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  1. I'll admit to being a glass half full guy up front. Headed down to training for the first time in ages today, the persistent rain didn't help for viewing, or training for that matter. I'm not seeing all the poor skills Clint is talking about, felt like I saw 25-30 kicks in a row hit a leading forward nicely. In match simulation grimes did miss the target on his left.....but he only had it as Salem got caught and he had followed up from deep defence, the grimes story! Really liked what I saw, a lot, I mean a lot of fit healthy, sharp looking players. Toumpas was much faster than I thought. Pedo looked good forward and higher up the ground, kick it well and clunked it. Lead and clean grab out in front of the day for me was big Maxy Gawn, he might just be very intimidating deep forward. We have plenty who can play tall forward with Gawn, Hogan, Pedo, Fitzy, Jamar and Watts all doing it today. Rawlings was teaching a group how to body off when deep forward with your shoulder, and then likewise how to prevent a forward doing this to you......cross very good at this as was Garland. I really liked the look of Newton throughout, from today he would be my pick as an unassuming player who slots 18+ games of good intensity and skill. The defenders (from memory Grimes, tmac, frost, garlo, Harmes, hunt, Terlich, Jetta, Dunn) did some impressive clearing the ball from defence, and after hitting a player about 50-70m out wide on the flank centered in board to Rawlings and then had runners storming past. Grimes excelled at this, Harmes looked good and wow, gee wow isn't hunt super super quick. If he can get on the end of handball running through the middle look out opposition, even if that is Port Melbourne not Richmond. Didn't see a lot of the new young ones, though Petracca did some nice things, Dunny was really pushing him in the ground simulation a few times....."get forward Track, get forward, go.....". Funny moment was when tmac sold viney a huge dummy in the goal square and kicked a goal, boys had a real chuckle. There is some real depth now. A bright year awaits. No Howe, and Vince ran 50 laps.
  2. Was able to get along to my first training session today, and thought it's only fair to report my thoughts after all the good work by others keeps me updated each week! How the detailed reports are done I don't know, with all the players covering the full length of the ground it certainly is a challenge. The main overarching theme to training is Transition. The majority of the session revolved around drills that had each group working on moving the ball from the backline at pace, taking the best/first option as quickly as possible. Coupled with some contested clearance type work (at least on my side of the ground) it was good to see as it meant in my opinion we were focusing on two of the biggest weaknesses we had last year. After some warm up drills, they broke into a full ground drill, a person would start in the pocket, dodge some stationery metal characters and hit a leading target on the back 50. The lead would have quick hands to another person running the opposite direction out of the 50 and launch a long ball over the square to a player entering the forward 50 whom will run in and finish. Good kicks that enabled the finisher to not break stride were Neal-Bullen (same to hear about his dislocated knee), Salem, Watts, Toumpas and Newton. Next main drill was also full length drill with the same focus, It was more match simulation in feel and the group split into 3 groups. 2 groups would be on the ground at once. One team would need to move the ball again from the pocket taking the short options quickly as possible. Once the ball made it into the forward line the group on the side went onto the ground and some in the forward line would come off and jog around to the wing to wait. Each time a group went onto the ground, Rawlings would say 6 v 8 etc and they would change tops to work it out. Grimes, Jamar and Jones as you would expect were quite vocal, yelling at the team on the field. Petracca has some swagger and was also vocal, while Brayshaw was very reserved so the early comments ring true with those two. Next drill, was split into what appears to be forwards, mids and backs to some degree. In front of me (on opposite side to main crowd), we had a small group of the young mids, Toumpas, Salem, Riley, Brayshaw. Petracca and a ruckman who rotated through with the other group of older mids who were doing a larger scaled version. The ball would be lobbed in and one team had to get the tap, and clear it out of the surrounding area. Lastly, it was a match simulation, split into 2 teams. The ball would be kicked up into