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    In this Clayton's training thread, I'll hijack the thread to thank all the track watchers who have contributed some terrific reports over the pre-season, with loads of detail. Thanks everyone! I pass through the general area of Gosch's on a fairly regular basis in my day to day tasks, and have seen quite a few snippets of training; on 2 occasions I was there for a reasonable amount of time. Fwiw, I've seen enough to make the following general observations about the following who have caught my eye as likely to add significantly to what was on offer last season. Probably nothing that hasn't been noted here already, but here goes, in broadly number order: Hogan - just looks like he's going to go to another level this year if he stays injury free; fit, strong and skilful. Lewis - the kicking: it draws your eye when watching him in the group. Brayshaw - looks stronger and fitter, and a real presence in drills and match sims. Gawn - see Hogan entry. Could be scarily good this year - please stay fit, Max! Billy Stretch - looks to have progressed strongly in his physical development, and should step up to be a consistent and skilful player. Oscar - should be a more imposing presence on the ground with a body that's filling out. Jayden - there looks to be more of everything with him; seems to have taken the Olympic motto to heart ("Citius, altius, fortius"); also looks more confident in his work on the track - his break-out season has no doubt added to that. Exciting! Joel Smith - a bit like the J Hunt entry, with a lot of skill on show together with significant apparent physical development. In addition, Weideman looks bigger, but whether this is the year where he makes significant impact, time will tell. Oliver is interesting. Doesn't seem like a natural running machine like some other mids, but you'd like to think that his output would be improved from last year with the work that he's had to do over the summer. Petracca probably in a similar category. Both works in progress from point of view of fitness, but would expect both to be in a better to position to have more impact on the ground. As an overall observation, the intensity of work in terms of running and physical contact in drills and match sims is significantly higher than what I can recall seeing in previous pre-seasons. Which is all well and good, but who knows whether or not the increase in intensity is just keeping up with, or catching up to, the work of the leading clubs.
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    We will be the first ones that he turns down? So much for being a "destination club"!
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    We need to learn how to beat St Kilda, North, EssUndone before we can be nearly satisfied and thinking about finals.
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    Good to see footy talk in the media, instead of talking about 35 year old tennis players.
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    Crossy was offered a lifeline by the Bombers as a top up player but turned it down for the gig at the Dees.
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    When did we last beat them up there? We beat them in round 23 in 2015 in a game where they had about 12 out, wasn't really an AFL standard game. Then we fluked a win in round 1 this year when they ran all over us for the middle half of the game and kicked a bucket load of points. I think the formula for beating them is pretty simple - smash them at the contest, isolate defenders, cut down their outside run - but I'm not convinced we'll do it again any time soon. We'll have to show our run is dramatically improved this year and we'll have to have the skills at a high level like they were in round 1.
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    Trying to remember who was the fabulous Demonland track watcher up there last time who gave us really insightful and accurate reports. Apologies for my bad memory. Was great to read.
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    You're off your effing rocker. But I'm with you.
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    Red Bull as a corporate entity can expect to be sued by the families of young skaters, skiers,bike riders and stunt-sportsmen that they have driven to their deaths. They've been marketing "adrenaline sports" for years and killed quite a few already. The naming rights are not up for sale but i wouldn't object to their involvement as a sponsor. If we sold our name off I wouldn't be supporting the club anymore.
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    I'll call it..Melbourne has as much chance of a Flag before the Giants. Yep I'm mad.....or am I ? We;ll be up and running this year. We can beat the Giants..we actually know how... bizarre at that is..cant beat other teams we ought to but somehow we have'm worked out. Point being.. No team is a monty for the Granny. They havent the miles on the board yet...one day...they will ...not yet. Players will start coming to us...just you watch.......oh wait ...
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    Nope - they'd want Salem and Tyson. Ohh hold on ...
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    Is it too late to offer Grimes, Terlich, Jones and Michie? Four for one is a pretty good deal right!? Remember when we used to actually suggest trades like this?
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    T Bugg --- and all his untapped potential. god love him.
