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    Was just interviewed on channel 7 about his MND.. It makes me sad to say this but his conditions has gotten really worse and he sounds awful. I was such a big fan of the Reverend that even to this day we played some exciting and daring footy during his era in what was just a yo yo journey. Thought are with the Rev and his family.
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    Oh how wonderful, Gil and Little sitting together tonight. What a shame you can't rig the outcome at CAS. And Tim Watson, high fiving Hird as he walks past. "Thanks for injecting my son with unknown substances, champion!"
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    Neale Daniher was talking about his Motor Neurone Disease on the half time show. Still seems in great spirits but it's sad to see how the disease has affected him. Absolutely inspiring man. Forever a great MFC figure. Thoughts to his friends and family.
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    Roid rage... or something similar?
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    I'm barracking for North by process of elimination.
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    The body might be failing but gee the spirit is still Strong! Great interview with Tim in that respect.
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    The nosy vicar Damien Barrett used his trite 'sliding doors' space on AFL.com to tell the Dogs they should never let a player with three knee injuries take the field again. Neale Daniher took to the field, was excellent, then went on to prove himself to be a resilient and effective coach at one of the most complex and disorganised clubs in the game. The exact opposite of 'walk away from anything difficult' Barrett. And now he stands up for himself and other sufferers of motor-neuron disease, still with the same positive attitude calling for practical help and work to overcome the problem, not for pity and some disingenuous 'compassionate exile' from society. As others have said, the voice might tremble but the fine man is still there.
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    Beer is very cheap Earl, as are Spirits..Always typhoons there. Its the most Typhoon prone country on the planet. But, im still in Oz now, just not sure for how long. II ll probably head back "home" to Angeles City for a few months, then look for work. I have cable TV there, so i get several games a week, and I have the AFL app, for the games we dont get. I will still treat myslef to something nice, should we see a miracle this week. I just cant see any way it can happen.
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    Funny, I saw some footage of his playing days a while ago and felt weird about it. Didn't seem right seeing him in that horrible black and red jumper. He was just finishing up as a player when I took an interest. The Neale I knew wore MFC gear, and coached in finals. I love the man and am truly sad to see that he is struggling so badly, all while so relatively young still.
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    This is one of those matches where you barrack for the umpires.
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    Love watching the Dons fans going apoplectic as a result of pretty ordinary umpiring. Couldn't happen to a nicer pack of scumbags
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    Get Drunk & Dance with Girls....
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    Dunno, seeing Essendon lose is pretty entertaining.
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    That news makes me want to pledge twice. Once for the disease, and once to contribute to getting Tm Watson dunked in ice.
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    They are doing a fund raising for his MND foundation. Starting Queens Birthday game. The first $10,000 raised gets Tim Watson dunked in the ice. I presume that for every $10,000 raised another celeb. gets dunked. When we find out the details what about we start a collection to go towards the foundation?
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    Gees James has a great tan this time of the year
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    [censored] of the highest order, and that arrogant goal makes me despise him even more. In fact, I despise pretty much every Essendon player.
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    He is brilliant at yelling at umps after being beaten to the pill.
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    We don't play the bombers till round 15 Just let WADA do their work....
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    Jack Watts will never be a star of the competition. The sooner people realize this the better.
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    outrageous!!! it really is....
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    Article in AFL site caught my attention - The Inquirer: The inside 50 job Some key points...* The Good News MFC are best team at converting I50 (51.5% of the time),MFC are 5th hardest team to score against once ball I50 (43.2% of the time)The Bad NewsMFC have the Worst I50 For in competition (40.2 average)MFC have the 15th I50 Against in comp (56.7 average)MFC have worst I50 differential in comp (-16.5 per game)ThoughtsWe currently boast the "best I50 attack" and "5th best I50 defence", despiteHaving the worst performing midfield, as highlighted by our worst I50 For and I50 Against.Meaning if we fix the midfield, we should rise swiftly. As we all know... but data like this should help attract midfield talent. *these stats are based on rounds in 2015 played and MFC have played team currently placed 1, 4, 5, 6, 13, 16, so results should improve as play rest of comp.
