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    Just to be clear, the pic on his Instagram is of three blokes standing on the balcony of what seems to be a waterfront mansion. Jesse's comment is: The story of the 3 pigs. Somebody else has commented: #firsthomeowner How anyone can surmise anything from that is beyond me, especially given the way these guys talk sh*t on social media. Also, the post is more than a week old. If Jesse really has bought a huge riverside mansion in WA, we would have heard about it by now.
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    His Dad was one of the most gutsy players I've seen......not just a spectacular mark.He was prepared to stand in "the hole" and be crashed by the on rushing pack, time and time again( a bit like Steven Icke.
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    incredible post based on very little evidence youve gone and a) lied to yourself that he is not that importnat a player, in fact we might be better off without him (are you friggin kidding me) b) slagged off the bloke personally c) completely resigned yourself to the fact he is gone weakest, most pathetic post I've read in a long time
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    Believe it or not one can get a little frustrated at times reading some of the posts on Demonland. However in this thread it seems most of us are getting what the new look MFC is trying to achieve and have earned our trust and belief rather than just blind faith. They have articulated to fans what the plan is, recruited on and off field well and have been steadfast in sticking to that plan that has to be years in its realisation. By naming the qualities they recruited for they explained why JH will not be a loss and why other current players need to further add to the one or two steps they may have already taken in 2015 to be a part of the future (JW etc). There is no doubt our club understood the opportunities this new world draft offered better than the opposition and shocked the other clubs in improving our list and draft picks simultaneously. The last day flurry of exchanging of draft picks from other clubs proves this but it was to little too late in most cases because we got the cream in an almost underworld hit style the previous day. As has been stated, we are building real depth now and we will soon no longer fail the bottom 6 theory to success. The club knows what they doing and they do it without leaking like the proverbial sieve. Stick with it Demonlanders.....we are about to be rewarded.
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    bit like bbo buying a packet of contraceptives at the chemist. he may be intending to use them but in all likelihood they will still be inused in his wallet in 2 years time
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    Everyone seems to think the top 7 is set aside from order. That is very rarely the case one month out. We still lack outside polish and its not like Parish is small he is a standard mid size and by all reports also fits the competitor non negotiable we appear to be carrying through. If he is the best pure mid I would snap him up at 3 and just take the player we think has the highest ceiling at 7 that is available and back in our development process to make them realise their potential.
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    Someone probably told him that if he buys two houses in Victoria he'll start paying land tax Good move Jesse
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    Some of the posts here are truly embarrassing. Buying a house in your home state doesn't signal any intention, now or in the future. Also, his manager stated "he loves Melbourne and if he was delisted tomorrow he'd stay in Melbourne". Why would a 195 cm footballer with a history of back issues ever want to play in Perth and catch two 4 hour flights every second weekend ? West Coast played 2 games at the 'G this year. I suspect he already loves the 'G Chicken Littles and doesn't want to only play there twice a year.
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    Great thread. Posters ripping into other posters for reading into a situation by reading differently into a situation... How long til the draft?
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    Makes shaving my mates eyebrows off when they were flaked seem very tame.
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    Sounds like a musician. Fresh from his European "Stand up and appreciate" tour here is Joel Smith with his number 1 hit; Believe. I need a hobby
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    Hope to see him beat J.Howe to the free car, hopefully by standing on his head on QB.
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    Why would you worry after TS it's not worth it Christ you or a family member could wake up sick tomorrow hug your family and be there round 1.
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    Let me know when he sells his house in Melbourne. Then I'll start worrying.
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    Phht............not so special. I ran a whole hour longer to do mine
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    Gee. How unpredictable that this turned in to a pointless abuse thread.
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    I wouldn't be too concerned!!! Chill out posters!
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    My shrink says worry only about things you have control over. If you have control then nothing to worry about.
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    But it's a good excuse for three pints at lunchtime...
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    Don't you think that our FD discussed this at length when GC agreed to exchange picks 3 and 6? I am sure that we came to an understanding as to who we both were going to target. (Not so confident about Essendon playing ball though!)
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    The ease at which people can record and upload stupid acts is matched by the ignorance of those involved thinking it means nothing or is harmless. Cannot believe the lawyer would claim it is a youthful prank.
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    Wasn't having a crack, Jumbo, just putting a bit of flesh on the bones and explaining the context. I also edited the title to make it a little more circumspect, lest we have a spate of heart attacks among the Demonland community.
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    You took all that from my first line? lol.. chill pill AF Of course its gonna be a bloody hard game
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    hehe this thread is classic Demonland. just lol at the paranoia and apocalyptic overtones I have faith Jesse will be a 1 club player, he just seems a loyal guy who understands how much time and patience the MFC put into him and he will want to repay that. He has some very close mates at the club and I feel that side of things would be very important to him. Hes just a laid back bloke that doesnt seem to be in the business of screwing anyone over or intending to. He is ours and we are assembling a damn exciting team around him.
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    No need for PSD, can sign with anyone as a delisted free agent, that being said i would have no interest in recruitng him
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    Hahaha!! The world will end in 48 hours Should i put a paperbag over my head? If you want... Will it help? No....
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    I am not happy about taking a Weideman. 1958 denied us 6 in a row. Murray was one of them. "No Sir....i just don't like it..."
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    If Weideman, Curnow, and Francis are gone at pick 7 would Ryan Burton be worth taking or would that be a bit high? All Australian as a bottom-ager before missing this year with broken leg. Before his broken leg last year, he would have been rated higher then those 3.
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    The new system allowed us to score pick 3 this year. I think you like the old system because you cannot understand the new one.
