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    Ahem... It’s been a while coming, but I’m finally back on the track. The last month and a bit I really apologise for not being able to make it down - firstly the Aus Open shifted training anyway, and then uni got really hectic. Summer school does that when you try to pack everything into a very short period of time. So yeah sorry for not being able to get a few reports down. Regardless, I’m finally at Gosch’s for the first time in a long time and the scene somewhat surprises, a couple of players are already into their rehab and there’s a few players here and there doing extras. It’s a credit to the work Roosy has done to ensure that players are a lot more thorough and professional in their training habits. It certainly would not have been seen under Neeld. One thing that maybe the club can perhaps invest in is a new cloth – the cloth used still has the old Schwab logo emblazoned all over it. Irrespective, I carry on. Jay Kennedy-Harris is the first player to walk past of those who isn’t doing any form of rehab – I would say that he’s somewhat more shredded than the last time I was here. Clearly the boys are putting in a lot, especially in their upper bodies, from everything I’ve read and seen. Looking further up and I notice Heritier Lumumba in the rehab group – even he’s looking a little bit slimmer than the last time I saw him train. Perhaps the most pleasing aspect of one of the first to arrive is the fact that there is an umpire walking across. Can’t work out who it is but that only means one thing – match simulation. You beauty. Not entirely unexpected because our first game is in 12 days, but that also means I get to have a serious look at what Goodwin has planned for us. That’s pretty exciting. So some Billy Stretch’s to get into it. Christian Petracca is having a bit of a kick-to-kick with Crossy and Max King over on the near side. Christian’s still looking fit and is starting to kick the ball around. I don’t realistically expect him to play in Round One to be honest. Not unless he absolutely kills it in whatever NAB Challenge game he’s slated to play. Expect him in the VFL to start with. Put him on your SuperCoach bench. The first drill is split up into two groups, one of them doing a handball drill where they have to work their way past a defender who’s wearing a bib, the other group doing some kicking drills. There’s a couple of things I notice. The first of which is Sammy Frost looking really strong on the training track, which is really pleasing – of course Sammy had his injury issues throughout all of 2015 with that toe of his and I’m really looking forward to him giving Hogan a chop out up forward this season. The other is Jack Trengove. Also a well-documented case in 2014/15, and I’m pretty sure regulars who’ve either gone to the track or seen photos of him circulate on social media know how ripped he is. It’s really promising to see him running at a good pace, using the ball as if he was never gone and backing himself to take on faux defenders as well. It’s really promising to see. The second drill is a full grounder and more or less I’m keeping my eye in on the new blokes more than the ones who were in the best 22 last season. Sammy Weideman is the first I’m keeping an eye on as part of our hopeful future forward line dynasty. The pleasing thing is Weideman’s looking really good out on the track to start with physically. He’s moving around really well after coming off that well documented five-month injury layoff. There’s still a bit to work on, and that combined with just getting some regular game time into the bloke means that Casey supporters will be seeing a lot of him to start off with. Which is understandable and I’m willing to wait. ‘Clarry’ Oliver is the next bloke who comes across over to the far side where I’ve found myself. Early indicators are everything I’ve expected from a bloke who’s been a rather late bloomer, but also one who has a truckload of potential. He does not miss a beat with his kicking. It is probably the definition of ‘low and hard’ which I hear on the regular. If there’s something I question about him it’s probably his explosiveness off the mark, but then again it’s the first time I’ve seen him in full training. I’m now happily convinced I might see him play a number of games this year. Not as many as Gus Brayshaw managed straight off the bat, but I’m expecting Neal-Bullen and Stretch-like amounts of games (so around 10 then). The next drill passes by and it’s a bit of a change up from what I’ve seen previously. There’s four groups – one which wears white vests, one which wears green, one in pink and one wearing their normal jumpers. The aim of the drill sees one team try to move the ball as quickly as possible through the ground, mostly incorporating good decision making and use through the middle. While the other group sits out, they are asked to sprint from the near-side wing to the goalsquare. Some things which are pretty evident – Tom McDonald continues to up his leadership game as he organises the defense, where he also makes some excellent tackles whilst defending. The drill also sees a bit of an injury scare for Dean Terlich, who lays a tackle then gets up