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    So with the big Spencil coming in for our 12 week Maxless challenge. I thought I'd look into his 11 assignments (11?! yes 11, there is a bye in there). I'm interested to see how he goes against some of the more "battler" type ruckmen. Although, going though this makes me realise, If there had to be any time of year for max to go down, this was the one you would say is the best for us. Particularly when you look at the run home, but we'll get to that later. For now, here's Spencil's fixture: Freo (H) - Sandilands So, straight in the deep end for Jake. Sandilands is as big as the come and has been one of the best for years. As good as Max is we wouldnt even be sure that we would get any advantage with him playing. The best we can hope for is Jake nullifying Sandy much the same as the likes of Hickey were able to nullifying Max last year. Rich (A) - Nankervis I'm pretty big on Nankervis, I think he will one day be a star ruckman. That said, he isnt one yet. For now he is a solid competitor who shows glimpses of talent. Spencil should have nankervis covered 8/9 times out of 10 but if he has a day out Nankervis could quickly become a handfull. Ess (A) - Leuenberger/McKernan/Bellchambers? Mckernan has been showing some good signs this year, particulary around the ground so Jake would have his hands full after the initial contest. However I think in the ruck itself Spencer should be fine to draw even against any of these guys. Haw (H) - McEvoy/Vickery Well I think we can agree Jake has Vickery covered. McEvoy is a bigger challenge. Hitouts I think Spence can get himself his fair share, but I don't know if he will be able to get many that are particularly meaningful. Much like the Essendon guys i think Spencer will draw even. Adel (A) - Jacobs Jacobs is a huge challenge. Probably beyond what Spencil will be able to handle. I'd love to be wrong but the lack of max plus it being at adelaide oval against what could still be an undefeated Adelaide (their fixture is easier than ours)... it could be a really tough day for us. North (H) - Goldy/Pruess Strange things going on at North. Pruess is playing as the Nr 1 ruck.. and doing well. Who knows how long it will last but once again Spencer will have his hands full here.. could be another tough day but we should be good enough to get over the line even without control in the ruck. Suns (H) - Witts Witts is an interesting one, Spencer's story could be similar to his in 12 months time, He has been in the shadows of Grundy for some time and has instantly become a solid Nr 1 ruckman at another club. No easy task for Spencil but at the same time he should be plenty good enough to match it against a fellow VFL ruckman. Coll (H) - Grundy With Gawn out of his way, I think Grundy is a super chance of taking the AA spot this year. Hope spencer can limit him as much as possible but it will be the hardest task of this run. Dogs (A) - Campbell/Roughead/Boyd Battlers and nothing more. Spencer should be just fine against whoever he comes up against. The dogs are well known as a bigger threat at ground level. WCE (A) - Vardy/Peitre/Giles/Basically anyone over 190cm Vardy keeps treatening to be a good player but then either underperforms or gets injured. Spencer should be good enough against these guys. They share his "Temp guy" label so wouldnt expect them to be capable of dominating. Syd (H) - Naismith/Tippett/Sinclair All decent without being great ruckmen. Tough day in the office but by no means unbeatable. Like most on this list he should be able to draw even. So coming to the end of the 11 weeks I have to say: It's not by any means looking like a disaster. No doubt we will miss a few opportunities for Max to be completely dominant, but Spencer is a capable guy, he should be able to keep us in most games. Freo, Adelaide, North and Collingwood shape up as the 4 toughest asks. Of which 2I would say we should still win, Adelaide and Collingwood (Dependent on from) may not be so simple. Other than that I wouldnt think Spencer would kill off any of our chances in the other games. Their ruckman are far from dominant enough to give us too many issues. For media personel to suggest our finals hopes are done is foolish. I believe in what the Spencil can do for us! Now, with all of that being said... I couldnt leave out the worst case scenario even if it was just a footnote: If Max's rehab is delayed, the final 8 matches of the season are Carlton, Adelaide, Port, North, GWS, St Kilda, Brisbane, Collingwood. Those 8 games contain most of the best ruckman going around, If we dont have Max back then, it could be a really tough run home. And on the otherside of that. Max wont have anything in the way of a warmup when he is back, he will be straight in against Kreuzer and it aint getting any easier. But let's think positive for now! Will be great to see how we as a team track through these big 3 months. Spencer himself could do anything in this time. I hope he earns himself a big contract, whether it is with us or elsewhere, it doesnt matter. Because if he does that, we will be playing in September
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    Its posts like these that make you relieved that I'm not your employee
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    He's going to kill it. The way some carry on around here... I think the problem is that Gawn has been part and parcel of the only semi-decent Melbourne team in a decade so now that he's injured we're a rabble again. Spencer exists for this very reason and is most definitely up to the task. He's a different kind of player but I can't way to see him help us win on Saturday.
