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    I think we are past going for the big fish... We have our own homegrown to look after now. Clubs will be knocking on Oliver's door, Petracca and others, lets keep this list together as long as it takes to get the elusive flag. To me a player like Sloane would end up around our 3rd or 4th mid behind Oliver & Patracca and on par with Viney but we would be paying him number 1 mid money. Not a wise spend... Look at needs and spend wisely...Hibberd is an example. Although not a free agent he fitted a real need to have quality run and disposal from defence. Gaff maybe the one to look at but that depends on money and how some of our younger players come on.
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    Here are a few snaps from training today. Enjoy ==> https://www.smugmug.com/frame/slideshow?key=3NPfw7&autoStart=1&captions=0&navigation=0&playButton=0&randomize=0&speed=2&transition=fade&transitionSpeed=1&clickable=1
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    I want Sloane to leave so I can watch Tex's head explode!
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    (Starts a thread with his name in the title to outline his own ladder prediction.)
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    Any decision that doesn't achieve the desired outcome can be categorized as questionable That's why there are so many hindsight experts, paricularly in the footy environment Also why not many are brave, or foolish enough, to take on a senior AFL coaching role Paul Roos used to get a prodigious amount of email coaching and selection tips from these experts Imagine if he had actually listened He also told me if he picked 15 different teams one weekend, he still wouldn't please everyone Examples Weed and Hogan had been training most the pre season and it was hoped they would form a good partnership in 2017, Pedo was still remodelling himself into the Lean Machine we see today, so Weed was preferred, it didn't work, shock horror, move on JKH was tearing up the VFL, he got a chance and not only told me but the Club Website he had let himself, the other players and the coaches down with his performances, shock horror, it didn't work, move on I know Ben Kennedy had some deficiencies in his game that he couldn't fix, hence no games and delisting Who would have picked Hannan to debut and play so many games, a guy who had gone VAFA/VFL/AFL in three seasons, don't remember seeing him in many pre season best 22 that the experts nominated, was the decision to play him questionable at the time? Or an inspired decision in hindsight. You could fill a topic with pages to rival the Jack Watts traded topic on coaching selections that have either worked or not worked over the lastx10 years, with each expert offering up different opinions, nobody is right or wrong, just a different take or view on each decision and why it was taken
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    Yes fantastic info there Macca. Who needs Racing.com when weve got you! Ok a few things i noticed tomorrow @Caulfield......In the last Race i like Sohool to win. Jacquinot Bay is an interesting runner.....started her career when John Howard was Prime Minister ....(well not quite)....but is just getting better.......has only missed a place once in her last 8 starts! Petrology is another strange one, it really likes to run a place at good odds......Race 8, I also like Dollar for Dollar for the win. Race 7 The top 4 seem to have it between them.....thrown em all in the quaddie! Race 6 Its too hard for me... any suggestions? My Quaddie....fwiw......... 1,3,4,5,7/1,2,3,4/3,5/10 Oh yeah, and we are up to page 12 in our punting thread, which only started in October. Well done guys!
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    C: Daisy Pearce VC: Mel Hickey & Elise O'Dea
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    (Stolen from Bigfooty look-a-likes)
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    The demise of Colin Sylvia is a sad story and it reflects how more professional all football clubs have become in terms of maintaining a healthy environment for talented young sportspeople coming into the system. It wasn’t all that long ago that we admired the larrikin young Sylvia when he stepped into the club. We even emphasised it in the way we promoted his image as the young kid who was joining the big boys. We were angry about getting negative publicity when his early mentor, David Neitz, was found in a drunken state outside the Casino late one night. By all means, a person has to take responsibility for his or her actions but we as a club failed Colin in a way, as we did with Brock McLean and many others. In saying that, most other clubs were no better and some got lucky with their choices. You would like to think those days were over now but, as we know, boys will still be boys and the next such story is always a morning newspaper headline away.
