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    Roos: "Alright lads, break up into pairs for marking drills. Liam, you get Oscar. Kingy, you get Frosty. Mitchy, you get Joel. That leaves Weids and Jesse" Weideman: "Roosy pls" Roos: Poor kid.
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    Whole group now doing running stuff to finish with Watts impressive in Yo-yo run throughs Jack Grimes & Stretch impressive in 200m runs Signing off now, leaving at 3:30pm Cheers
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    Just got back home from training. While overall standard was up, there was an increase in size to our rehab group with Dawes and Frost now joining the other pre-Xmas regulars - but given what they were doing with running, I suspect they are not major issues. The big disappointment was no CP5 - although someone did say they saw him on the bike. Brayshaw, Trengove and Dom Tyson looked like they must be getting close to rejoining the main group, while Spencil, Dawes and Jetta did plenty of running so not major concerns I think and Vince has to wait a couple more weeks for finger to heal properly. Only Frosty looked to be given a very limited program, so he's one that now appears unlikely for first pre-season game, although we still have almost two months. A fair bit of running was done and not that much hard tackling work - overall it was more of a fitness session, so it was hard for players to stand out - Watts still wins the short sprints though, while T-Mac had trouble containing Grimes, Jones, Melksham and a few others in the 150m repetitions. Salem was in the best group with T-Mac, which is a good sign. The highlight for me was watching Gawny smash the remedial runners group across the other side of the ground. That group included Dunny, Jeffy, Kent, so big Maxy is looking the part.
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    Sure Weideman - Looks to be a smooth mover with good hands. I'm still trying decide if he'll be physically ready for senior footy. He's got a big frame & looks strong already through his core but lacks upper body strength. He doesn't look out of place. Hulett - I'm going out on limb here, this guy can play. I can see him playing the lead up forward working up and down the ground. He impressed me today with speed, size & attack on the ball. I also work with a guy who was involved with his junior club and says he's a freak who's been incredibly unlucky with injury. King - Not sure yet, obviously big ruckman take time.
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    Full packet of smokes hidden in there?
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    Yes we have heard this all before in various forms and disguises. However at least this time we have; A stable and competent administration An highly professional coaching group who seem to be all on the same page A seconds side with a Melbourne coach providing continuity of coaching (I think not enough has been made of the significance of this) Greater depth and competition for spots. And whatever your opinion of our recruiting over the past trade and draft periods there is no arguing that we have gone out and got blokes who don't take backward steps. Competitors as Roos calls them Perhaps it is the same old song but just maybe this time it is different
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    Harsh. I thought it was a good read and was happy to hear Watts emphasise the strong influence that Goodie is having on the group. Our culture has been shitful and Jack has been through the depths of despair during his time at the club. He should have one of the better understandings and knowledge to speak about the topic of culture shift and the actual translation now taking place at the club. It does however open him up to more pot-shots as you've mentioned. Publicly speaking about the new selfless culture and not backing it up on game day will not be a good look.
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    Again, everyone's had a chance to have their say on Jack. Enough of the [censored] for tat. Locked/
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    Good article by Watts here in regards to our culture. But words mean nothing to me now as I expect to see us back it up with winning results. http://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/afl-premiership/melbourne-players-no-longer-protecting-their-own-backyard-in-new-selfless-culture/story-e6frf3e3-1227696844398
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    Dawes WAS in rehab group today but was running a series of 800 metre sprints at an impressive speed and easily accounted for Jetta and Spencer ( no surprise ) who were doing the same manouvres Of more significance to me was that Dawes was noticeably bigger and muscular than his leaner ,paleo-inspired body last year. He actually looked amazing?
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    Its like Kick to kick when dad comes down your end!
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    He's only on 500k what else do you want from him?
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    Yes, but can he take a mark yet? Once he does that, then i'll agree that he, "looks amazing."
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    I reckon Dawes should sponsor the Rehab group. Will he ever get his body right? must be so frustrating for him. I think if he was fully fit he would be a decent player but these injuries/niggles get rid of whatever agility he has. He hasn't ever been fully fit since he joined us
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    Weeds & Hogan doing 1 on 1 contested marking at the moment. Weeds quite competitive and has great timing with safe hands
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    I'll travel to whichever venue in the country for it.
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    This is it though. If Jack Viney was interviewed and made the same comments we'd all be banging on about how awesome it was.
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    I was pretty impressed with Oliver in some of the drills today. He likes tackling & is extremely evasive. I'm looking forward to seeing him in the pre season games.
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    Can I get "World champion NFL Demonland tipper" as a official signature? ? Cheers guys, love this tipping comp. def in post season one. Surely with the loss to the Niners they have to sack fisher, surely. I long for the day of a competent QB and head coach. I even wore my rams hat today... Flogging Rams!!!
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    Interesting that vandenberg is in rehab group. I don't recall him in that group in last session before Christmas. Anyone know what may have happened?
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    I guess we always get platitudes in the preseason. This one is a bit different. Last year Grimes was dropped because his game was too self-centred. Jones (captain that is) received a similar talk from Roos. Both too worried about personal stats. Both co-caps from 2014 needed to be told by the coach. Both players improved somewhat in 2015 on the selfless scale. But improved enough? We can all see that teamwork has been diabolical, especially when the going gets tough in games. Chips down each and every player goes into 'self preservation' mode. The coaches are working hard to get a team ethic going. Hope the players are listening! We will know soon enough if this 'selfless' message means anything or just more puff.
