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    I almost spat out my chardonnay....
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    We ran forward in waves however a difference to previous games was that when we got to about half forward if there were no options and we ran into a wall instead of bombing away and watching the ball rebound over our heads we turned and retreated backwards with a short kick or long handball to a man standing behind the play to reset before pushing g forward again. Was very noticeable in 2nd and 3rd quarters and we just dominated possession because we wouldn't allow them to touch the footy.
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    Still my favourite piece of play. One handed against a 3 time premiership player. Impressive
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    Stevie J raised his forearm immediately following a contest and collected an Adelaide player in the first qtr but this didn't even get assessed. There is zero continuity in the MRP's reasoning.
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    I think it's pretty well understood that the real old dee was kidnapped and is locked in a trunk in some psychopath's basement. Who this new optimistic "old dee" is, no one knows, but he loves Melbourne so we'll have him.
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    Two things for me stood out after quarter time. Firstly, the transition from defence into attack and the other way from attack into defence. I know it is called "run and spread" but we seem to have finally grasped that it requires trust in your teammates to do their job so that the structures remain in place to be effective. We are doing it well and more importantly, doing it fast. the right players are committing to the contest and the others are in place to provide support for any outcome. Secondly, it looks to me that while we are looking to use the corridor as much as possible we are using a very broad corridor. That may sound strange but we look to be using the lanes inside the wings as part of the corridor and that is allowing a lot of space and running room through the middle when we are on a quick transition.
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    Mine too. Sent it too my old man last year. I still occasionally scroll back through my messages too show people. The kid is gold
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    I want to see this as the season of payback and revenge week by week. End of story.
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    Great to see:- Best of the Melbourne goals
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    Roos should know - he devised that game plan. It is exactly what he did when we beat the Hawks last year. In the press conf after that game he talked about getting the ball in around our 30m from goal arc. Worked a treat vs the Hawks and in a few games thereafter until the team ran out of puff. That Hawks game was played in a very similar way to the last 3 qtrs on Saturday. Same result!
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    I thought the comments by Roos on FOX about breaking the lines were fascinating. Rather than kick long to the opposition defensive wall and a 50/50 at best, kick a half or three quarter kick to the hole before the wall, then go over the top and out the back.
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    If this is all you base leadership criteria on you should probably start following another sport.
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    It was a soft decision.
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    Were they crutches or St K defenders still stuck under his armpits from the marks he took on Saturday?
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    That pick up and goal from Hannan is something else. It is all one fluid movement... no hesitation
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    Some [censored] on Fox Footy's "On the Couch."
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    Here are the AFLCA votes for Round 1 - no surprise to see Oliver topped the votes. ST KILDA v MELBOURNE 9 Clayton Oliver (Melb)5 Max Gawn (Melb)5 Bernie Vince (Melb)4 Jordan Lewis (Melb)3 Nathan Jones (Melb)2 Jesse Hogan (Melb)2 Nick Riewoldt (StK)
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    We are considering appealing.
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    I'd prefer a clip of Riewoldt crying when he jarred his knee.
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    The Setup for the Weideman goal was fantastic play.
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    I'd like the tigers dr to look him over just in case.
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    I'll sound like a sook, but I preferred it when they provided highlights of all the goals after a win. First world problems, really, and the goals above are all rippers so I can't really complain.
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    The biggest difference I think was we lowered our eyes and hit targets in the f50 instead of kicking it to Hogan where ever he was.
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    I thought it might be a good idea to have a dedicated thread for the 2017 Gameplan, but of course it will also be discussed elsewhere. I really noticed (after the first quarter) the tendency to kick the ball longer sideways to open up the ground and spread the players, creating holes forward of the ball where players would lead into and receive short kicks for mostly uncontested marks. They also worked the angles quite nicely. This type of gameplan works really well with a fit team that spreads well and keeps to their structures. The Saints seemed to be really tired and could not keep up the intensity of the first quarter where they were able to pressure the ball carrier into quick kicks forward to contests rather than keeping the ball in our hands. Also, it really helps that our midfield is generally able to win the contested ball and clearances count most games. The players seem to set up well for contests so that they are both there in numbers but are also positioned not too close to each other and moving constantly so not many handballs are received flat footed. The forward line also worked quite well on the weekend, but that might partly be down to the poor defence of the Saints, as at times it seemed there was so much space to lead into and receive crumbs. Although in saying that our defence was also victim to that problem at times too. But perhaps that is a symptom of the way the game is being played at the moment and I also noticed that plenty of other games on the weekend were quite high scoring. I didn't really get to watch the games but it could be that zone defence and quick ball movement from the midfield is catching plenty of teams out.
