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  1. As a female with daughters, I would not have accepted this idiots apology and taken it straight to the police. Stuff the AFL and the Tigers - they will do nothing. This behaviour is not OK and an apology would not have cut it with me.
  2. That's a decent Mozz if I ever heard one. Those sorts of things can become a lead weight and expectation. Forget that crap Jessie.
  3. Stuie is a pain in the 4rse most of the time. This time I think he is right. Violence against women is a major issue and Dustin Martin must be educated and penalised. All violence is bad but don't try to diminish the violence against women problem by saying there is violence against men too. Stuie chooses to argue and is often selective but he is not always wrong.
  4. I agree dude. Although you are often painted the villain round here, i have said on numerous occasions that i tend to agree with your posts in most instances. Sorry to hear this issue runs close to you personally, i didn't really word what i was trying to say properly so it came out wrong. I apologize. Let's hope Richmond do the right thing and give Dustin the punishment he finally deserves, and then we give him another one when we spank them (again) next year.
  5. According to those rules, we could skip the first round until the 2019 draft. We made two first round selections this year.
  6. The club is trying to reach 25,000 members by the end of the week. If you haven't already purchased your membership for 2016 do so now to help the club reach this goal. Pass it on to your mates too.
  7. Have it on good authority Prestia will be returning home... Possibly David swallow also
  8. It's not about Hogan kicking 100 goals. From what have seen at preseason. The young group are so full of confidence and they are the ones who are driving the training quality. The intensity and game plan they now understand. The change in a few months is unbelievable. There is a real buzz around the boys at the moment. They all believe they can do anything, and will do what is required to make it happen.
  9. I believe the suns have a number of academy prospects next year, so will likely be a club after points. So us not having a 1st round pick might not be much of an issue.
  10. Very few of us have any belief in the credibility and moral uprightness of the AFL. Nor on bigfooty or any other fan forum. Or people you meet at barbies and so on. I don't know, but I imagine there is a healthy degree of cynicism at AFL clubs around the thoughts and deeds of the AFL management. It is not a stretch to believe that the young men who nothing of anything except footy, coming into a club, are more inclined to "monkey see, monkey do" and copy their peers and elders at the club rather than put their faith and trust in the AFL. "Jobe says it's alright and he's the captain. Hell, Hirdy says it's alright and he's Hirdy!!!!" (Meanwhile some suit bored us to tears with some powerpoint thing that went for ages when I could have been playing Grand Theft Auto.)
  11. Stuie, lately you have seriously lost the plot mate. I'm imagining you as a little fluffy dog gnawing on a bone growling at the world as you imagine all these things that were not said or that pretty much only you have taken out of context.
  12. I agree with Norm. Enough playing him forward. He needs to sit down back and use that freakish athleticism and power to shut down the big forwards. That frees Dunn to play the third tall/rebounder role, and he's a far better kick than Frost or Tommy.
  13. Matt Jones and Dean Terlich should be an ok trade for them. Done. See, list management isn't that hard.
  14. Like I said just prior to the trade period, I ran into him in Germany. He was a very fine young bloke and was willing to chat for 10 - 15 min, he didn't have to, but he did. Very quickly I could tell he didn't want to talk about footy (we predominantly spoke about travel), and as discussed in his recent interview it took its toll. After that I very quickly went to his corner, and my word I'm hoping he thrives at the Dees, for both him personally and us a club. Get around him!
  15. "This is certainly a bit of a hiccup, something that he’s not happy about and neither are we,” said Tigers football manager Daniel Richardson." Hiccup? Not happy about? Good grief, that sort of response is bewildering and in my view unacceptable from a club official. The reported incident would terrify anyone. Leaving it to the end of the week and a leadership group is inexcusable. If it were one of our players I would expect our President, Ceo, coach and leadership to deal with it immediately with a suspension, a futher public apology to the woman involved and a statement about the unacceptability of threatened voilence in particular voilence towards women. That would be the bare minimum.
  16. Have worked in the Courts for the last 12 years in areas that include Family Violence & Victims of Crime and i can tell you all that since 2003 when i first started, the numbers of family violence complaints (vast majority men as the accused) have gone through the roof! Violence in our society full stop is an issue, but violence against women is a huge issue in it's own right. Recent examples like Jill Meagher, Sarah Cafferky*, Renea Lau and Masa Vukovic show that. What Martin did was totally unacceptable. I know he didn't kill her, but clearly he felt a sense of entitlement that the filth who came across the women mentioned above also felt. For me, if Richmond want to stand for anything (AFL also) it should be a minimum 12 week suspension with a 20K donation to a womens charity, which you'll find a lot wont accept when coming from someone who's committed an act of violence against women. Found this out during my time working in diversion.
  17. That he did. Then he pledged his soul to filth.
  18. O'Meara will be at Hawthorn if his body holds up this year - bookmark it.
  19. That is a mystery to all of us, especially with work cover saying they were running an unsafe workplace that he had responsibility for. Very odd.
  20. Based on photos, he's back training and is bigger and scarier than ever
  21. wowee. You really are quite stupid. I explained the whole situation in full, and said that she was also verbally abusive to him. I never said she deserved any of it, or even mentioned physical violence as being an appropriate response. I was purely giving people the full insight into the situation, that the media hadn't reported. I will repeat myself again: "Still, all that aside, his "chopstick reaction" was not warranted and deserves to be punished."
