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    I work with Hal's mother and she is a force to be reckoned with. It didn't surprise me when I heard he was the mystery player. She hasn't told anyone, it was supposed to be kept confidential. But she is after justice and she will get it one way or another in my opinion. She was appalled by the way the club communicated with the parents and how her son was off loaded after his rookie contract was up. He had worked through numerous injuries only to be unloaded when it suited the club. She was less than impressed by James H. But that is to be expected I think as a mum. But she is no fool and has not been impressed by the way the Club has handled their players and the issue. In her view her son has been injected with an unknown cocktail of supplements or whatever they were and then unloaded by the club with no support system in place. You are on your own son. Any wonder Mum might be mad?
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    If coaches are giving kids ice before games, then I officially give up on society. Surely, surely nobody is that stupid. Surely.
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    Hey Guys, I thought you might be interested in a Dees weekly podcast my friend and I have created. We are looking for passionate Dees supporters to be a part of it and build it from the ground up. We have lined up a few ex-players to guest host (one from the 2000 Grand final side). If you are interested you can like our FB page here and msg us with any ideas or suggestions. Our website is www.deespodcast.com We are both long term visitors of Demonland and love the content. Especially the training reports and articles. Would love any feedback! Cheers guys
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    A lot has been written about Schwab. It is difficult to know the truth. Indeed the truth is subjective. I think Schwab was a creative thinker perhaps even a dreamer but in his later years was given too much power without the proper reporting lines and control by the board. It is easy to be swayed by the dreamer and their persuasive ability. I think he was probably a bit of a loner but had some powerful friends. What we do know was that he was a divisive figure that did not have the personality and interpersonal skills to bring people together. Perhaps it was about personal power and influence and he did appear to work in a Machiavellian manner. Not unusual trait in sporting club officials and other organisations. However, at the same time, he served the club for many years in a loyal capacity. He has not come out post his departure and denigrated the club. He has been dignified in his silence.
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    Poorly I hear, plus I believe he is not happy about Leicester City and their fight against relegation from the EPL.
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    I've just asked him for an update on Twitter, see if he answers , if not if I see him on Friday will ask him then
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    But... but... Robbo said the story about the upset mother was a hoax!
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    Perhaps you should the article first yourself. It doesn't say anything about that being the best round 1 team, just the best 22
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    360 back next week just in time for the [censored] to hit the fan again. No doubt there will be some more delusional whinging and then a refusal to talk about it because "it's not what footys about mate, let's get on with the real stuff"
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    Slobbo has been very quiet...
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    I'd like to take a moment to contrast the adulation that Hird gets with the vitriol and hate directed at Schwab. Schwab may not have got it right but his love of the club and his final actions (including that interview and conning to training) put him on a-whole-nother level compared with Hird. He may not have been successful, he may have been misguided and u suspect ultimately he was a bit of a micro managing control freak who thought he could run on field off field etc but at the end of the day he did what he thought was best for the club.
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    The 'chickens came home to roost' this week for the AFL. It is no coincidence that coaches in junior leagues are giving kids drugs (ice) before play to enhance performance. As if coaches (in general) see Hird get away with it then they will take their chances. A terrible legacy from the Ess saga If the AFL had taken a tougher stand with Cousins, West Coast Eagles, listened to Dale Lewis, etc etc they may have been able to contain it. The horse has now bolted and young kids who should be playing footy for fun are going to be hooked on a nasty, highly addictive substance.
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    What caused him to have those soft tissue injuries I wonder?
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    Sorry rjay, but this line of thinking is just rubbish This is just the modern thinking of diminished responsibility where it is always someone else's responsibility and despiite one's own culpability there is an opportunity to enrich ones self I just don't buy it If (and i mean IF) they can prove essendon deliberately misled them they may have a case against them But the afl.....please.....this is just more victimology and blame shifting
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    So by extension, can we assume that as radiation is also used in the treatment of certain cancers, then those living around Fukushima, Chernobyl etc can expect to lead long cancer free lives?
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    not as delusional as "some of them are used in cancer treatments, so we really did them a favour"
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    Great memories as a kid of stomping my feet on the floorboards of the Grey-Smith Stand after a spectacular Tunna goal .In those days there were often specialist "types" for some positions . Half-forwards were skinny swoopers in long sleeves and we had a couple of the best in Tunna and later Barrie Vagg .
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    the AFL is going to reduce the rotations over a few years, & this will suit endurance players like Jack t.
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    I feel certain that there would be something in the Pipe PF
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    If only we could make it a national priority to battle all these feral pests. I would happily pay an environmental levy on my tax if I knew the millions were going to fight pests and rehabilitate natural environments.
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    Guess that's what happens when the administration of the league itself take such an embarrassingly corrupt, lackadaisical approach to the use of drugs in their sport.
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    If this is happening, (and I am not suggesting it is not, but daisycutter's post bears some thinking about), it is totally unrealistic to believe that it is restricted to Australian rules. It is clear that ice is an epidemic in many communities across Australia. Why would you think that it is a result of whatever the AFL has done or not done. There is a common misconception that the AFL's drug policy is weak. What many people are referring to is the 3 strikes policy on so-called 'recreational' drugs. Often forgotten is that the AFL had to obtain agreement from the players through the AFLPA to enact the policy. This was not going to be forthcoming unless confidentiality was maintained and the focus was on education and treatment rather than punishment. I understand that the AFL is one of the few, (maybe the only), sporting organisations to do testing on 'recreational' drugs. Mick Malthouse has spoken about the fact that he had no idea that Cousins was taking drugs when he was coaching the Eagles, what about Ken Judge and John Worsfold after him? It is an amazing leap of faith to blame the AFL for Cousins, the situation at the West Coast Eagles and that a whole generation of "young kids who should be playing footy for fun are going to be hooked on a nasty, highly addictive substance".
