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    Just to be clear, the pic on his Instagram is of three blokes standing on the balcony of what seems to be a waterfront mansion. Jesse's comment is: The story of the 3 pigs. Somebody else has commented: #firsthomeowner How anyone can surmise anything from that is beyond me, especially given the way these guys talk sh*t on social media. Also, the post is more than a week old. If Jesse really has bought a huge riverside mansion in WA, we would have heard about it by now.
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    His Dad was one of the most gutsy players I've seen......not just a spectacular mark.He was prepared to stand in "the hole" and be crashed by the on rushing pack, time and time again( a bit like Steven Icke.
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    From the HS: The Demons were one of the big winners, converting a package of four draft picks for Nos.3, 7 and GWS defender Tom Bugg. Football boss Josh Mahoney told the Herald Sun the Dees identified the loophole about a month ago and planned to exploit it to rise up the draft order. “That was one of the things we spoke about and we’re really happy the plan has come through,” Mahoney said. “The key thing is you’ve got to learn how the system works and how the points work and I think as the trade period has gone on the influence of points is certainly coming through.” Good to see the club actually was ahead of the curve in recognising the opportunities that the academy points system provided as well as the trading future picks. We have to improve immediately. Its been 10 yrs seasons we played finals. This year should have seen us improve more but we were held back by players that either didn't have the talent or didn't have the competitiveness required. To lose four first quarters/first halves we did from rds 19-22 in the manner we did was simply unacceptable and we needed players that would stand up when the chips were down. Hence the drafting strategy this year. We also needed talent and are in the position where the Dangerfields of this world dont want to come to us (hopefully prestia will). Our talent simply has to come from within and with 6 top 10 picks from the past 3 drafts we will hopefully have filled that home-grown talent requirement. ONly after real improvement and a genuine sustained chance at finals can we see external talent pick Melbourne as a club to want to come to. I think this draft sets us up if we nail the top 2 picks. We can win 10-11 games if we eliminate the pathetic quarters from our game and create belief within the group. The Dogs have shown how momentum is so important for belief. We have shown in patches how the opposite is true. Trading a future pick was a necessary strategy for us. In essence we have used the pick for this year to target someone that we clearly want. If we can get trengove on the park and petracca shows us what he is capable of we will be a much harder side to play in 2016 than we were in 2015.
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    To all the posters that are underwhelmed by whom we picked up I ask you to nominate which players out of the ones that were traded and were gettable by our club (ie don't include Dangerfield or Treloar etc that only had eyes on one club therefore not gettable) would have suited our needs? I can think of one, Jed Anderson and thats about it. I think Demonland would have gone into meltdown if we selected Henderson or Yarran. You could argue Troy Menzel, Craig Bird, Zac Smith or James Aish but what would have we needed to give up to get those players and do they really suit our needs at this current time? I think we have recruited players that exactly suit our needs and just as importantly positioned ourselves perfectly in the upcoming draft. I don't think we would have achieved this outcome if we selected any of the above names.
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    incredible post based on very little evidence youve gone and a) lied to yourself that he is not that importnat a player, in fact we might be better off without him (are you friggin kidding me) b) slagged off the bloke personally c) completely resigned yourself to the fact he is gone weakest, most pathetic post I've read in a long time
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    I still reckon Michie and Newton could come good.
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    Believe it or not one can get a little frustrated at times reading some of the posts on Demonland. However in this thread it seems most of us are getting what the new look MFC is trying to achieve and have earned our trust and belief rather than just blind faith. They have articulated to fans what the plan is, recruited on and off field well and have been steadfast in sticking to that plan that has to be years in its realisation. By naming the qualities they recruited for they explained why JH will not be a loss and why other current players need to further add to the one or two steps they may have already taken in 2015 to be a part of the future (JW etc). There is no doubt our club understood the opportunities this new world draft offered better than the opposition and shocked the other clubs in improving our list and draft picks simultaneously. The last day flurry of exchanging of draft picks from other clubs proves this but it was to little too late in most cases because we got the cream in an almost underworld hit style the previous day. As has been stated, we are building real depth now and we will soon no longer fail the bottom 6 theory to success. The club knows what they doing and they do it without leaking like the proverbial sieve. Stick with it Demonlanders.....we are about to be rewarded.
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    bit like bbo buying a packet of contraceptives at the chemist. he may be intending to use them but in all likelihood they will still be inused in his wallet in 2 years time
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    Everyone seems to think the top 7 is set aside from order. That is very rarely the case one month out. We still lack outside polish and its not like Parish is small he is a standard mid size and by all reports also fits the competitor non negotiable we appear to be carrying through. If he is the best pure mid I would snap him up at 3 and just take the player we think has the highest ceiling at 7 that is available and back in our development process to make them realise their potential.
