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  1. Alternatively "Demonland fascination with Barrett continues"
  2. ESSENDON B: HB: C: HF: F: FOLL: I/C (from) Is this their final lineup, then?
  3. Given the AFL is paying their legal costs before the case then goes to the AFL tribunal, I am skeptical as to whether any action will be taken at all. I wonder if Ahmed Saad had his legal costs covered when he brazenly sculled an energy drink at a seven eleven. He did drink it off site after all.
  4. No conspiracy theorists wonder why it's announced roughly 12 hours before the World Cup starts?
  5. i hate essendon even more for DOING this to our game. For the good of the game they CANNOT be unpunished if they are guilty.
  6. Ps interesting to note ASADA did NOT leak the notices were being handed out today. PPS I wonder if James was enjoying his croissant this morning...
  7. Absolute rubbish.Averaging 22 disposals 1 less then Tyson and 5 tackles a game this year which is 3 more then his mate. Would compliment our young impressive midfield just perfectly.
  8. Relax, his problem in this case isn;t with MFC, it is with Roos personally. Roos dared to criticise the umpiring/officialdom. Barrett has a long record of delivering wet-lettuce counterpunches on behalf of the hand that feeds him. It is plainly a personal attack, the final comment does sum it all up "The gun for hire can't lose from here", declaring not only that Roos is a mercenary but that he is also being given undue high status. Such a beta-male stereotype.
  9. You are such a positive chap Machsy. This is the Jesse Hogan injury update forum is it not? Many on here may wonder about Hogans demeanor, my comments were more to do with his apparent happiness. An update on his freedom of movement I thought may bring some happiness, not to you obviously. You are no doubt such an astute observer of sportsmen to state "Of course he's moving without pain" How would you know? Many of the guys actually playing are carrying niggling injuries and managing pain. Have a nice day Mr Negative. Edit- Fix typo.
  10. I think supporters who have a deep care and connection to the club have the right to feel agitated and fed up with the way in which Frawley is dealing with the contract situation at large. There are many reasons why and here are a few. - Frawley's obvious brain fades on game day. Whether it be missed sheppards, pathetic chasing efforts, attempting to chest mark the ball rather than reaching away from his opponent to give himself a better chance to mark the ball, etc etc. - The fact his initial comments about putting contract talks on hold were purely to do with him wanting to know the club was headed in the right direction and that Roos was going to hang around. - His (more recent) continual automated dribble stating his love for the MFC, loyalty as a country boy etc which is only further adding unnecessary pressure to the situation as it's clear we're improving dramatically under Roos, which is the reason he initially wanted to hold off on talks. It's not just a simple, 'I'm putting off talks until the end of the season'. His effort in games in comparison to other 'leaders' of our club has been very questionable and it's extremely disappointing from a supporters point of view. His remarks about the contract, reason he was holding off etc have caused further debate because it's clear we've improved and to me it's really disappointing that his output and effort onfield to perform acts of pressure for the team speaks volumes of where he's at in his head. You don't see that with Dawes do you. I find it more baffling that yourself and Machsy continually talk down the whole situation. We're a club on the up. Frawley needs to keep his mouth completely shut and give the media nothing when they ask and display performances that reflect where his head and heart are at for the time being. It's the absolute least he can do, and he isn't doing it.
  11. They just don't know the difference in meaning between 'continue' and 'start'.
  12. Frawley can go wherever he wants for nothing. Difficult to trade that.
  13. Hird to Dank: "Give us the good stuff we are playing Carlton this week". They knew what they were doing. They sought an edge over the competition. The ran it like a military operation. They were 'smart' enough to get players to sign consent forms. They actively went around their club Doctor. They are cooked.
  14. Totally know where you're coming from I am crying into my Chardonnay or sav blanc or whatever the hell it is
  15. The makor issue will be a under 22 yo player who takes the risk,pleads guilty to get a shortened sentence{maybe} and get his 18 months out of the road and still have a career. As soon as one breaks rank shes all over.
  16. Not the best of news from our point of view because the Bombers seem to lift every time they are under pressure on this issue. Of course, the actual serving of the notices is different and will inevitably be an even bigger distraction than anything that's occurred on the past.
