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    A pretty low bar. You could send the team out in Hawaiian shirts and most people would be happier than this year's effort.
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    I have it on good authority that we will have a new clash jumper ourselves next year. I think fans will be happier than they were with this year's
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    Why? We have had an operating profit over this period as I understand it which would be the envy of many others. We are paying off debt. As PJ said on SEN just recently, this club needs an extended period of stability. Unlike Macca who thinks the last three years is all that matters, it's really just the first baby steps in setting this club up. We should be working closely with the AFL to ensure this happens. Our saviour might be the Bentleigh Club. It is worth millions and properly utilized could replace much of our pokies revenue. What a brilliant move that was by Joe. You see Macca, things that happened more than 3 years ago do matter.
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    One surprising absentee from the list is Jim Stynes. I would think that his revolutionary ruck style, incredible endurance and the number of successive games he strung together, would earn him a place on the list. Of course winning a Brownlow in a landslide would also point to this.
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    Gotta have Yze on that list. Some of the things he used to do I loved the Bizz too for the few years we had him
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    Gee OD, you are certainly living up to your moniker lately DJ is a young kid , we have time to develop them properly now, he is really good at pressure and tackling, his goal kicking was letting him down, so that is one area he is working on, spoke to him Jeff's set shot kicking was getting ropey as well coz he was over thinking it, I asked, he went back to a simpler set up and it improved last year I am sure he can help DJ is this area This is the exciting bit for me, we will add 4 more, but we have only scratched the surface on the talent our young players have, some may turn out to be busts, but given time who knows? Harmes and ANB come to mind as 2 who were considered 'list cloggers' but with confidence, proper development and game time turned into solid AFL players and still early 20's
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    Adem Yze deserves a mention as well. One of the most skilled players to play for the MFC.
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    Yes agree. Very smart. Goal sense and skill was natural.
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    Prior to the knee reco he was going to be one of the best players to ever pull on the red and blue jumper. He was, at the very least, a superstar at the end of 1994. It's a shame to see you not giving him the credit he deserves.
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    Wouldnt an ideal fixture be 23 home games at the MCG with a mixture of Friday night, Saturday arvo and Saturday night games? No Sundays, no away games. That would be "Ideal"
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    our last two grand final appearances certainly weren't worth paying money, let alone big money to see
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    Getting a little excited about the draft this year, as it is not a life or death one for us, as we now have a reasonable list, but rather more of a cherry pick to hopefully find a gem after the first round and a half has gone. Usually I know very little about the available talent and this year I know even less. So for me it will be a bit of excitement finding out who we have chosen and then watching their development.
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    DJ you were the one who said compared to 12 other clubs we are poor. I asked you to substantiate your statement. I'm not going to do the work for you.
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    Sandra Sully stuff hardtack, but I am very sorry to hear this. Hope the young bloke is going well and has an injury-free season next year.
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    Love the Ox He still keeps good contacts within the club. He was filthy like us after Round 23
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    It looks like a lot of people held off to the last minute for the Oct 31 cut off for Christmas membership mail. That and the Nov 1 Direct Debit renewals have kicked in and today's number is 21,559! Still about 1,478 short of 2017 figure around this time (23,037) but improving!
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    They listed the criteria under the table when it was in the paper yesterday.
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    Todd Viney and Shaun Smith were not superstars. Why don’t you bother to fully read and comprehend other people’s posts? Serious question.
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    Agree and Davey at his best. (remember it is most exciting .. not best). The absolute best when on song and unfortunately that was not often.... Travis Johnstone...... third quarter against Adelaide in a final at the MCG..... best I have ever seen played.
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    Et "too" Brute?...........I see your point!
