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    sigh... Again, I am bemused by posters who can't differentiate between criticism of a player and criticism of the sheer disrespect shown in their description of a player. The majority won't disagree with the assessment that Fitzpatrick didn't have the necessary skills to make it as an AFL player. There is no sentimentality, again the majority don't disagree with him being delisted. A few here do question your ability to critique a player without resorting to calling him a "spud".
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    If you can't criticise a player without resorting to derogatory language then perhaps it's better if you don't post at all. Repeatedly calling a player a 'spud' adds nothing to the discussion and is against the Code of Conduct. We can revisit this thread if Fitz gets another crack at it.
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    I have exclusive footage here:
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    3 - Any poster that calls a player a spud (this adds absolutely nothing to the discussion of said player)...
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    I prefer to think of true Melbourne supporters as loyal, passionate, stoic, and resilient. Supporters that wear their loyalty as a badge of honour through thick and thin. And supporters that when success comes will be humble and proud in victory understanding that to enjoy victory we have to experience loss and defeat. Supporters that are not quick to jump on the bandwagon of criticism and derision of players and coaches. I think the Dogs supporters are a great example.
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    Calling a player a spud is merely confirmation that the poster is unable to articulate criticism due to a lack of specific knowledge or possession of a grade 5 vocabulary.
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    The guy obviously had very serious mental health issues before he joined the Toiges but it sounds as if he received little help from the club. Hope he gets some very soon And asking anyone to sign a 'keep your mouth shut'clause is nothing short of bizzare.
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    It is Richmond... The kid probably has a point.
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    not if it was brought on by drug use - horse/cart
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    Completely agree Nutbean. Some people also can't see the difference between arguing a topic and attacking posters personally. It's the same concept.
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    Lewis will play mostly off half back in a role similar to Matthew Boyd at the Dogs, because having him and Tyson and Oliver leaves us too slow in the midfield. Hibberd will play more through the midfield than in defence to provide us some drive. Melksham will be better than expected. Salem will have a good preseason and finish top 10 in the B&F.
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    Specifically hawthorn's
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    I don't see the fact that he had suicidal tendencies before having any fact in the matter. I would like to think any workplace would care about the welfare of their employees regardless of their history. Obviously Richmond could have done more to help this kid, although I don't think it's a problem that is isolated to Richmond. I would think that many clubs are lacking in the ability to deal with the welfare of all their players and maybe the AFL need to set up an external program for all players.
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    He does need help. But I don't think its because he didn't make it in the AFl. I think his point was the level of care that as provided by the Tigers was substandard. That fact he singles out the person who was in charge of pastoral care says that person shouldn't be doing that job and it seems has been replaced. They also wanted to silence him which they know they screwed something up. Maybe he was just told to go suck it up by the administration.
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    OK with the 2 years. Showed promise off half back. Nice height at 189cm and will hopefully add some more muscle to his 84kgs. Smooth runner and good overhead. Needs to be more consistent with his disposal which will hopefully improve after his second AFL pre season.
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    No wonder Dennis c Cometti is retiring. He caught word his photos have been outed.
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    i think he is saying no-one (afl) will do much (sadly) until some ped user gets a serious illness as a result of usage
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    I really wanted to see Fitzpatrick and Vickery in the same forward line.
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    Rather than use 86 on a speculative kid and have to give them a 2 year contract, we will us it to upgrade wagner and use his rookie spot, and a 1 year deal, on a speculative kid
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    Shyte movies being all too common, and the small movies doing original things not having the budget for the names above.
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    I'm a 28 year Cubs fan and cannot wait for tomorrow. I haven't missed a Cubs post season game this year. I'm taking half a day off work to go home, crack a beer and watch it! They just need to hit their way past Kluber! GO CUBS!!!
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    I hope he gets the support and care he needs.
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    Why would they make him sign a silence clause?
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    For me, Pedo has the tools to be a decent second ruck/third forward. He can take contested marks as well as just about anyone in the team and is a fair kick at the sticks. He can also swing to defence as a sweeping stopper to slow down an opposition run-on. We talk about better delivery aiding Jack and Jesse but what if Pedo starts consistently bagging a moderate two-goals a game? Does he get bumped for Weed and then we work out another second ruck option? Roos never had faith - preferring Dawes and then Frost - but given a decent run I believe he could be this season's surprise packet. Although Demonland will have to get over its prejudice. He may be getting on but was a late starter - entering his sixth season now - and has had injury interruptions. Watts himself took longer. He has also improved each season in the Red and Blue and may well continue that arc.