  17. Looking forward to team selection tonight, I have a feeling that it's time to make some changes and not just for the sake of change. We will be coming off a six day break so it might be timely to take some pressure of the younger blokes like Kennedy-Harris and Salem and to bring in a few who played last Saturday like e.g. Blease, Kent, McKenzie (who would be coming off an eight day break).. Lamashtu is right about the need to keep the tabs on Heppell - Bomber Thompson has already indicated he will be relying more on Heppell now that Jobe's out for the rest of the year (and who knows - it might be two years after that too )
  18. Why would a WA native want to move east Who says that is what he is asking? And as if Freo wouldn't pay it (whatever figure it turns out to be)
  19. Ok. The usual we are working on Defence first and then we will work on winning. Said Jesse Hogan is expected to play some games later in the year. Said some of the younger boys may need a break as he doesn't want to overdo it with them. Said Luke Tapscott has been cruelled by injuries. Said Blease was improving and was working on areas advised to him by the Coaches. Said he thought that if the goal was allowed to Vince, we would probably have gone in at 3/4 time 3 points down and then who knows what could have happened. Said the disallowed goal killed momentum and he felt the team were deflated by it. Said our disposal into the forward line on Monday was very poor. Said he would rather get a top midfielder next year than another big forward. Got the feeling he is confident about Dawes, Hogan and is hopeful of a retired player returning ( my take on it, I could be wrong ). Said Fitzy is improving and is another option and mentioned Kent as one who could come in maybe this week.
  20. Enough is enough. The [censored] is not worth the time of day. Let alone 72 posts.
  21. Brett Allison certainly seems to have cheered-up this week - I'm sure the players are relieved! Dean Kent is an outstanding prospect - great speed, kick and attack on the footy. I expect him to remain in the seniors when he finally does break through. Great to see that Jordie and Pigdog are maintaining some good form and keeping the pressure on the midfielders in the seniors. I have high hopes for Viv but his last quarter fade-out suggests he hasn't regained full match fitness following his (jaw) injury. Viv and Riley will need this season and next preseason to build a real fitness base to attack 2015 at full speed after having such a bad run with injuries over the past year (several years in Viv's case).
  22. Yes, and that substance is the reason I can't remember the '60's.
  23. Wise words often bear repeating... ...as many times as it takes....
  24. I went down to Casey yesterday only to be greeted with a huge storm at the start of of play which made the rest of the afternoon a real slog. There was surface water everywhere and of course the ball was like soap. It made for an ugly spectacle with large packs forming at every contest. Plenty of ball ups. It was interesting to see how the Melbourne players responded/reacted to these conditions. Most of them stuck generally to their role and their defensive work was OK. That said, their offence was strangled by a Collingwood outfit that manned up very well and did not allow the Melb players to find space. A few player observations: Sam Blease - I would not think Roos has put a cross through his name yet. I thought he played his role quite well. His second half was excellent as he tried to take the game on with his pace and broke clear on a number of occasions from half back. His fitness level has improved and ran the game out quite strongly. Dean Kent - Was a focal point up forward and was strong at the ball. Switched roles a number of times and gathered contested possessions down back. In the top 3 best in my view. Luke Tapscott - He was one of the reasons I went to the game. I thought these conditions would suit his game but then I thought what is his game? He was a little disappointing. Yes he contested well enough and was at the bottom of packs a number of times but so were a dozen others. Dropped a simple mark in front when Casey was surging. He doesn't do anything special that you can justify him being on the list. It could be a confidence thing as he has had a long list of injuries but sadly I do not see any strings to his bow except maybe his strength at the contest. I hope I'm wrong. Aiden Riley - As you can expect these conditions suited him. He was tough at the contest and tackled with a lot of vigour. As we know, he's a real hard nut. As can be expected he tired a bit in the second half. I don't think he will be pushing for selection in the next couple of weeks, not because of form but I think Jordie is ahead of him at this moment. Will be interesting to see whether he can develop his breakaway skills further as his fitness improves. Jimmy Toumpas - As you can imagine conditions did not suit him but he still contested well and his defensive work was good. I assume the coaches would have looked closely at this aspect of his game as it was not a day to exhibit his offensive skills. That said, he did provide link ups on a number of occasions. Quickly the others Dom Barry - Improved as the game went on and was impressed with his tackling. Read the game quite well considering the conditions. Fitzy - Played his heart out in the ruck all day but was overshadowed by Hudson who did some good work around the ground. I only saw Jack take one chest mark. James Harmes - Like Barry, improved as the game went on. Played both ends of the ground. A work in progress. Dan Nicholson - As usual solid in defence. The conditions made his kicking look good. The umpire even penalised him for deliberately kicking the ball out on the full. He didn't realise that Nicko just shanked it again. He's been consistent and will get his chance if there is an injury. James Strauss - Maybe I missed some of his play but I certainly would not have him in our best. He was steady and I guess played his role but there is nothing special about him. Viv Michie - I liked his game. A slow start but was very active in the second half and was a key player in that third quarter when Casey took control for a short time. He is a good size and its not easy to knock him off the ball. I can see him being a regular for Melb next year. Alex Georgiou - Has lost his way. His confidence seems low and has no energy out there. The criticism did not seem to have worked. Michael Evans - Just a game. His inside work was OK and broke free a few times. Conditions didn't suit. Jordie McKenzie - Really good game. Only played a half but was at the bottom of every contest and tackled like the Jordie we know. BOG in the first half next to Kennedy of Collingwood. Will not be a weak link if he gets called up this Monday. These are just my observations from the grandstand. Obviously Allison and Co will be looking at players from all different perspectives.