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    Completely subjective of course, but mine in order of how exciting they were for me is: 1. LIAM JURRAH - Perhaps the most naturally gifted player i have seen 2. THE WIZ - Just loved it every time he got the ball 3. JAKO - Always stayed close to the ground but just super clever and strong. Capable of ridiculous goals on a regular basis 4. THE OX - Unbelievable before hampered by knee injuries 5. AARON DAVEY - Kept me going to the footy through the dark times 6. GARRY LYON - Silky smooth and skilful but too often injured 7. DAVID NIETZ - Not so much 'exciting' but just good and strong 8. JEREMY HOWE - Best hands and speccy I have seen. Incomplete footballer though 9. ROBBO - Cause he was ROBBO!!! Started as a lazy opportunist and turn his game into a much more allrounded one 10. JEFF WHITE - Played against much bigger opponents but a great judge of the flight of the ball. Excellent mobility and kicking skills.
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    BS. If Jack Watts left Melbourne a year of so ago, we would have labelled him a "traitor". He stuck fat when we were siht. We should stick fat over his temporary plot-losing in the pre-season of 2017. The supporters who have heavily questioned Jack's off-loading, have some idea about: - LOYALTY being a 2-way street - VALUE. Pick 31 and negative $150,000 gets you absolute carp in this game. - not blindly following 100% what the club spits out. The latest is that "he had trouble accepting feedback".
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    I like the way you think. It means we at least see one final.
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    All footy clubs pick duds. We have picked more than others but there is a fair element of luck to early selections. Its much like horses, we see their breeding, and we see them sit 3 wide and win in weaker fields, but we still don't know how good they are until they step up in class. That upper class level for under 18's is AFL (the ultimate weight for age). We have to pick these players and speculate how good they will be playing against the best players in the land (not boys - but men). Keeping in mind that a very large portion of the pool don't replicate their junior form in the AFL. So its not an easy job.
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    Thanks for the video, We had a fantastic side back then one forgets how great. and how solid Glenn Lovett and Steve Tingay were but the no 5 was something else entirely. I hope our present No 5 watches this stuff Go Dees !!!
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    Anyone who makes the bet to pay for a gauranteed GF ticket is a poor gambler. We have not made a finals match for a decade and a half let alone an GF. We have played in a GF twice in the last half century. The odds are terrible for it happening in 2018. Still I suppose the club needs the money.
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    Pot.. meet.. Kettle...
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    Club induced inertia prevented me from cancelling my auto renewal. People may bag casual not fully committed members but they are the ones that bring true riches to the club. Die hard supporters just keep the club away from oxygen support. We may lose up to ten thousand next season and perhaps another ten thousand bandwagon jumpers who would have joined if we we did make the finals.
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    Thanks M9 In 2015 the Bulldogs charged $110 as the add on that got you the GFG. After the 2016 GF this category maxed out. My friend who is a Doggies supporter thinks there are 12K in the Bulldogs Social Club (the GFG category) though this seems high to me . If he is correct at $200 per member for the 2018 season that is a cool $2.4M extra
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    1. Jakovich 2. Pre knee Ox 3. Jurrah 4. Wiz 5. Sean Charles 6. Robbo 7. Howe 8. Flash 9. Stinga 10. Chopper Lovell Interesting that 4 of my top 5 were cruelled by injury and never reached their full potential. Jakovich potentially could have been up in the top goalkickers of all time, bloke was immense. Pre knee Ox was unbelievable. So agile and such a high flier. We only got a glimpse of it, he could have changed the game. A totally different player to the bullocking forward we saw for the majority of his career. Jurrah not much needs to be said. An absolute freak of the game. I've never been to a another game when the roar and electricity in the crowd would rise when the ball was 50m away from a player but you knew they were going to do something special. And Sean Charles, another what could have been. As a young fella I was devastated he couldn't fix that wrist. Imagine if we had the medical/physio teams we have today, we could have won a lot more in the 90s!
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    Some more press with video and audio of the Exorcist Goal. https://thewest.com.au/sport/west-coast-eagles/the-day-melbournes-allen-jakovich-overcame-the-exorcist-to-kiss-his-eagles-brother-glen-on-the-mcg-ng-b88645807z
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    Simmons tearing it up in the US at the moment. Gotta love it!
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    Good stuff. Good luck to him. I saw him close hand when he played for Casey against Box Hill a couple of times: boy was he committed and keen and vocal. I respect him a lot.
