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    I'll be making the effort to phone in and take Jakovich to task on this. In my opinion, the bloke just disgraced himself as an immature commentator who obviously has an axe to grind with Cuddles. Why bother bringing the club into it? What a clown.
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    Allsop is an absolute livewire. Watched him a few times this year and his got every toll required to be a great small fwd at AFL level. Let him develop a few years and he will be a consistent performer for our mighty Dees. He got 3 best on grounds at the medal last night as a small fwd all in games that had the national championship kids playing 2 of which were against Murruy and Sandy so the kids a big game player and also already has plenty of senior experience im told.
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    Hypocrisy thy name is Jacko! Tanking accusations from a side that managed to pull Luke Shuey as a priority pick in the 2008 draft just 2 seasons after winning a drug fuelled flag! Give me a break.
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    Essendon took drugs and cheated to win games and are getting rewarded with pick 1. Stop dredging up tanking in one season, as a reason for denying a PP after 10 years of crap.
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    Just saw Dr Hiscock on The Couch and he sounded like some of the delusional flogs on here. It's extraordinary hearing smart men sound like dopes when it comes to footy.
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    If all Connolly did was criticise an AA omission Jakovich's reply was completely over the top. CC is perfectly entitled to make such a criticism, after all, that's pretty much what every footy fan in Australia has done since last week. Jako must have a thin skin. No doubt he's aware that while he was a gun player, he's only a commentator because he was a gun player. Nothing he's ever said proves him to be anything other than your token jock. If Connolly said anything more, Jako was probably still OTT, but it's hard to see CC having a similarly caustic cut at Jako.
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    He was very good in all things other than his disposal by foot. He just butchered the ball consistently and often under no pressure. It's a deal breaker.
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    Richmond have posted 11 straight years of operating profits, with a 500k profit in 2015 and 1.3m in 2014. Not only that, but they have over 23 million dollars of assets and are completely debt free. Yet, they want to boot out this board who has delivered profits because they haven't won a flag? Brisbane will tell you that winning flags doesn't inflate the bottom line.....
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    Remember the old cliche, footy is a great leveller. It has always been regarded as a virtue that people irrespective of their education or position can talk the same language, and I guess you may say, all sound like fools.
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    and i thought counterpoint was an albc television show
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    On some points, of course he was. But what did it have to do with Connolly commenting that Neale was stiff to miss out?
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    His carry on about our club, when completely uncalled for? My F&*%ing oath is was out of line. Lets see Connolly give a sermon about how many of our guys have died from a drug overdose, and how many of them are out directing traffic in their underwear on the freeway.
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    Therein lies the problem, Stuie's horse is so high it can't lower itself enough to drink.
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    His Grandmother Madge will be proud.
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    Meth Coast full of coke and ice addicts? Fact. Melbourne fined for tanking? Fiction. End of story. Jako needs to stop snorting the boundary line.
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    I think Jakovich got a bit too personal and over reacted. Must be a private feud going on. I hope he brings up their drug shame to counter balance but I don't think he will.
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    ... Superstar? No. Not even remotely.
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    they are only getting the #1 pick by virtue of having 12 players banned who will now be available, so in essence they are getting richly rewarded by being found guilty of doping go figure
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    They got off lightly. Drug cheats.
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    Please No Zac Clarke is no where near what we should be looking for he barely maintained his form to stay in Freo's side this season.
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    When staying in the shared lodgings organised by Earl on this trip, how does one say "get that broomstick out of my back" in Arabic?
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    I didn't see the Casey game, but the general gist reminds me of Hogan's game against Carlton - clearly a dominant force, but in the wash-up was excessively penalised by people due to the missed shots at goal, as if those undid all the rest of his play. I know stats aren't everything, but I find it difficult to believe Terlich wasn't amongst the 6 most influential players on the day with those kind of numbers.
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    Can't handle negative feedback old Jacko. What a pansy
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    Extraordinary ?? ..... Heartening !!!