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    One thing we know about Spencer is that he wont go quietly. Based on the pre-season reports and last year's VFL efforts, I think we can be pretty confident that the Spencer we'll see for the next few months will be better than we've ever seen him at AFL level before. I'm strangely excited by the prospect, it is always good to see an unrewarded, unlucky stalwart get a run at it. Remembering he is also one of our last half-dozen players left from the Bailey era - the guy has had a tough AFL life.
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    Hogan and Lewis are hardly injuries... Self inflicted stupidity list: round four Jesse Hogan (suspension) – 1 week Jordan Lewis (suspension) – 2 weeks
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    And now that that curly question has been resolved, Spencer can fully concentrate on his game without any further existential distractions.
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    Clint Bizkit's Unavailable List: Colin Garland (knee) – season Max Gawn (knee) – 12 weeks Joel Smith (shoulder) – 10-12 weeks Aaron vandenBerg (heel) – 6-8 weeks Pat McKenna (hamstring) – 6 weeks Josh Wagner (thumb) – 4 weeks Jordan Lewis (suspension) – 2 weeks Jesse Hogan (suspension) – 1 week Liam Hulett (hip) – 1 week Mitch King (knee) – 1 week
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    Smith stays ( it was his fist game he deserves another ) Weidman has had 6 games in a row in 2017, 3 in the pre season and 3 following. He was poor in the pre season and I was surprised he got picked for the first game. He was ok for half of the first game , Poor against Carlton and non existent against the Cats. IMO he goes back to Casey this week.
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    Like the Petracca v McCartin thead, it only gets brought up after our player comes off a good game, whilst the opposition player has either been dropped or out injured. Lewis Jetta had a massive impact in a premiership team, whilst Neville Jetta has been a solid AFL player after being delisted and rookied. If you look at their careers, you'd probably be shocked to see that Lewis has played 20 or more games in a season 5 times, whilst Neville has only done it once. And Lewis has done that in a side that's consistently played in finals. It's a no brainer, Lewis has had the far superior career to date.
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    I'm not liking the way some people are talking about this bloke as though he is just a fill in. give him a chance, as he has hardly played regularly and he needs all the encouragement he can get. I have coached a little and i always believed in encouraging all players. More often than not they were the ones who bloomed.
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    I feel like I add this to the thread every week, but the list is not as bad as it looks. Hogan and Lewis are just suspensions, Hibberd is off the list entirely and we have a couple who are just a week away. Fingers crossed these last few weeks are our hardest for the year.
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    Read this article. It's all about the Gawn factor and Spencer. It's excellent. http://www.theroar.com.au/2017/04/12/melbourne-gawn-not-likely/
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    Weidemann will stay purely to get games into the kid. Unfortunately, last week he had to take the best defender when Hogan and Watts were not available, and Gawn wasn't there to drift into the forward line. He is far above VFL level and wouldn't learn anything by going back to Casey. He just didn't need to be thrown to the wolves, but we had no choice. Darcy Moore at Collngwood is half the threat as a player this year, because Cloke is not there any more. Last week 5 kicks and 5 handballs 0 goals. But like Weidemann he is getting games for experience. If Pedersen is fit then I would expect him to be returned to take the heat.
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    Weideman is far more exposed without Hogan in the side. Pedo should come in this week so that Weideman can have a couple of weeks plying his trade as the number one target up forward for Casey.
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    This thread will quickly be consigned to the dustbin, nonetheless, I contest we have got the best of the Jetta family... just sayin.
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    My prediction is that over the next 12 weeks Spencer will hold his own against the top ruckman in the league and we will be offered a top 20 draft pick for him at the end of the season.
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    Yep that game in the wet. Even then he didn't get much notice. Hoping ANB has a similar breakout game soon.
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    at full strength, Dees win. Minus Hogan Lewis & Gawn, its 50/50 even at the G.
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    Agree 100%. Nev has worked extremely hard and with enormous discipline and commitment to become one of the best small defenders in the game. Lewis has more natural talent, but my gut feel is that Nev beats him hands down on work ethic, discipline.and commitment.
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    Lewis Jetta has been dropped this week. Fair to say his best footy is past him whilst Nev seems to be getting better.