relatively gingerly, holding his right ankle. After some consultation with a physio, Terlich is able to jog off, but it’s certainly the last thing he needs as he battles to get back into the side. The drill, irrespective, carries on. Another bloke who continues to impress with his decision making and ability is Salem. He always seems to find a bloke in space, even under pressure. It’s a very special ability he has and I’m hoping that he can make the most of what is hopefully a move to the midfield for season 2016 which is exactly what I want to see. Hopefully he stays injury-free. Additionally, a bloke who’s really flying under the radar as a candidate to see more gametime in 2016 is Oscar McDonald. What I’ve really noticed is that his improvement has been every bit as rapid as brother Tom’s. His running and ball use in this drill is very good. I think he certainly has the ability to win a spot in that Melbourne defense, particularly now that Melksham is out for the year. When you look back at his performance against the Giants in Round 23, I’d back him in for sure. The next drill is a bit of a change up, similar in nature to the previous drill but now much more tightly confined to one area of the ground and split into three groups. Both the group in front of the faithful and the one on the wing are trying to clear the ball either end – the one in the 50 are either trying to kick a goal (white vests) or are trying to get a clearing kick (jumpers), whereas the one on the far-side wing encourages more handball when trying to clear the area. On the near-side wing there’s an interesting quartet – Tom McDonald, Sam Weideman, Mitch King and Cam Pedersen. All four are working on their one-on-ones. The inclusion of Pedersen as a defender intrigues me in a sense, given that a lot of our supporters rate him as a forward higher than even Dawes. Then again, with Frost coming in and Pedersen still (in my eyes anyway) a member of the best 22, you have to put him somewhere. Anyway, I can’t help but admit that it’s pretty exciting seeing Weideman manage to beat McDonald in a one-on-one. As for King, he is regularly outpointed by McDonald, highlighting how much development he needs to get games. It’s a very eye-opening experience seeing the difference between a developing forward and a top-line defender. As the groups chop and change, there’s some pretty ordinary news with the sight of Tom Bugg heavily limping. It appears to be a right ankle injury, and seriously struggles to stay upright when he puts pressure on his foot with his boot off. Bugg leaves the track, his NAB Challenge campaign somewhat clouded at the moment. Bit of a highlight and reinforced confidence comes when Kent pursues a high ball which was kicked as the boys move off to their next drill, and marks at full tilt. Quickly, he then delivers a low sort-of chizzler to Harmes. Maybe not massive in the scheme of things normally but remember Kenty is coming off a hamstring tear which completely ruined his 2015 season, and he’s looking good out on the track. Pretty significant in terms of his fitness if you ask me. This next drill that I mention is a little closer to match simulation but there’s a great big flood of about 30 players trying to get the ball in one half of the ground, perhaps even only inside the forward 50. The jumpers have the ball first and work their way to about 20 out where Alex Neal-Bullen takes a good mark under pressure, and converts. The green vests side works their way up in a far more unconventional manner, which sees short kicks and switches aplenty. In particular, there’s a really good switch from Oliver which is rather impressive. The boys then get into a boundary throw in situation, and what impresses me is Vandenberg winning the ball from a Max Gawn tap, then progressing to work about 60-65 metres to win the ball on the opposite wing, delivering a good ball inside 50. Another instance seems to be bringing out the weird and wonderful today – Gawn CRUMBS a marking contest and gets the hands to Viney. Yep, it’s all happening. Speaking of Viney, he has been everywhere in this drill, collecting seven touches, a couple of clearances and a goal to boot in this drill. He has really taken his second half of the season by the scruff of the neck and looks to be building to an even bigger 2016. Remember, he played 16 games. He missed out on the B&F by just one votes to Vince who we all thought was a dead set machine all season. Viney is an animal. As the sides are changed around a little to even things up (the jumpers have provided much of the play), Kennedy and Vandenberg (who has also gathered plenty of the footy in this drill) combine for a svelte Kennedy snap around the body for a goal. While Kennedy still has a knock on his decision making which has again been fairly evident today, that kind of goal sense will be handy for us this year and it’s enough to see him in my SuperCoach side at the moment – albeit on the bench. Another couple of things I take out of this drill is that Gus Brayshaw looks to be carrying on his solid debut season, and collects around about nine touches and kicks a goal. Hogan (I surprisingly haven’t mentioned his name a lot, if at all) has had a very solid session, and although Dunn