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    You play this line every time you are questioned as if it absconds you from being wrong - it doesn't. Your opinion can be wrong. Your assertion earlier was that the 22 who play on match day will be selected from those who are fit and in form. I love the fact that we have greater depth now and there is far more competition for spots, but to say selection is based on those two things is wrong. That's not opinion, it's fact. They are two different things. Weideman is a prime example. In the JLT series last year he kicked just 2 goals in 3 games. That's not someone in form, yet he was picked anyway as they 'hoped' he would form a partnership with Hogan up forward. Many questioned this decision from the outset and were proven right. He was picked more on potential and what they wanted from him up forward than his form or even his fitness in a game. We all know Joel Smith was rushed back way, way, way too early. Ditto for Jack Viney and even Max Gawn, who admitted he was probably brought back a little sooner than he should have. It's clear that the team needed them, regardless of their current form or their fitness. We could go on and on about this, but we come back to the 'opinion' you've arrived at that Goodwin will select the team based on their form and fitness. That's just not going to the case. You go with it every year but we end up with the same results. You can have your own opinions but you can't have your own facts.
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    Because that's the point. The criticism of Satyr and Joeboy is never deserved. Disagreement with their views is OK, but not criticism of them personally.
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    1. No criticisms of Satyr for his training reports 2. No criticisms of Joeboy for his weekly three word player summaries 3. No criticisms of Melbourne players unless genuinely deserved.
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    Yet Trengove and Kennedy were getting BOG most weeks and were constantly ignored.. Goingby Plapps reviews these 2 were always playing their role and in form. So realistically your theory about Goodwin rewarding guys who are in form every week is wrong. Kennedy should have at least been given a go and rewarded for form. Joel Smith had 13 weeks off and came straight back into the AFL side, after a week at Casey.. it was a bizarre and stupid decision. He looked completely out of his depth. The decision to keep Weideman in the side early on the year while Pedo was in hot form is another mind boggling decision. Sorry, but Goody and the selection committee need to be on their toes this year, as last year some decision were quiet questionable.
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    i'll go: - we win every match on the way to a glorious undefeated season and first run of seven premierships in a row - we don't just beat north in round 3, we absolutely destroy them - 100+ points please - we win every match by a minimum of four goals, meaning no mfcss in the final quarter all year
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    It would be fantastic if 'Enable' were to come to our shores and you never know, it could happen in the future D77. Maybe the Autumn rather than the Spring because of the crossover of the seasons in both hemispheres (targeting the Australia Cup, The BMW & The Queen Elizabeth Stakes?) It probably won't be this year though as we would have already heard about it. I thought of an idea that might keep kicking the thread along ... we each pick 1 horse for the upcoming weekend as our top pick/will win/moral/will at least run a place/sure thing. We then have the choice of combining the picks in a multi if we so wish. Or, if there are enough picks by enough people, one can pick the eyes out of it. Multi's can be put on which can include different meetings at fixed odds - that's at the TAB anyway. As an example, I would have nominated 'Cordero' in the Australia Day Cup at Warwick Farm today (it won - just!) In the end, I didn't put a trifecta on in the race because I couldn't find the right combo - but I did like the winner. Because I do trifectas a lot I often find myself with the above dilemma. There is nothing else this weekend that is jumping out at me but others here would probably have a fancied runner I'm sure. Even 3 or 4 favourites can still add up to a sizeable combined odds (e.g. 3 x 4 x 3 x 2 = 72) Place only on occasions? ... sometimes that is the better way. There's a few here that may just mainly read the thread that could join in if they so wish. At the moment it's like '3-Way Turf Talk' (haha) but we could do with 3 or 4 more regulars. Anyway, it's just a thought.
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    Cheers for the video Macca, loved every bit of it. 'Enable' is one serious filly, maybe they can bring her here so "Fun Time Frankie" can have some success in Oz. A clash with 'Winx', " I'd like to see that!"
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    I think you shouldn't get out and about in your PJ's aka six6six
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    Imagine the meltdown the crows would have if we got lever last year and Sloane this year hahahaha hahahah
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    I can not believe Hutchy has sacked Matt Granland as well. I have not been happy with the changes been made to SEN but I thought I will still listen to their footy calls with Huddo and Granland not any more. Hutchy may bring in some new listeners with all these changes not sure the total number will be any higher than previous numbers though. The final nail in the SEN coffin will be when Dwayne Russell replaces KB next year.