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    Someone probably told him that if he buys two houses in Victoria he'll start paying land tax Good move Jesse
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    weideman's ceiling is higher than any of the other supposed tall 'forwards'. both francis and curnow are more third talls - and curnow is more a mid-forward and francis more a defender. weideman and burton are genuine key forwards, while the twins are more ruck-forwards. i really hope we get this kid.
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    Some of the posts here are truly embarrassing. Buying a house in your home state doesn't signal any intention, now or in the future. Also, his manager stated "he loves Melbourne and if he was delisted tomorrow he'd stay in Melbourne". Why would a 195 cm footballer with a history of back issues ever want to play in Perth and catch two 4 hour flights every second weekend ? West Coast played 2 games at the 'G this year. I suspect he already loves the 'G Chicken Littles and doesn't want to only play there twice a year.
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    Great thread. Posters ripping into other posters for reading into a situation by reading differently into a situation... How long til the draft?
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    Makes shaving my mates eyebrows off when they were flaked seem very tame.
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    Sounds like a musician. Fresh from his European "Stand up and appreciate" tour here is Joel Smith with his number 1 hit; Believe. I need a hobby
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    Hope to see him beat J.Howe to the free car, hopefully by standing on his head on QB.
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    Why would you worry after TS it's not worth it Christ you or a family member could wake up sick tomorrow hug your family and be there round 1.
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    Let me know when he sells his house in Melbourne. Then I'll start worrying.
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    A good measuring stick of our depth will be if Matt Jones gets a game again
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    Despite all the talk of depth in next year's draft, other than if it's for trade value only, it's unlikely that the one player we'd get to pick from that draft would be massively better than Parish, Curnow or Francis. Further to this, the players we land with picks 3 and 7 will have an additional year in the system. And we'll be finals bound next year(?!) so our first round draft pick won't even be that high. So, in short, it's a no brainer that the club has done the deals that it has this year. A+.
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    Really hope we get a decent first half of the season draw though....its very important for memberships. If we are up there after 6 rounds it will bode well for the club. Eddie seems to be able to do it for the Pies....they had the softest draw last year....
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    Does it count as 2 in a row? Very debatable......but Id take it.
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    Of all the names being thrown about, Parish is the one who would never have fallen to Pick 6. Given that moving us up to 3/ish was clearly one of the main aims of the trade period, I just think that Parish is the player we're after. I know that big-bodied mids are all the rage, and for good reason. But as has been commented upon already here, we lack outside class - it's precisely what our recently-departed Pick 4 was supposed to provide.
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    If Melksham and Bugg are "at least B graders", we have 10-15 A graders on our list. They are C graders at best.
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    Either was Miles. GWS have a plethora of talent and need to cull their list. Some of the players who end up getting culled still have an immense amount of talent.
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    They are an improvement on the likes of Bail, M. Jones, McKenzie and Terlich. They will provide greater competition with players like Newton, Michie, JKH, Stretch, ANB and Grimes which is a good thing and they are all competitors which is what we need. The key to this trade period is picks 3 and 7, this is where we are more likely to get top-end talent from.
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    I imagine it would be difficult to perform at the elite level with the ASADA and now WADA stuff weighing on your conscience. He will be a great addition once the monkey is off his back in November. Backing him in to get back to his 2011-2013 form
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    Which A grader could we have got? Do you think we didn't try? Reality is the A graders didn't want to come to us so we couldn't get one. And who says we've finished moving out the dead wood as you've so politely described them? There are more list lodgement dates. Or are you suggesting we should have traded out the dead wood? If it's dead wood it don't trade.
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    I like the look of 200cm Max King. He's a forward/ruck. Played 8 games for Casey this year kicking 13 goals and taking 30 marks (15 contested). In fact, he's a really good mark and has neat kicking skills for a tall. He's not quite ready. 1-2 years. Plays all of next year as a 20 year old. Callum Sinclair came from Port, is 26 and has played 29 games. Sydney were very keen to take him off West Coast's hands. Like King, he's not a number one ruck, but more a forward/ruck. It can take a while, but Max is tracking exceptionally well.
