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    Have it on good authority Prestia will be returning home... Possibly David swallow also
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    It's not about Hogan kicking 100 goals. From what have seen at preseason. The young group are so full of confidence and they are the ones who are driving the training quality. The intensity and game plan they now understand. The change in a few months is unbelievable. There is a real buzz around the boys at the moment. They all believe they can do anything, and will do what is required to make it happen.
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    Have worked in the Courts for the last 12 years in areas that include Family Violence & Victims of Crime and i can tell you all that since 2003 when i first started, the numbers of family violence complaints (vast majority men as the accused) have gone through the roof! Violence in our society full stop is an issue, but violence against women is a huge issue in it's own right. Recent examples like Jill Meagher, Sarah Cafferky*, Renea Lau and Masa Vukovic show that. What Martin did was totally unacceptable. I know he didn't kill her, but clearly he felt a sense of entitlement that the filth who came across the women mentioned above also felt. For me, if Richmond want to stand for anything (AFL also) it should be a minimum 12 week suspension with a 20K donation to a womens charity, which you'll find a lot wont accept when coming from someone who's committed an act of violence against women. Found this out during my time working in diversion.
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    That he did. Then he pledged his soul to filth.
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    Doesn't matter what Jesse does. 100 for him would be really great, but not if its the main focus of the club or its supporters. What matters is what the TEAM does. As others have alluded to, if we get 3-5 forwards / goal scorers / forward-playing mids including Jesse totalling 150-180 between them, that's a much better result in my book. Jesse is a cog, a big one, but still just a cog in the wheel. (No offence Jesse if you see me on the street some time!)
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    You can expect a response soon 'Lucifer', it seems like the poles are coming in and Dill will now have a position. The AFL integrity department is code for market research....anyone ever see "The Rise & Rise of Michael Rimmer"? it's kind of an AFL operations manual.
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    Mate, in a thread celebrating Jake Melksham's arrival and potential for the club, that is all of 28 posts long, you've made the same OBVIOUS point 4 times... Find a new tune.
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    beelzebub, ease up on your drum! FFS We ALL KNOW he was at Dons and may have WADA issues, so do our club who, last month recruited him to the club. The MFC obviously see the upside as outweighing the risk.
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    Earl "the perl" Spalding! Shane Woewodin Both Boys from WA too...
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    There is also a big issue with mental problems along with drug & alcohol issues that are being swept under the carpet by both sides of politics.
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    Unfortunately I half expect that the AFL and/or RFC to come out and praise Martin for promoting so much discussion and debate with regard to violence against women. it would be consistent with some of the other rubbish they have dished up in recent times.
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    I'm backing stuie on this one. It's a major issue and attitudes need to change. Too often incidents like this are derailed by those who dilute the problem by claiming violence again men should also be considered and that so many cases go unreported etc. Well yes of course violence in general against all victims is a problem, but how many cases of violence against women do you think go unreported? Also need to think about physical and mental intimidation, which can have a significant and lasting effect as well.
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    I believe that meme is meant to be accompanied by this gif. We really need a Jesse meme.
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    BBub, I take my hat off to you for your tenacity, persistence and consistency in prosecuting your argument. I ran out of puff a long time ago but you are one to have in the trenches. I have not agreed with all your comments, but your position remains steadfast and for that you have my admiration.
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    Must have been edited. I certainly read "returning"
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    Take my word for it. As someone who comes here to speak with Dees2014 and read his stuff, he has predicted everything that has happened, both the predictable things and the unpredictable things. He's reported things that will happen so far in advance that when it actually happens, people have forgotten he said it was happening. As vague as that sounds, I'm not going to waste time listing everything he's predicted, but if you want something of note that he predicted, find something unexpected that happened in the case, go back to 5-6 months before it actually happened and find Dees2014's posts and it'll be somewhere near there.
