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    So Trengove has 30 touches and 2 goals in his 2nd full game back and half of Demonland is writing him off? I really need to stop coming on here!
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    Jack Trengove has missed two years of footy, has played just 3 games in his comeback. Lets give the bloke a chance before stamping his papers as too slow and finished. For [censored] sake he has busted his arse to get over this injury and get back on the park. For that alone he deserves our praise and admiration. Reading some comments you get the feeling that people are actually willing him to fail because it suits their narrative.
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    What's wrong with commenting on an opposition player in a thread about games going on that don't involve the MFC? Did Jimmy run over your dog or something picket? the only soft person involved in this conversation is the hero who doesn't wish a good young kid well, he was bought in as an early pick, thrown in early and it hasn't worked out, that's life, we've addressed our recruiting issues, i have no issues with Toump whatsoever and always have and shall continue to wish him well at Port. But i am very happy to have Kennedy at the MFC
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    Uh picket.. the title of the thread is " Around the league" that's why i am commenting on an opposition player.
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    Feel sorry for Toump. Unlike the Mortons, Gysberts and Sylvia's Toump was actually one who worked hard off field and tried his best when wearing the red and blue. It just simply didn't work out. We all move on.
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    30 touches and 2 goals - not too bad for a slow hack!
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    Sam Mitchell is slow ....almost in reverse but is almost the best player in the league. Luke Hodge would struggle to beat 80% of players on any AFL list. He is still an absolute star. I back Trengove...
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    A very disappointing night. Will give my usual run down when i get home.
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    I actually feel for Toumpas tonight.
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    Trengove, in virtually his 2nd game in 2 years has 25 possessions until 3/4 time. FANTASTIC!!!!!
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    Hinkley might go rummaging out the back for a green vest.
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    Toumpas is hopeless. I feel bad for the kid as he's obviously a hard trainer, seems like a good bloke, but he's not an AFL level player.
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    Anyone heard of Sam Mitchell? Kind of goes ok for a bloke that is slow..... Trenners will get back and be a gun for MFC through the midfield
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    Might retract the apology tonight.
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    Nowhere for the time being. Injuries, poor form and opportunities will come though. No player capable of playing AFL footy has ever been kept out of a side for an entire season.
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    Who has now ended up playing in the same league as me up in the bush here L
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    You still give us updates about Michael Newton you [censored] hypocritical lunatic.
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    Umpires just guessing when they hear the crowd go up.
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    As have I. Neeld to be interim coach?
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    http://www.bordermail.com.au/story/3864660/newtons-first-law-of-motion-to-seek-sister/?cs=10 Blood thicker than water for Michael Newton ahead of Wangaratta derby between Magpies and Rovers Long live the Juice. Back on the family dairy farm.
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    Trenners received free kick in centre. Ran around man on mark and kicked perfect 50 metre pass to leading forward on left foot. Both he and trac were very good inside with quick handballs and great tackling. Trac is ready but obviously Trenners will need at least another month.
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    i agree there are a few real shitheads in here that expect failure to prove their point well i say up yours
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    Please, you have not said a nice thing about the kid, even before he was drafted it had already started and now you're calling posters soft for saying they feel for him when he's having a bad game. Not sure what facts you think you're pointing out..
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    To move on from the above waste of space... I love seeing North and the Dogs in first and second on the ladder (not a huge North fan but it's a different face at the top, which is a positive IMO). But it's Sydney, Geelong and Hawthorn at 3, 4 and 5. The AFL needs those three clubs to fall apart. Hawthorn has already had to play the Dogs, Geelong, West Coast and Adelaide, hasn't had Roughead all year, hasn't even played that well, and has a 4-1 record. That sickens me.
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    Agree. We looked awfully slow against Essendon. We were miles faster than Collingwood and, for periods of the game, we also looked faster than both GWS (one of the fastest sides in the comp) and North.
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    I just don't think he can possibly be that "slow" if he got on the end of it 30 times (more than any other Casey player) and kicked 2. I reckon speed is hard to judge and people get it wrong all the time - I remember thinking how horribly slow Hawthorn looked when they were getting towelled by Adelaide early in the game last night. Suddenly they started winning contests and getting some outside spread and the same mob of people didn't look slow at all. Obviously Trenners isn't slow relative to the VFL players or he'd not have had the touches he did, yet others thought he looked it. I think the only way to find out if his touch translates in the seniors is to put him in there, though as I alluded to in my previous post, there's no glaring hurry or need to at this stage.
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    I think the big problem Jack had when playing with the foot problems was more the lack of power, he wasn't able to impact the contest. It seems that he is over the foot issues so if he can get back the power to impose himself on the contest he will be fine. A very smart natural footballer with great skills will always find a place in any team.
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    Makes you think Walsh may have been the main man in Ports' early success.
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    adverb: ad nauseam used to refer to the fact that something has been done or repeated so often that it has become annoying or tiresome.
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    Does Ken Hinkley get the chop if this keeps up? this is a team that thinks it's good enough to be top 4.
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    Going to make the prediction now that was the last game Christian Petracca ever plays for Casey
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    I do want to reiterate something. I hope Trenners makes it back and I still think he can, but I wouldn't have him in our midfield. Did enjoy some of his leadership. Really supporting the younger MFC listed blokes. Petracca looks explosive and exciting breaking away from stoppages. He's a nice kick. He executed another of those 35m kicks that barely got off the ground but went straight down Trenners' throat. Very lippy as many have stated. At the huddles you could hear him demanding more of his team mates. During the three quarter time huddle he was getting on Grimes' back about having a lot more time than he thought and ensuring he used it better.
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    Done the same to nephews and nieces. lost some to the Hawks and Bombers sadly. Still got 10 out of 20 to barrack for the Dees. Cost me quite a bit back in the day for memberships and jumpers! Not one to indulge in a professional preparation. Such a pure talent though much like Sean Charles.
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    Statistically correct but I don't count 4 minutes as playing a game of football which is why I said virtually.
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    Jack Trengove is also one of the clubs best Aerobic athletes at the club, i really think the interchange cap suits him perfectly.
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    Can't we just ban the peanut?
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    That won't be answered until he's tested at AFL after he has had a couple more runs under his belt. You may well be proved right, but he is definitely good enough and an absolute inspiration. I'm backing him in.
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    Ollie Wines is such a crap kick of the footy
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    As stated - seeing it's his 2nd game in 2 years one would expect that part of his game would improve considerably with game time. As the youngest ever appointed AFL captain I think he has proven his credentials at the highest level. We will see him in the seniors by June.
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    You're a tool, we were simply commenting on the way the Toump is playing, in an around the league thread. No one suggested we trade Clayton Oliver to get him back.
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    Seeing as though you're crtitical of AF's analysis, why don't you tell us how those 25 possessions would stand up at AFL level?
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    A mate of mine living in Dublin sent me this photo recently whilst on a random hike in the hills. He's a New Zealander so had no idea who Jim Stynes was, but he saw that the plaque on the stone mentioned him being an Aussie footballer so decided to take a photo and send to me R.I.P
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    Grinter was good value. He was always punching above his weight. It revealed a mean side of the smokers stand when they cheered him being let off his leesh.
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    I feel bad for us, that we could have had another good player on the list with pick 4.
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    Until we kick a couple and you change your mind again.
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    I appreciate it's Community Radio but it must be part of a Community Order!
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    Port got a bit ahead of themselves with all the crowd supported free kicks. Scores now even, Port should have concentrated on playing instead of playing dirty.
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