manages to get a hand on a marking attempt, Hogan’s cat-like reflexes allow him to outpoint Dunn on the ground. He still very much looks the player he was last season – set shot still on point, and really getting into a really good rhythm now. The only true difference you see with big Hoges’ is his electric green boots which are slightly less fluoro than mine – or so I’d like to think anyway. I’m just hoping I have something over him which isn’t our ages. Annoyingly, despite the boys heading off into match simulation, a combination of my mother returning from the Harbour City and Mernda starting training at 6 meant that I had to bugger off. Nevertheless, I remain very happy with the improvements the boys have shown since I last saw them train in December. Couple of other things I take out of it -There is an intraclub on Friday at Casey Fields at around 9:45 in the morning -Following the Dees/Dogs game at Craigieburn on the 6th of March there will be a practise match involving the women’s teams
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    Just got back from training too, got there from about 2.15pm when the warm up drills were finishing. The first part of training consisted of standard drills and not much to report, but a few things caught the eye. I noticed that a few of the younger key position talls (Wiedeman, King, Hulett etc) were doing some contest work and it was mostly about body positioning and jostling, but that the actual mark was pretty much left uncontested. I thought this was strange as surely it would be useful to practice marking with more pressure on the mark itself. But Tom McDonald came over and showed how it was done and later on Hogan also got involved in this drill. His spinning moves and jostling really are great to watch, he tries everything to get space on his opponent. Also noticed a handball drill where players would handball sideways 3-4 times either towards the boundary or into the centre square. It seemed the emphasis was on switching the play but not necessarily handballing backwards. There was still an offensive feel to it. I also thought that handballing was used quite a bit over the top to break a press, which worked half the time, but relied on good long handpasses and also would fall apart if an opponent pressed up onto the next contest from the other direction. Hunt really does catch the eye with his athletism and his run down on Harmes was great to see, which was a follow up from a spilled mark, so it was good to see him make amends. He also broke the pack nicely in a match simulation later, although I feel that sometimes he kicks in hope rather than finding and drilling to a target. Plenty of others were giving him encouragement and challenging him and I can see why, because if he becomes a proper 'footballer' rather than just a great athlete and an OK footballer, then he could be anything. The match simulation with two umpires later on in the session was pretty good. Plenty of stoppages held up play, but also some good breakaways too. Viney seemed to be in everything and Stretch is great to watch when he gets some space. Brayshaw just seems to know where to go and Gawn gets to so many contests and was doing well in some of the close in work by getting his hands free and the handball away. He really is hard to tackle to the ground. I though there was an overall attacking intent and plenty of mistakes were made, but the ball was generally moving forward and everyone was working hard to follow up on any mistakes. I think this will improve in actual games with our best 22 on the park, because keep in mind that the whole list was out there and most of the mistakes came from the inexperienced players. N Jones was a no show (should have taken the chance to ask Misson why) and Terlich seemed to hurt his ankle halfway through (Vanders tackle?), then got some treatment and left the track. He seemed to be walking ok so maybe just a rolled ankle. Some ladies nearby asked Petracca what the 'problem' was with him, but he laughed that off and said nothing, just need to put a few more weeks on the leg again after the moon boot came off. No issue with the knee or toe. He joked and said he'd be back by Round 22, but then said he'll be fine for Round 1 or at least that was the aim. Go Dees
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    There didn't seem to be too much trouble sighting the players at the training session that I went to this afternoon. Apparently the lights were on so it was all on display to see. Injured and missing first: Jones not there. Dawes neither (not unexpectedly). Rehab group: Vince, Lamumba, Max King, JKH?, Petracca, Newton. All the rest were training with the main group including Trengove. * Petracca bandage on knee, which I didn't see last week. * JKH ran a lot of laps but didn't seem to have anything wrong, maybe just a training load situation. * Newton with tape on achilles. * Lamumba and Vince must be very close as both seem to be moving very freely. Lamumba putting in a 3.9 for 50m. Hope I don't jinx him because Dawes did a 3.6 last week, and look what happened to him. * Petracca complaining about having to do the continuous sprints. " there must be an easier way to do this apart from 30 times