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    I'm a little annoyed that Varcoe's premeditated full-speed sniper charge that cleaned up an unaware opponent got the same as Vince's idiot flappy-arm moment. Did somebody say muppets?
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    Wright went off for a concussion test afterwards so your claim of ''There was bugger all in it'' just looks silky. He is a leader FFS and is prone to sniping every now and then. Copped what he deserved and now we move.
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    Got what it should have. Silly from Bernie, but that's who he is. Don't want him to change. Take the good with the bad. Off the ball, high and intentional. Don't really care about "impact", as it's not really a good look. I always remembered the Hawks during their reign pushing the boundaries. I think this is one of those cases. Just simply that Bernie went a little too far. Take the medicine, move on.
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    Jono Brown was a [censored] leader too then?
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    I wonder, if you could put a team together of the players who didn't make it onto the field in Round 1 for Goodwin, would it still be competitive against the round 1 from 3 years ago? F: Kennedy-Harris Hulett Kent HF: Vandenberg Pederson Johnstone C: Bugg Kennedy Hibberd HB: Wagner Garland White B: Keilty Frost Harmes FOLL: Spencer Trengove Tyson Bench: Filipovic, McKenna, Maynard, T Smith Geebus, it's not that far off.
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    Silver lining: Bernie will come into the side round 3 after some rest. His previous record cost him here. There was nothing in it, but once your card is marked there isn't anything you can do about it.
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    What a load of rubbish. There was bugger all in it!
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    Someone mentioned it in another thread and On The Couch highlighted it as well. Goody had 7 players sitting in defence at a centre bounce, then 8 players and then 9 players sitting in our defensive 50 at another centre bounce. With the 9 all of these Numbers straming fwd, quick long ball into our fwd 50 which Hoges marked over the back uncontested. Interesting tactic and to see how long it lasts before coaches work it out.
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    we don't second guess anything now, it's all instinct, they don't hesitate they just take the kick into the corridor and it opens the game right up, yes sometimes we stuff up and look silly but it allows us to score around the 120 mark each game and if our defence is good it puts us right in the range to be a finals chance
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    That's the way Bernie plays, agree with it or not, he won't change. He plays it hard and goes out side the lines but he lets the opposition know he's around.
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    Agreed. They are all 6 beautiful points...
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    Boooooo. I want all the goals!
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    Agree. The pick up by Oliver, link to Jones by Petracca and then the finish by Wied was the highlight passage of play for me.
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    Gotta love his passion! Next time I see him on the mean streets of Camberwell or on the tram to the G I'll ask him if he knows how famous he is!
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    This kid has great vision and wonderful hands. He has the ability to drop the ball into a passing runner's hands in just the right way. Looking forward to watching him for many seasons.
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    This should be the changes for the week. Frustrating to have Bernie get rubbed out for a week after he played one of his better games in the backline, but we have adequate back up. He needs to work on the stupid reckless things he keeps getting in trouble for. I'm all for targeted aggression, but it needs to be in play. If you bump a bloke going for the ball like Melksham did on the weekend then he will second guess himself next time he goes for it. Whacking a bloke behind play gets you nothing but trouble. Happy to have Tyson and Kent come back in. Both are best 22 and add something to the line up. Kent will add to our general speed and ball movement as well as become another goal scoring option. Tyson adds in and under skill around the stoppages and can also drift forward to kick goals. We can send someone like Salem down back to cover the missing players short term, and then get Vince and Hibberd back to settle the team longer term.
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    Don't agree with the decision but pathetic from Bernie as a leader of the club.
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    Was that talent spotter BP?
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    Just watching AFL360 and Richardson was quite generous with his praise on Melbourne. Background vision after the game and Jordan Lewis appeared. Looks so much better in a Dee's jumper than a Dork's.
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    Whoever set the headline like this needs to be found and added to the injury list.
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    Unfortunately, I remember when we could barely kick 10 for a game. It was only 25-30 games ago. We should probably have got to 20 goals on Saturday. That's back to Daniher era scoring. So at least 10 years. It's been a while. A changed man. I love it, OD.
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    A few others have said the same. But Tyson and Bugg seems the go.
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    My opinion - fair call for the week off for Bernie. Silly act and not the first time he has done something like this. Make sure he knows that he will have to work to get his place back in the team.
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    Wagner back training but will need a couple of weeks. Hibberd has an archilles problem, due to restart training, will also need a couple of weeks. Then, both will need games at Casey. Hard to see them being ready inside a month. Frost is close to resuming, was half-expected at Casey on the weekend, presumable will start playing again next week. But as above, then needs match fitness. Info on the site from last week, imagine we'll get an update over the next couple of days, together with news on Smith, but his looks much more long-term.
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