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    Ouch! Big loosers are the AFL! 4 of there so called 'power clubs' are in the bottom 6! What's more can't see Ess, Pies, Blues or Tigers getting out of that 6. It gives me great joy to look down the ladder at them?
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    16 possessions 6 inside 50's - 3rd most for Melbourne 3 goal assists - 1st for Melbourne 5 tackles - 3rd most for Melbourne Underrated debut. I guess when theres a lot of hype a first gamer doesn't get credit unless they have a day out.
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    The Dees do so much for women's footy we'd have to get the inaugural game. I'm the runner for my partner's VWFL team and my runner's vest, as does every other of the dozens of runner's in all the divisions, has a big MFC logo on the back. Can't say I've seen the pies logo out there
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    I may be stating the obvious, but there are 8 teams in the competition who have the same or worse win/loss record as us at the moment. If we reckon this loss to St Kilda was any worse than most of the losses that have occurred to any team this season, then I think we're getting carried away with the emotion/disappointment of losing a bit too much. The Essendon one I accept was definitely a bad one.
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    Hurley seems more important than Prestia at this stage. Prestia looked ordinary last night but a 20 goal thrashing can do that.
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    Beating GWS looks wonderful
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    That sign in the background must be a few years out of date. Honor and Essendon should not appear in the same screen.
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    Funny, they haven't even played a game yet and I already hate the Collingwood team
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    Hi Maple Amazed you survived yesterday given the company you keep but yes Conchita is back from visiting family in Cuba and she does look and sound different, now that you mention it, but she said that she had some cosmetic work done over there. Her 457 papers were in order so it must be her surely? On other matters there is good and bad news to report. After the Guava explosion yesterday Parker is still missing but the good news is my new Bentley has landed on the docks and has driverless technology installed so Parker was out of a job anyway. Amazing how there is always a silver lining eh?
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    Yes, because running round like headless chickens and lurching from one extreme to the other like you do on a regular basis, are not the solution to anything.
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    about as much as i know!!
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    Just as there would be no AFL but for the pioneers, ahem... The Melbourne football ground and there would be no MCG if not for the first tenant, the Demons, there would be no women's league if not for the work of the pioneers, one being the AFL. If the season doesn't open with the only traditional rivalry in the women's game, then the AFL are and even bigger bunch of pr1cks than I thought they were (and that takes quite an effort).
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    Not cryptic SWYL, just another lame attempt from Saty to pot a poster, typical
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    Good to see Spencil and Hulett in the best.
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    Membery and Akers. Out scored Hogan by 1 point. Oh wait! Combined they have played one more game than Hogan. What a farking waste of the best goal kicking performance by a Dee in a decade.
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    we cant carry hunt, harmes and wagner in the same team. two have to go. im tipping hunt and harmes
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    Agree with most BUT "Petracca was over awed " ??? 16 possessions, 5 tackles and a bullet to Jessie with a resulting goal, Ill take that from a debutant any day of the week. Sheeesh...
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    Long time between posts for me. Been enjoying demonland from the sidelines. I am overall positive about the direction our club is heading and the talent we have on our list. I think if we are able to retain our key talent we should enjoy a very successful period. However, while I am calm and acknowledge that young teams will be inconsistent, I am extremely frustrated that after 3 years of Roos this team still fails to do the basics well, and by that I mean perform well against teams we should beat. In fact we have turned in our worst possible form on both occasions this season, as we did last season. And worryingly it seems to come as much from the coaches box as the players. The quality of teams is always hard to gauge at this stage of our year. But looking back on our opening six rounds I think we have had a draw that should have us 4-2. 3-3 is not bad, and it shows improvement, but 4-2 would've set us up to definitely improve this season with a "softer draw" our first 6 rounds. Essendon and Saint Kilda are bottom four - six sides . They will finish there and for us to fail to beat both of them is an endictment on this group. Collingwood and Richmond have also dropped to bottom 8 sides. They were great wins but expected. Our performances against North and GWS were great as I believe they are top 6 sides and we were lucky to get a win. The problem with this group last year and this year is that we turned in our worst in winnable games. I'm happy with the overall direction but beat one or both of the Saints and Essendon and you not only set up our team for a strong tilt at finals but also put both other clubs under extreme pressure which will in turn will help the MFC. You cannot build a period of success without putting away the bottom sides. This club needs to learn to win as favourites and until we do consistently we cannot claim meaningful improvement. We should keep calm but it is cause for concern that in games where we were clear favourites against sub-par sides we are 0-2 after performing similarly (Carlton, Essendon, Saintsx2) last year.
