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    Must be impossible for the umpires tonight. Eagles over there must get lots of free kicks but that means not giving free kicks to hawthorn! It's a wonder they aren't all in the fetal position repeating that they don't know who to favour...
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    I still think there is a lot of life left in Hawthorn. Low-life!!
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    Luke 'Old Mangy Dog' Hodge just waddles around kicking mongrel torps these days. Retire you thug.
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    Hawthorn are allowed 1 free head punch per game.
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    Watching hawthorn get beaten is never boring for me. I'm loving it!
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    King and Healy heaping praise on Melbourne tonight, essentially crediting our team for setting the blueprint on how to defeat Hawthorn. Provided identical examples of clearances the Eagles have taken directly from our win. Once again we were ahead of the game and our footy department has worked out an opposition team that others haven't. A bit like Roos working out how to destroy Hardwick's systems from the very first match.
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    I played sub-district cricket there in 1968, made a few runs, got called for 'chucking' for a ball I didn't 'chuck', chucked the next ball, got a clean bill of health and turned to the square leg umpire and begged the question, well why not that one? I made the Geelong Advertiser that week, one of my workmates at the Taxation Office brought me the clipping.
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    Though I have doubts about his inclusion, it is a bit much to be calling Michie a 'spud'. That's a term best reserved for senior public servants. "Head of Census and change management at the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Chris Libreri, is a spud", that would be fair.
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    You cant be serious. Probably only leigh matthews and noem smith have comparable coaching records
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    Or one get out of jail DUI, or one coach manhandling a supporter, or 2 players coercing a women after the premiership.
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    Ling inadvertently made a good point a moment ago. Hawthorn's loss tonight will give Sydney a massive eye on top spot. That can only be good for us.
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    Glorious Mitchell -Frawley double clanger.
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    This times 10. The Hawks verballing the umpires doesn't seem to be having the desired effect.
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    He's a [censored]. A balding [censored].
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    That cliff is coming. Cannot wait to see them drop off it.
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    Bloody ripper Rob. What time shall I pick you up?
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    Best thing out of that is that Sydney have a home final to play for tomorrow against north. Win their next two and they will be top 2
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    Yes Dennis, West Coast back in the premiership race! That is of course until they loose to Adelaide next week, and then loose an elimination final to the Dogs at Sh|tihad Stadium!
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    Hmm, Hawthorn don't turn up to their second game in three weeks! They really should start turning up to games instead of consistently not turning up. Silly Hawks.
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    That's twice in two days I've been falsely accused of backing Grimes and Garland!
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    This is music to yours and my ears Macca!
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    Now just need Collingwood to knock them over next week...
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    They're not too bad down there. As I left a game there once the old knacker standing next to me said "see ya mate have a good one". Last year at the final siren someone threw a beer on us but we were being pretty obnoxious to be honest haha.
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    Lewis can have an extra werk off before the finals.
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    If the Swans get it you could say it was well orchestrated rorting and cheating.
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    Pleasantly surprised by the changes. Michie is better than the no hoper he gets painted as on here, and ANB has smashed the door down. Good luck to both. i would've kept Pedo personally but if Weed is fit then he has showed he's capable.
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    Me too! I was wrong last week, so I'm confident that I can't be wrong two weeks in a row...
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    Not Chip Frawley's greatest night, typified by that howler letting Kennedy goal.
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    50 km walk on Olympic channel is more interesting then this game
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    I get annoyed by it too, but that's what this board is for, so you can't really argue with it too much. Aaron Black is everything our club doesn't need though - with the position we are in, we should be recruiting players who we believe can be best 22, or at least best 25. Aaron Black isn't someone who'll do that.
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    Looks like the Australian sports commission are wanting to copy the UK model of funding ... they're aggressively pushing for a 'National lottery' scheme and they may well get a positive result. National lottery scheme needed to boost Australia’s Olympic funding before Tokyo 2020
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    And we MUST win Sunday. The Filth would love to beat Whorethorn. Long shot. But ya never know.. Whorethorn are getting tired...
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    I've been there quite a few times, have always enjoyed the experience of going to the last suburban ground. A lot of the games have been painful to sit through (fortunately I missed 186) but I was there for the 1 pointer, the draw, and last years amazing win. I suppose it's a bit like anything to do with Melbourne. The downs have been close to traumatising, but ups give you an insane euphoria! Who was the last team to win twice in a row there?
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    Welcome to the Dees land of hope for the lost, the begotten and the NQR Oh , hang on .... that was pre Roosy!
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    We should. We're Melbourne. Nothing is certain. I feel that Michie is in many ways playing for his spot on the list. He's been a disappointment for me since crossing, I'd read quite positive things about him but he's rarely shown more than just being an accumulator. I'm hoping we hold onto ANB but I wonder whether this might be an opportunity for us to show off some depth and get some interested parties looking our way. I would love to see us monster a team, put the competition on notice for 2017.
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    Ok i get you. So they are playing for a home final
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    ANB deserves a crack and hasn't really been given some clear air at AFL level this year. He's got very good competition on the list for the role he usually plays. Michie is playing for his career - but I genuinely thought that decision has been made given he's not shown enough in my opinion to keep. I'd suspect if JKH or Salem had more game time at Casey they would have come in. Pederson is paying for not doing the team thing last weekend when he had options and took the shot and missed it. In his own words he has to do the little things well to maintain his spot. He's not the future, so I don't mind getting games into the Weed. Wouldnt surprise me if Hogan didn't come up either, given some reports floating around.
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    Or maybe resting the Ped for the big game the week after and potential finals action?
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    Gee amazing how average the Dorks look since we burst their 9 game bubble! Not that I am happy with this since I put a heap on them to win the flag when they looked like a monty to do it, but that was before we beat them. When is the last time You saw Burgoyne make 6 or more clangers. Strange performance by the Dorks. Amazing what pressure does to even great players.
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    Isn't that the postman? Postman Pat delivers the package suddenly has a whole new meaning ...
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    Whorethorn getting beaten keeps GW$ hungry next week...
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    Pedo is unlucky to not play but he is clearly preferred player ahead of Dawes and has done more than enough in the last few weeks/this year to get a contract extension.
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