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    If we wanted Moore it would've been part of the Toump deal.
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    JM et al have done extremely well to get on the front of the wave in working out how to use the points system. Everyone will be up to speed with it by next year, so this is the one chance to get the jump on the rest of the field and they've taken it. Getting 2 picks in the top 10 in a shallow draft also gets the jump on the rest of the field. We are one of a small group of teams that will have a much better chance of picking up 2 worthwhile players from this draft. In a deep draft (2016?), there's much less gap in talent between, say, pick 5 and pick 15; in a shallow draft, the gap is much greater.
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    Yep, definitely. Would be a good PSD pick up.
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    All accounts have Parish as the best mid. We need mids, so no brainer on Parish for pick 3. I like what i hear, that he's a tough, inside/outside mid who tackles and is lippy... I even like his prince charming locks, shows he not affected by others opinions of him, is confident in himself. Pick 7 I'm not fussed between the various options, as my confidence in the FDs ability to nail this pick has risen markedly the past couple of years, I believe they'll nail this pick and have most likely all four of our preferred draft targets, subject to variables. The fact they stretched to minimise the variables in the first 7 picks indicates they know who they want... Which I like the feel of.
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    no, i think it's froggo's shopping list accidentally posted
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    Anyone would have thought he had grown up in Perth or something...
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    As a club, we shouldn't make decisions based on what a player may or may not do in 2 years time. Let's just fake some confidence in ourselves shall we?
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    I reckon he will sit himself out for round 1
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    Just win and he stays. If he chooses to leave for sentimental reasons it shouldn't affect us if we have been drafting and developing wisely. Our future has always, and will always be in our hands, and if we are to be successful that success will not live and die on one player. Just look to Hawthorn- Buddy leaves, no beats skipped. That hopefully will be us one day
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    I'm Victorian but live happily in Perth. I also had investment properties in Vic during my time of living in WA and overseas that I eventually sold and bought a nice home here where I've settled. The Wild West is great. Life changes all of the time. Decisions you make today will be viewed differently in years to come. But anyway, the sky will continue to fall.
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    after carlisle and this brisvegas episode the term "mates" takes on a new meaning
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    I guess we just have to hope he buys two houses in Melbourne.
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    Yeah stuff it. Let's have a challenge. First 5 rounds - Hawks, WC in Perth, Sydney in Sydney, Freo in Perth and Port Adelaide in Adelaide. 5 from 5 right there. C'mon AFL. Give us a fixture to test us. None of this playing aginst bottom 8 teams early on rubbish.
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    We have loaded up big on mids and have Trengove returning. Melksham can play the line breaking outside role as well as inside as can Salem. Stretch is the quick outside player. I now think we will go best available at 3 which will be either Francis or Curnow. Francis is very competitive and will be a gun 3rd tall back who can swing forward and mid. Aaron Francis (10/8/1997 191cm, 81kg. West Adelaide) Tall defender/forward/midfielder AFL biography: Tall forward/defender with good athleticism and game sense. Knows when to come off his opponent and impact the contest. Makes smart decisions with his disposal and consistently breaks down opposition attacks by winning the ball back in the air. Also a dangerous forward, he kicked four goals against Western Australian in an outstanding performance. Averaged 15.7 possessions and 5.7 marks across six games at the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships winning All-Australian U18 honours. Member of the NAB AFL Academy. "He's an interesting player. His game against Vic Metro at AAMI Stadium this year was clearly the best game of football at this level I've seen. He caught every ball that went inside defensive 50 and just dominated the game. I think he'll end up at playing at either end of the ground, as a third defender or someone who could go forward and kick some goals. He'll go into the midfield at some points, but he needs to get his running capacity up a bit more. He has the speed and the agility and the power, but his endurance will need some time and some work. He's a very quiet kid, he doesn't say a lot, but he's a different person when he's out on the ground. I had our runner come back to me a few times and tell me Aaron was running the show out there." Brenton Phillips, SA talent manager. ​ Charlie Curnow (3/2/1991 191cm, 95kg. Geelong Falcons) Tall forward/midfielder AFL biography: Powerful tall forward/midfielder who is extremely athletic, strong overhead and dangerous near goals. Showed potential for the NAB AFL Academy against VFL opposition earlier this year before a dislocated knee kept him out of the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships. Returned to TAC Cup football with Geelong Falcons in the last four matches, kicking 13 goals and showcasing his potential as a marking forward. Brother of Carlton's Ed. "When the AFL clubs came around at the start of the year - without knowing what was coming ahead - I said Charlie could potentially be the No. 1 pick. He won't be, because he missed the national championships and there are some fantastic kids around - but I haven't changed my mind that much. He's the youngest of five kids and a bit of a free spirit. He goes to uni and loves his surfing, but he has massive upside. He's a fantastic athlete - he has some unbelievable times under his belt on the athletics track and he's a good high jumper, but he's still learning how to use it on the footy field. We've had him play full-back, centre half-back, centre half-forward and full-forward for us, but at the start of the year when he was really fit we had him playing as a ruck rover. He's carrying a bit of puppy fat and freaks the clubs out a bit, but keep saying hang on, he's an 18-year-old kid. Once he gets to a club he'll knuckle down and work hard. He's got massive upside." Michael Turner, Geelong Falcons talent manager
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    Probably bought it for his brother.
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    ...or he is starting an investment portfolio...well he has to spend the squillions we will pay him for the next 10 years, on something!
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    It's not that hard to believe that he loves the city he grew up in... I've heard plenty of positives about how he rates Melbourne too.
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