a teams back pocket and they would move it from end to end. If a decent mistake was made then Roosy would stop play, instruct and then it would reset and start with the same player down back to start again. There was clearly more a direction to switch the play quickly where possible. Newton was good here, he made space a couple of times and hit good options. Petracca was hesitant, but on one occasion when struggling screw a kick around and hit his target 30-40 metres away on the lead which was impressive. Grimes was good, other than that errant left footer. Left once the group was brought in. Call outs: Newton - was the stand out for me, he is ready to go – no doubt, knows how to find the footy consistently and users it well and didn't see him waste possession. Toumpas – thought he trained well, not sure what everyone expect every single player to stand out each week. He was energetic and encouraging whichever drill he was in and used the ball well from what I saw. But agree with not seeing where he will play but haven't lost belief he can develop into a good player. Hogan – most of his work was away from where I was but I did see him clunk a few after pushing his opponent out convincingly. Riley – most disappointing, wasn't clean at all, would fumble and mis-kick but followed up so hoping it was an off day. Michie – was tidy I thought, didn't see a lot but like his games just goes about his business quietly and before you know it has 20 possessions. Harmes – like his spirit, after reading the weekly updates I had the picture that he was progressing well and I can see it. Fights for everything and has good hands to clear. He and Hunt look so similar so hope it was him! Haha! Jamar – will be no.1 based on today, dominated Gawn and Spencer and looks in great nick as all previous reports have stated. Happy to comment on anyone else if anyone is interested. End novel.
  3. Good afternoon, fellow attendees, optimists, hair shirt wearers, lemon suckers and innocent bystanders The other posters have covered most of the drills, some was good, some was sloppy, depends on who and what you were watching, watched one run where the ball hit the deck or missed the target throughout, but it still got upfield Roos very vocal today Sad bit, near end of session Alex Neal Bullen was doing some innocuous bag work with Brad Miller and dislocated his knee again, went straight back on, but was carried off on golf cart, not a happy chap. Got 'tightness' out of Howie for his hamstring and a 'wait and see' from Dave Misson, assume they are still testing/scanning. Only others missing were King and Trengove. Spoke to a few players, all said they had been hammered at the camp in Maroochydore, today was light easy session. Hogan is still on a modified program, hates having to stop, doing the same session as Hunt today, who is also returning from back issues. Had a good chat to JKH, sadly lacking in confidence NOT, agreed Nev Jetta is constantly in his ear about improving, another one who has not missed a beat pre season. Bernie Vince seemed to be the only one in rehab, was running laps, got a big thumbs up, so don't think there is a problem there. Somebody a few topics ago asked about Jordie McKenzie and his fitness, full pre seasons etc, this is not his first full pre season, he thinks, but has never been fitter. And for a few that have been asking, asked Nev about Jeff Garlett, he is now regarded as one of the best two way runners at the club, sets the standard, absolutely carved them up in match sim at Maroochydore. Some pics will be on my Twitter Demonpk tomorrow, got other things to do today.
  4. I'll probably be going out on a limb here, but Tyson could be a player.
  5. I don't think it's been possible to hide away from the controversy that's been dominating discussion at Demonland over the selection of Jimmy Toumpas two years ago ahead of Ollie Wines. This year, our first two picks are big bodied midfielders Christian Petracca and Angus Brayshaw, both in the Wines mould and the questions being asked by some were whether they are the man child types who dominate less developed kids and will they prosper at AFL level? They both looked good to me today - they ran well and moved smoothly. Along with the SA brothers in arms ANB and Billy Stretch they showed a fair amount of skill for newbies. I missed ANB's mishap at the end and I'm not so sure that any of our young midfield recruits are going to be instant successes. Petracca impressed me the most. You can see his basketball background shining through and he reminded me of the old Beatles number - there's definitely something in the way he moves. If you want a comparison with a past player, then it's probably Adelaide's Mark Ricciuto.