  25. The suggestion by our Club President Glen Bartlett that there may be consideration given to changing the words of our Club theme song, "It's a Grand Old Flag" has raised eyebrows and received a mixed reception from club supporters. But what's in a club song? George on The Outer looks at this rather tuneful subject ... CLUB THEME SONGS AND THEIR ORIGINS by George on The Outer We all know our own Club theme song, but singing such a thing has not always been done. Over many, many years those songs have evolved, with the majority borrowed from other sources with the lyrics suitably adjusted. So where did they come from, and what insights into the team and its own history do they give? Richmond: http://youtu.be/LxMHbg3R00g http://youtu.be/5Cz92GzEt2I This clip explains a lot about Richmond supporters. Remember this when you next hear it! Especially the sexual overtone ... no, doesnt bear thinking about ... But the best version of their team song is this one: http://youtu.be/KBD49n36F9k Fremantle: http://youtu.be/pDsuU6v2gYE Original: http://youtu.be/E-qz4Icl3_Q Freo supporters should be serious vodka drinkers ... Melbourne: Original: http://youtu.be/GvdHKS-rskA Sorry for the American overtones ... Adelaide: http://youtu.be/otd-dfhzaEw Original: http://youtu.be/itUDOuFcWb4 and even more American overtones ... Essendon: http://youtu.be/AL0DRyhUt1c Original: http://youtu.be/MCN9KIPfMPE Visions of the prohibition era ... not much has changed at the Dons! Brisbane: http://youtu.be/i2OnZG6VnJk Original: http://youtu.be/4K1q9Ntcr5g There was something wrong with this played at the Grand Final in front of 100,000 Australians Collingwood: http://youtu.be/7lGXFVf7xKE Original: http://youtu.be/Zsbwba3dA70 Its bad enough listening to the original song they pinched but their supporters havent changed over the history of the club: http://www.convictcreations.com/football/collingwood.htm Geelong: http://youtu.be/akAkWj7kXt0 Surprisingly they tried this version in 1992, when they thought they would parody Pinball Wizard by the Who: http://youtu.be/oQFwnOIpej4 Original: http://youtu.be/Dk-g6tsbAhI you have to wait a bit for the chorus to recognise it ... Hawthorn: http://youtu.be/p2pumIAeS0c Original: http://youtu.be/StDpLge_ITM More Americanism, but gotta love Cagney! Carlton: http://youtu.be/JPpe2LVfgwo Original: http://youtu.be/n4NMnwrKwpk If you listen to the words it simply wouldnt be written today! The song was No. 21 on the White Star line orchestra play list when the Titanic went down. St.Kilda: http://youtu.be/--f9cjE9h4s Original: http://youtu.be/wyLjbMBpGDA Shortest lyrics of any club song. Satchmo is great regardless! Sydney: http://youtu.be/H1oQjBUeqAE Original: http://youtu.be/hSd_l508dwA What does shake down the thunder from the sky mean? West Coast: http://youtu.be/yr5vcF66lH8 Original: http://youtu.be/iVQPsro2p0A Why do all Mike Brady songs sound the same?...Very 80s Footscray: The song is based on an old sea shanty called Sons of the Sea Its such a catchy little number that no-one has recorded it. Port Adelaide: http://youtu.be/D2cUM71RA24 The original was penned local composers Quentin Eyers ( who plays in a Sikh band ) and Les Kaczmarek (the original bass player with Cold Chisel). Like the people who support the club, it is a shocker, and the alternative lyrics are probably more appropriate: We've got no Power at all Our ****s are so small Come on, Port Adelaide are wankers We are the Bogans from Port We're always in court It's true Port Adelaide tradition We'll never stop, stop, stop Growin our drug, drug crop There's history here in the making Port supporters are sad No-one knows who's their dad Paternity tests is ours for the taking With our drug network so strong We can't go wrong We're the Alberton crowd Port Adelaide proud And the losers are those Who've earned the right To wear the silver - teal And black and white And the Port supporters Oh so small True Ferals One and all Gold Coast: Original: http://youtu.be/qGPHbeNUDFg However I much prefer the Kazakhstan version ( rarely heard): http://youtu.be/GkVKyXDv81I GWS: http://youtu.be/epvc4wDWQCQ Put together by Harry Angus of The Cat Empire! But could he have recently attended a Jewish wedding when he composed this piece? http://youtu.be/-BMtlNLnXxI
  26. Until one breaks ranks. It will only take one smart manager to tell his client"look your 22 and i can get you a contract with another club" "you can take an 18 month holiday for an early plae and get your body in tip top shape" "You will have at least 8 more years to earn a good dollar".