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    Is that 100 goals by Queens Birthday or for the whole season he's talking about? [I'm trying to keep the lid on]
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    Good to see the AFL still silent on this issue.. Alot didn't like Andy Demetriou but at least he was always a voice on the issue and tried to get on the full front of things.. Dill is an absolute marshmallow.
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    Having Salem on the park will go a long way towards that.
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    That was, to quote Bruce "Special".... I liked Rimmer's effort attempting to save the PM from falling of the rig myself. A bit ahead of his time was Peter Cook.
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    Boy he can really roost the ball. Off both feet as well. Penetrating, accurate kicks is something we sorely lack. I can see why they're thinking HB as if he can carry the ball 20 metres and kick long he can get get it over the press and quickly into our 50, allowing our forwards to get one out, much like those couple of goals Brayshaw set up for Gartleltt against Collingwood (i think).
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    Try pressing the space bar after the full stop and then hitting return. If you don't hit the spacebar after a full stop and just hit return it won't go to upper case. Hitting the space bar after a full stop will engage the upper case. This is nothing to do with the forum but the iPhone in general. Also a quick way to get a full stop is by double tapping the spacebar at the end of a sentence. That will also engage the upper case because it will automatically create a space after the full stop.
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    You should teach daisycutter how to do it.
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    While I'm not really surprised around 14,000 people have voted on a website, I'm absolutely gobsmacked that 619 people voted "Not sure". Why on earth would you bother to participate if you're not sure?
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    Yeah I noticed his quote was included in your post afterwards sorry
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    No Dud in that one... but yes, polling company boss becomes PM... I think Gill may have been on that treadmill walking down a country lane, a few times of late.
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    I was spewing when the panthers got up. I'd have the lead to myself!!!
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    Look I agree there needs to be more resources to help men also, but I think due to weight of numbers and not wanting to dilute focus, violence against women has become the primary topic at least until the changes made make an impact on the statistics. I hear you more than most mate, I've been there myself and it's truly horrible, but I also know that our experiences aren't in the majority and that means it takes a bit of a backseat while the bigger issue is dealt with. Despite my own experience, I'm comfortable with that, I don't know if that's because of the statistics or the fact that I never feared for my life, or maybe because I have a daughter, but the reality is until it starts to change there won't be any focus for the statistically less-pressing issues.
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    Still a concern that just over 1 in 4 don't think he should be suspended. Maybe some of those think there should be other sanctions (e.g. fine) or that the AFL or police should punish him. But that still must leave too many that don't see anything wrong with what he did.
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    Wasn't so much hate but downright bagging him and few pot shots thrown at him and the club for the reportable 4 year deal and on big money. I was one of many who wasn't happy at all that we chased him. Il reserve my judgment till the 2nd half of 2016. I Wish him well but again not someone that fills me with great excitement.
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    Rams fire Cignetti as they are 31st in offence. Gregg Rosenthal tweeted a pearler "Fisher and Snead haven't put up a top 20 offence in years or points in four seasons in St. Louis. But it's Cignettis fault" the he guy replacing him is the TE coach who hasn't done a lot of play calling... FML. some decent games, the skins/ cowboys was terrible until the last two minutes. saints were stiff not to win.
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    Now it is. When I was younger than 10 my mother had a boyfriend who liked to smash our house up and threaten to kill my mother whilst he was drunk. Unable to get to sleep one night(after many) I calmly got out of bed and walked into our broken kitchen. I informed the gentleman concerned to leave the house or else I would have a knife implanted in his heart. I have seen similar men(in my neighbourhood) around even now and called the police on them all to no avail. i also realise that women can be completely Radio Rental. there is no need for you to become the flagbearer of the suffragettes Stuie. We get your deep concern with the issue. We are all grown up enough to admit women are also capable of being angry,irrational,possessive,demanding,and at times violent as well. The thread was actually about a 7 News producer knowingly approaching a lunatic to create a story.Which she did. We didn't know that you would see it as an opportunity to take up a thread but I salute you for sticking up for women,despite your personal circumstances. Some men get bitter during such times and put the blame for the failure of the relationship on the other party. That's the last time I share anything personal with you. Now stop arguing statistics or I will give you a Chinese burn and a wedgy if I chance to meet you ,and justify your claims of being a victim of bullying.