over..." * King must be just building up condition as there doesn't seem too much wrong with him either. The Rest: * Trengove moving freely and while I didn't see a left-foot kick, neither did he have to in the drills I watched. But he looks comfortable and is back in the game. * Hunt can move and as one of the conditioning coaches said: " he now has the body which can tolerate what the coaches want him to do". His speed will be a real asset come the main event. * I can't describe how good Max Gawn is with his mobility and quick hands. Then he is a mountain to get around when he sits in the goal-square. Watch out Todd Goldstein! * Joel Smith is a chip off the old man's block. He has a really good spring on him, and once the body is up to AFL standard, we might have something special * Hogan, Hogan, Hogan. What can you say! He is just seriously good, as if anyone didn't know that already. He owns the whole forward half and demands the ball when it comes his way. Poor Weideman had to take him one-on-one in a drill. What a lesson for the kid. * But Weideman was with the main group and while Hogan showed him how to play, he is like Smith someone who will develop quickly and has that something special. Never dropped the head, and knows how to get his own ball. * Oliver is already playing with the mids, and has trimmed down so much from his U18 days, he now needs to build up some muscle mass up top. Has the legs already and has the smarts and toughness. Might get a game at the end of the season, but then also nice to have him developing while Petracca and Kennedy and Trengove take up spots in the middle this year. * Kennedy showing plenty in the middle and will be up there for selection. Didn't see enough of Bugg to draw any conclusions. * Dunn is an absolute lock at FB and Col and Tom his permanent henchmen. Just solid all three. There is nothing like these older strong bodies when it comes to contests, and each of them holds their own. Not much more to add, but it would be nice to see Vince, Petracca and Lamumba back with the main group soon. It would give us nearly a full list going into round 1.
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    Couldn't resist dropping into Gosch's this afternoon to see if the rumours about Trengove recently returning to full training were true. H, JKH, Newton, Max King and Vince were all in rehab although most looked unhindered by their respective aliments and should hopefully be back in full training soon. Newton seems to be moving pretty well at the moment. Still has strapping on his ankle but was running laps with no obvious discomfort. H was doing some 100m sprints. Ran at a good pace and looked sharp, it really looked like he was galloping across the ground. Petracca seemed to switch between the rehab group and full training a couple times. Had his knee strapped as well (although this might be for his injury last year). Not sure where he is in terms of his fitness and if a NAB Challenge game or Round 1 are possibilities. In the main group, Captain Jones was the only noticeable absentee. As mentioned in earlier reports, today's drills were heavily focused on efficient ball movement. An early drill I took note of involved an in-close game of 'keepings off' where one group would quickly hand pass to each other while being pressured by the other group. O McDonald and Weideman made a couple blues here where their hand passes were smothered. Frost impressed me here. For a big lad, he has fast hands and can hit a target. He also nonchalantly hammered a 60m torp through the big sticks while waiting for the next round to start. Neal-Bullen also looked really sharp here. Next drill involved the full ground and players leading and kicking the ball to each other around the oval. Players would rotate around the oval as they completed their kick. Players in the forward group would lead up to the ball and then have a shot. There was a great moment when Stretch nailed a bullet pass to Weideman who subsequently played on, straightened, and kicked the goal through the big sticks. Kent, Dunn and Salem all looked especially classy here. For those wondering (like myself), yes, Trengove is in full training at the moment. Looks completely at home with no discomfort whatsoever. He kicked with his right foot. There was also some one on one training where Mitch King, T. McDonald, Hogan, Hulett and Weideman would pair up and compete to mark or spoil the ball. Although Weideman looked a bit out of his depth against McDonald, at times he showed great signs of his one on one ability. At one stage he completely out manoeuvred McDonald and marked in front of him. The final drill I stayed for was general match simulation practice. Jayden Hunt looked absolutely brilliant here, he has a real knack for breaking away from the pack with his speed (think Sam Blease but with more muscle and grunt). Laid some fantastic tackles and at one stage completely outplayed his opponent by spoiling his mark, subsequently crumbling the ball and delivering a brilliant pass to Sam Weideman who proceeded to kick the goal from a tight angle. I left soon after. All in all, the group is looking classy and starting to knuckle down for their first NAB Challenge match in 12 days time.
