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    The thinking behind this is everything that is wrong with footy. Just give us the 2s, a cold pie and some peace and quiet.
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    Lets hope not ! .. Jack is a [censored] of the highest order. Has a face you just wanna punch. Thanks for the report though Dee!
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    Who would have believed in October 2014 that we would have a player the likes of AVDB. What a scoop by our Recruiters. His hardness at the ball (and man) and goal kicking skills gives confidence to his team mates. He hasn't the silky skills of Angus Brayshaw but to my mind he plays an equally important role.
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    Add two more to the tally. Just got off the phone, after buying two more memberships.
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    Hi all, Enjoying a break before the start of the season but I thought you might be interested in this - Casey Scorpions 2016 season preview
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    http://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/2016-03-18/this-is-melbourne-2016-tvc Thoughts?
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    I just quoted this because this is how I want my footy. Perhaps with a beer at halftime too. Lip synching, f...k me
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    It's frustrating, but Petracca's something we've got ta get right. When I think of him returning to playing, I really only think of the toe injury and forget that he's in fact coming back from an acl. As keen as I am to see him play, the club's right to be ultra-cautious. (I do getter feeling that 4-5 years ago we may have fast tracked him for round one)
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    Yes ... and my heart bleeds for the Dankster who has vowed to fight on ~ Dank vows to appeal lost defamation case "On Friday, another chapter in the Dank saga was concluded, with Justice McCallum ordering him to pay all legal costs associated with the trial. He was also denied damages. About an hour after the decision, Mr Dank denied it was a bad result and said he would be appealing. 'I'm fine,' he said when asked about his finances." There are some lawyers who love clients like Dank and Hird. They are the gift that keeps giving. They help send their children and grandchildren through private schools and they contribute greatly towards making the law such a prosperous option for young students deciding upon embarking on a professional career.
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    Honestly and this isn't a knock on Brayshaw, but i see Vanders as one of our best and most important players, he adds grunt and agression, tackles hard and sets a great example, but he's also a good marking option around the ground and very capable of going forward and kicking a few goals. Brayshaw i think will be the better player in time, but to me that's a mark of how good Gus is rather than anything about Vanders.
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    Adam Hills did a brilliant bit about Trump and the election. It was about helping Canada build a wall along the border to keep out all of the sane people trying to flee the States when/if Trump is elected. Check out the website Bricking It for Canada to donate a brick to the cause.
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    Yep, more are daring to dream. Let's hope the dream becomes reality.
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    How many times have we heard about our potential. It is a wonder that no one looks ahead to our potential. But they huge difference now is what I think will be called the "Roos legacy" - if he has said it once he has said it a thousand times - develop and teach, develop and teach. And the club has put it's money where Roos mouth is - Getting in coaches like McCarthy and focusing heavily on developing the talent whilst trying his best to take pressure of them by not rushing them ( although the likes of Brayshaw and Oliver have form which demands they be played early) and not placing unrealistic expectations on them.
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    I just don't see it working on a logistical scale, not to mention the heritage of the area and the fact (in the Collingwood proposal) that's there is already a stadium siting on the land they want to use. We need to take each proposal with an artery hardening amount of salt. Richmond want millions to redevelop their home ground... Collingwood want even more millions for a stadium across the road from their recently annexed home. These proposals are entirely self serving for the two clubs involved.
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    Thank goodness this monstrosity is gone by the start of footy season and will stay gone!!
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    Sadly , it is something we need to worry about. We are in a very different world where public spaces are potential targets. We have to live with it and keep doing the things we like doing and that includes going to the footy at the MCG.
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    Think Harmes showed us enough last year to suggest that he could turn out to be one hell of a player.
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    Load up Punt rd with all the Tiger faithful and then bulldoze it !!
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    Just give me the anticipation of the good old MFC possibly winning the game, that's all I need before the bounce. This year is where it all starts again, one hopes.
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    I would have thought it was the esteemed legal visionary Martin Hardie. Clearly those at the wheel at Ess and Tania's house listened to the wrong person. https://blogs.deakin.edu.au/deakin-speaking/2014/03/16/asada-the-afl-and-wada-the-main-game/
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    Though it was a thread about Sidebottom re-signing......
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    Dank hung around Windy Hilltoo long it seems. "I'll sue you all.....Whatever it takes !!!!'.
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    Either way its all good. He aint far away and he will be ready when hes ready.
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    I was with you until this bit ... I'd really rather not ...