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    An interesting list as well from PRE (Bit sad how many Demons are on the list and it's not exhaustive, and context matters too). My view is that the victim in the matter will be the subject of a lot of pressure not to take the matter to the Police, even though that is the appropriate authority. I deeply dislike that the AFL take a statement from her before the Police have a chance. But regardless of previous action / inaction against footballers, I'm personally hoping violence against women garners some real opprobrium - glad that seems to be the majority view here. Luke Hodge - captain of the club gets caught drink driving (no suspension, $450 fine)Michael Hurley - gets extremely intoxicated, tries to evade cab fare, kicks the cab driver in the groin and punches him after being approached for not paying the fare (NAB challenge & 3 weeks, no fine)Taylor Adams - pleads guilty to affray and recklessly causing injury where one man ends up with a broken jaw (1 week, $3,347 fine)Liam Jurrah - charged with a machete attack causing serious head injuries to a man (no suspension or fine - Melbourne said they would "stand by Jurrah")Alan Didak - has a car ride with an accused murderer who starts firing shots out of his window, continues to drink with bikies at a club house after in Campbellfield (no suspension or fine)Nathan Bock - assaulted girlfriend in public and caused property damage (1 week, $5,000 fine)Daniel Kerr - charged twice with assault in 2007 (no suspension or fine)Steve Johnson - is caught speeding almost 80km over the speed limit (no suspension or fine - Geelong officials dismiss it as a "brain spasm")Jeff Farmer - pleaded guilty to assaulting his partner by hitting her several times in the head (no suspension, $2,000 fine)Ben Cousins & Michael Gardner - questioned by police over telephone calls they allegedly received in Melbourne that were made following a brawl and shooting at a Perth nightclub. Police believed they had conversations with at least one of the two men charged with disposing of the gun after the brawl (no suspension or fine)Collin Sylvia - allegedly assaulted his girlfriend and threatened to kill a passerby who intervened. It is believed he was intoxicated at the time (no suspension or fine - Melbourne say they're "disappointed Collin didn't advise us of the matter")Simon Goodwin - assaulted a photographer before threatening to "f***ing kill" him after running amok at an Adelaide pub at 11am (no suspension or fine - Adelaide call it a "learning experience")Brodie Holland - was charged with assaulting two women out the front of a Melbourne nightclub ($2,500 fine, no suspension - Collingwood "disappointed")
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    No one has said there isn't. There's many many other big issues too. You can focus on as many as them as you like, but clearly the crux of this thread is violence against women.
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    Our problem in this country is that we have a legal system that not only favors women - but incentivizes them to keep the father away from his kids. This results in a breakdown of the family and ensures that a lot of children go without Fathers. Unfortunately a lot of these children get abused, but at the very least they grow up in unstable environments. Its little wonder that we have a domestic violence issue, I am surprised it isn't worse. When we have a nation that encourages one sided laws, and incentivizes women to keep their children away from their Fathers, then the end result is a lot of unstable adults. Stuie, instead of seeing this issue through a narrow lense, perhaps broaden your view a bit.
