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    You just want to drive off being clearer on a few things after an intra like this. I won't go into detail of the match, although I reckon they still need to move the ball quicker, but will mention individual players. For me Salem was a easily best on ground. Pure class off half back. Beautiful distributor Hogan is a tad rusty with his timing in marking contests, but still finished with 9 marks and 4 goals in 80 minutes of footy (20 minutes each quarter with no time on) The more I see Harmes the more I like him. He's not out of place in the midfield and is a very smart lead when he takes a stint in the forward 50. He's best 22 for me It's a make or break year for Watts, but I liked his game today and really like him as the third tall forward. Missed a couple he'd normally kick Oscar made the odd mistake, but he's coming on really well. Will play plenty of senior footy and has better skills than his Brother (who was horrible today) Gawn is going to have a great year, but like a lot of talls at this time of year, dropped a few marks he'll be taking in 6 weeks Gus does everything well, although wasn't prolific Viney will go to another level in 2016. Looking better than last year I like Josh Wagner. He's a good size, is composed and a lovely left foot kick. He also competes well Billy got a fair bit of it, but made a few uncharacteristic mistakes today I love Tyson. I know he occasionally hangs on to it a bit long, but he's also a very smart and clean footballer. Will keep getting better and looks bigger Jetta was very good Hunt is relishing the switch to a half-back flank and getting more touches. His speed stood out and he generally uses it ok, but can torch the odd one Weideman is a mile off. He's just not strong enough to even get in the right position to compete in marking contests. Needs plenty of time and I don't see many games at all in 2016 vandenberg was busy. I love Vanders, my only query is his kicking, but he generally uses it well I'll finish with number 13. Oliver is a fantastic competitor and has a tonne of footy smarts. He's great in congestion and makes really good decisions quickly with his hands. He's got a magnificent physique and is already looking bigger than 3 months ago (particularly his legs). I thought Oliver was a fair way off the best 22 with the way they've been managing him, and he may miss the first few games, but trust me he won't be out of the team for long. And like Brayshaw, when he gets in he won't be coming out. He is going to be a fantastic midfielder for the MFC. He was quieter when he went to the half-forward flank (manned by Hunt 187cm, who he was noticeably taller than – has grown – at least 188cm now) Three things we need to move up the ladder (including no major injuries): We really need the second tall forward to stand up and kick 20+ goals (whether that be Frost, Pedersen, or Dawes) We need the midfield to take the next step through the likes of Viney, vandenBerg, Tyson, and Brayshaw We need the game-plan to gel, i.e. quicker ball movement, more inside 50's, start attacks closer to our goal, press harder, etc
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    I think you need to put yourself to bed and have a good rest...
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    When Jesse was interviewed on MMM late last year he even made a point of saying how much Jack "loves the club". Viney is the last one I'm worried about.
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    Can we just turn this into a thread where we make Barrett memes?
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    This is genuinely the dumbest rumour I have ever heard.
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    This is what Jack said in his interview today. Viney said he was hellbent on helping Melbourne transform into “a successful footy team” long term. Doesn't sound like his leaving to me?
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    When I saw the thread title I panicked, thinking maybe he'd picked up a serious injury today. Mods should change thread title and/or delete because no sane person would choose to believe this drivel.
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    Grimes was ok, haters gonna hate, Anyone who wears Hassa Mann's number always gets a free pass from me. Having said that, this was the first time I have seen Hunt live. I was pleasantly surprised, I expect that he will get a few NAB games, and we will see how he goes from there. Viney, vandenBerg and Tyson were a cut above. Tyson's disposal is a bit of a worry though. Salem just oozes class. Harmes and Kent swapped teams in the second half. I would not be surprised to find it was because the coaching staff wanted Hogan to do something other than kicking it to Harmes evey time he got it. Gawn was very good. Spencer was ok up to the time he went off. Dunny will be very glad that he doesn't have to play on Hogan too often. I didn't know who #35 was; I have since found out it was Kennedy - good hit out. It was all a bit scrappy, but early days.
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    Its quite scary that an 18 year old is already bigger then a 5th year season AFL midfielder.. Could see him filling out into a Josh Kennedy type body when he gets more Pre Seasons into him.
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    And people ( including mods) think I write [censored]!!!!!
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    Really great summaries so I cannot add much. The game was very, very congested with lots of stoppages and contested ball. It was hard work in close and not a lot of time or space for 'pretty' skills. I guess that is the way Roos/Goodwin are wanting the team to play. Recruiting over the last couple of years suggests that also. Just as an aside the AFL Prospectus said that sheer numbers of possessions at junior levels mean little - its contested disposals that count. They cited Toumpass, Lucas and Morton as examples of players with high possessions but low contested possession count. Lesson learnt - pick up players like Viney, Brayshaw, Petracca and Oliver with early picks - so its been learnt. No one could have stopped the goals Hogan kicked. Harmes and Oliver looked good. Salem showed class and great disposal under pressure. O Mc looks like he will be good down the track. Weed also given time should be good. For perspective at this stage of Weeds career Hogan had already won a Casey B & F and goal kicking - so nocomparisons - take it easy on the Weed. He did take a pressure mark in the last Q and looks like he will be ok - just needs time.. If we can have some really good delivery forward Watts will provide plenty of headaches for the opposition as our 3rd tall. Plenty of hope in the offering. Wait and see how we go with the NAB Cup. We are definitely building a midfield that should take us places. Now lets get Hogan signed.