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    Yep, MD, with stats like that, they would have fitted right in with our mob, based on a lot of our previous performances! LOL
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    You've got us finishing 10th anyway... so does it really matter?
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    Roaring To Go: The 2018 Trade and Draft Board
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    The footy show should be dead and buried by then 'Redleg'... Be lucky to make through this season.
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    I want one of those companies where you burn 100 million and make 90 million and have potential billions to come in. Delivering fired chicken to bogans can't be that hard.
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    Old McDonald pulled a dodge.
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    As for the rest of the session. Turned up around 10:40 with the players soon to start some pretty decent going match simulation. White v Blue. Rehab boxing: Weideman, J Smith, T Smith Walking back to AAMI: Vanders Walking laps, possibly with a issue or unwell?: Dion Johnstone Running: Viney Match sim was fast paced and aggressive. Loud cheers as Lever timed his back pedal and spoil going with the flight to knock the ball away from Hannan who was loose inside 50. Equally loud cheers from the other side when Kent and Spargo amongst others forced a ball up inside forward 50. Spargo found the ball in space a few times but wasn't as clean with it as I'd have liked. Balic is similar and also has a real art at smothering the ball. After this it was some simple kicking and handballing cone to cone stuff that then resulted in a kick inside 50 to a 1 on 1 contest inside a box that was maybe 15 wide by 10 deep in the hot spot area. Keilty gave Hogan a good test. Hogan was encouraged by Macca to coach the guys who made poor decisions on where to kick, which was a lot of them. The forwards were starting behind (or I guess the defenders were starting in front) and so it takes the forwards and the kickers to be on the same page. Hannan and Jetta had a good battle, with Hannan using his body to keep his ground then mark over the back. Petracca had Frost turned around a lot, which concerns me with Frosty. Frost only takes a few steps to recover but sometimes you don't have it. Clarry at Oscar were similar but Oscar probably kept closer. Bugg, Fristch, Harmes and Tommy Mc then rotated in as did Wagner and Perry on the defensive side. Perry has good instincts and nice closing speed. After some tackling work the forwards and backs did a drill where it was 6 on 6 deep inside 50 and they were working on their zoning. I didn't really like this drill because it involved some big contests in the air with players backing back and other attacking the ball. ANB got a Hannan knee in the glute that had both players sore but able to continue. Wagner had a big spoil with some heavy contact. That said, the defenders worked well with each other and the forwards did a nice job too. The mids were doing boundary throw in work on the wing. Gawn beat King a little too easily for my liking. The drill often resulted in repeat ball ups but I guess that's not uncommon when it was one on one. I would've liked to have seen some cleaner chains of handballs but the counter to that might've been the other side was defending well. It was certainly willing stuff. Baker easily sidestepped Gawn and then did the same thing to Petracca in one series of play. Of the midfield group he's was behind Gawn and towards the middle at best in the running and he's not quite a pure kick of the ball but he looks a natural running with the ball. If we're looking for pace in the midfield group then keep an eye out for him.
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    It is so much better than the white jumper it's not even funny. Well it is now that it's gone. I'll always prefer the traditional colours, but if we must have alternatives this is great. Does anyone know if we will be having the Zurich logo blended into the jumper? Looks like sh*t with the blue square...
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    It's great, it's a "throwback" jumper that we'll wear several times a year and if it comes down to it is far prefer to see us in this on GF day than any other clash jumper we've had over the years. It's fantastic the club is listening to supporters, it shows they understand that these things are important, even if they may seem inconsequential
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    Let's assume for a minute that the Eagles win and Foles wins the MVP (QB's that excel in a winning SB often win the MVP) There's no way he ends up as a back-up anywhere after that which means he'd have to be out of the Philadelphia organisation soon after (Wentz would take up the starting role instead) Now, I'm not sure the above will happen but it could happen. Ryan Clark posed the question on 'Golic & Wingo' last night. Cast your mind back a month and it's hard to envisage this sort of conversation happening this week (re Foles) But there's no denying that the bloke played a tremendous game against the Vikes - even his long throws were accurate and game-clinching. He looks a completely different player. Anyway, it seems that we have seen a number of stand-in QB's winning a Super Bowl before Gorg - read more here ... 9 teams that won the Super Bowl with a backup quarterback
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    The backline looks lite on without Enright, Mackie, Lonergan...to name a few they've lost over the last couple of years. It's not easy replacing champions.
