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    So is Parish but he doesn't look as tough because he isn't a big, fat redhead with a face like a Scream mask.
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    Schwab may have done a [censored] job, but Schwab is a Melbourne man who did what he thought was best for the club he loves. For that he deserves to be treated with respect. The way he exited the club, turning up to training to support the players despite being recently sacked, and never rubbishing the club or the people demonstrates a level a class as well, that deserves respect in turn. He will be alongside us celebrating our return to glory, and he'll be welcome because of it.
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    I was at the club's trade and draft evening with Jason Taylor and Todd Viney and while there was a great deal of discussion concerning a variety of the matters relating to the club, I don't think anyone went away any the wiser about who the club is drafting at #3. We were shown highlight tapes of six players who the club presumably considers would be available within its range of picks #3 and #7. They are: Charlie Curnow, Aaron Francis, Wayne Milera, Clayton Oliver, Darcy Parish and Sam Weideman. I would suggest then that we will draft two of those players next Tuesday night and while the club has made up its mind as to who will be taken at 3, nobody is telling. Nor are they telling the player involved because they want the player to enjoy the occasion. So, the suspense continues although watching the highlights passage and combined with the more detailed games I've seen in the past, confirms in my mind that Darcy Parish is our best pick. My next two would be Aaron Francis and Charlie Curnow ahead of Clayton Oliver and Wayne Milera. I don't believe Sam Weideman is for us. Anyway, we'll know soon enough.
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    IMO, that's part of contested football. Players like Mitchell and Simon Black had that innate ability to dispose of the ball in contested situations. That takes talent. Based on limited highlights, Oliver seems to try to take on the tackler, whereas Parish looks to dispose of the ball instinctively. Give me Parish any day.
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    Im one of the (likely) many who have never really given a [censored] about the Board/Pres/CEo, and have barely even cared to research who was running the show, but this bloke is a different kettle of fish. To me this is almost as important a contract extension as Hogan or Brayshaw. For someone who has no MFC blood inside him, he seems to honestly give a rats about our success in the future. Not to mention the fact he appears to be the consummate Pro. Massive news for the club. Cheers Pete. *raises cheap red wine
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    I'm no fan of historical revisionism. Be it 'Neale Daniher's reign is directly responsible for where we are now' or 'Saty was a caring and gentle soul who just wanted to give his training reports so that he could help all of the denizens of Demonland albeit that the horrible, horrible trolls turned on him', I hate it. Some say here that CS tried his best for the club and try to make out he was some kind of cleanskin whose only sin was not delivering results. Schwab played the political game as well as anyone and he bought down a lot of people along the way. THAT should also not be forgotten. I might ask them what blokes like Dean Bailey (if he were still with us) or James McDonald would feel about the supposedly warm reception we need to give CS. I'm sure they felt that they were doing the right thing by the club and were just trying to make it a better place. Did CS extend the same kind of consideration for both of them when he played a very active part in at least one of their sackings (Bailey whom he got sacked via his mate the Gaz Man on Triple M after months of undermining) and an indirect part in the other's (it was the recruiting plan that he and Cuddles formulated that dictated that long term servants of the club were no longer required in the glorious future that the Red and Blueprint was going to bring us). I wonder how Bails might have felt as his coaching reputation was being diminished in his first two years of the club on purpose. I also wonder how he felt when the crunch came and the blokes who told him to recruit that way (Schwab being amongst them) were completely unwilling to take any responsibility for the state the club was in. Apparently it was all Bails' game plan and man management style and had nothing to do with the fact that we had a team of underdeveloped kids who had no senior support. How about Brad Green, Jared Rivers or Brent Moloney? Granted that Beamer acted like a tool when he was at the club, but I wonder how those blokes might feel about all this love we should have for Schwab?They all got