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    Schwabby was locked in the past.The Blazers, relying on what happened in the 50's The Red and Blue Print The football department were the ones that should have had contro of any blue print. schwabby should have concentrated on what all CEO's do. Making Money.
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    Fantastic post. Scwab truly did do what he thought was the best for the club, but in the end was a victim of his own ego and the "boys" type club he ran. The interview he did after he got shafted was all class. But with all that being said, I still say good riddance to bad rubbish.
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    Les Twentyman has been touring around the countryside with the backing of the police giving ICE forums to teenagers and parents.The amount of ice and methamphetamine in football clubs in country areas has reached epidemic proportions. The twentieth man has been involved with these kids for many years. He cited Ben Cousins with his video as accelerating drug taking in sports. Cousins was the role model for these kids, great footballer was able to party then play. The saw this as the perfect way to play.
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    What's so urinate-yourself-scary about that side? Greg Broughton, Jarrod Harbrow - oooooooooo. It's a solid side, but really. That looks like a middle of the road side to me.
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    Well, I was channeling the Reverend William Archibald Spooner when I was writing that contribution.
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    Obviously people base their opinion on what they see, but in my mind it's completely beyond doubt that most people just see what they want to see and very, very few footy observers are capable of being truly objective. I include myself in this.
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    this accusation of coaches giving kids ice before games, if true, is of course quite appalling however, i'm yet to be convinced it is true if it is true why hasn't a coach been stood down and why hasn't the police charged anyone with supplying illicit drugs? again if there is some truth i'd need convincing it was more than just an isolated case with social media being what it is these things can take off like a wildfire with little basis in truth just saying
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    i'm not following this logic at all whether the afl has made mistakes either of commission or omission is a separate issue as to them sharing culpability in a legal (and financial) sense of an individual or club's wrong doing in his employ at eesendon fc. to have any success against the afl they should have to provide evidence of the afl's direct wrong doing and how it was specific to any case in question if someone (player or club) broke an afl (and contractually accepted) rule then it is hard to hold the afl liable just because they may have been somehow lax in enforcing that rule, or anticipating some possible breach and failing to step in, all in hindsight. in hunter's case it is further difficult to discuss because we know he didn't receive an IN and we don't know his grounds for suing, only some very loose speculation.
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    Nailed 2 bottles of Red already tonight look out for some left field weird selections coming up..... Yeah Haaaaaa
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    Agree with most of that. The AFL as a stand alone sport in a world backwater and never in international competition with associated standards, expectations and scrutiny thought they could do what they want and make a mockery of the PED issue. It was always nudge nudge, wink wink and don't do something stupid and get caught out. Now they have created a monster that's hard to kill.
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    No, as I said the players bare the primary responsibility but I do think the AFL and others have conveniently put their collective heads in the sand. The AFL's record with drugs is deplorable, it just doesn't want to open the can of worms. There was a certain interstate team who should have been seriously investigated over their first and last premierships and probably somewhere in between. I think the players should get what's coming and don't believe the duped thing at all. I do think the AFL have also created the environment though.
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    Yeah, he is a decent player and won't be an emergency.
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    Yeah never heard of him. Interesting to see where this goes.
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    Sometimes we get lost when club personalities are involved. A lot of what PJ has said since he arrived is what a lot of us have been saying for a long time (I know I have been saying some of the things he has for a very long time). 1) We had too many hangers on at the club (i.e. Hollywood Boulevarde) 2) We had/have a cargo cult mentality where one appointment/recruitment will fix all our woes (I know for a fact that I said this before PJ arrived) 3) We didn't show long term servants the loyalty that they deserved. Some of us fell for CS's rhetoric pretty hard (other harder than some). We all need to accept certain policies are going ahead. That being said, I totally support what PJ is doing so long as he knows when to leave. He needs to remain an honest truth teller, not one of the clowns in the fun house and if he becomes part of the MFC full time then he risks becoming one of the long term goofballs who know no difference between the culture of the MFC and the rest of the AFL. He is a clean up expert and should remain so. If he stays focused on cleaning up the mess at the club and not ingratiating himself with it, then he should be fine.
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    Poor kid has had a tough career .
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    It has been revealed that a Mr. Hal Hunter is the x EFC player suing all in sight. Last played in 2013. Don't remember him but then I don't study EFC lists.
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    Last year the club website advertised if anyone wanted scarves to apply. I did and got a few boxes of them. Took them up the country and dropped in to several country schools asking if they'd like a few. I figured that it might be a good way to 'convert' a few kids to support the Dees. In every case the schools were very grateful and one school was going to sell them at their fete. I would have done the same this year had they been offered to supporters. A shameful waste.
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    As I posted earlier, when players start to sue EFC for having injected them with unknown substances, there is a good chance the supplement list will suddenly and magically be found stuck behind a life-sized picture of J Hird.
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    Grape I hear what you are saying, but you can help by sharing our flyer in the original post on Twitter, facebook etc to spread the word
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    Since the AFL haven't officially punished Essendon for administering banned peptides, only a poor governance program, maybe this will form part of that second wave of punitive measures. Assuming the AFL has the balls to do it. We all know they don't.
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    Ah, one thing - we have emergencies for every position but the threshold to use them is 0% so the only times they would be used is if there are late changes - an injury 5 minutes in won't change the named player to the emergency (which is a new aspect of UF). I am ambivalent, just letting people know that the Emergencies are only for late changes.
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    Hardly a ringing endorsement of his ability Barra. Replacing VFL players does not take a lot of ability
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