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    There was an amazing moment at training today where, during a full team kick-in simulation, Trengrove, cleverly intercepted the ball and fired the ball back over the head of the defender for a goal. The boys all stopped, grinned at each other and gave a loud cheer. There was an electric excitement that shot across the group. Optimism felt high.
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    I think its a bit rich derailing this thread with an actual training report....
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    Would be great if Nasher could turn this into an emoticon..
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    Even as old and grump as I am I cant help but feel genuine excitement when Kent plays. Love how he take a game on. This guy has some real "X" factor about him. When he's up I reckon other players will lift in tune; not that some need to but he has a spring in his step this lad
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    http://www.afl.com.au/news/2016-02-15/jack-trengove-takes-major-step-forward-but-two-dees-injured-at-training?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=RSS+feed%3A+AFL+Latest+News A few steps closer: "Trengove looked sharp in the full ground ball movement drills and received plenty of encouragement from teammates. He ran hard to receive the footy when going forward and on a number of occasions pushed back with purpose into defence...Match practice remains the only hurdle left in the luckless midfielder's bid to return to the football field via the NAB Challenge or the season proper". Go Jack!
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    I think it was actually Hulett in this drill tasman, but I can understand the confusion because he's a man child and almost as big as Pedersen already. It's worth noting that Hulett's competitiveness shone through. He doesn't like to get beaten
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    That was last year before his neck was fixed: he just needed to hold his head on with his hand.
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    This is a momentous statement that hasn't received the fanfare it deserves!!
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    I'm looking forward to some good Kent in 2016.
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    Now these might be big ifs BUT, if Kent stays fit, if Petracca comes good, if Tyson and Brayshaw stay fit, if Gawn stays injury free, if Tommy Mac can hold the backline together, if Salem's injury problems cease, if Hogan plays 20 games, if Garlett kicks straight, you know what, we might win more games than we lose in 2016. I haven't even mentioned Vandenberg, Frost, Harmes, Stretch, Neal-Bullen, Vince, Jetta or any of the new lads. This could be good.
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    I think a lot are like me. They are holding their breath hoping it will keep going well. am too scared to think positive in case it is all dashed.
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    Great player and captain for the club, one of the best I've seen. Wish his decision making off the field was as good as it used to be on field.
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    Great reports! My interest, belief and confidence in this team is usually peaking about this time in February. Before crushing defeats and a big injury toll give way to a round 1 belting . A belting that it brings in both the start of early signs of winter, reveals how carried away I actually was and shows just how far off the pace we truly are. BUT....this year feels genuinely feels different. Less blind hope and more, at least it SEEMS, reasoned confidence. Not counting the established players that I feel we can fully count on Jones etc etc , there is Kent, Petracca, Trengove, Hogan, Dyson, Viney, Brayshaw, Gawn, Benken, Hunt, the weed and Oliver ( eventually) as well as the new game plan, etc etc ETC. Just SO many players and things to look forward to watching this year. I look at the coaches and see Roosy, Goodwin and McCartney...( I cant ever remember seeing an array like that at this club) I look at the admin team and see Jackson. I know its Feb and I know I shouldn't say stuff like this solely on the back of promising training reports....(mad) but if my heart could talk it feels like 1987 all over again.
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    Very important for our structure. He gives us much needed speed at half forward and on the wing. Good user of the footy and aggressive to boot, plus a tidy over head mark for his size. Just needs to keep fit and keep the hammies intact. With no sub, I reckon he might be used a bit on the wing, which will be exciting. Similar to how they used Garlett in bursts last year.
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    Thank you all for the report So thrilled for Trenners! Anyone got anything on Jones absence?
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    Brayshaw really is one out of the box regardless, but he probably played more games than anyone wanted him to, due to injuries. We lost Vandenburg, Viney, Petracca, Trengove, Kent, Salem, and Tyson at various stages last year. At the moment all of them are available. In a way let's hope we don't have to play him too early. We have enough history of putting players forward before their development allows.
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    Cost us a few wins last year when Dean went down against Richmond. Fast aggressive forward. We need him.