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    No, we have already received all of the ridicule TSFKA. My issue is that drugovich had a massive crack at our club, when there was ZERO justification whatsoever. Connolly didn't talk about the weagles being crack heads. He simply had an issue with a Freo player not being named in the A.A team. What the other bloke did was line up our club, with no basis for attack whatsoever, and for that I say he can go eat a f*&%ing bucket of dhiks.
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    On 3AW tonight there was an interview with someone from the new ticket..... "Would cost over a million to move Hardwick on",
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    Who actually cares. He blew up, and yes it wasn't really called for, but to be honest everyone who was in someway responsible for the insipid way our club was run and managed during those times deserves every ounce of ridicule they receive.
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    Yes I remember that game where we supposedly tanked. We managed to be ahead on points when the siren sounded but apparently according to Caroline Wilson there were some suspicious fumbles of the ball on the boundary line just seconds before the ball was kicked to Jordan McMahon who then kicked the winning goal for the Tigers. I think it was Pettard who fumbled in the last seconds and gee he had never done that before so the evidence was compelling.
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    hardwickmi Hardwick is just hanging tough for the fat payout for when he is eventally sacked. No value in resigning. He knows that a coach with his record cannot last.
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    Seems strange to me that if you're hoping a player sneaks through the draft without being picked that you'd go out and nominate them prior to the draft - alerting everyone to the fact.
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    I would have thought that at 38 years of age and playing a different code, he'd be more on North Melbourne's radar then ours??? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danny_Allsopp#Personal_life
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    Morrish Medal has no bearing on the draft - in 24 years, 15 Morrish Medallists have gone undafted (National and Rookie).
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    I'll track down my old Datsun 260C. Should do the trick nicely if I can stop it from stalling. Fully sick stereo too bro, so the fade out should be entertaining.
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    I'm sure, or correct me if I'm wrong, that Mark Evans said after our last request, that the rule basically exists now, only in tragic circumstances such as a death etc. How can they possibly have a good case for a pick, if that was the ruling only a couple of years back in regards to us? Pause and think for a minute about how you would feel about it, if we had only won 6-7 games this season. I reckon there would be outrage from every poster here. Never forget that these pricks campaigned against us getting one, even when we were gasping for breath and about to expire. We should be leading the chorus against them.
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    never was quite the same after allan planted that kiss
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    No cuddles for Jako. I think he might be bitter that his Bro packed more excitement into a year than he gave us in his whole career.
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    Very good Biffen !!!
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    Football news in a slow week what a totally brilliant concept this bye is!!!!
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    One of the picks.........
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    Dont know what to make of the bradford trade. I mean he is better then shaun hill but im more worried that teddy may have some serious leg problems not just the ACL. Some reports said that it was close to a snapped leg. The nathan brown injury is how it read to me. The medico's are more worried about tendants and nerve damage then the ACL. So does anyone know what to expect from bradford? Also a big thanks to macca for running the tipping comp again. Its a lot of fun and bloody hard.
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    So Connolly questions the omission of Neale and Jakovich is allowed to crack the sads and get personal because of it? It's poor form from Jakovich. There was no need for him to say it.
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    I know lots of people there. It's where I lived (as you know) and did the Medical Mission volunteer work. P.M SWYL, so we don't clog the thread.
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    Wonder what Gil will be thinking if this eventuates. He basically gave them the no. 1 pick as a priority pick. They are obviously a mid table team not bottom of ladder. They are only there because of the tanking and Gil has let them get the benefit of picking up pick 1. If they then use it to shaft the AFL's investment in Gold Coast you'd have to wonder what they will do. They have right royally stuffed this one up, yet again. Another Essendon special care of Gil.
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    Over there it's every game! It's the same as colonwood here.
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    Don't go anywhere near people with drugs, and if you need a safe house, I can find you one fast if you are in the right area. Let me know.
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