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    Thanks for the correction but I'm not sure how you know what Biff puts up next to his ear on game day, let alone what he chooses to call it. My source was a post from Biff. Damn - there I go, totally discredited in one sentence!
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    Wagner has played 4 games, Hunt 3, Petracca 1 with Harmes having played 14 and if Oliver comes in he has played 4. That we could beat Pies and Tigers with so many rookies speaks volumes for the rest of the team with so much inexperience. Roos is still building and developing the list and Hunt and Wagner down back didn't have great games. We need everybody contributing and the Saints were quick and hot on their home turf and ran us ragged. Petracca wil stay, I didn't like some of the efforts Harmes put in and due to his lack of chase I expect him to get a rest and maybe Hunt goes back. Frost stays and he would be a potential matchup on Lynch if Macca struggles. Keep the changes to a minimum especially if Salem is sidelined.
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    Should have stayed there bjDee I am confident you would have enjoyed the next 2 hours there more.
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    i wouldn't mind seeing Hunt go out for Trengove, and him playing off half back, we lose a little run but he's a beautiful kick of the ball, a fantastic endurance hard runner and has some footy smarts, i think he could play the role Cross did last year and be a steadying influence off half back Oliver is clearly super important as a clearance player and i'd bring him back in and the other is Stretch, he brings effort and run! one of him or ANB needs to play this week. Outs: Harmes Hunt and maybe Kennedy?
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    Why are we toying. Bring in Trengove and Oliver.
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    You know, i dont think that zone defence per se is a problem. The problem is when they all 'press' forward up the ground. We haven't used the press up the ground in all our games. Whether it was coaching to use it yesterday or player initiative who knows. Either way we aren't good at using the 'press forward' and should stick more to zone defence until we get better at defence in all parts of the ground. Look at WCE 'web' for an effective zone defence which doesn't press forward. Not saying we should copy it. Just saying zone defence structures don't need the 'press forward' to be effective.
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    Surely it is up to the coaching and conditioning staff to prepare the players, physically and mentally, and the selection panel to pick the right side considering all factors including age, experience, opposition strengths and weaknesses, match ups etc rpfc - I beg to differ. There must surely always be a contingency plan for if the basic game plan isn't working?
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    "With the women's design we've also moved the AFL logo, as per the NBL basketball model in America, because no one cares if it's got an AFL logo on it or not. Collingwood people don't say 'thanks for reminding me this is part of the AFL competition'. Wanchors
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    compared to the 100% of games the Dockers have been [censored] in, plus they have to spend hours on a plane just to get belted.
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    1. Prestia 2. Hurley In that order. Midfield is still our priority. If we had more A grade mids in our team, guys like TMac would not have been under so much pressure. Hard to stop goals if the ball is coming into our defence "at a million miles an hour", as Roos said. The game is still won in the middle. Don't get me wrong, would like to see Hurley at MFC, but not above mids. I'd even go for two of Prestia, Heppell and/or Cogniglio (for example, or similar) over Hurley.
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    I think some of the blame needs to shifted to the lack of defence up the ground and our game plan of zoning down back.
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    hey we went up a spot, now sitting 9th !
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    Oliver had 17 disposals in his first half. Just saying...