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    As far as I know all the major Victorian clubs have a long waiting list (and charge a huge quid) for GFG membership packages. I let mine lapse in 2000 and I was filthy at having to leave the prelim (when Farmer blitzed) at 3/4 time to queue up, Promptly re-joined the next year. I'm pretty sure what I pay is substantially less than what my mate (a Tigers' man) pays. He lives in NSW and rarely gets to a game, but 30 years of loyalty paid off this year.
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    agree on both. communication prior to renewal with new pricing and opt out should be mandatory. a lot of my insurance policies have ended up auto renewal but have had prior notification. in most cases i have switched
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    Nice person the OX man. He was one player that was always happy to have a chat with the the kids and parents as well, at the family days. During the footy season love SEN on a Friday arvo with the OX and Doctor turf, great show.
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    1. Allen Jakovich 2. The Ox pre knee 3. Jeff Farmer 4. Liam Jurrah Daylight........................... Whoever else
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    There is no doubt our last 3-4 years have been solid years predicated on 3 business fundamentals 1/ AFL "recommend" CEO who is a professional AFL football administrator 2/ AFL approved Board 3/ Poker Machines Revenues As you said earlier can PJ install a stable legacy. Can PJ or the "next CEO" derive sources of revenues to grow our club in a period of escalating costs and relatively stagnate incomes. Will the next CEO be AFL "recommended" - this year will tell - its over to our supporters and members now - ball is in our court if we can stand on our own two feet. Point 3 is the game changer, Project Fruit ( whoever thought of the name at least has a sense of humour) is underway - its no longer a matter of if we are going to lose the revenues its a matter of when. We have been co-opted onto the Project due to our reliance on the revenues for our survival. Fun times ahead
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    If that is true, then rather than the 6th easiest draw for 2018 for the 3rd placed side this year, it is closer to the easiest . Ordinary effort in fixing I mean fixturing.
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    I’ve been developing my backyard with some fresh new faces:
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    ? So you have more than one identity here! That's naughty.
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    I'm with BTDemon on this one. But Jaydn Hunt for Jeff White.
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    Nice to hear Saty I hope you are right I have no desire to see anyone fail. Just giving my opinion from what I have seen. PS I have never used the words "list cloggers" and yes I know you were not saying I had. It is offensive just like the word "Spud"
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    Our first all red jumpers were the best, I still can't understand why we can't have the all red instead of white
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    Please don't speak on my behalf. Jack Watts didn't leave a year or so ago because no other club would have offered him the same sweet deal he had at Melbourne. Loyalty my ass. Loyalty is fronting up - not just hanging around. You don't call a cat loyal just because it comes home at dinner-time. I recall either the last contract or the one before, Jack made quite a little song about how he was sticking around (after testing the market), like he was doing us a favour - despite having contributed SFA on-field to our cause. Aggravated then, and still rankles now when people speak of him being such a great club-man.
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    I don't accept that receiving some help dooms us to blindly support and be beholden to the AFL either Red, but my response was to Macca who stated we have stood on our own two feet when clearly we haven't. Many on this forum continually look to inequities and excuses as to why we can't achieve things. There wasn't a lot in the draw this year that hinders us so now we are turning to things such as "4 Friday night games for Carlton", "another away game at Geelong" and "another away game to Essendon". They use these "garnish" issues to find excuses for us, why we can't succeed and they lay the blame at the feet of the AFL so any failure we have can be sheeted home to someone else. Frankly I don't buy it. If you don't take responsibility for your own performance and work in the environment you have you just set up reasons to fail. Of course the AFL are responsible for inequities in the draw. Of course they can be critiqued. Of course they make mistakes. But the reality for me is they have also kept us alive and been generous of spirit towards us when we have been on our knees and behaved atrociously. I've said before I rarely if ever comment when I agree with the general mood as what is one more "voice of agreement" going to achieve. But I will comment when I disagree with the general view here and I think the AFL get a bad rap for their treatment of us and there is another side to the AFL story that is rarely if ever represented here.
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