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    I'd try and buy three mids this year. One big fish, one other starting mid and a third young mid who isprobably best 22. Don't mind if we get one FA and trade for the other. Agree about the ruck but I don't want to spend big on one unless they are a forward/Rick who can play on the same team and share the ruck work with another ruckman.
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    ND you are an inspiration and my heart goes out to you. You are one tough hombre mate and brought many a smile to my face during the finals in 2000.
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    Need a quality ruckman and mid. That would go a LONG way to improving our midfield. First use, free up Jones, Tyson, etc.
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    Yes it was a really sad interview and what a shocking disease but the Reverend came through in true style and shining colors. What a totally gutsy effort from the man to highlight the disease and try and do something about it. Well done Neil, a true champion.
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    Good try boys but WADA is now coming for you!
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    Yep, noticed this too. Essendon are, annoyingly, very dangerous in the way they continually tap, scrap, knock and punch the ball forward. They have a desperation to keep the ball moving towards their forward line (where all their crumbers are roving) and prevent it from ever being static (which would allow easy possession for the opposition). We do NOT do this, ever. In fact, we rarely show any desperation at all, perhaps except the final minute of last year's Essendon match. We've had it ingrained in our players to always maintain possession, which means chip kicks and handballs, even if it's to players under pressure. Is this working? Well, not against the best teams, that's for sure.
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    I only watched the first half but kept checking the scores. I watched the last 2 minutes and htought the bombers were going to steal it. I hate essendon but that free to petrie in the dying stages when daniher took that mark was not there. Petrie got a little nudge and totally exaggerated. Anyway essendon should be only sitting on the 1 win. I mean hawthorn should have beaten them and the saints should have beaten them as well. If you want a laugh head to bomberblitz
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    it is a shame the bombers lost this. I really wanted them to win tonight. ............ IN A PIG'S EAR !!!!!!!!!!!! on a brighter note for the bombers though James' hair still looks lovely !!!!!!
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    Something I've seen a lot of in this game from both teams that doesn't feature in our play - tap ons and super quick handballs. They make such a big difference to the flow of the forward attack and unpredictable for the opposition - keep the ball moving when 'posession' isn't really required and allow the players on the outside of the contest to get more time with the ball as opposed to kicking forward under the hammer of a tackle from the opposition.
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    And there's the game! Thank you Higgins/Ziebell you legends!!! Hilarious to hear the total deflation in all the commentators. Nobody is talking and Bruce sounds flat.
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    Scoreboard flattering the Bummers IMO.
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    Unlikely, they're as clean as they come down at Windy Hill.
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    God, that Melksham is an annoying turd!
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    Thought that's what he said 'Cards', the boys at 7 weren't quick enough to cut it.
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    Goddard calling Ziebel a weak c is a fing laugh. Really like Brown from Norf, ooopppphhh off he goes.
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    Faint. This should be our line in the sand game. If roos knows our history this is the one team above all we have never got near. They treat us with contempt, rotate players, then smash us with no pressure. One day, just one day we will make them pay.
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    Didn't spot that but it is a fantasy of mine that someone will hack into those screens and insert a few pointed comments about Hird & co.
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    Wouldn't say so. Think Houston if they get past the Clippers could beat the Warriors. Cavs are a fairly battered lot at the moment but LBJ won't die wondering. Very happy my boys got past the Bulls today.
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    Strewth, did I see one of those digital advertising screens advertising a brand of supplements?
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    Spoken like a true Lakers fan there pantaloons I reckon Leno had the Clippers in nearly all of his monologues over the years - as soon as he his tonight show ended, the Clippers finally came good. Cavs through and now Houston have home court for game 7.
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    So....business as usual huh? As for me, not sure. Just got retrenched from work, so the single malt is out. Maybe metho and cottees cordial?
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    Yeah just like Colin Sylvia and Gysberts, Morton etc..These kind of comments are just myths.
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