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    They cant sack him. Theyve spent years and millions to keep him This is the best
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    Once you have the first injection you can lose count and the primary objective becomes to have more injections without telling anyone and then you begin to lie to yourself and everyone around you. It's the same with stats,the media,the truth. Apparently most of Essendons clean disposals were put into a little yellow box but never recorded.
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    I went today to have a look for the first time at Curnow and Parish. I'm glad I did in the end, was a peach of a day for footy and both Curnow and Parish played major roles in a comfortable win for the Falcons. Darcy Parish: I'd heard about his kicking before today, but no one has mentioned how good his hands are. Clean and fast, he seemed to be one step ahead of his opponents, and sometimes his teammates, for most of the afternoon. He also possesses incredible vision, and spotted open players that even I didn't see from my spot in the grandstand. The most impressive part of his game though, was how good his decision making was and how quickly he executed those decisions. As previously stated, it was the quick handballs and the ability to pull the trigger by foot and hit a teammate on the chest in space that made him stand out. He played in the midfield for most of the day, but when rested forward still looked dangerous. Anyone who thinks he isn't hard enough clearly hasn't watched him. Although I doubt he'll ever be a clearance, contested ball winning machine, he seemed to have no issue taking a hit. He will need to work on his defensive running and pressure in the AFL, and I would be surprised if he registered a tackle for the entire game. He probably finished with about 20 odd disposals, so he wasn't exactly dominant, and as I alluded to before he reminded me of Nick Dal Santo. Charlie Curnow: Charlie finished the game with 4 goals (by my count), which the Falcons staff must be stoked with as it was his first game back after having significant time out through injury. First thing you notice about Curnow is his size, he is very well built for a kid. He played forward for the whole game and was dominant, every time the ball came near him something looked like happening. Probably took 4 or 5 contested marks for the day, and was very clean in the air. Can take a grab. Although he didn't play through the midfield, there were a few instances where it was clear he has great midfield potential. Incredibly strong, and like Parish seems to be very clean by hand in the trenches. Wouldn't have missed a target by foot all day either. I'd be surprised if Curnow holds up as a full-time key forward, don't think he has the height to be a modern key position player. I've seen Skippos on Bigfooty compare him to Stringer and Darling. I disagree, he isn't as dynamic and is certainly not as quick. I'd say Josh Kennedy/Nat Fyfe would be a far better comparison. Feel free to ask any questions about the game today, I'll answer as best I can.
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    In a way I hope geelong can upset the hawks because for 24 hours richmond will be 9th.
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    Might not want the spoon but they want Pick#1.
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    For a bit more optimism (this assumes Richmond beats GC tomorrow and keeps Geelong in 9th): The Dogs haven't beaten a top 8 side since Round 5;In fact, they haven't even played a top 8 side since Round 7;Since they last played us (in Round 8), they have played 9 of the bottom 10 sides, with the 10th and final side being us, who they play this weekend.Their recent form is good, but should be considered in context (I think we'll lose tomorrow, for the record).
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    Unfortunately I didn't snag a record so I couldn't work out who most of the players were, but the full forward for Knights, Tilmouth-Turner, was pretty dominant. I'd never heard of him before and I think I overheard someone say it was his first game, but he swallowed anything that was kicked in his area. It was a shame he couldn't kick accurately as he could've ended up with about 6. It really depends on how you evaluate our list DD. If you believe, like I do, that we need a monster midfielder as a fulcrum of our midfield group, then Curnow is your go. He has so much upside. I wouldn't be opposed to taking Parish though. Has that bit of class and should be a neat player at AFL level.
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    This: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loBAS8DPE3Q Start at 1:30
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    give the poor buggers half a dozen 4th round picks
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    Lovely pic. Clearly a virgin.
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    I should do a PhD on why spuds never get the flu.
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    I commented on Essendon's dilemma on the WADA saga thread this morning. The Bombers are trapped by the James Hird catastrophe. The cost of sacking him at the end of the season and before his lucrative contract expires is substantial but I can't see a rebuild or any chance of a revival while he remains at the club. It's a train wreck. Paige Cardona tweeted this after the game and I think she's probably on the money: "@paigecardona: If James Hird loves the Essendon Football Club as much as he says he does, then he will step away and allow a very proud club to rebuild."
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    Good to see White amongst the best. Thanks KC and BjDee for updates
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    hopefully at kicking practice
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    Crowd at Ethiad on a saturday afternoon for Essendon - 25,914. That's with allegedly four times the supporters as Melbourne. I wonder how they'll be going after three more years of being 'cr4p to appalling'? What an interesting AFL scene it would be in Victoria with Carlton & Essendon in the cellar and Collingwood continuing to fade. Lol, the one thing we could be sure of, it would see 'equalisation measures' move way up the agenda.