turfed from the leadership group for the crime of calling out CS on his performance. They weren't the greatest leaders but what might have happened had they not spoken out the way they did. Many tried to get their voices heard via the Andrews Report but that was immediately ignored and stored in that rather luxurious desk of CS's. The problem with this historical revisionism is that, simply put, Schwab's ego outweighed his ability. Even after the absolute disaster of what was the Neeld appointment was laid bare after 148, he said he was still up for the fight. The truth is, if he was able to put his ego to one side, he should have left the club as soon as it was made clear that the football department had turned on him. An honest player would have realized that his position was untenable and would have moved on.However, he stayed on to get 'revenge' on those who had contributed to his sacking. Sadly, Schwab took a lot of people down before his sacking and refused to take any responsibility for what was the worst incarnation of the MFC that I have ever seen. I have said in previous posts as well that Jimmy and Don also have to take responsibility for not providing the oversight required and for habitually hiring their mates instead of the best candidates for the job. CS was not the sole culprit behind the club becoming the crash site that it became. I'm a big believer that we should not remain bitter about his time at the club as quite frankly hate and bitterness will do more harm to the hater than the hated in the end. I think a lot of these conversations about him are navel gazing of the worst kind and just lead to unnecessary aggro. However, to say that he was some kind of misunderstood soul is disingenuous.
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    Agreed! I was Schwabs biggest critic for a long time...and knew we couldn't move forward with him at the helm. But he deserves great kudos for the respect and love he has shown the club by staying silent and keeping his distance. It takes a big man to do this. He does not deserve any whacks on this forum anymore. Am delighted PJ has signed up. He believes!! It is important to sponsors to see PJ stay, especially as Roos will go. The risk was sponsors would see us as a rookie club again if both of them went next year. PJ staying gives the continuity sponsors want to see. PJ is crucial to re-signing AHG etc next year. In short, he is crucial to our future!
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    I used to talk to Cameron Schwab at the the footy, and while he undoubtedly left us in a very bad state, I doubt I've met a more passionate MFC person, apart from Jimmy. So yes he [censored] up, we know it, I'm sure he knows it and I'm willing to bet he was as upset about it all as we were. We're in a better place now, we should probably enjoy that and move on.
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    Buckenara lost me when he had us take another key defender. Defence is the last thing we need to shore up at this point. We need mids, another forward and probably another ruck in that order.
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    FCS - this is a thread celebrating Peter Jackson's commitment to the future of our club. Yet, somehow, it has in inevitable style, been hijacked and become bogged down in history. Can't some of you just enjoy something good for a welcome change?
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    McKenzie, Valenti, Stark, Oliver OR S Burgoyne, Rioli, Deledio, Parish. You choose which type MFC should pursue.
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    darn, you realise jack, you have just lit a big fuse under olisik which could last a decade
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    And just like the AFL, the IAAF will go all the way, in ensuring it can appear tough, while ensuring all of the big name countries are available for the Olympics. Would be a bit concerned if I was a smaller player, as they will surely want to whip a scapegoat, to appease the public. Yeah, if you havent guessed, I have no faith whatsoever in the integrity of sport, all around the world right now. While there is financial gain available, there will be cheating. Please excuse me, while I take a break from my commentary on this situation, for a word from SportsBet, on the latest odds of the IAAF chasing this impartially, and without regard to politics.......As a bonus, if your bet is favored to miss the Olympics, but is given a last minute reprieve by IAAF, you get money back, up to $100. Edits for jetlag spelling, and headache.
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    Interesting that Buckenara doesn't have Oliver in top 18 and my Recruiting mates at both Geelong & Hawthorn tell me that both Clubs rate Oliver in the 15 to 20 range. Hawks rate Gresham higher than Oliver and Cats rate Curnow as 3rd best player in the Draft.
