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    Imagine though, if the concerns were all genuine, and despite the FD/Coaches being disappointed, they accepted the concerns and moved on. Perhaps we should too...?
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    For me the issue isn't about the camp per se, it's about the lack of effective early communication. To be successful the whole organisation needs to be pulling in the same direction and the fact that the camp was cancelled so late indicates this was not the case. I know for a fact that it was planned since before the GF. The whole club needs to accept some responsibility for this. What I want to see is unity of purpose, I don't want to see a divide between FD and players, I want to see shared authority and responsibility. IMO the worst outcome in this would have been forcing the players to go on the camp - the club listening to player concerns is a better outcome, even if it happened late - better late than never. There's a glass half empty view but the glass half full view view is that this unites the club with everyone pulling in the same direction and everyone taking full responsibility for results. The players have put their hand up - let's see what happens next.
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    My kids are a bit younger and got the "Little Devils" pack and they were stoked. They got a backpack, stickers, colouring book, fake tattoos and the creased Viney poster. They were wearing their backpacks and lanyards with stickers all up and down their arms last night
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    That is because we are the only club to have players drunk in public, drink driving, smashing cars, taking drugs, fighting, attacking taxi drivers, publicly urinating, sexting, coupling with underage females, being photographed naked, skylarking and getting injured, attacking women in restaurants with chopsticks, etc, etc, etc.
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    The issue for me isn't wether the camp went ahead or not it's how the players went about it. I find amusing the number of posts suggesting the players went to the ALPA to seek guidance and how to go about it the right way. This is hardly a complex legal issue that requires specialist advise. The right way would of been for Jones and or Viney to speak to the coaching group first, then based on those discussions determine wether there was a need to take it further. How do these players manage all other relationships in their lives wether they be professional or personal. No I don't think it means the 2018 season is a right off but it does raise a few questions.... Would be interested to know what Jordan Lewis's involvement was if any. What were the reasons we supposedly got rid of Watts for again. Were the players minds already made up and is that why they didn't approach the coach first. Really poor form from people who should know better.
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    The club has come a long way in recent years, yet the lack of internal protocols that should have kept this fiasco in house, demonstrates how far we still have to go. It is unfortunate we remain distracted from our 2018 objectives and it is not even Christmas.
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    Like I said earlier if the camp were held correctly last year by the club then perhaps it wouldn’t have been an issue this yr. it will be nice when Melbourne actually start to work like a professional club and stop these embarrassing moments which have been all too often in the last 10 yrs.
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    The players did go back to the coach and two days later the coach said the camp was still on with some modifications from last year, such as a doctor being there who might be able to deal with Tysons dislocated knee cap. Some players weren't happy and spoke to the Aflpa. Their main issues were, one deconditioning, some players lost 5kgs over that 3 days, abuse and risk of injury. The majority of players saw no advantage in the camp at all which was proven late in the season. Maybe the players were right to protect themselves against a FD that might be wrong. Maybe we should congratulate them for standing up??
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    Training has been going on as per usual, tomorrow the last day before the Christmas break. We thought they would get hammered this week because of this whole situation but it's been pretty much normal, even throwing in some fun activities/games to keep everyone feeling good about everything, morale is still really high and Goodwin has come out and said he is extremely happy with how everyone has approached training this preseason. Tomorrow looks like it's gonna be a long, hard day however, but that's probably the same as every last day before the break.
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    Life is simple in the rainforest .... the coach says crawl and I crawl ... the coach says smoke this and I drag big time ... the coach says kill that sucker and I don’t even ask with what... you want to win a flag you have to believe the coach ... see bulldogs ... see tigers... seems to me this is now a big test for Goody our saviour...
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    Not going to indulge in tearing my remaining hair when as usual the details as unknown to us (eg. 14 players - where did that number come from, is it relaible?), so I'll comment on boot camps themselves. As I understand it there are 2 things they are meant to achieve - team bonding and stressing players so they will be familiar with it and so perform better when under stress and mental pressure in a game. Team bonding can be done by other means which are less likely to exhaust players and interrupt their football training and getting their bodies right, so I'd focus on the latter and ask: Is there any evidence that it works for football players? (I mean evidence beyond stating "x went on a boot camp and won the flag" since there are many other variables.) For example, soldiers do have to carry on when sleep deprived, footy players don't. Apparently last year's boot camp did not help in Round 23. Was the team under mental and physical stress then (or in other matches we should have won) or was there something else at play? I suspect the latter and whatever it was, whether mental or footy specific, it needs addressing by things other than boot camps.
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    This thread is full of double standards. I seem to recall there was a lot of criticism of another club's players a few years ago for not speaking to the AFLPA or their managers when there were concerns about a particular course of action taken by that club. Would we be concerned if our players willingly complied with an apparently dodgy supplements program by implicitly trusting everything told to them by a football department and a suspect "sports scientist"? Or would we say those players thought they were "bigger than the club"?
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    100% agree with you. I said to my son i will adopt you out of the family if you even try changing teams.
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    I believe a lot of fans were unnerved at Goodwin’s and most of the clubs hierarchy’s silence at end of season. The emptiness is still there.