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    Garry got involved against his better judgement to help out the club and his mate. After Flower he is the best player this club has had in the past 30 years, often playing under duress, but never shirked his duty or a contest. He was a great leader who willed himself and his team to greater efforts. He made 2 bad decisions however that is 2 of what is a litany of poor decisions made by this club for over 50 years. He is and should always be seen as someone who left nothing in the shed and has always attempted to do what he felt was right for the club. Can only think those old enough to have seen him play have forgotten what he produced regularly and those who are younger base their opinions on the media persona and not his outstanding record as a player and captain of our club.
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    Worse, the ones you can buy in a milk bar.
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    One the one hand it is plausible to see Adelaide and North slip out the bottom end of the 8. On the other hand, Geelong 'plus Dangerfield' and Port 'plus Toumpas' would be the obvious most likely to take the step up. I can't picture the Dogs going backwards much and... I'm just not sure I am cruel enough to wish upon Richmond the kind of crisis they'd experience if they flopped back down the ladder again. That said, it is highly plausible that they will finally wilt and never rise again. Important, and odd, thing to note about 2015 results. Melbourne had a totally unusual profile of 'teams beaten'. Count up the wins by bottom-6 teams against teams outside that bottom 6, and you find that Melbourne has as many of those 'wins out of weight category' as the rest of the bottom 6 combined. We let ourselves down terribly with some heads-dropped big number losses and the juvenile losses to other bottom clubs, but we are a serious club capable of being a real threat in 2016.
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    At 1:45am this morning, I clearly saw the Dees giving the Hawks a 90 pt thrashing at the 'G in a Prelim in front of 85K....something about Angus Brayshaw dashing through the guts that really helps my sleep.
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    I went today from 2 till 3:00 maybe later. I havent really read all previous reports. I was looking for leading and kicking skills and they did that on my side coming out of the back 50 hitting up a player coming from the pocket to the wing. Lucky we are good at grabbing half volleys as sometimes it was the lead and other times it was the kick. it was 50-50 successful/good, there was no pressure. The good players were good, but thats about 8 or 10. Hogan whose body is like a 200 cm version of Leigh Mathews, short legs, long body; is just outstanding. Could play in the middle. Kicks long low passes to a spot where he expects his teammate to be. Watching him kick he pushes the ball out and connects with the very point beautifully. Or else boots it truly from 50 or so. Next is Trengove, ANB Brayshaw Garlett and Garland who hit targets and lead with timing and took hard fast one grabbers. Ppl cheered Garlo for something when I 1st got there. He was very good to my eye. Viney, Gawn and Salem were ok but I prob missed the good sh!t. Too many others were hit and miss. Watts sh!ts me. He is the nicest guy Ive ever seen. The love was all around. Id swap him for Robbie Muir. If you dropped a mark (im counting 2 grabs as a drop) or lead wrong or kicked a softy under no pressure to a player who had to stand under it, you still got a high 5 from the dude at CHF. His hands will be sore right now but Im sure he has lots of lanolin. Im happy with inside work and defense. Dunn and big Mac are grouse. I perked up watching Tom and Jesse toy with the kids in a push and mark, when they battled each other it was a bull fight for a second or 2. i had them 5/3 Hoges way. Forwards and delivery to them is however, my pet hobby horse. We arent good as we could be. It may have been an easier run day after harder days but seeing North belt the suitcase out of the under 25s - well thats the little papers story, it seemed half a ballarat. Everyone looked very fit. It was my 1st training session this summer and by 3:20 I jumped back on the scooter. Everyone seemed happier than me.
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    Must be confusion with Stephen Danks. A real artist who paints bombers. Not to be confused with the bull artist who jabs bombers. http://www.stephendanks.com
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    For those inquiring about the intra-club match, this is from mfc website: MELBOURNE will hold an intra-club/match simulation session on Friday morning at Casey Fields. The hit-out will start at 9:45am. This will be in preparation to Melbourne’s NAB Challenge opener against Port Adelaide at Playford Alive Oval, Elizabeth on Saturday, February 27 (1:35pm). Friday morning will feature a combination of match practice and skills training. The Casey Demons will also hold a BBQ on the day.
