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    The Players' Association is all for it, therefore it's probably a terrible idea. They don't give a flying fruitbat for the welfare of the competition, they just want more money and power in the hands of the players.
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    Being a slow night, I read the crapola on the AFL site about who's chasing who in the trade caper for next year. Nick Bowen was the 'expert,' and therefore must be the understudy to 'guru' Callum Twomy. Anyway the gist of it was (i.e., rumour mongering), we are into Prestia (along with Richmond, not so much Carlton) and Hibberd. The only mention of Hurley was that he would either be at Essendon or an interstate club . There is interest in Jetta (one other Vic Club and presumed WA club/s), T-Mac (Sydney) and Watts which might explain the contract delays. All expected to stay at Melb. No mention of Hogan (praise the lord)
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    Another way to destroy the fabric and meaning of clubs, player loyalty and emotional investment by supporters. The talk and speculation of players moving clubs would become incessant and demoralising. Bad enough now, would be a nail in the coffin of the important connection of player and club. Clubs and players prostituting themselves for money and the hope of instant success. That would be the end for me.
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    Just another way to rape and pillage the Bottom 9 Clubs twice a year great idea Gill thanks
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    Ask for Sydney's first round pick and on-trade to the Bombers as part of a deal for Hurley.
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    Would work a treat for struggling clubs like Brisbane and Gold Coast, having their players poached mid-season by clubs trying to reach the top 4 for a premiership tilt.
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    Your typical Demons fan is an optimist by nature, a pessimist from experience and a realist about half-way through the last quarter.
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    White? Really? Based on what? I'd be shocked if that is the case. Sentiment aside, has Trengove shown more than Newton or Michie this year? I do expect he will be given another year and that's fine but two years would just add to a number of very poor decisions we have made with contracts.
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    Descarte ..or .... A la Carte ?
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    As expected, North are pretenders. And who is shocked, really? I've been saying it all along.
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    Not a trade period but I wouldn't be against a mid season draft allowing teams to look at the second tier comps for players to fill certain roles in case of injuries etc. Maybe increase the rookie list to allow another two players to be recruited mid year for example
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    Il bet you a thousand bucks we won't be classed as a 'Lower placed club' next year... We will be a destination club very soon.
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    How about Jesse informing us that he'd like to be traded in round 13?
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    For those who have compared Hogan to Stringer- Hogan is far better with his marking around the ground.
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    The set-up for GWS is a benign form of match-fixing. It is match-fixing, none the less. It is also a payment to the media companies for financially supporting a national competition. Melbourne is no longer unique as a bottom-feeding club however, as dinosaur clubs such as Richmond, Essendon, Collingwood and Carlton, long super-powers of the competition are now minnows only propped up by the generations of supporters who still remember when these clubs were good. I remember similarly disliking Sydney in the 1980's, and Gerard Healey in particular. I was especially satisfied when the Dees smashed them in the '87 finals series. These days I would be happy for Sydney to survive and the Greater western sinkhole to founder, as this would be karma to the AFL for how they pick winners through cash allocations, fixturing, TV coverage and not to mention psycho-away footy jumpers which dilute the heritage of the foundation clubs.
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    I think Descartes eats a la carte ... does that therefore mean that I am? ☺?
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    Yes, a highly skilled dumb footballer with pace that comes to mind is Murdoch at Geelong. I would have put Stanley in the same bracket when he was with the Saints but he seems to have come on a fair bit since being with the Cats and spending more time in the ruck. edit: skilled dumb footballers can often get to where the ball aint a lot...
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    Dub dub dub... Just no...
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    Anyone else feeling a bit 'lost'...this thread should be bouncing by now... ...waiting for team selection announcements and remembered we ain't playing this weekend!! B-gger!!!! Boring!!!
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    Earl with all your other activities and enterprises, you don't seem the type to attend training. I am surprised you are even in the country with all your global trades. You juggle a lot of balls my friend. Oh, I know, you were down there to supply the players with some of your magic guava paste.