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    Reported in the Hun that Dank lost all but one part of his defamation case. No damages awarded to him and he has to pay the telegraphs legal costs, which are in excess of 2 MILLION DOLLARS!. Guess that is the end of his legal fight as he will now not be able to afford it. Was interesting the different tone in the article talking about Dank than the one used talking about the Dons. Not surprised though.
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    It would make more sense to knock down that stupid effin ferris wheel and put a stadium there.
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    Males are allowed to like and follow the women's team too.
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    Looks good. Also appears to be deliberately trying to target potential female members by including the women's team.
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    I agree. I was just trying to be polite
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    yes ted, but no loss either that's 4 weeks undefeated
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    No game and no spirited win by the boys ... dammit. A man could get used to this "winning". Will probably draw pictures of Jesse at the G taking screamers. In the background the scoreboard reads Melbourne 30.20.200 Collingwood 0.1.1 (half time score).
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    It is so Melbourne! Every major icon of this city features: Trams, Fed Sq, Flinders St Station, Alleys, City skyline, MCG. All strongly, fronted by a Red and Blue jumper!! We want to identify with Melbourne the City. This ad does it! Thumbs up from me!
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    Like it. Hard to judge how good it really is, as I would have still been embarrassed by the same ad over the past decade. I guess it comes down to the level of respect your team demands from others. But again, I like it.
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    i hear this but i can't see it. It will only be replaced by another huge skscraper anyway which would be even more blocking. it's not as though it would just become parklands. at the moment as you come out of southern cross stn you can't even see it, totally obscured by the strange shaped nab building built so close to it.
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    Trump will be divisive in most ways. her's already dividing his party, his nation, & he'd divide the world as well. Imagine !!! a holistic war of the power Toupee's.... have to have headwear. tag team, winner takes all. the Vat's & Netanyahoo, V the Sheiks & Isis, V Assad & Khomeini & Putin V Trump and Co-Horts.... those who stay out of it, will be considered the meek & mild.
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    Couldn't think of anything more stupid than for this city to have both football stadiums right next to each other. What do you do when they are used at the same time, or one after each other? Having Etihad on the other side of the city makes it much easier to handle.
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    VDB not named in the Casey side. No idea if that is because he didn't come up or they have decided he doesn't need the run. Hope the latter
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    Especially happy to hear he's come up. should be fine for round 1
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    Anything would be better than playing in the desert Middy....Nobody else wanted it, Schwab took what he was thrown sadly Such a brilliant negotiator....
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    I have 5 kids and my wife I would spew paying $20 extra for each don't get me wrong if I was earning big $ I wouldn't hesitate, we should be playing we're north are in Hobart it was a sweet deal yet we play up at NT and who can afford to fly there and back plus food drinks and a hotel , it's a 50 minute flight to Hobart FMD Canberra was s better option .
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    What I don't get is that all those that don't see that if Trump becomes President, it will be painting an even bigger target on their backs for terroristic groups that already hate them.
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    my thoughts too. every chance by round 1 (including those on the day) we could be close to 35k the fact that our first half of the season is easier than second half is also in our favour
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    If we can pull off a 2-0 start, 40,000 becomes a real possibility.
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    and there's the round 1 record smashed with more than a week to go 32876
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    Yeah, it's the reality of both our lack of members, but also the massive Etihad overheads, which mean you rarely break even there, even with large crowds.
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    Damn, I forgot about this awesome thread. Who doesn't like watching a middle aged guy dancing awkwardly to metal? He does have a few credits in the bank for being one of the most talented musicians going around in the genre. These guys are getting a bit of airplay on triple J and I was impressed when I saw them live late last year. This may have been posted already but gets me every time.
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    i like green eggs and ham i don't like darklands
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    You seem to have fallen hook, line and sinker for Eddie's black and white rhetoric. Etihad is not financially viable at the moment because it is not yet owned by the AFL and they cannot dictate the return to the tennant clubs. But come 2025 when the AFL assumes control for $3, it will become an important part of the real estate and perfect for North, Carlton and Doggies to use. Everyone seems to forget that it is close to trains and in the middle of winter has a retractable roof that makes it massively more pleasant than the MCG on a cold winter's night. Sure the fact that the masses have to sit upstairs in the bleaches is an issue at the moment, but if the AFL is fair dinkum about looking after fans, it will take steps to actually allow us riff-raf to use the lower tiers without having to pay squillions. I'm not a greenie by any means, but do down and look at Gosch's Paddock and watch the Dees or Storm or Victory train there, and you will realise what a disaster it will be if Melbourne has to have all it's stadiums lined up like Ducks in a row along Swan St.
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    I copped a knee to the knacks, no fun believe me.
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