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    For months I have been saying he is a junior footballer who had not yet played one game at AFL level. So he has three good games at Casey, two of which were against very poor VFL sides and all of a sudden he is brownlow material and is in the Senior side. From my part of the ground he did two nice things and the rest of the time he look like a rabbit caught in the spot light. But hell it is his first game. He deserves a bit longer before I declare him the next Tompas.
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    Just saying I don't think Petracca was as good as people thought he was on his first game
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    Gee, this is really a bag TMAC posting. Give the bloke a break, This time last year you were probably touting him as an All Aust. AS I said on another post he leads our 1% which often does not get noticed by some people. He is only 22 and probably the best CHB for his age in the AFL
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    My understanding from DLand analysis of yesterday's match is that T Mac didn't get a bag kicked on him because our backline setup is that people protect zones and don't man up on a particular opponent, therefore no one gets a bag kicked against them. From what I could see on the replay is that Membey or Nick often found themselves on a mismatched opponents. I am old school I don't get this zoning stuff, you have to matchup at least on the key forwards when required. TMac should have had one mission, run with Nick wherever he goes and spoil, negate, and run off him, occasionally maybe. The lack of pressure exerted up forward and by our mids meant the backs were sitting ducks. But I agree if Hurley is available let's throw the kitchen sink at him.
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    And after 52 friggen years in the wilderness people are calling for Calm?? FMD
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    Is there a reason we're persisting with Frost as a forward when we have Hogan, Watts and Pedo with much better forward smarts? Heck, even Gawn is monstrous down there. We're completely falling apart in defence; we need an athletic, hard-working defender back there.
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    His debut was so hyped anything short of dominance seemed lacklustre. I'm guilty of falling for the hype but still recognise it was a great first game for a debutante
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    would cost more than that i reckon Norm, I think Carlisle cost that Saints 750 a year
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    Angus definitely needs a week, or too, off from match play and any heavy training. Let him refresh and return better and hungrier than ever in a month or so. +1
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    i like Michie, he kicks long 9 times out of ten over use of handball is our problem
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    Well, we did the previous fortnight, but I think Harmes should come out. Too many weeks of middle of the road performances. When you've got guys knocking the door down at Casey, you eventually reward their form.
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    It's also worth noting we are still yet to beat a team we didn't beat last year. Obviously we must do this to improve and with a few teams below us improving there's still no guarantee we win more games than 2015 with the form we've shown. Both chances to change that we've blown, and blown badly.
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    I think he adds to the team and would have been a good inclusion. Whether he played better or not, when he gets the ball something seems to happen and when he doesn't get the ball he works hard to get it. I reckon that puts him ahead of a few others. I don't buy all the fresh legs stuff others are posting though. There were a few out there who again got ahead of themselves and need to realise in this game all teams are capable of beating you if you don't play consistent football. Obviously the EFC game was not the lesson we were hoping for.
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    I don't really get what we are trying to do with our defence . It looks like some sort of zone but when Jetta ends up matching one on one with Riewoldt something's not quite right. You could see the ball coming in from their long kick outs to the wing and the Stkilda forwards starting to run towards goal but none of our guys went with them. Really hope they can sort this out as it was very painful to watch. I could see it happening in the first quarter but nothing changed all day. sometimes I wonder about the coaches role. the only change I saw was Pederson and Dunn swapping roles,but still no one really ran with Riewoldt or stood with Membrey.
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    Joe Montagna,Travis Cloke,Zaharakis, Jack reiwoldt,Ray Chamberlain
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    Match ups will be the key. Ablett wont be to keen to see Viney line up next to him as last time they met Viney put him out for a year! So not worried about Gazza. The other is Lynch. Dont know we have a match up on our list for him. Certainly noone showing any form. Would expect Hunt and maybe Harmes to be rested. Also game is at Metricon...hope the coaches are 'educating themselves' (as Roos promised) on that venue and choose the team accordingly. An important 8 pt game. Big opportunity to put a game and %age between us and the bottom 9.
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