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    Without wanting to raise a tedious debate that has been done a dozen times already, putting a team in Tasmania would not be expanding the game, it would be diluting it.
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    Reid can't get on the park '11', if the Swans thought he was any good to them they wouldn't need to chase Tommy Mac.
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    Gifs are less heavy than clothes pegs too, BB .... ?☺
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    And their supporters have already become insufferable. A shocking mob. Their hate of Vicorian clubs knows no limits although their hate of Port Adelaide has no end.
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    Brad will have his sooky face on again.
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    Was ment to say Lachie Hansen from North. I'm sorry that little mistake i made lead to getting sand right in your knickers.. Idiot
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    I did a ladder predictor today and we took North's spot in the 8. Admittedly we won 7 games after the bye but I'd love to make it at North's expense.
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    Looks like four losses out of the last five for the Kangaroos
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    Yes I agree Hem... this and anymore drug related exposés of consequence and I am going to listen hard to what my wife says is "not sport anymore, just money".
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    Scotty Thompson (yes I know he left and we got Mahoney etc etc) but there is a good example of a solid B+ player who plays a decent game week in week out and has the occasional blinder Oh to have a few like him at the Dees PS He may be slowing down now but it is his 16th season !!!
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    Change the record, pf. Without McDonald and barring a replacement, our defence is left with a gaping hole. He's definitely a required player and is a good defender, just needs to string together some more consistent form. He's still very young.
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    Was also stated that the house was for his brother?
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    Sh*t idea and lower placed clubs like us would get stuck down the bottom even more. Leave the rules alone and make players stay at one f*cking club.
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    yeah I'm not a fan at all. Yet another step from the AFL looking at other sporting comps for inspiration. I'd love the AFL to put a 3 year freeze on any rule or policy tweaks and just let everyone enjoy the game itself
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    did you ask Watt the f ?
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    I must confess it's ok as a theme. Somehow have visions of the Leningrad Cowboys performing this ( and that would be pretty cool )
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    Zip!! Its bye week - any distraction, especially if witty is welcome...I think All threads may get derailed this weekend as we all suffer from severe 'no-game' withdrawal symptoms...I think
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    Yes, this is all very profound (and tres witty); but WTF does it have to do with Jacques Watts?
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    The Engineer: that glass is twice as big as it needs to be
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    Very profound and clever, RandB
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    Who would have thunk it. Glad I'm not alone.
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    I'm loving watching the tackles stick. It seemed to me, that last year, both Brayshaw and Jonesy seemed to have a friendly competition for who could hit their tackles the hardest. I could add a dozen more boys this year. I found it so frustrating watching our players 'tag' rather than tackle a few years back. It was crushing as a supporter to hear the way we played was soft and to agree with it was a further kick. I'm now starting to feel the chest swell when they're on song, smile when dissecting the weekends games with work mates, even when we lose. Even they can admit we are coming, Oliver and Petrecca seem to attract the most interest. I'm not sure how you go about braking a 50+ year old curse, but, it's time to let go Norm. We're in good hands now and our current crop would never stitch you up the way you were. Let us go and win the 10 in a row you deserved! channelling ghosts of the past? I think I may have lost it.
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    I'll do a bit of big noting. I was in Spain last year. We went the "water gardens of Dorne" which is the Alcazar in Seville which was magnificent but even more interesting was our trek to Girona an hour and a bit outside Barcelona. A lot of the filming for GOT is done there and they were filming at the time we were there. A lot of the town was cyclone fenced with black fabric so you couldn't see through. The local residents were paid twice the value of any inconvenience to film - so if a TV aerial had to come down - they would pay for aerial going down and going up again and then the same amount again for the approximate cost of doing so. They were also paid 200 euro a day to keep their windows shut. We had a lunch at a local cafe and enquired how much extra money the filming had brought in and he said not a cent. The actors were not allowed off the enclosed area for as much as coffee as they didnt want people to know in the upcoming season who was alive and who wasn't. I asked our guide if Jon Snow was alive or dead - she said dead so I am guessing she didn't know.
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