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    Best of lucky Smithy. This part really stood out to me from the link above... "Smith said the fact that he and fellow rookie Declan Keilty was drafted from Melbourne’s VFL aligned side was a great example of how the ‘one club’ mentality had prospered. And he was proud to become somewhat of a poster boy for fellow draft prospects eager to make the transfer from Casey to Melbourne. “I’m absolutely rapt for Decs and myself,” he said. “It’s unbelievable and it couldn’t have been a better outcome for both of us and Casey. The alignment this year was super strong and probably the strongest it’s ever been in my time at the club. “I think for guys coming into Casey – it’s going to be a real focal point. There is a chance [that you can get drafted and play for Melbourne]. There is light at the end of the tunnel for guys that dig in and potentially be given an opportunity at AFL level.”
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    Please never contact the club again.
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    It is great that there is competition for spots, and if he earns it good luck to him.
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    'I’ve extended an olive branch . . . ' ?
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    He came into Acland Cellars where I did some shifts in December 2005. He was as humble a guy you'd ever care to meet. He confirmed his German background, spoke about his Tassie days and said he was looking forward to 2006. He was upbeat but not all that confident. He was a great player to watch, always committed and keen to get the ball. His loyalty to Daniher was heart-warming as well.
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    I asked T Viney why cross was delisted in the off season last year and he's explanation was that his kpi's were down below the level expected of an afl player. Wouldn't elaborate on the specifics
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    There must be some Demon fans up there on the Sunshine Coast ready to report on the Demons' training camp at Maroochydore? Surely?
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    i prefer aztec or mayan cofee, earl. it's worth the sacrifice.
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    I must try this new coffee, mixed perhaps with guava paste, it could be a winner. My basic rule on coffee is that it should be naturally grown and not have passed through a gut of some creature. Call me conservative if you like!
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    Did Saty not fly up with the team?
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    The names "Giants" and "Suns" are lazy generic handles, obviously designed by committee, that could describe any number of sporting teams around the world. Because "Giants" and "Suns" are just the kind of thing that US (the Mecca that all sporting administrators look up to and pay periodic homage to) teams might be called. But what do the people of the Gold Coast and western Sydney identify with? (If anything?) (Gold Coast Beaches, anyone? "Go you bloody Beaches!!!") However .... History shows us that it's all meaningless anyway; the identity, the culture attaches itself to the name regardless of what the name is. Carlton Blues? What the hell is that? EFC Bombers? They're either some kind of warplane or some kind of mosquito. Relevance??? Utah Jazz? They were once the New Orleans Jazz ... makes some sense ... but now they belong to those free-wheeling jazz-loving Mormons. In the end it matters hardly at all. The only thing that counts in the long run is success. Tell the 7 year old who watches the GWS Giants on TV winning week in and week out, winning flags, generally being winners, that their nickname is a lazy generic handle. You will lose the battle and the war. The kid instinctively wants to watch the winners. He'll get on board with the GWS Generically Titled Football Club and not care a whit. Basically club nicknames are all fairly silly and meaningless. But when corporates get involved ... that's a different ball game, figuratively and literally.
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    Jayden Hunt looks like an extra from Chariots of Fire
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    I agree with you Wiseblood. Cross was (and in a different capacity still os) great for us but he was moved on sideways at the right time. A very different case than was James McDonald, who especially in retrospect was moved on far too early and treated appallingly by those in power at the time. I ticked the 'like' box but would really like to have a bigger option.
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    I thought they were the Three Musketeers Tim
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    That's what GWS would want for a trade.
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    I don't think the playing offers were AFL, I know there was interest from other clubs on coaching/fitness side one thing I do know Goody is all for relationships the players 'love' Crossy think his new nickname is 'Doc' heard the boys in rehab calling him that As for Terlich, he was only on 2 yr contract, think the confusion arose from his profile on website in 2nd year said he had 2 years to run in contract, that was wrong
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    Sorry Clint, would Melbourne Red Bull Demons be OK?
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    The misogyny on this thread is disgusting. I'm burning my mansiere in protest.
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    So, he can come down here and hug Hawthorn's ex best player whenever he wants, in fact all the more reason to come...
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    Yes, I agree - to have the thread or links permanently at the top of the board would be a fantastic on-going reference point. A brilliant resource. How good was Jackovic.......