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    ....so the boot camp didn't work last year!
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    He was training last Friday. I didn't notice he was hampered in any way but I also didn't know he was supposed to be carrying anything so maybe I didn't look closely enough. For the casual observer, he was fine.
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    Nineteen pages on this? Seriously? A journalist wrote an article about something that a guy who is paid to generate discussion on the radio said. Neither of them has spoken to anyone at the club. Neither of them have any idea of what actually happened or who it was in the playing group who raised the issue. It's basically a journalist trying to quote a professional gossip as a source. He'd be better writing for Women's Weekly. This is an absolute non-issue.
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    i suspect no-one on this forum has any real objective evidence that the players are in any better nick at this time than at the same time last year. just typical subjective pre-season optimism of course though wiseblood, i do hope that you are correct
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    I look back at some of the things Bomber Thompson tried and then said when the Cats became a dominant team. I think it went along the lines " I stepped back once the Leadership Group started leading, they drove the standards they set the agenda". This is not the non leaders group from years ago. I have no problem with them stepping up and saying "No" to something they don't agree with. The proof will be in how much they "drive" the season. If Goodwin has a Messiah complex he will fail, if the "players" drive the season it will be a great thing IMHO. I cannot fathom how the current player group has not got the drive to go all the way and on that basis if they have said no to something, I think they need to be supported.
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    We got the same creased Viney poster. My daughter wanted to hang it up in the lounge room, her mum prevailed and it's now on the laundry door (facing inwards though!).
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    I have no intention of attacking you, but I do suggest watching a few games. It's a pretty good standard and improving.
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    Nice. My 4.5yo got the same pack, she insisted on bringing her backpack on a 4WDing trip I took her on into the wombat state forest, complete with club calendar, tatoos, stickers etc. when we got out to hike down to a stream, she brought the pack along for the journey. wih respect to my membership, I missed out on the scarf I asked for, but my Dad got two he didn’t ask for!
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    " Good afternoon Uncle Bitter ... I'll get you a shiraz. Oh ... please have your manservant wait outside"
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    Oh cute, first congrats on the new family member, second welcome to the Demon family little Oliver #13
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    I wear thongs when I go on camp. Just one if I go swimming.
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    This is Demonland... this thread has at least another 83 pages worth of repetition left in it.
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    Gotta be honest here... who actually uses twitter? People with way too much time on their hands, those in IT, those in media, and those who are interested in self-promotion. That's pretty much it.
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    Sort of related to the above discussion, while the club has truly become much more professional in the last few years with so much to admire, I think it is still a long way behind in its use of digital communications. (And this from a guy who doesn't use Facebook.) Its use of Twitter is spasmodic, its website is not kept properly up to date and the app has no real value. Digital marketing is an extremely valuable tool and it's an area the club needs to improve significantly.
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    I cringe when thinking of Hunt missing a game or any game in fact . Love the way he plays and breaks the lines. Potential All Australian very soon. Go Boy!
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    Feb 24 in Alice Springs at 5.40! Does the AFL know what the temperature is like there at that time of year? And on top of a 6 day break coming back from Fremantle, then another 6 day break after the Alice Springs game.
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    It was addressed at the agm in response to a member question. And really, people care what Danny Frawley thinks???
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    Here's the final field for the CB Cox Stakes to be run on Saturday at Ascot ... it's a G2 WFA event over 2100m and the race is often used as a lead-in to the Perth Cup (G2 2400m - Jan 1) Here's a bit of a write-up ... 2018 Perth Cup Horses Head Ted Van Heemst Stakes Field (Formerly the CB Cox Stakes) It's only a small field but I don't mind races with just the 8 starters # Horse Barrier Weight (kg) Rating Jockey Trainer 1 POUNAMU 4 59 107 PATRICK CARBERY ALAN MATHEWS 2 MATERIAL MAN 5 59 102 LUCY WARWICK JUSTIN WARWICK 3 ZARANTZ 8 59 98 CHRIS PARNHAM ADAM DURRANT 4 DARK MUSKET 2 59 74 CLINT JOHNSTON-PORTER GRAEME BALLANTYNE 5 SUNSET SUPERMAN 1 59 62 DANIEL STAECK BRETT POPE 6 TRAP FOR FOOLS 6 58 94 ALAN KENNEDY LINDSEY SMITH 7 COSMIC STORM 3 57 93 JARRAD NOSKE GRANT & ALANA WILLIAMS 8 SHINTA MANI 7 57 85 JASON WHITING SHARON MILLER
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    Yes but it does illustrate that there is "a line" where the activity does not promote the greater good and it's shallow analysis to say that line is where the activity is breaking the rules. It's somewhere on the continuum between 100 x 100s and Essendon's drug program
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    Complete lack of leadership from the whole club on display for all to see Another award winning cringeworthy Melbourne moment We make it so easy for others to pott us.Reinforces the long held perception by others of a weak ar $#@ed joke of a club. I am not in aposition to judge the merits of cancellation one way or another probably doesnt matter in the end What matters mostly to me is the perception left and the impression given. I really thought we were over this BS.Obviously not!