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    Possibly could slide now due to his poor performance. Really hope we overlook him, does not interest me at all and the fact he has had two bouts of ankle surgery is a big No No for me. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/afl-draft-2015-fitness-concern-on-sam-weideman-remains/news-story/8bf0ac4385adb23659b60ed19e94f427
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    BUCKENARAS PHANTOM DRAFT TOP 30 1. Carlton Jacob Weitering Defender, 195cm, 91kg, Dandenong Stingrays/Mt Eliza/The Peninsula School Gary Buckenara says: This is a really important pick for the Blues and it will deliver a key-position defender in Weitering who can also play a forward role. He will predominantly be that key defender and should play senior footy in 2016. Hes a potential captain. 2. Brisbane Lions Josh Schache Forward, 199cm, 96kg, Murray Bushrangers/Seymour Buckenara says: Schache will be a really good pick for Brisbane because hes exactly what they need hes exactly what every club needs because this type of player is so hard to find. Hes a forward/ruckman with agility, reasonable pace and a reasonable leap to be able to go into the ruck when needed. Hes a beautiful kick on goal and hardly ever misses inside 50. 3. Melbourne Darcy Parish Midfielder, 181cm, 74kg, Geelong Falcons/Winchelsea Buckenara says: Melbourne could bid for Swans Academy midfielder Callum Mills but I think theyll go straight for Darcy Parish instead. Parish to me is the quality midfielder of this years draft pool. Hes got good pace, can win his own footy, is a good decision-maker and kicks the ball very well. Even though Melbourne has a lot of midfielders already, hes the type of player who has proven in the Under-18s he can play a defensive role behind the footy and be a smart set-up player or go into the midfield and play as a ball-winner with pace and outside run. Draft hopeful Darcy Parish. Picture: Peter Ristevski 4. Sydney Swans Callum Mills Midfielder, 186cm, 80kg, Sydney Swans Academy/North Shore Buckenara says: An in and under midfielder, Mills is a competitive animal who is super fit, dedicated, has an elite kick and is a potential captain material down the track. Hes a class act. *I expect Essendon to bid for Swans Academy player Callum Mills and the Swans will match it by using a combination of draft picks that equal pick 4. 5. Essendon Aaron Francis Forward/defender, 191cm, 92kg, West Adelaide/Woxton North Buckenara says: Francis is a bit of a Josh Gibson type. Hes a tall defender who can come third man in because he reads the play really well but can also go forward and take a mark and kick a goal. Potentially, he could be a bigger-bodied midfielder, so hes very adaptable in where he can play. There are question marks on his endurance, so I suspect hell play a defensive third-man role given the Bombers lost Jake Carlisle. 6. GWS Giants Jacob Hopper Midfielder, 187cm, 88kg, GWS Academy/North Ballarat Buckenara says: Hopper is very similar to Mills but probably needs to work on his kicking a little bit. Hes a competitive in-and-under player who makes good decisions with the ball. *I also expect the Bombers to bid for Jacob Hopper and the Swans will match it again by using a combination of draft picks that equal pick 6. 7. Essendon Charlie Curnow Forward/midfielder, 191cm, 95kg, Geelong Falcons/Torquay Buckenara says: For the size factor I think the Bombers should go with Curnow. He can be a power forward but because hes so athletic he can also play as a big-bodied midfielder and win the ball a bit, just like Jarryd Roughead. He can actually also do what Roughead does and thats go into the ruck, but he can also go in and not ruck but win clearances. To me, that fits a need at Essendon. When the key-position players are there, its very hard not to pick them instead of midfielders because its a bit easier to find them. Charlie Curnow at Jan Juc beach. Picture: Nigel Hallett 8. GWS Giants Matthew Kennedy Midfielder, 187cm, 88kg, GWS Academy/Collingullie Buckenara says: A nice size, Kennedy can play as a high half-forward. Hes very clever, reads the play well, has a great pair of hands, makes good decisions and is a beautiful kick.. *I expect the Suns to bid for GWS Academy player Matthew Kennedy and the Giants will match it by using a combination of draft picks that equal pick 8. 