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    Now this kThis type of post really does my head in FFS this guy who won't be named says something disparaging about a MFC person and then backs it up with a discussion with someone within the footy club who confirms the person is no good. Then you have a member of an opposing team who gives the author his own version of what a former player has said. Honestly are you for real? My first question is what's in it for you, your friend, the MFC staffer, the Hawthorn player and Frawley? By that I mean each person in this scenario has a different personal and professional relationship with JM and those around him. JM may have provided advice or a decision that was not received positively, Maybe JM is in a role one of the above covets. All of you have a motive for why this view has formed Secondly all these people seem to hide behind their anonymity (bar Frawley) who is being quoted and quite frankly if you can't say what you need to say to JM's face then that just lacks character. Thirdly JM does not need to be charismatic or animated as a leader in fact I would rather he be dead pan and serious when it comes to fronting the AFL journalist at Trade time. My point is as long as he produces quality work its a moot point we all can't be Peacock's and Eagles organisations need Doves and Owls too. Finally the proofs is in the pudding our trade period was successful in that we got value for money in players and traded higher up the draft. NB: I don't know JM I am not pro or anti him. I am a member of this club who thinks shitty politics and sniping like this belong in Parliaments, Soapies and High School. Save the drama and [insert storm in a Tea cup JPEG here] for someone else. But hey that's only my opinion'
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    Just win and he stays. If he chooses to leave for sentimental reasons it shouldn't affect us if we have been drafting and developing wisely. Our future has always, and will always be in our hands, and if we are to be successful that success will not live and die on one player. Just look to Hawthorn- Buddy leaves, no beats skipped. That hopefully will be us one day
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    I guess we just have to hope he buys two houses in Melbourne.
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    You know I love Wattsy, DD...I think he'll be very, very damaging next year.
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    I just read this thread (commencing 2013) from start to finish. Summary: - Promising junior - ball accumulator at that level - Had a strong 2014 - "certainty" to make it - Had a pretty poor 2015 and suffered some injuries, and was apparently told earlier in the year to improve his tank or the MFC wouldn't look at him - Form picked up late in the season. I have no idea what to make of any of it. Gut feel is that I doubt we'll take him.
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    The thing that impressed me the most leading up and during trade period was how little info was leaked out of the club
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    Ok, so with the 'live' moving up of picks - this is going to be a draft that will just confuse the [censored] out of you... If Mills is nominated at 3, Hopper at 5, Kennedy at 11, Hipwood at 15 and Keays at 18 (please let me know if they are off in your opinion). Sydney will pay 33, 36, 37, 44 for Mills and 63. GWS will pay 10 and 34 for Hopper and 43. GWS will pay 40, 43, and 50 for Kennedy and 73. BL will pay 35 and 36 for Hipwood and 62. BL will pay 36 and 37 for Keays and 56. No, the above is not a typo, because the picks disappear and pick below move 'up' the draft - the Lions will most likely pay with the same picks for their Academy players... You are forgiven if I have lost you here but if this occurs or something similar - we will have the 35th and 39th 'live' picks in the draft.
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    why? just so more clubs can be raped and destroy the fabric of our game
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    I'd say Melksham and Bugg are locks Kennedy is a maybe but should be in there
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    Key forward is a must this draft
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    This is the side I agree with the most. However, Lumumba will replace Stretch on the wing.
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    I'm hopeful that Hunt can have a full pre-season. I know the family and the word was that Roos was grooming him for a HBF prior to a recurrence on his back problem. Has been given a 12 month contract. One issue may be a lack of height across that line unless Lumumba plays.
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    Ha ha this is a beauty, he happens to be the boyfriend of one of my daughter's best mates. Seen him play basketball quite a few times and he has won best a couple of best and fairest with one of our local footy clubs. He is lightning quick for his size and has a huge leap on him, top kid too.
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    An important element in this play was getting the melk. Some on dl think we paid covers and some said we went to early and should have waited to drive the price up. But getting it done early was critical as it didn't hold up other trades and indeed it gave ESS some currency to get their trades moving. In the end it mattered little if we gave up 25 or 29. Also we needed to ensure if we were going to angle for high draft picks that we got a player with approx the same number of games and age as howe lest we unbalance the list. In an ideal world we would also get a player who could slot into the back line to replace howe. And we wanted a tough, hard running competitor. Given all that clearly it was not overs after all. The melk perfectly fitted the bill and as required we got it done early and without fuss. Well played A+ for mine
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    Do we need more mids? Absolutely. In fact it remains our biggest need. The top teams have 10 a or b grade mids. How many do we have?
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    We're amassing a decent array of Headlights. This deer is no threat to us.
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    My theory is we were looking for the wrong type of player, hence all the drafting mistakes.
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    We started the trade period with pick 6. If you said we'd finish the trade period with picks 3 and 7 and lose just one best 22 player - a C-grader - I wouldn't have believed you.
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