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    ESSENDON B: HB: C: HF: F: FOLL: I/C (from) Is this their final lineup, then?
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    Given the AFL is paying their legal costs before the case then goes to the AFL tribunal, I am skeptical as to whether any action will be taken at all. I wonder if Ahmed Saad had his legal costs covered when he brazenly sculled an energy drink at a seven eleven. He did drink it off site after all.
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    No conspiracy theorists wonder why it's announced roughly 12 hours before the World Cup starts?
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    i hate essendon even more for DOING this to our game. For the good of the game they CANNOT be unpunished if they are guilty.
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    Ps interesting to note ASADA did NOT leak the notices were being handed out today. PPS I wonder if James was enjoying his croissant this morning...
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    Absolute rubbish.Averaging 22 disposals 1 less then Tyson and 5 tackles a game this year which is 3 more then his mate. Would compliment our young impressive midfield just perfectly.
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    Relax, his problem in this case isn;t with MFC, it is with Roos personally. Roos dared to criticise the umpiring/officialdom. Barrett has a long record of delivering wet-lettuce counterpunches on behalf of the hand that feeds him. It is plainly a personal attack, the final comment does sum it all up "The gun for hire can't lose from here", declaring not only that Roos is a mercenary but that he is also being given undue high status. Such a beta-male stereotype.
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    They just don't know the difference in meaning between 'continue' and 'start'.
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    Frawley can go wherever he wants for nothing. Difficult to trade that.
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    Hird to Dank: "Give us the good stuff we are playing Carlton this week". They knew what they were doing. They sought an edge over the competition. The ran it like a military operation. They were 'smart' enough to get players to sign consent forms. They actively went around their club Doctor. They are cooked.
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    Totally know where you're coming from I am crying into my Chardonnay or sav blanc or whatever the hell it is
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    The makor issue will be a under 22 yo player who takes the risk,pleads guilty to get a shortened sentence{maybe} and get his 18 months out of the road and still have a career. As soon as one breaks rank shes all over.
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    Not the best of news from our point of view because the Bombers seem to lift every time they are under pressure on this issue. Of course, the actual serving of the notices is different and will inevitably be an even bigger distraction than anything that's occurred on the past.
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    Looking forward to team selection tonight, I have a feeling that it's time to make some changes and not just for the sake of change. We will be coming off a six day break so it might be timely to take some pressure of the younger blokes like Kennedy-Harris and Salem and to bring in a few who played last Saturday like e.g. Blease, Kent, McKenzie (who would be coming off an eight day break).. Lamashtu is right about the need to keep the tabs on Heppell - Bomber Thompson has already indicated he will be relying more on Heppell now that Jobe's out for the rest of the year (and who knows - it might be two years after that too )
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    Why would a WA native want to move east Who says that is what he is asking? And as if Freo wouldn't pay it (whatever figure it turns out to be)
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    Ok. The usual we are working on Defence first and then we will work on winning. Said Jesse Hogan is expected to play some games later in the year. Said some of the younger boys may need a break as he doesn't want to overdo it with them. Said Luke Tapscott has been cruelled by injuries. Said Blease was improving and was working on areas advised to him by the Coaches. Said he thought that if the goal was allowed to Vince, we would probably have gone in at 3/4 time 3 points down and then who knows what could have happened. Said the disallowed goal killed momentum and he felt the team were deflated by it. Said our disposal into the forward line on Monday was very poor. Said he would rather get a top midfielder next year than another big forward. Got the feeling he is confident about Dawes, Hogan and is hopeful of a retired player returning ( my take on it, I could be wrong ). Said Fitzy is improving and is another option and mentioned Kent as one who could come in maybe this week.
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    The suggestion by our Club President Glen Bartlett that there may be consideration given to changing the words of our Club theme song, "It's a Grand Old Flag" has raised eyebrows and received a mixed reception from club supporters. But what's in a club song? George on The Outer looks at this rather tuneful subject ... CLUB THEME SONGS AND THEIR ORIGINS by George on The Outer We all know our own Club theme song, but singing such a thing has not always been done. Over many, many years those songs have evolved, with the majority borrowed from other sources with the lyrics suitably adjusted. So where did they come from, and what insights into the team and its own history do they give? Richmond: http://youtu.be/LxMHbg3R00g http://youtu.be/5Cz92GzEt2I This clip explains a lot about Richmond supporters. Remember this when you next hear it! Especially the sexual overtone ... no, doesnt bear thinking about ... But the best version of their team song is this one: http://youtu.be/KBD49n36F9k Fremantle: http://youtu.be/pDsuU6v2gYE Original: http://youtu.be/E-qz4Icl3_Q Freo supporters should be serious vodka drinkers ... Melbourne: Original: http://youtu.be/GvdHKS-rskA Sorry for the American overtones ... Adelaide: http://youtu.be/otd-dfhzaEw Original: http://youtu.be/itUDOuFcWb4 and even more American overtones ... Essendon: http://youtu.be/AL0DRyhUt1c Original: http://youtu.be/MCN9KIPfMPE Visions of the prohibition era ... not much has changed at the Dons! Brisbane: http://youtu.be/i2OnZG6VnJk Original: http://youtu.be/4K1q9Ntcr5g There was something wrong with this played at the Grand Final in front of 100,000 Australians Collingwood: http://youtu.be/7lGXFVf7xKE Original: http://youtu.be/Zsbwba3dA70 Its bad enough listening to the original song they pinched but their supporters havent changed over the history of the club: http://www.convictcreations.com/football/collingwood.htm