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    He is well aware of his mental health issues, it was the reason he stepped back from football in the first place: https://www.google.com.hk/amp/s/amp.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/teams/richmond/reece-mckenzie-takes-leave-from-richmond-to-deal-with-mental-health-issues/news-story/eebd6d4839e47c77e4b81a47c0667471?client=safari Clearly a young guy having a very hard time of things. Regardless of the motive or accuracy of the post, I hope he's now getting the support he needs.
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    According to etiquette, and going to the first poster first, i deliberated over this last post of mine, with some degree of complete inebriation. Aside from that (inebriation) explaining everything about the above post, it is meant to say if anybody in power reads our opinions on things, you like to think that it would do some good sometimes, or else Footy is buggered. Sorry i took so long to respond....
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    Think he needs to stay with Craig Lambert for a few days . A few nights out with Dusty and Jake can take their toll in the off season.
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    Nah, I'm finished with brothels Moonie. My investment properties are either going to be BDSM clubs or places for failed musicians. You know, knuckleheads who think they can play the guitar etc.
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    A rationally thinking person would not post something like that. Boy needs help, big time.
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    I'd prefer Frost and Oscar move in to Tom's one on one role than either of those 2. Then we play another medium type as the third tall. Litherland is worth a look because he can play 2 way footy and is young enough to have a future. Brown I don't see the need for.
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    HA! Dead ringer. Wish I thought of that, could've been a nice little extortion earner!
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    Well said, I always think it says more about the poster. Fitzy got through a hell of a lot to make it onto 2 AFL lists
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    Yeah, it seems to happen to a lot of them... De Niro, Depp, Steve Martin, Oldman etc. Lure of the easy $ maybe?
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    I do find the word spud offensive when used to describe guys who have made AFL list, unlike the vast majority of us who post here. And by the way, as far as I am aware, Jack only did the tunnel ball thing once, so you are being a bit harsh inferring, perhaps, that he did it time and time again.
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    He was pretty decent at one point. bit of a lumberer though
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    Well that makes about as much sense, certainly no less sense, than the original. Or for that matter this: معظم الملصقات أعرف لماذا هذا "التحرك" هنا انتباه الملصقات و "غريب" ل. أوافق على أن أكثر الفواكه أقل احتمالا ولكن نأمل أن المباراة ستكون أفضل اللاعبين إذا المرضى من المفارقات. كيف حزين بالنسبة لنا جميعا.
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    Is Mitch Brown from West Coast any good? We lack key defender depth.
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    Really! I tried google translate via Spanish and this is googles take. Most of the posters know why this "move" here to the attention of the posters and "strange". I agree that the most likely less fruit but hopefully the game will be better players if ironically sick. How sad for all of us.
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    ManDee - so I needn't feel stupid for not understanding this then? Ruddesque on the waffle meter.
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    Hunter. None of the other ranged classes can handle melee combat, and Hunters can actually specialise in melee if they want to. Also not being a tank or healer will ease your transition into grouping, so a damage class is good for a first timer. Remember if you die, it's never your fault. Either the healer didn't heal you or the tank lost agro. It is very important as a WoW player to never accept responsibility for any group wipe.
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    Jesse Hogan has to be dropped thread Nathan Jones has to be dropped thread Christian Petracca has to be dropped thread Jack Viney has to be dropped thread Max Gawn has to be dropped thread Jordan Lewis has to be dropped thread Tom McDonald has to be dropped thread
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    Dom Tyson to have a consistent year and be one of our most important midfielders. Hogan to put this year behind him and dominate throughout the whole season. Frost to be just as important than Tmac Garlett never fading from games and be a damaging forward pocket Dees to make finals-just Beat teams we should be beating
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    Not sure that's right Ron. Mahoney made the point that the recruitment of McKenna was in part because he was much better than a pick in the 80's. I think Wagner has been promoted because the footy department are happy to have him on the list for two more years and by freeing a rookie spot we only have to commit to someone for one year instead of two. With a very late pick that makes sense.
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