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    I have been trying to get interested in the Women's AFL competition. I just can't.
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    Agree. Who should be more upset, Hawks fans at losing 2nd B & F and champion of the club at 30, or us losing Crossy at 33?
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    Bugg offered a lot more pace and he's never far from AFL level, he's pretty much the standard depth player. I assume the other 4 you named had contracts whilst Cross didn't. I think that's a pretty standard occruence for list manager. Matt Jones is another with pace who played some decent games breaking the lines last year. Viv played 4 games, Newton 2, Grimes 2. I don't see how the difference between them and Crossy would've changed the course of our season.
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    Crossy was retired at just the right time, he had lost that 1 or 2%. Yes he could have played another year, but there was no point in that.With all our top end young talent coming through Crossy was at the perfect point to teach them rather than take up a list spot. I am glad the decision was made and equally glad that Crossy decided to stay..When we start winning finals he will still be a part of it
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    We were fortunate we could retain Crossy in a development capacity. In saying that assuming he was not wanting $ and was understanding he may have had to play VFL to allow games into Oliver, Brayshaw and co it was a poor move. My view is he would have played most of the season ahead of Bugg, Michie, Newton, Grimes, M Jones who on most weeks one maybe two were in the 22.
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    Don't think there's much to de-rail
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    This is the part that I don't understand about list management in the AFL. At the end of 2015, they had a high quality player and person retire who clearly wanted to play on and clearly had some miles left in the leg (had a 37 possession game in his second last match of his career). Instead they retain a player like Terlich who was no where near selection in 2015 and became even further away in 2016. Yes, I know Terlich was under contract but the precedent was set a couple of years earlier with the delisting of Evans. I wonder if Cross would've made any difference to our infamous losses to Essendon and Carlton last year, just like we question if Jordan Lewis would've made any difference. Sorry to derail the training thread, but I thought it was poor move letting Cross go.
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    Dom still criminally underrated.
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    Me too bb. I buy very little sporting branded gear because it is so in your face. 100% my age I guess but I don't wear "boy racer" type branding that is all over the garment. Simple "BMW' Logo type on one breast is my go. Sadly I cannot afford a BMW.
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    How many MFC items do you think the MFC would sell without the AFL? I suggest way less than the current numbers. If not for the power of the AFL the retailers would stock six to eight teams and the rest could go jump. The MFC has items stocked because the AFL say you have to stock all clubs or none. In this case the MFC benefits from having the AFL control things other wise the retailers would rule the roost. I have dealt with these people for 40 years they understand only one thing and that is power. You only get their cooperation by having a far bit yourself. They would not give the MFC an appointment.
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    I'm praying that the 3 month old infant recovers and somehow lives a healthy life. A reunion of mother and child is something to wish for. Thoughts are also with the others who have sustained life threatening injuries. Those who work in the vicinity or anyone in the area at the time of this heinous act will be deeply effected. A lot of people are going to need a lot of counselling ... the injured will too as well as having a possible lifetime of having to live with the debilitating after effects of those injuries. I feel so sorry for those who died - their lives taken away in the blink of an eye. My thoughts are with them and their families and friends. Edit: The 3 month old boy died later tonight ... breaks your heart. .
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    Lewis is a competitive beast. I'm sure he'd love to do this to top off his career.
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    Love that Lewis is teaching the players how to kick better (and while we knew we needed it, its still a bit startling to hear it from a player). Lewis seems a humble guy with no airs and graces which (could have come from his 4 premiership medals). McDonald says: "He picks his places when he wants to talk, he doesn't want to be overbearing and feel like he's pushing himself on to other guys..." Can't wait to see him as an on-field general (along with Jones) marshalling the troops. I can see Lewis being the one who looks for potential momentum changes, has a quick word to Jonesy and nipping them in the bud - the lack of which cost us a few games last year. I can also see him keeping the players to structures and playing to team rules; again something we fell down on last year. Lewis and Jones will make a fine pair of generals, along with their apostles, Maxy and Viney For years we have yearned for a playing coach and to think that Lewis literally just fell into our lap!
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    A fellow Spurs man - a few years (read decades) of pain on two feints. AFL & EPL
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