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    Drunken indicated some in our leadership voiced concerns about the camp. The leadership team is: Vince: 32 y.o Lewis: 31 y.o Gawn: Injured most of 2017. History of hamstring injuries. Working hard to get back to his best. Viney: carried foot injury all thru last preseason and 2017 season and has not yet recovered. Jones: reported calf issues a few weeks ago and will be 30 next month. Mcdonald: Recovering from double ankle surgery - set to join main training after Christmas. All are over 30 and/or have leg/foot injuries. And, we know of other players who have foot/back niggles/concerns. So, I can see why one or more leaders would have genuine concerns about player well being and injury risk. What does not make sense is the club wanting to take aging/injured/recovering players on a grueling camp. It makes me wonder if the club fully thought it through or handled player concerns properly. Add AFLPA to the mix and a leak to the media and we have a very bad look story. Unfortunately, it adds to the 'Demons are mentally weak' narrative and it will be milked, mercilessly next year. I'm not interested in knowing who the players were. Just want us to stop shooting ourselves in the foot. And, if there is an 'elephant in the room' over this, Goodwin and Co need to decamp it asap! Footnote: I believe Melbourne Storm (Comando style camp) and Hawthorn (Kakoda) take only new recruits these days.
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    Tonight's TattsLotto numbers as follows: 1, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12,
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    Yes well ..... a splendid idea picket and no doubt if it would be of great value to your social climbing aspirations. However, your poor old Uncle Bitter is persona non grata at Royal Romsey. There was an unfortunate incident in the rough during a mixed event. Ball tampering was mentioned. An unfortunate misunderstanding really.
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    Probably the crew that is obsessed with the NBA - they want so much to be like those wankers over in the U.S that they think they can run the club.
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    It’s still along way off till round one. Fans are looking for some signs of atonement for the debacle of end of season. What we have seen so far in the off season does not inspire much confidence.
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    I didn't do "camps", training like this was done most days before work. I don't use that as a basis for necessarily agreeing with what they did - more so giving them the benefit of the doubt that they took a certain course of action for a legitimate reason. I can see the work the boys have put into their bodies before the pre-season - and that's all I need to have faith at this stage. I'm a glass half full guy. Each to their own.
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    Its really hard to say without having seen the training program they had scheduled - all I can really say is my body is permanently shattered (feet and back mainly) from doing this style of training regularly over a few fun years. I'd have a guess at saying the players perhaps didn't like the drills involving heavy weight carried in awkward form factors in difficult environments (such as running for km's in a small team with a very heavy log on your shoulders on soft sand). Make no mistake - training like this is designed to break you down physically and mentally. I can see the advantage in this from the mental perspective - but I'm not sure its worth breaking them physically to achieve it. There has to be a better way in the modern era. Whilst I do find this situation to be a bit strange - I'm not concerned about it so much as I've seen the shape the boys have come back to pre season in. They all look as fit as they have ever been - so I guess I trust the fact they made this decision for the right reasons, not because of laziness or anything like that.
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    We need an English teacher to correct this. Now, where would we find one around here?....
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    I sent mine back. I told them unless at least one starting 22 player gets hit on the head with a brick by Xmas I won't be able to support such a soft club. Goodwin wrote back asking if it was OK if he got one of his mates in Adelaide to hit Jack Watts with a cricket bat. I'm thinking it over.
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    At the AGM the senior coach stated he listened to the players' concerns and responded to them. It is not an issue of overruling the coach or the FD. It is about a collective group determining the best strategy to achieving collective goals. We no longer live in the 1950s 60s or 70s where the the authoritative tactics of Smithy, RDB or Hafey could go unchallenged or else. Most of us know those days are behind us for better or worse. This has absolutely nothing to do with winning flags. It has to do with establishing minimum performance standards, psychological and physical endurance, character and cameraderie. I am not saying at all that l like the modern approach or endorse it. I am simply saying player management in the 21st century is built around communication and respect of each person's role. This camp was not a line in the sand, a demarcation of will and won't do. It is or was part if a training program to improve the group.
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    Big time deja vu happening forme - players cancelled training with Dean Bailey (ref Jim Stynes book). Look where that got us! On any level this does not sit right: This camp would have taken weeks/months to schedule and organise. Were the players not consulted/told about it till last week? Doesn't sound like two-way communication was happening. Did the leadership group not sass out the players earlier? How did it come to this. Other clubs walk the Kokada track - now that is gruelling. Referring to Tyson and Salem last year is irrelevant. Injuries can happen at any time - just ask Petracca who did his ACL simply going for a mark. But we go weak at the knees at a few days at a boot camp. Sheesh! We finally ditched the 'bruise free football' label. But last year we proved the 'mentally weak' label over and over again, right up to round 23. Respect lost with 17 other teams Club talks about being ruthless. Given the chance to walk the talk and do something really tough the players back off. I'm staggered the club allowed the players to call the shots. So much for Goodwin's tough talk. My expectations for 2018 have been jolted - backwards.
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    Stakeholders who have larger opportunities you might be able to tap into. Coterie is key as well, the big business guys in those, Presidents functions you get to chat to people etc etc. All plays into it.
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    Just what the world needs, gambling on lotteries.
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