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    I was hoping never have to endure the M Jones/ Bail combo again. Probably mean spirited but it has been tried for years now and never worked. The doggies mids will massacre us.
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    Mods. Get a grip of the censor. pu55y as in pu55yfoot and pr1ck is not allowed nor is [censored] to describe a person who tosses the coin !
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    Unless Carlton want pick#1. They won the Gibbs cup and Kruezer cup. Thats 2 for 2. Yet we got done for tanking.
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    Leppa coaching for his career. Barker doing what he's told.
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    Love his tennis DA, not so much his mouth, a poor man's McEnroe.
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    We are a lock in to lose next week. Can see it a mile away
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    Looks like the tanking manual got dusted off this evening, and it worked a treat too. Lions get an extra 4 % , just the breathing space the Blues would have been after!
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    Ahhh! Essendrug = Magic x Chemistry^2 Now I geddit.
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    God it's depressing watching the Hawks play cause it shows just how far off we r unfortunately.
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    Dogs haven't played a top 8 team since round 7, they've had a very soft draw. Let's hope they get a bit ahead of themselves and believe in their own hype.
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    Both have particular qualtiies. Riley is the smash and extract type and Newton is the outside finisher who snags a goal or two. I reckon they'll be kept on the list.
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    I liked Lovett's game last week more than today. He is still in the early days of learning his craft, but he has some smarts. I saw about 3 times today he panicked a little and it resulted in turnovers, but he also shows some poise (moreso last week) at times. He's not a tall kid at all, but well built. His disposal is generally neat. And he seems to be a bit more advanced than his young years, but IMHO that only gets him up to 'potential good Casey player' level at this stage of his development. If you're after draft selection advice, I'm not your man but, draft side, to me he is a project worth persisting with.
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    You've brightened my evening. Let's hope history repeats.
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    Just in case you'd forgotten, when we beat the Dogs in Round 8 both Bail and M Jones played. So, too, did Riley, Spencer, Fitzpatrick, Newton and Toumpas, all of whom have since been dropped to make way for better-performing players.
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    M Jones was down watching Casey today. So was Pedersen, who has come along a few times lately. Heritier has been there in recent weeks but not today, same with N Jones. Say and think what you like about a player's ability on the field (and I'm not a fan of some of these guys), but a seniors player who makes the effort to watch Casey games always gets a few credits in my book. Edit: Sorry, that's not to have a go at any above posts. Probably unrelated in fact. Just a separate post in its own right.
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    Don't know the reason Fitzy wasn't around in the second half, but he copped a knock to the guts in the first qtr. He was seen to by a physio and a doctor and I overheard them talking about a bruised sternum. He came to the bench and looked in some discomfort and as walking a bit gingerly, but went back onto the field and later on in the 2nd qtr did a Gabelich / Manassa -like sprint (please someone give me a Demons analogy! edit - Woewodin!) for over 70m into the goal square to kick a goal, hotly chased all the way. He turned from a giraffe into a gazelle for that moment. So obviously the knock didn't limit his mobility at that stage. Toump was in a tracksuit at the end of the last qtr. He was walking around OK, still with a bandage on his head, and was talking to his dad after the game. Didn't get to find out how he was.
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    So you're not a Kyrgios fan then? There are a few of us that would appreciate if you did post now and then, mate. Glad you're well.
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    Top of your game this arvo -luded!! Gotta love it!
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    how about all the excusers for laziness, & 'the me generation', take the next 5 years off, & let this club grow some, before they get back from holidays.
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    when the game's on the line, you'd want Kennedy every day of the week over NDS.
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    No, no and no. Went to school with him and is the biggest D***head I've ever met. Attitude is shocking, expects everything given to him on a sliver platter. Wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole!
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    Hird is a mess. His arrogance is deafening. Just go. The club has a long way to go.
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    Hird has the full backing of the board..... Nothing to see here
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    Hird just sounds drained at his presser
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    This is mighty fun to watch. Just wish we had got in on the act and thumped them as well.
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    Thanks for the updates bj and kc.
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    Give Robbo some slack, must be hard finding two brain cells still in working order !! Funny watching him think people still take him seriously. Hes just a sycophant errand boy running despatches for his lord and master. He aspires to 'pathetic'
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    I have come to the conclusion Bbo that you do not live in Romsey.Every one of my invitations has been returned with " no such person exists in Romsey" The one I sent with a photo attached was returned by the police along with a lecture about sending depraved photos through the post. In conclusion you are missing a nice drop, I am planning a few glasses with some friends tomorrow. I will be thinking of you .
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    It's moments like these that reinforce karma has a sense of humour.
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    112 points. This is just funny. What nice story will Mark Robinson write about his mate. He cant keep defending him and using this WADA thing. I mean Bomber got them into the finals last year. Its funny listening to the bummers fans ringing up mmm venting wanting turd gone. The golden boy has proved that great players dont make great coach's and it helps to have some experience.
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