9. Gold Coast Sam Weideman Forward, 196cm, 94kg, Eastern Ranges/Vermont Buckenara says: Sam has been injured but I liken him to a young Matthew Pavlich. He has very similar traits to Pavlich in that he competes really well, kick the ball well, hes very athletic, is a nice size and is a potential key-position player. He does need to put a bit more of a body on and needs to get his injuries right, but hed be a good fit. When the key-position players are there, clubs would be mad to bypass them. 10. Melbourne Kieran Collins Defender, 194cm, 100kg, Dandenong Stingrays/Langwarrin/Haileybury College Buckenara says: Given that Melbourne gets Parish at pick 3, Id go Collins here even though a lot of people have him going a bit further down the order. I still think hes going to be a beauty as a key defender. Hes a Brian Lake type, hes going to be a really big, strong man down back who is able to play on those strong forwards like Tom Hawkins. Sometimes its hard to find guys who are capable on playing on those big forwards, so when youve got a guy like Collins, who makes good decisions with the footy, is a good kick, reads the play quite well, hed be an excellent pick and good fit for what Melbourne needs. Kieran Collins had an outstanding year as a key defender. Picture: Colleen Petch 11. Carlton Darcy Tucker Half-back, 184cm, 80kg, North Ballarat/Horsham Saints Buckenara says: Tucker is a beautiful left-foot kick, he has good endurance, reasonable pace, makes good decisions with the footy and adds a touch of class. Hes a bit of a ball carrier hes not afraid to take players on. Hes actually not too dissimilar to Kade Simpson and the Blues need another player like that. Hes also potential captain material going forward. 12. Adelaide Wayne Milera Half-forward, 185cm, 75kg, Central Districts/Ingle Farm Buckenara says: A really clever player with good leg speed, makes good decisions with the footy and can play forward and midfield. Hes another type who can add class and polish to the Crows. 13. Carlton Harry McKay Forward, 200cm, 95kg, Gippsland Power/Warragul Buckenara says: Given Ive got them taking Tucker and most of the other key-position players are gone, a guy like McKay would be a nice addition. Hes only been playing footy for four or five years, hes been more of a basketball guy so he came into the program late but really improved and gained a lot of confidence out of his performances in the Under-18 championships. Hes a tall, agile forward who can probably go into the ruck because he can jump. He does need to put a body on but hes a perfect key-position size. 14. Richmond Rhys Mathieson Midfielder, 186cm, 82kg, Geelong Falcons/Bell Park Buckenara says: Mathieson racks up the possessions, hes a hardworking in-and-under player who makes good decisions with the footy. Hed be a really good pick-up for the Tigers to add some quality to their midfield depth. 15. Adelaide Riley Bonner Half-back, 191cm, 85kg, West Adelaide/Goodwood Buckenara says: A tallish rebounding defender, Bonner is an Adelaide boy with a beautiful left-foot kick and provides a lot of drive off half-back because he loves to get the ball and run. His ball use is very good and similar to the way Grant Birchall distributes the ball. The go-home factor has probably hurt them a bit in the past so the fact hes from Adelaide adds a bit of weight here. 16. Brisbane Lions Eric Hipwood Forward/defender, 199cm, 84kg, Brisbane Lions Academy/Aspley Buckenara says: Hipwood is interesting. He can play as a key defender or key forward but is still very raw so the Lions will need to be patient with him. He is a good size and when he puts on a body, he will be a big boy and a fantastic addition. Hes a thumping kick. *I expect the Saints to bid for Brisbane Academy player Eric Hipwood and the Lions to match it by using a combination of draft picks that equal pick 16. 17. St Kilda Ben McKay Forward/defender, 199cm, 95kg, Gippsland Power/Warragul Buckenara says: The twin brother of Harry McKay, Ben does have similar attributes to his brother in his size and shape and he came into the system a bit later this year. At this stage, Ben probably plays a little bit harder than what Harry does and his form at the back end of the year was really good. He would fit well in the St Kilda playing model. 18. Hawthorn Jade Gresham Midfielder, 178cm, 77kg, Northern Knights/South Morang Buckenara says: Given a few of the Hawks midfielders are getting older, Gresham would be a good addition. He was prolific in the TAC Cup and Under-18 championships, has good leg speed, good endurance and uses the ball well. Hes only small in stature but he does win his own ball and has the pace outside, not dissimilar to Billy Hartung who likes to take them on and break the lines. That type of player really goes well with Alastair Clarksons game plan.
