith back soon.
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    I knew it was a bad idea posting that. It was a joke.
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    Kent showed a lot of improvement at the start of this year. Wasn't falling over, was holding his marks and kicking his set shots. I don't think he's the pure pressure forward we need - Garlett's the best chance of that on the list - but he's good enough to be an option. If he gets back fit I think he can push out Hannan - who has to kick his goals and hold a few more marks and tackles to really cement a spot. Vanders I rate really highly and I think the footy department do to. Yeah his kicking is scratchy but his size/speed/hardness combination is suited to our game plan and to finals. At this stage he's not much more than a prospect to come back, play some VFL, stay healthy and get ready for next year but things can change quickly.
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    Nothing better than having a close to full squad to chose from, meaning those at Casey have to perform to get in. Not only does it pressure the guys in the ones to play to their best level, but means when others get a go they are in top form, not trying to find it. Brayshaw being the classic example this year. I can wait until there's an active discussion on Vanders or Kent coming into the team, and hopefully its not due to injury, more them being in such fantastic form their too hard to ignore - even if they then have to wait until a spot opens up.
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    Kent played well in his two appearances before doing his hammy. He can break back in and I reckon he will. GarlettI I would have third in line for the small forward role behind Kent and Spargo.
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    the cheese platter killed me hahaha
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    I think a lot of the media pundits are picking Dusty based on 2017 form.
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    Funny how most commentators who put these out, including Slobbo, justify not putting Gawn and Grundy in their team because no teams play with 2 rucks (except top of the ladder West Coast), but then put Gray, Higgins and Caddy in the one team - not saying their not good players, but forward pressure is such a big part of today's game, and those guys aren't top notch in that area. Also no lock down defender either, so just come out and say we're picking the best 22 and putting them where we can fit them, rather than how a team would actually line up.
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    Haven’t heard that, but I was listening to SEN when they asked Jack Viney who he’d take and he said Jimmy Toumpas. Oh well, we take Wines and he drags us over the line in a few of the close games in 2014 and 15. This pushes us up the draft order and we miss out on Petracca, Brayshaw and Oliver. Essendon won’t accept a later second round pick for Melksham and Hibberd and tell us to take a hike. Another club pounces on ANB and O’Mac and Tom McDonald leaves the Dees to play alongside his brother. Hogan doesn’t want to play in a forward line without any support so he departs and Lewis doesn’t sign onto a club that doesn’t even have a key forward. Passing on Wines was the best thing we’ve ever done.
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    After reading the injury report today which says the above two players are getting close to playing again, I've been wondering if they make our side better once fit and in form. Both have had such a poor run with injuries for such a long time, it's actually hard to recall what they were like at their best, but I have a sneaky suspicion they would indeed make us better. Tough for the player/s who miss out, but another good "problem" to have. They first have to regain full fitness and form of course.
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    In(s): The Pedestal, J. Smith, Garlett Out(s): T. Smith, Lever, Spargo (rested).
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    Huge chance for Pedders to come in and cement his spot as that 3rd tall forward/relief ruck. Hes been in red hot form in the VFL. Hope he plays out of his skin the rest of the season and is part of our finals campaign. With teams having to put so much time and resources into stopping Hogan and T Mac, the Peddertron may get off the chain.
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    If Pedo is alright he comes in for Bull, and from what I hear probably J.Smith or Hunt comes in for lever Suprised they listed Petty over both Frost and Keilty, but if they feel he’s up for it would be a helluva game for him to debut
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    Well on hearing that, the culture at this club has well and truly changed from what it was just a few years ago. He talks about the group and the love of the club and the passion to play well. Tom McDonalds signing on for 4 years typifies this. This is going to be one hell of a ride.
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    I break out in hives when I see a Hankook Tyre.
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    Well you have to give credit to the MVRC in their efforts to attract some of the World's best middle-distance WFA performers for the WS Cox Plate. If they were to secure 2, 3 or 4 of the horses listed below they will be doing very well. Read more here ... Cracksman one of 13 invited to take on Winx in Cox Plate 2018 The LONGINES World's Best Racehorse Rankings for 3yos and upwards which raced between 1st January 2018 - 6th May 2018
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    Casey will be a bloody good side once Vanders and Kent come back.
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    Considering the works on my train line I might be walking the whole way to the 'G. You really should get one of these.
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    It is not just 92 since the previous tally, but 1200 in the last week. If we win on Monday, I expect that we will soar past 45,000 in the coming week and close in on 50,000 for the first time. It is up to the MFC (and all Demonlanders) to capitalise on our current momentum and ensure that we reach this milestone!
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    Moving TMac to defense is “in case of 186 emergency” only move
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    Great to hear the story and background of Harmesy. Nice work thanks guys
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    We loved Jake in his draft year, and clearly we didn't lose his number after the Crows drafted him. I like how our recruiting team maintain contact with these guys even if they end up elsewhere. Shows the importance in building and maintaining relationships.
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    Dont want to sound to over confident here, but I cant see the pies getting within 6 goals of us. All of our senior players speak of the pain of round 23 last year. I cant see us letting up for a second in this game applying relentless pressure all day siren to siren. Our forwards are way too dynamic for their defence and our mids will be harder at it than them I can see us winning contested possession by 25+. I think a lot of players are really looking forward to the big stage & want to make a bit of a statement (if the last 6 weeks hasn't been enough)
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    Agree, you can have cover players on your list, he is one. Vince has stated he would play as long as the club lets him, even if it meant on small wage and knowing only injuries or super form get him an afl game. Pedos form also pushes Smith and Weids to higher requirements to stay in the team.
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    From the MND website: Nice work Saty, thanks to all the volunteers who assist with fundraising. Hope my beanie makes it here by Monday!
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    Dare I say it, but I don't think we need Wines. We have enough tough, contested ball winning type players. I'd rather Gaff as he adds to our outside run and carry that would really make us an elite side.
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    No surprises here: From 31 games in his past two seasons, Joel Selwood has received 49 head-high free kicks – 23 more than the next highest, Brisbane's Rhys Mathieson. Selwood (95) and Patrick Dangerfield (88) top the league for free kicks for in that time. These guys have the umpires totally conned. Mathieson is an embarrassment to have so many such frees as he has not played every game. The kid learnt some bad habits copying his hero local J Selwood and now can't get a game.
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    Most of those throwing the ball decisions would have been wrongly paid against Clayton Oliver.
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