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    well a 4-6 week injury that became 8 months and then had a "hiccup" is quite a worrying predicament, medical experience or not
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    I'm possibly being pedantic here, but of the 12 players reviewed so far, three have had injuries: - Frost: Foot - Dawes: Calf - Brayshaw: Hip And three have been "underdone" - Harmes - Hogan - Garlett Good start. Whilst I like Roosy's transparency, and injuries are mostly unavoidable, there's no excuse for Harmes, Hogan and especially Garlett. All three have had multiple preseasons in the AFL system, and there's no reason they shouldn't be able to keep their bodies at the standard required over the few weeks off. Disappointing.
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    on the presumption he can get back on the park, that is...
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    I used to live next to the park, it's a gravel track and very forgiving surface to run on. (None of you ever had to watch sex in the city obviously, because the cute brunette used to run around the lake all the time, i think they call it Jackie Onassis reservoir or similar). It is actually a ripper place to go for a run as there are some super serious athletes who motor around the park. If he had run there earlier last year he would have seen me kick a sherrin to my son with us both in Melbourne jumpers. The only real danger around the park for Jack is doing his foot turning around to check out the candy. Some seriously cute girls get down to the park to run (Broadway actresses and similar).
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    So that's your contribution? If you don't like what you read don't bother to comment if its such a sensitive issue for you. simple really.
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    One thing that I hope the interchange cap will get rid of is the goal scorer being sat on the bench immediately after scoring. I have never seen the sense in that move at all and will not be sorry to see the end of it.
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    Poor Sam... lol but no one better to learn then Jesse who is one of the best contested marks in the AFL.
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    I hope I'm in Melbourne the day Jack T runs out onto the G again. From the Age. Trengove's return will be 'special', says Watts
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    Players get paid a shitload and I cannot see any excuse (injury excepted) for not meeting the targets they were set for the off season. If this is indeed the case ,it is extremely disappointing and does not bode well for the culture we supporters are told is being built.
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    True, but it can be a bugger when it comes to getting paperwork done -- so fussy about details...
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    Had to settle for a point, Macca, despite dominating much of the game and twice hitting the woodwork in the first half. Need to add some firepower up front during the transfer period if we're going to keep pace with City and Arsenal and be a genuine contender.
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    It is the 4th of Jan P-man put the MFCSS away for a couple of months.
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    That Carlton performance was an absolute disgrace. I don't want to see anything close to that in 2016.
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    Congrats Gorgoroth, bittersweet tho, those Rams continue to frustrate the [censored] out of you! Tomsula sacked by the 49ers, they don't mess around in the NFL one year and out (if only we did this with neeld) Tomsula never really seemed to be head coach material. Packers struggling atm, there offense is a shadow of its once great self... Not sure what the Falcons do in the off season but they must do something, Matt Ryan had his worst season when he should have been in his prime, throwing interceptions left, right & centre... They can't afford to let him go due to contract but him and Shanahan must get the offense right in the off season
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    Still haven't gotten over those two completely gutless capitulations against the Bulldogs and Blues. Me thinks upstairs things are still NQR and no ticker. Nothing can convince me we have made genuine improvement until we can slog it out for an entire season. Humiliations are erased by deeds not words. Those overpaid jokers still think it is OK to put the cue in the rack once the finals window closes.
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    Where's the dislike button praha.... He tore us a new one. Would love Hogan to do this for 10 + years to other teams. Particularly to the likes of Nth.
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    I am surprised that a couple of posters saw this as the same old pre-season meaningless guff. While it contained a lot of that (surprise, surprise) we don't often see such direct mention of something that was wrong in the past. Seems a (small) positive to me.
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    And we have a winner in the tipping comp! Congratulations Gorgoroth and well played ... in the end, you needed your own team to lose in order for you to win (go figure) ... that Rams/49ers game going to O/T to decide things added to the drama! ... 'cfh' was that close Anyway, well played to all the participants ... any of the notables could have won in the last week. If we get enough takers, we can do another post-season comp as well ... "traditionally" we've added the potential scorelines in the post season - a tradition initiated by 'pantaloons'. The post season comp gives 1 point to any winner (home or away) with 3 points on the line for the Super Bowl. Final Tally (notables only) 10 - Gorgoroth 9 - cowboy_from_ hell, JV7, Georgiou R.R. Martin 7 - Macca Regular Season Tipping Competition Year Winner Runners up 3rd place 2013 cowboy_from_hell/ pantaloons/ Gorgoroth Strafford Macca ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014 Dappa Dan Georgiou R.R. Martin Gorgoroth ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2015 Gorgoroth cowboy_from_hell, Macca JV7, Georgiou R.R. Martin ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Post Season Tipping Competition Year Winner Runners up 3rd place 2013 titan_uranus DemonDave cowboy_from_hell/ Macca ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014 JV7/ pantaloons Gorgoroth/ Go the Biff Macca -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    I also hate how they always seem to bring out Watts to say this kind of rubbish, which obviously opens himself up to personal attacks etc. by people online, the media and us drop kicks on Demonland.
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    Stupid Rams I won't forget this.
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    The Shiek has obviously given butternut pumpkins the green light!
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    Considering his foot is still having problems I can see his point. While 'none' of us have any information or medical report on his foot it is a concern that's its been an on going problem for nearly 12 months now and with Frost having missed fair chunk of the pre season so far he will be a fair way behind the pack. I really do hope he comes good soon though I really rate his freak athletic ability and feel his best spot is down back taking on the big gorilla forwards like Cloke Kennedy and Franklin.
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    hmmmm Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. Winston Churchill
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