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    Congrats to Stuie & TSFKA for smoking the peace pipe. I am also impressed at the amount of googling people are doing on the subject and posting the results, actually trying to have an informed discussion. Legally is a grey area, if there is a relationship between the two parties the Police can, regardless of the victim's wishes, press a complaint. That is not the case here. It is up to the complainant to make a statement to Police for action to be taken. That or a witness to state that they were fearful for the safety of the victim in the circumstances. Everything else is a summary offence and unlikely to proceed. BTW I would say it is a restaurant and expecting the staff or management to be able to cope (and who were probably scared stiff for a number of reasons) is a bit rich. Dusty has to go, the chop stick threat and the punch next to the head are to any reasonable person designed to instil fear for one's safety. Preferably as others have said, let the court deal with the matter. Then smash him with suspensions, I'd rather be done for drugs than get cited for what he's done, his actions are shameful. I also wonder what pressure is being brought to bear on the victim, I could imagine she might be fearful for her job, not much security in the TV industry and a producer (Top Gear excepted) is pretty vulnerable to a 'star's' (he's not a star, he's a dog, but you know what I mean) interest.
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    What? Just this year: Henderson, Suckling, Melksham, Anderson, Howe, Kennedy, Carlisle, Fitzpatrick and Yarran all went from one Vic club to another. ..and how can you doubt the importance of money, do you think any of the big name recruits of the last decade didn't end up better off financially at their destination than they would have if they had stayed? Dangerfield might be the exception, but I'm still waiting to find out what sneaky procedure is in place for the cats to give him his gold house and rocket car
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    Actually the cycle of abuse theory has been empirically proven by Erin Pizzey - a woman. So you can call her a woman hater as much as you'd like - but she actually founded battered women's shelters, and has over 30 years experience in the field of domestic violence.
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    I'm not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens.
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    None of that absolves AHPRA from doing their duty and at least interviewing Reid. They chickened out.
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    I suspect that the police have be told to stay out of it...after all ...."no injury" ... just a bit of drunken / drugged play.....etc etc etc stuie's picture could be any or all of Gil, the Victorian Police, or our Premier and state government. There is a lot of hypocritical hand wringing and uttering of platitudes on the issue of general violence in our society, violence against anyone, men, women, children. When push comes to shove our "authorities" and our judiciary behave in a pretty impotent manner, but continue to try to pretend that they care. The introduction of cage fighting by Dan surely must send the wrong message to those in our society who have a violent streak - I saw some clips of the event at Doglands, and the blood lust in the crowd was really plain scary.
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    My only interest is to see as many stirring wins from my beloved old side and watch their rise up the ladder. I want to see them play tough hard contested football and gain the respect of the Demon tribe and the football world. I want to feel hope and feel passion. God almighty I want to embrace this old footy club and be proud of its exploits on the field. I want to see our old club become a force and regain its standing as one of the great clubs. I want to replace my feelings of loss and depression each weekend with hope and joy. I want new weekend Heroes and not dwell in the past. I want to be able to celebrate most weekends with my favourite glass of Ricard and not drink myself into oblivion with the sadness of defeat. I want to walk to the MCG with a quickness of step and a feeling of anticipation of watching our boys demolish the opposition. I want to live with the excitement and passion of the contest. I want to feel the adrenaline rush through my veins after another famous victory. I want to see a premiership before I die. I want my children to see a premiership before they die. To say, our boys did it !
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    I remember another PIE telling us we had the best young list and would be the next "lions". Hmm that sort of fell apart. Beware Pies bearing gifts!
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    I might be a one-eyed Dees supporter, but I think we have the best 'young' list in the competition. Hogan would be silly to leave IMO. If you look at Freo's list, its going to at the very least stagnate over the next 5 years. Even with Hogan, they'd still have to replace Pavlich, Mundy, Sandilands, McPharlin, Johnson, Crowley, Barlow and Pearce. Even with those players I don't think Freo are in the window anymore.
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    And of these so called 'animals', how many of these savages are just re-cycling abuse? Australia is a fatherless society, and these so called animals (men), are growing up under circumstances that are less than ideal. How many of these perpetrators come from broken homes? Its all good and well to point the finger at men, but when you do point the finger at men, please do not forget - WHO is raising these men! Its certainly not men raising them.
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    We'll need to significantly improve the delivery is he's going to get near 100.
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    If Hogan kicks a ton, we're on our way to September...!
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