  6. Agree TDI. And just love The Fitz! Hope he has a break out year!
  7. Stop derailing the thread by posting what we were all thinking but dare not say.
  8. I've read all of your opinions and I still say reverse cowgirl.
  9. Saty's here already, looking sharp. You can tell he's hardly missed a session this pre season.
  10. yeah....and there was jack viney and ollie wines..................oh wait a minute
  11. Nice one Redman! Have had 2 reds while reading it though!
  12. My lovely lady attended her first session today, first comment was about how all the players looked fitter, said Spencer has grown into his body, he should not be discounted when discussing the team, but then again I am glad all four rucks Jamar, Gawn, Spencer and Fitzy did the full session todayGot her picture taken with HL which she enjoyed First time my lovely lady saw Spencer was when they still trained at Junction Oval, she watched him from the old stand in his first session, and said we had drafted a baby giraffe
  13. Oh Dear.......I think you will find that the MCC is a lot younger than you think.....made up of supporters of many teams As a MCC member and also a full member of the football club, which is really a donation, I think you perception is rather outdated
  14. Thanks for all the reports It's funny that two D'Landers can watch the same training and have opposite views....One positive and one negative Not having a go at anyone.....just find it "interesting"
  15. Todays game has reduced positions to essentially forwards, midfield and backs. Regardless whether you need a number of them, midfield is the most important position. And your best midfielder is the crucial item in your team. They win more contests than they lose (by a margin), they use the ball well by hand and foot to hurt the opposition and they make those teammates around them better players. While the midfield includes the ruck, todays game has restricted the ruckmans role to less than it was 30 years. Its still an important role but not the most important. And I dont buy the argument you can win a flag with a good midfield and a not so forward line. Both have to be good but your midfield must be superior to other teams including the team that becomes the runner up.
  16. Nothing new, but Dunn really is vocal and looks much stronger than before.
  17. I still remember Wright, Jacovitch and Jacko. Makes me think that we have had some of the most entertaining forwards in the AFL (even aside from the highly talented trio of Lyon, Neitz and Schwartz)!
  18. After watching the replays of this year on foxtel, and it's something I've always believed anyway, I think Gawn has the potential to be a star. He is very mobile and clean at ground level for a bloke his sizzle. His tap work is good and improving and his contested marking is actually pretty good. I think max is already a better player than 3/4 of the starting ruckmen in the afl. And I think he ceiling is a lot higher than what we have seen so far. If fit, 2015 will be a huge year for Maximus.
  19. We seem to have drafted kids that have a good brain. If their footy matches it we are in good hands. And thank God we didn't draft that McCartin kid. He looks like a caveman. I hope he spends his first paycheck doing something about those teeth.
  20. This is how afl.com.au's Peter Ryan views our ruck stocks - Apart from Max King who was picked up as a rookie at the end of 2013 we haven't recruited any ruckmen in the Roos era which indicates to me that the coaching panel don't believe that replenishing our ruck stocks is a major priority over getting the rest of our midfield right.
  21. Hird needs to just STFU. Fancy dragging him out to hold a press conference at a time like this. Nobody... literally nobody at that club has a bloody clue.
  22. Gorgoroth


    I tried watching the pro bowl... It was sooooo crapppppppp! Like training drill.
  23. Articulate and very informative report Redman. Much appreciated.
  24. If our guys don't develop this year (I still see Gawn as the one injury free) I would look at either Grundy or Witts, whichever one is not getting a game or playing a secondary role. Before anyone says they won't leave or forget it, remember Roos has a history with rucks who are not getting the prime position. Money and opportunity are a big incentive....
  25. You are 40kg too heavy and 40 years too old to qualify BBO. and too mainstream.
  26. Top work 1964 - thanks. Newton seems like he'll be a really good pick up. Will really add to our midfield.
  27. Because Hannath played 3 games last year???
  28. I think the modern game (and in particular Hawthorn) have shown that you forward line no longer centres around one key forward. You need a spread of goal kickers not just one avenue. And the attributes you honour in a key forward are attributes that should be present in all your forward options. And the half back "general" who sweeps is not the general but a corporal with good footskills enjoying another uncontested possession due to the hard unheralded work of others. I see the "general" as the person who marshalls the troops up back, leads by example in the contest and on the damaging opponents. They may not pick up wads of possessions but their selfless and skilful deeds on the ground dont go unnoticed by the coaches. Players like Hodge (an outstanding example) and Maxwell are these types
  29. Overall, it wasn't the most taxing session which is understandable after the camp. The rain didn't help, but all in all the skills were quite poor I thought. It's hard to judge individuals too much but I did like the look of Newton, Salem and Jetta as a whole. Hogan's awkward kicking action is still awkward but as others have mentioned he's a competitive beast. I'm struggling to see where Toumpas fits in the team, what type of player is he?