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    That list is awful. It doesn't support your point at all because your have been disingenuous with which names you included. For example you included Matthew Richardson, a father son prospect who was 197cm, ran like the wind, and took 21 marks in a single Teal Cup match! You also included midfield/forward Stevie J, Matthew Lloyd, who was a 16 year old pre selection and was considered to be the 2nd best 16 year old in the country behind Steven King, Fraser Gehrig (who was a first round selection), Sumich (a WA pre selection), Carey and Longmire (NSW 16 year old zone selections .... drafted in the 1980s!), Tredrea (ha!), zone selections Neitz and Brereton, Richard #^*#ing Osborne (a 182cm small forward/midfielder recruited in an era without drafts in 1981!!!), Alistair Lynch (drafted in the first draft pick in 1986, when nobody knew how to draft). The only names you could use to argue your point are Daniel Bradshaw, Cam Mooney, Brendan Fevola and Adam Goodes (whose draft placing was artificially low given that clubs could only draft one 17 year old at the time, but I grant you that he wouldn't have been a first rounder). Four names, two of whom were 'workmanlike', one was a nutcase and the other a superstar.
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    I wasn't a fan of Demetriou during his time but this is certainly the gift that keeps giving. PJ is the goods, I'm more than happy to see him extend contracts for as long as he wants.
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    Yesterday is history and tomorrow is payback time.
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    Going by Jeff's comments on the MFC website he is really enjoying himself at his new club. We all know that he had a personal off the field incident whilst at Carlton but that is all behind him now. I do not know him personally but he appears to be a really pleasant person on and off the field. He is a good sport, is not dirty and is quick to acknowledge good play by his teammates. He wants to kick 50 goals next season and reckons it is possible. He also showed a good sense of humour when he said that he hates crumbing alongside Jess Hogan. Why? "Because he always marks the ball!" Let's hope he can realise his 50 goal ambition.
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    The Vic Country stuff is irrelevant. He clearly wasn't the same player when carrying a bit of weight, battling OP and building fitness in the first half of the year. Look at these stats: http://www.foxsportspulse.com/team_info.cgi?action=PSTATS&pID=197829314&client=1-118-10450-339768-20320221&ocompID=339768 Second half of the year he's hitting the scoreboard regularly, taking more marks, drastically increasing his kick to handball ratio. And after his 2 game stint in the VFL he reels off 3 best on grounds and then two 2nd best on grounds to finish the season. I'm not saying I know the answers on whether he's the right pick or not but the Vic Country stuff doesn't bother me at all.
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    There's no way Weideman should come in to pick 3 calculations. Not with what's likely to be available at that pick. Pick 7, whilst only 4 picks later (not including academy bids), is a slightly different matter.
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    tyson, salem, viney, brayshaw, hogan, cross, vince, harmes, garlett, vandenberg, stretch, ANB, frost ... we have kicked a LOT of goals with the personnel we have recently brought in/developed at the club. Fills me with great confidence that we will continue in this vein.
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    Dont think i have ever seen Ollie Wines kick on his opposite foot either.And for a matter of fact i have seen Oliver use his left foot on several occasions to get himself out of trouble and its definitely not an awkward style at all in fact its pretty fluent. And thats why i pointed out the touch of class he has in him which many have said he doesn't have.