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    Our improved form is not only because of max gawn, we now have one of the best and most talented midfields in the game and I am backing them to play just as well under jake
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    Lewis had a brilliant period. Nev will have had had the best career.
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    Just a nerd @Wiseblood
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    The '2017 delist' thread will be interesting this year. We're running out of players showing no signs of development.
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    Clarry like myself is no different to any other country lad that likes a beer and a social dart every now and then.
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    He's out of contract at the end of the year so he may be able to leave for nothing after being on our list for so long... ? Either way, it's a moot point as he will no doubt be using this as a huge opportunity to impress.
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    Gees Waggers cant take a trick. We really need a 3rd tall defender to come back in. Should be Hibberd next week hopefully
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    In the words of Misson - Vanders will start running towards the end of next week. I saw him running through the rain to the tuck shop opposite Etihad on Saturday. Another instance of us supporters being given misleading truths
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    Nope, he was back in training yesterday.
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    Pleased to see Mitch King ready to go.
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    Hmmmm it feels like we are only a couple more injuries away from being in serious trouble. Need to have some better luck from here.
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    Geelong may make the eight but only because of the brilliance of Dangerfield with assistance from Selwood. If they do make the finals then I'd be shocked if they did any kind of damage.
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    OD's political career just went up in smoke, fire and ash ...
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    I think Spencer will take his chance and suprise many people If he doesn't his AFL career will be in jeopardy Jake will make Max earn his spot back in 3 months & that's the way it should be.
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    Wouldn't sweat being wrong on a developing player DD. What I'm REALLY looking forward to is the day that Oscar has a breakout game and all the detractors (myself included) are proved wrong on him. Primarily because filling this gap is key to our premiership aspirations. Probably side swiping this thread somewhat. Apologies to mods and to Hunty (go you good thing).
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    Only 2 or 3 on the injured list are in our best 22. Not ideal, but not chaotic.
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    Great post, thanks for the effort in compiling the list. Hopefully its not the full 12 weeks. Apparently Gawn's surgeon has got players back in 7 weeks but they are usually more agile than the big man
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    Only if he develops at present he is not contributing. I don't see how you gain anything playing against apposition that keeps you to 1 kick and 3 handpasses. Put him back to Casey where he can build his confidence. Right now it must next to nil.
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    This didn't sound too good regarding Gawn: “We’re hoping that it is only going to be 12 to 14 weeks.” It reminds me of the Kent injury in 2015. Had 'back tightness' early in the season, did hamstring severely in late April, had surgery and his return kept getting delayed. We didn't see him again in 2015. That Misson is 'hoping it will be only 12-14 weeks...' Hmmm, I'm hoping he is just being cautious and Max makes it back in the shorter timeframe.
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    You have my vote. If we play the Weid this week I will be very disappointed. When he was on the ground last Saturday we were effectively playing with 17 men most of the time.
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    This post just makes me wish I had the spare time in my life to analyse 12 games that Jake Spencer will play in. The big fella will go alright.
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    You missed my point. Smith and weids didnt have enough experience. They are not small frwds and there inexperience showed under a strong backline.. Sure we missed a lot but that happens. Having pedo or spencer in for one of those players would have iced it for us.
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    Melbourne injury list: round four Colin Garland (knee) – season Max Gawn (knee) – 12 weeks Jesse Hogan (suspension) – 1 week Liam Hulett (hip) – 1 week Mitch King (knee) – 1 week Jordan Lewis (suspension) – 2 weeks Pat McKenna (hamstring) – 6 weeks Joel Smith (shoulder) – 10-12 weeks Aaron vandenBerg (heel) – 6-8 weeks Josh Wagner (thumb) – 4 weeks
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    agree.... but these first 5 or 6 games are our big chance to cement the season
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    We had such a good run with injuries last year, unfortunately it appears our luck has run out. It's still early in the season, long way to go.
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    this is starting to get ridiculous... how did we offend the football gods in this way Is the Norm Smith curse striking yet again
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    As at September 2013 Freo had only won 12 times at the MCG in 41 attempts. Since 2013 I suspect that we have rarely played them at the MCG and instead played at Darwin, Docklands etc. So I suspect that other than beating us they have rarely beaten anyone at the MCG. Let's hope we can keep that dismal record going for the Dockers
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    Add Josh Wagner to this list.. Set to miss 4 weeks with a thumb injury. http://m.melbournefc.com.au/news/2017-04-12/wagner-set-to-miss-a-month
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