  30. Lovely helicopter pass on to the chest of an opponent by Tom McDonald.
  31. Arise Sir Phillip Duke of Edinburgh, Knight of Australia!! Oh dear, is this Tony setting himself up for some reciprocal "gong" down the track from Liz? Is there a vacancy for the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports at the moment?
  32. you won't have a hope earl, the aristocracy will be the first to be purged..............then the hipsters
  33. I am as keen a watcher of membership numbers as anyone but I think it's pointless until some games begin - even preseason stuff. I suspect the reason we are a bit ahead of last year, and a bit further ahead of the years before that is down to the fact that the club has improved its member retention through things like automatic sign ups, Demon For Life, email communications and the like. I know I join earlier than I used to, so whether we are 50 or 500 ahead of last year is pretty meaningless. We won't know until round three or four if we're really improving our core numbers.
  34. Not sure that's right. 17.2 of the AFL code covers appeals: "17.2 Appeals from Decisions Regarding Anti-Doping Rule Violations, Consequences, and Provisional Suspensions." and includes: " …. a decision to impose a Provisional Suspension may be appealed exclusively as provided in this sub-Clause." followed by: "(e) Persons Entitled to Appeal The parties having the right to appeal to the Appeals Board shall be as provided in the NAD Scheme but, at a minimum, shall include the following parties: ASADA and WADA shall also have the right to appeal to CAS with respect to the decision of the Appeals Board. " (i) the Player or other Person who is the subject of the decision being appealed; (ii) the other party to the case in which the decision was rendered; (iii) AFL; (iv) ASADA; and (v) WADA.
  35. Yes, surprised he didn't slip to the Pies.
  36. I like to think that an being an MFC member waiting for a premiership is like leaving the porch light on for Harold Holt to come home.
  37. Teams run the risk of getting smashed if they did that The truth is that good ruckmen nullify each other and without a good one, teams can often get exposed. Once a team gets a mismatch in their favour in the ruck they then have a greater opportunity to tap the ball to their own advantage. ... and I still believe it's too early to make an accurate judgement call on Gawn or Spencer ... neither have enough exposed form and both need a good run at it for that judgement to happen. Jamar is still the standout - he's not great but he still competes very well (in the ruck)
  38. On the subject of centre half forwards and key forwards generally, I found this quote interesting ~ Riewoldt a perfect role model for Saint Paddy So there you have it. Petracca was the consensus best player in the draft (I believe even Alan Richardson said so at one stage), but the argument to take McCartin was compelling for the Saints. They chose him partly on needs because they know Riewoldt's time is nearing an end and the Lance Franklin and Tom Boyd transfers demonstrated the inflationary market for key forwards. For them, better an outstanding young KPP than the best player available, even if that player could be of the elite of the new generation of players, a potential Michael Jordan. Which brings to mind the story of the Portland Trail Blazers who drafted Sam Bowie (who?) over Jordan. The lesson? Even the most successful people make mistakes - heaven knows that the MFC have made far more than their share in recent times.
  39. I agree. Lyon's record is with a ready made list. If Freo don't do it in the next 2 years, they will slide as well.
  40. Somebody on here posted that being a MFC member was like being married in that you have to be prepared to take the good with the bad times. Not too sure about this analogy linking membership to marriage! My support for the MFC has outlived six marriages and, if I get romantic, it may even outlive a seventh (and that is without 'good times')!
  41. Well I would never have believed it if I hadn't read it with my own eyes! I would have 'double liked' your post if that had been possible od.
  42. I hope he is like his father - slow, thighs like treetrunks, couldn't jump - and an absolute champ....
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