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    My rating of the new guys Baker natural footballer, just needs the engine Spargo fast, great kick and a tough little bugger Fritsch would not surprise to debut early but has a lot on competition, reads the ball beautifully Petty amazing vertical leap, built like a stick at the moment, another who reads the ball well
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    G'day all! First post in a while but I was around the vicinity this morning before work and dropped into training for the first 40 minutes or so. It's the first time I've managed to get a session this pre-season, so I was excited to see how the new recruits look in red and blue. I arrived at Gosch's at the same time as the lads and was surprised with their first warm up exercise. It appeared to be a variation of musical chairs where the players would run in a circle and would be required to place themselves in groups of 5-6 at certain points. Those left out would then be required to do a series of push-ups. Plenty of laughter out there. Joel Smith running laps. It'll be interesting to see if he factors in our best 22 this season. Vaned berg, Weideman, McKenna and Smith were those who I noticed in rehab. Standard stretches, jogging, and some handball activities followed. A late Tom McDonald then arrives and joins the boys to the shouts of "Tommy!" Players then continue their warm up with a standard kicking drill. Nothing too flash, but I'm delighted to see that one of the players closest to me is Jake Lever. Like nearly every other player in the history of game, I'm stunned to observe how good he looks in the Demon colours. Although he lacks a bit of muscle when compared to Sam Frost (who looks like he could snap Bailey Fritsch in half with a snap of his fingers) who happened to be standing next to him, I've read plenty of encouraging reports that he's been quite vocal on the track. Some sprinting exercises then followed. Our 2km champions Bugg, ANB and T.Mac all leading the way. No surprises here. Also, just saw the number 4 guernsey being worn by James Harmes. That one is still taking some getting used to. Unfortunately, that was about all I was able to see before I had to leave. Hopefully someone was able to pick up a few more details I'll try and come down again of the boys are training later in the week.
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    there goes another good pre season opportunity
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    I can’t see where we’ll lose a game.
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    Nought to finally move to the Gold Coast. That would make my year!!!
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    Good to know that we were resting players in last quarter. Another good opportunity to identify weaknesses (and strengths) in either structure or execution. Stinear & co. would expect the game plan to be followed irrespective of the players on field. Not too worried about last kick of game, though always better to win.
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    Yep, fair enough too. Watts was always such a bastard and desperate to leave the club
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    A good run with injuries if all our stars stay on the park look out absolutely destroy norf this must happen, and knocking off the tigers aswell
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    Jumped in at the end of this so I apologize. Listened to SEN for a couple of nights recently. Rohan Connolly may be an ok writer but he is absolutely pox as a radio host. Clearly, there's no topic that he can't swing back to himself. It's an art form but one that he's mastered.
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    You're kidding yourself DA. We could be 10 goals up and the usuals will still find something to complain about. My wishlist is simple - finals. Anything less and it's a failed season.
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    My mate had an old FJ Holden. When you turned on the radio you had to wait about 15 seconds for the valves to warm up!
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    Now here's a sport I'd like to hear them call on SEN. Pure chaos. And people say our Aussie Rules is tough! Apparently the only rule of etiquette is that you cannot kick your opponent when they are unconscious
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    There's a word you don't often see on a footy forum. Or anyhere for that matter, Much the shame. I have an old JVC boom box in my office, prbably from the 80's, which has a fine tune adjustment. Doesn't seem to do much., like the eq meters!
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    That’s right. You could pull those 5 preset buttons forward. That would be why. (Never worked that out as a kid) but my first car did have an 8 track Cartridge Player in it!!!
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    found this in wiki seems too my issue with tuners fixed on 9/10 frequency boundaries only applies to modern electronic based tuners
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