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    it really does seem like a world away from the day Neeld was sacked, in all aspects of the club fingers crossed it's not another false dawn
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    Oliver is strong over the ball but can't or doesn't kick on his left. When confronted and forced to use his left he will try and twist and turn out of traffic to get onto his right or get away a handball. It worked fine for him in the TAC cup as he can monster over other teens but I question how well he can keep it up against men, and how at times it may slow down or impair a set play.
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    I spat my cornflakes out when I saw that comparison mentioned on here the other day. I am with you all the way Olisik, I hope we get Oliver
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    McKenzie was a competitor. So Parish 2 time AA v Oliver didn't play a game for Vic Country. That's a big call..
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    I get the same feeling. A straight shooter with integrity is a formidable force in the long run. His ego doesn't exist until called on. Like a hero should be.
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    And yet Wallace is the only coach to have publicly admitted to tanking (for Cotchin).
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    You don't need to say.. you have already mentioned 83637937 times how much you want Parish. We get it now.. and FWIW Parish isn't as quick as you think. Will add the outside class but not speed.
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    You are even more awesome Biff....don't stop posting even if others make awful comments about you.
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    Weideman at 3 and Oliver (or best mid available) at 7 sounds fantastic. I've got bad memories of "bruise-free football" and Jack Watts is still on the list.
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    I was eating Californian Sunshine and clear light.
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    1. Sleeping rough in Yarra park. 2. Bluey Adams...he used to give me cigarettes. 3. Finding a half eaten Mars bar up the back of the Gray Smith stand in 1961. 4. Having a bad acid trip at an MCG game in 1970, the ground was covered in snakes. I can't remember a lot of detail about the game. 5. Only 10 years ago we went outside at half time to smoke a big spliff. We were shocked to see cops on bikes (!) heading straight for us. They arrested some poor kid who was standing next to us! Couldn't believe our luck.
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    [censored] this is de ja Vue From reports Parish may be their at 7, Oliver won't be. Easy choice.
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    think he might mean the physical checkup by doctor (medical)
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    Surely MFC chooses Oliver ahead of Parish. Oliver is like Wines... a COMPETITOR.
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    And if you get his full name people might think you love suits or cigarettes.
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    don't disagree with this except i don't think it's right to just call him an outside mid. he certainly doesn't just hang around the fringes looking for easy candy. i saw plenty of inside mid work with exceptionally good and fast first option disposal. great awareness plus for someone to average the number of possessions he did in the shorter quarters played in u18 means he must be winning a bit of ball and knows where to find it i'm sticking with him for p3 and best available tall fwd left at p7
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    I agree with certain posters that have said this draft is doing their head in. I keep changing my mind....so far its been Parish, Weideman, back to Parish, Oliver, McKay, Curnow. Ultimately its going to come down to just getting a bit lucky isnt it. All the research and hours watching tapes and games still doesn't tell you that Ollie Wines will be who he became, or that Watts would become who he did..or Fyfe etc etc Im going to like whoever we pick at 3 and 7 because they've all probably been in my mind at some point...Im just going to also pray that the footy gods are on our side this year!
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    You seriously think that our low clearance numbers and low Inside 50s are due to the fact that our players aren't 'inspired' to kick it to Dawes? Or were you simply being flippant to avoid the valid point? I would argue to get off the Dawes Is To Blame For All Our Forward Woes Bandwagon and think about what jnrmac is saying about our midfield. It should naturally improve with the young talent getting more exposure, but it is still bottom 4 in the league and our 'barely functioning' forwardline has done quite well to score as much as they have with the lack of supply.
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    If you look at the Coleman medal all the KPF's the feature are first round draft selections or have come to the club via special circumstances i.e. zone, mini draft. The first round is where you set your key forwards...
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    It's a hard game for them at the Vikes. I wouldn't be surprised to see them lose.
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    Which 97% are you referring to ? Cook's or Zimmerman's ?
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