  27. What I was getting at was that Saad consumed a commercial drink of some sort and was done like a dinner. Essendon players were taken off site and injected with some as yet unknown substance and still nothing has been done!!
  28. First round - throw in Strauss, Blease and the steak knives
  29. Knightmare always does a very detailed mock draft, also watch out for Quigley and Snoop Dog. Chris25 is very good with is SA boys. They're probably the best four in terms of knowledge of the game. Machsy is right, these guys do this as a hobby, although they do invest a lot of time they're not always right with their predictions. But let's face it, even the professionals get it wrong as well. What they do well is to give you an idea of the type of players they are, and to an armchair amateur like mw who doesn't have time to go and watch these kids, I'm very grateful for their contribution.
  30. It's not because we don't have them. It's because you fail to realise they have been caught upfield or have not run hard enough to make the contest.
  31. I dunno about this one, but Paul Roos does!
  32. The changes that would make sense, not destroy the history/fabric of the song is to start it with: "Melbourne's grand old flag is a high flying flag..... and then Its the emblem of the team we love, Melbourne's team of the red and the blue. Couldnt really have a problem with that...
  33. He's clearly just aiming to bait MFC supporters, and precious little else. Don't give the human stain any oxygen.
  34. He wants us to lose Roos so we fall apart and he can stick the boot in and take the pressure off His beloved Kangas who are the first team in line to relocate Nice try Barrett you four eyed pleb
  35. It certainly didn't look like he was injured when he came off. He ran off, the steward tried to hand him the vest, he looked absolutely stunned that it was him and in disbelief. It was a bad move.
  36. Highlights of Pickett, Durdin, Petracca and a couple of others worth looking at as half back distributors. http://www.afl.com.au/video/2014-06-11/eyecatchers-round-three
  37. Lol Frawley going will not be a big loss.. Only at Demonland.
  38. I’m certain you’ll all be interested in an update on Biffen’s latest stretch in rehab. He is almost halfway through and they are removing the straightjacket for a few hours each day. His bladder control is returning but his lewd (and apparently impossible) suggestions to his counsellors are causing concern. Nonetheless hopes are high although he still calls out “Stuie!, Stuie!”, during his hypnosis sessions.
  39. We are gonna rely this much on a guy who hasn't even played a match? Don't get me wrong i'm excited but we should put this much pressure on him.
  40. Some more info: http://demonwiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=theme+song My understanding is we adapted the lyrics from the American song to suit us. Out of interest, our song links back to 1912. Collingwood's is the only song with a longer history (1906). http://mm.afl.com.au/afl_heritage/songs_history.htm I can't see any benefit in changing it.
  41. "Should auld acquaintance be forgot, keep your eye on the red and the blue" It means that even though you may (that is, it is a acceptable to and you are permitted to) forget about your passing fancies, you should always keep your eye on Melbourne. Basically, while you may have other acquaintances (for example you follow Melbourne storm in passing), don't ever forget about the team you love. Edit: put it in full context add it is a slang saying of old. "For even though you may forget acquaintances (people you meet or know in passing), always remember your true friends". It derives from Auld Lang Syne by Robert Burns. It differentiates acquaintances from friends. In this case the singer is proclaiming that "the red and the blue" is their true friend.
  42. That sounds absolute rubbish. Don't change the song. It may be strange that the song doesn't mention the team name but that is a quirk. Does anyone not barrack for Melbourne Bebside the song doesn't mention our name? Does it cost us money? No need to change.
  43. surely even you can see the difference in his numbers? He has definitely improved his game and if he finds consistent form, he will be given a go in the seniors...Not all the players sent to Casey are on their way out the door, some are there to work on things that will improve their game... We cant afford to have players drop in and out of matches... Sam has had to redevelop his game, build his endurance and then play his role on the field... His skill set is game breaking and easily of AFL quality, but you know this... If he can use that skill set defensively, he will be a very dominate player for us... Sometimes it can take a very long time, for players to learn the game at senior level... But some players can turn things around... Dunn and Pedo are great examples of this... Three years ago most here would have sold Dunn for a packet of chips... Jeez... I'm glad the club didn't see him that way... With the way this group has been coached and the way this club has been run in the past 6/7 years... Its really no surprise that our players are behind in their development... Our club took its eye off the ball, when we where heart beats away from extinction... We where all sold a desperate dream, so that we could fund the clubs survival... They built up our hopes off the back of high end draft picks and in the process they club destroyed some AFL careers... Was this the plan all along? who knows... They did manage to restore our clubs future... But the cost cutting and cheap player development plans, have cost us on field...
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