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    How did my man Cam Pedersen train today? Looking forward to him having a big year and proving that #pedomyths are more than myths.
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    This is it.. This is hopefully what bands this team to play like a unit!!
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    Wow! Awesomely good reporting everyone.
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    The times are for the middle 50m over 100m. So they are going full tilt at the point timing starts.
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    Also forgot to mention that Hunt can really roost a big kick too, similar to Dunny. He kicked out following a behind from the goalsquare to about 70m
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    Thank you to our intrepid training watchers for the excellent reports.
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    There are some very odd 'sets' on our list, for assistance with diagnosing autism spectrum disorders. We have a young ruckman/forward from the Murray Bushrangers, named M King, competing directly for a spot against a young ruckman/forward from the Murray Bushrangers, named M King. We have three forwards under 180cm whose names begin with K and whose height is inversely proportional to their name length: Kent, Kennedy, and Kennedy-Harris. We also retain our long-held crown for having the most players with names beginning with J. Not since the heady days of Neale Daniher and 'surnames beginning with W' have we had such sustained AFL-wide dominance on our list. I hope this has cleared up some of the confusion.
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    Cracking night of football, with both games delivering in spades and plenty of controversy surrounding the penalties in each match. Leicester have only themselves to blame, not just with Simpson's send-off but also the final, crude challenge which led to the winning goal. But for that, they would have had 3 away wins against their 3 challengers in the 7 weeks since Christmas, when they knocked off Spurs at WHL. It's hard to see the top 4 changing at this stage, even though United are only 2 wins behind City with 12 weeks to play, and one wonders what's going to happen to LVG, and when.
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    Really looking forward to seeing Kent, Jeffy and Trac belting around that fwd line. They could cause some real damage with pressure and perceived pressure they will apply.
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    It might be just my opinion but it's also proven to be a correct opinion. I would think if you were going to have someone from outside sit on a panel to select a coach the first qualification should be that they have been a coach and a successful one at that.
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    As mentioned in anothr thread was having a big footy convo with two of my brothers in law at a family wedding over the weekend. Both are filth supporters ( most of wifes family IS !! ) one an ex afl player. Besides the 34 debacle talk got around to where we saw the season going. Both agreed EFC and CFC will fight out for spoon. Neither could see the Aints going very far ( me neither ) I was interested to hear that they seem to think Bucks isnt all that flavour of the month at Filthland. Both seemed to think 8th or 9th was about right for the Maggies this year.. ( fighting it out with Richmond no doubt !! ) Both thought Melbourne about right for massive improvement if, IF we can keep injuries to main players to a managable few ) Neither think Howe is worth a zac, amazed they took him but both acknowledged my prediction that they will struggle to score big as they have limited options...their fwd line is there weakness, even with Elliot. Neither rely on Cloke. Both see a massive difficulty in teams matching up on Hogan. If we can surround him with even a couple of so-so helpers other teams are in for a torrid afternoon ( yep, knew that !! ) Both thought wed go 50-50 for the year Made the comment we have to play with the big boys for 4 qtrs to really go anywhere and thought that might be 2017 and not this year....fair enough I said Neither would put up for my bet on QB !!! lol wusses
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    Then they should have been a plumber
  47. 1 point
    I've seen a few of them actually smoking a cigarette.
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    I didn't read the thread last week as I knew it would be just as ignorant a pile of BS as the ones against Mitch the other year. That was embarrassing as a club. No one is also questioning his on field talent, it is the backroom influence and dealing that people take issue with. He may have rarely held an official role with the club but don't for one second think he didn't hold considerable sway over what went on at the club for a few years there.
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    SNAP. 7 wins last year losses to ESS Carl Stk & Stk. all who finished below us. Win those game and we could have very easily had 11 wins last year. With the above improvement 12 wins and the 8 isn't that far away.
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    It may well be due to his profile that he becomes the face for me, as I said my thoughts may well be unfair. Schwab and Connelly were both part of the boys club that did exist and did massive damage to the club on all levels, not just on the field. The fact they were saved and the coach was sacked wreaks of boys clubs protecting their own. That decision alone put us back at least 12 months, if not 2 years. Don't get me wrong, there were many faces in the boys club but for reasons that may well have to do with his profile his is the one that stands out above all for me.
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