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    I feel like I say this entirely too often. This is the only Barrett I have any interest in:
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    Agreed. He's a Demon, through and through.
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    And his Dad gets a new job. And his family have to move back to SA. And he walks out on his father's club, the club he has supported, that took him as a father son. And he leaves his mates. And he leaves at a time when we are on the up. And he leaves the G and, and, and.
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    My sources are telling me the powers that be are working on a straight swap Viney for Wines, it is all but a done deal. Of course my sources have been highly unreliable in the past.
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    Phew, I thought he might me injured.
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    Interesting thread guys. I'm a Paleo/HFLC fan over the past three years or so and only have good things to report. I've met the Demon Dr Zee and he's very interested (and follower) of this lifestyle. I was impressed and a tad surprised that he and obviously the dieticians at the club have taken on this approach. For me it's just about eating real food, lots of veg, a little fruit, moderate amounts of meat and plenty of good fats from sources such as eggs, nuts, avocados and healthy oils like olive/coconut and macadamia. Perhaps it just works for me (increase muscle/strength, decrease fat) as I'm a pretty active guy (not mouse) but I think it's helped many other who are less active.
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    Ablett moved for money. I have no doubt our offer to Viney would be greater than what Port would offer.
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    Nuh. Richmond is playing their VFL team. Fremantle is near full strength and playing in WA.
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    Some malevolent forces must be [ ... ] scared of a Melbourne uprising and now trying this rubbish. Funny
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    Clearly the work of a troll! Purple has a good track record with rumours but if that is what he is relying on for his source he has slipped down very badly.
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    This is why I won't be watching Footy Classified this year ( and I sincerely hope the great Garry Lyon can come through his circumstances) Barrett on Footy Classified ? You must be joking!
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    Purple isn't even trying to be credible any more
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    Your argument, LDVC, lacks conviction. I'm happy to call them guilty doping drug cheats.
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    Can't wait for the off-season to be over.
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    In that photo Oliver looks like Blease on peptides. He is huge.
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    Great job by the reporters. Consistent analysis and no sugar coating.
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    Viney loves the MFC he isn't going anywhere. Lol Barrett.
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    No doubt money was a big factor in his move. Nobody would deny that. But the circumstances of his move were much different. Ablett had already won a flag and a Brownlow at Geelong. He had already established himself as the best player in the competition. Then GC came calling. He felt that he had achieved plenty for Geelong and the opportunity to be the face of a brand new franchise, by being it's first captain, and make a truckload of cash was too good to turn down. Money was a large part of the move, but not all of it, and his desire to move on from Geelong was very different as well. For Viney, a lifelong Demon supporter, to move on now is 'ridiculous' to me and many other posters. He bleeds for the jumper and wants to bring sustained success to the club he loves. He won't go anywhere.
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    Don't even give this rubbish oxygen.
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    I'm someone who doesn't usually exercise much being in an office job and eats a lot of carbs - toast for breakfast, sandwich/roll for lunch, pasta/rice for dinner every other day. Last year I started making my own cereal ("paleo" Granola), eating chicken salads and roast veggies for lunch and eggs, tuna, steak with veggies for dinner. I wasn't a nazi about but did cut down on carbs dramatically. I also started doing some exercise every other day - 20-30 minutes on the bike and 45-50 minutes of weights. Within a few weeks I'd lost about 7kgs and was feeling great. Xmas got in the way and I fell off the wagon, it's easy making Pasta for dinner and hard fitting in exercise with two small kids but I can definitely vouch for this. I think the trick is to be flexible and make it a "low" carb not a "no" carb diet.
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    The Ablett comparison is absurd. There'll be no other expansion club in Viney's career.
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    I haven't read the Hun article that you originally mentioned due to paywall, but you wrote that Roos told Jake to take a break from footy to recharge. Also that Roos said in the article Jake should ramp up his training mid year to be ready for September return. If he was saying that to a reporter, it's clearly not giving Jake instruction on training during the banned period. We need to take a breath, not read too much between the lines, stop jumping at shadows
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    I've been told Wines and Toumpas for Viney.
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    Not only that, he moved up north to be the face of a brand new football club. His circumstances are vastly different. It's all moot though. Viney won't be going anywhere.
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    Yeh, the irony is that we will be well above PA on the ladder this year. Next....
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    Jones replaces one of the Vineys, Vince goes on the wing instead of Grimes who drops down to the bench for Wagner.. Serious quality across each line, particularly through the middle.
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    Very Interesting with Viney playing on-ball and centre. Agree though, add Vince and the captain, it is an interesting side.
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    I dislike the DrugLords and all who sail with them.
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    Viney is as close to Demon royalty as you get....that's Red and Blue blood Finito
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    Literally the absolute least likely player to leave the club. Next.
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    Food makes you gain weight if you eat too much of it. It doesn't matter what you're eating. What matters is what makes you feel full. Paleo makes me feel full. Ergo, paleo is good...for me.
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    Nothing would surprise me the way footy is run these days.
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    Rumours happen all the time. But I would be concerned if he came out and said I want to be one club player.
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    Clearly, Barrett is having a laugh. Viney is not going anywhere. Utter nonsense.
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    I too don't want to prolong this, but do you consider Chinese/Russian altheletes etc when found to have been taking drugs to be 'convicted'? But only if the drugs have been found in their body perhaps? And not if there is a strong chain/rope of evidence that they did? There is always doubt, even if their urine is full of drugs. Perhaps the detection chemistry was wrong, a mix-up in the lab etc.
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