  22. lol. i didn't say any of that. Was just saying that there was more to the situation so people were informed, and it wasn't as if Dusty just came up to her for no reason. I can lie and say the situation was different if it appeases you? Perhaps you didn't read the part where i said, "all that aside, his reaction was uncalled for..." But yes Stuie, you fill in the gaps to suit yourself as you please.
  23. Don't see how someone can return to somewhere they're not from
  24. Most of you hated him on little evidence, good to see you starting to like him on little evidence...
  25. I await the day when we hear a press conference to tell us Mr Martin is suffering from depression and for all to show him due respect while he deals with his plight.
  26. I guarantee you that if this was a lesser known player he would have had the book thrown at him by the club. Why is the AFL not stepping in here? Surely this brings the game into disrepute?
  27. beelzebub, ease up on your drum! FFS We ALL KNOW he was at Dons and may have WADA issues, so do our club who, last month recruited him to the club. The MFC obviously see the upside as outweighing the risk.
  28. There is also a big issue with mental problems along with drug & alcohol issues that are being swept under the carpet by both sides of politics.
  29. Take my word for it. As someone who comes here to speak with Dees2014 and read his stuff, he has predicted everything that has happened, both the predictable things and the unpredictable things. He's reported things that will happen so far in advance that when it actually happens, people have forgotten he said it was happening. As vague as that sounds, I'm not going to waste time listing everything he's predicted, but if you want something of note that he predicted, find something unexpected that happened in the case, go back to 5-6 months before it actually happened and find Dees2014's posts and it'll be somewhere near there.
  30. Having Salem on the park will go a long way towards that.
  31. jane i'm surprised the police don't seem to be proactive in this case without waiting for a complaint after all they are running a campaign against violence towards women and making a lot of public statements. now when they have an opportunity to change words to deeds they have gone all lead-footed maybe i misjudge them and they are in fact doing something behind the scenes that will be soon revealed, but i'm not holding my breath
  32. You can decry both, and we all should. But when the original issue is with a group that is disproportionately affected then to add other affected groups tends to diminish the original problem.
  33. Another example would be, Poor people pay gst and it is hard to make ends meet. Rich people pay gst too! Even though rich people pay gst this diminishes the plight of the poor. Edit:- Black people in the USA get shot by the police. White people get shot too. Yes but the problem is far greater with the black population, mentioning the white shootings diminishes the black shooting problem.
  34. I don't see how you can infer that from what I said. I was simply making the point that while violence against women is abhorrent, if it had been a man that was threatened by Martin with a chopstick, I'd hope it would also be worthy of our condemnation. I don't think violent and intimidatory behaviour against anyone is acceptable.
  35. You know what Song, let's move on. I generally have no problems with you and find you a reasonable bloke. This is just an issue that's very close to my heart for personal reasons so I probably took your poorly chosen words worse than most. The last thing either of us would want is to turn the attention towards us rather than this important topic.
  36. Song, Stuie has an ability to get under ones skin, thanks for sharing the info and for also saying that Dustin Martin was in the wrong. I wish we had a dislike button, Stuie would be world champion.
  37. That doesn't matter anymore because he has a moderator that protects him from being "bullied". So whatever self-righteous,PC,indignant issue he sees fit to master, let him. I expect this comment to be deleted soon but the site is a joke when this plonker gets a run and people with some ability to give and take a joke get banned or deleted.
  38. here is the rules. seems you can AFL general counsel Andrew Dillon said the following rules would govern trading of future draft picks: - Clubs can trade one year in the future only. - Clubs must make at least two first-round selections in each four-year period. If they don't, they will face restrictions from trading any further first-round draft picks. - If a club trades a future first-round selection, it may not trade any other future selection from that same draft. But if a club keeps its future first-round selection, it can trade any of its future selections from other rounds.
  39. All hail Stuie, protecting women's rights by fighting people on internet by taking them out of context.
  40. Yikes!! You are an old fart.
  41. When I heard the full description of the incident I was absolutely shocked at the tiny amount of reaction from RFC and the AFL. Clearly the woman has "accepted the apology" out of pure fear after being so intimated. A supporter is pretty much banned for life from AFL games (as well as serving some jail time) for slapping a woman at a game, yet a star player can physically intimidate and threaten to kill a woman in a public place and he merely has to give the standard "embarrassed apology" and that's it?! This needs to be a bigger issue than what the RFC and AFL have let it be so far, I'm glad KB has gone so hard about it given it's the club he's generally so biased about.
  42. i bought a lifetime subscription ages ago. Was very cheap and such a bargain considering how much time i spend on the site and how much i love talking footy with you assholes. Would like to donate again, what's the link?
  43. It was only an early glimpse, but I liked the look of him at training. He reads the play really well at a stoppage and loves bursting clear. A nice touch was Jesse wandering over under his own volition and joining in two or three stoppage drills with the newbies and Brett Allison. After one of them he had the groups attention for 30 seconds or so as he gave some tutelage. He then wandered off somewhere else. He has an unmistakeable leadership quality.
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