Geelong: http://youtu.be/akAkWj7kXt0 Surprisingly they tried this version in 1992, when they thought they would parody Pinball Wizard by the Who: http://youtu.be/oQFwnOIpej4 Original: http://youtu.be/Dk-g6tsbAhI you have to wait a bit for the chorus to recognise it ... Hawthorn: http://youtu.be/p2pumIAeS0c Original: http://youtu.be/StDpLge_ITM More Americanism, but gotta love Cagney! Carlton: http://youtu.be/JPpe2LVfgwo Original: http://youtu.be/n4NMnwrKwpk If you listen to the words it simply wouldnt be written today! The song was No. 21 on the White Star line orchestra play list when the Titanic went down. St.Kilda: http://youtu.be/--f9cjE9h4s Original: http://youtu.be/wyLjbMBpGDA Shortest lyrics of any club song. Satchmo is great regardless! Sydney: http://youtu.be/H1oQjBUeqAE Original: http://youtu.be/hSd_l508dwA What does shake down the thunder from the sky mean? West Coast: http://youtu.be/yr5vcF66lH8 Original: http://youtu.be/iVQPsro2p0A Why do all Mike Brady songs sound the same?...Very 80s Footscray: The song is based on an old sea shanty called Sons of the Sea Its such a catchy little number that no-one has recorded it. Port Adelaide: http://youtu.be/D2cUM71RA24 The original was penned local composers Quentin Eyers ( who plays in a Sikh band ) and Les Kaczmarek (the original bass player with Cold Chisel). Like the people who support the club, it is a shocker, and the alternative lyrics are probably more appropriate: We've got no Power at all Our ****s are so small Come on, Port Adelaide are wankers We are the Bogans from Port We're always in court It's true Port Adelaide tradition We'll never stop, stop, stop Growin our drug, drug crop There's history here in the making Port supporters are sad No-one knows who's their dad Paternity tests is ours for the taking With our drug network so strong We can't go wrong We're the Alberton crowd Port Adelaide proud And the losers are those Who've earned the right To wear the silver - teal And black and white And the Port supporters Oh so small True Ferals One and all Gold Coast: Original: http://youtu.be/qGPHbeNUDFg However I much prefer the Kazakhstan version ( rarely heard): http://youtu.be/GkVKyXDv81I GWS: http://youtu.be/epvc4wDWQCQ Put together by Harry Angus of The Cat Empire! But could he have recently attended a Jewish wedding when he composed this piece? http://youtu.be/-BMtlNLnXxI
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    Rich. Sociopaths don't feel anything other than what gets them the best deal.
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    Essendon team to play Melbourne this week: Goddard Chapman Geez they are going to be buggered running around by themselves...
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    Is anyone else getting the images of Tex's Bernie Vince cuddle pillow from this....
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    I can't stand essendon as a club and everyone starting with Hird should fry for what they have done. However I really feel for the players and really hope they don't go down for this. The player put their trust in the professionals at the club exactly the same as any melbourne player puts their trust in the demons coaching and medical staff. I understand that athletes are solely responsible for what goes into their bodies but I do not agree with it. Essendon betrayed its players.
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    I hate Essendon with a passion, but for the good of the game, I hate this whole stinking episode even more.
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    It's on the list And I'm only 200 m from a DM's Might get expansive
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    Hey, we're not poking holes... simply enhancing it :-)
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    I'll bet Dumbetriou is looking forward to holidaying on the Greek Isles!!
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    Until one breaks ranks. It will only take one smart manager to tell his client"look your 22 and i can get you a contract with another club" "you can take an 18 month holiday for an early plae and get your body in tip top shape" "You will have at least 8 more years to earn a good dollar".
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    Now that's not the in the spirit of this thread Bitty
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    What I was getting at was that Saad consumed a commercial drink of some sort and was done like a dinner. Essendon players were taken off site and injected with some as yet unknown substance and still nothing has been done!!
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    I recommend Some Kind of Monster. One of the great docos on a band (Metallica) that has lost the plot and they bring in performance coach Phil Towie fwiw
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    How unlucky was that poor bastard? Not attached to a power club, not a big name - he is hung out to dry. Total bull shite!! Apparently the drink was legal on some days but not others!!! It is beyond belief!!
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    Note McKenzie, Riley Kent & Salem NOT named in casey team all other emergencies are named. I imagine 1 player may play a half like Jordie did last week
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    Can someone please explain what a "show cause" notice actually means.
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    Lucky I deleted my post then...
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    As poor as we have been since 2007 in 2010 we had 2 in the final side and Greeny made the 40man Squad. Still believe Jones is currently a definite for the final 22 if his form holds up and Dunn would be unlucky at this stage to miss out and is very much a contender. Tyson would be in consideration for 40man Squad IMO
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    Would think on the back of 6 day break Salem will almost certainly be rested. JKH maybe not seeing he was the sub. I think zaharakis is there most damaging mid after Watson, is a goal-kicker which makes him a bit more dangerous then Heppell but not sure if cross would be able to match zakas pace... IN: Kent, Riley OUT: Salem, Gawn BTW it's round 13 not 12 as the title thread says
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    it could happen exactly the way we got tyson, who was also contracted.
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    I’m surprised at this one. He’s a WA lad and have heard almost nothing about him wanting to leave. Thought we’d be a better chance at Shiel or Treloar. A very well rounded midfielder. Good inside and provides good run and carry outside as well, he’d be a very good get.
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    To add some spice to this rumour, Coniglio is very good mates with Dom Tyson. By spice, I mean turmeric. Edit: Dazzledavey beat me to it.
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    That would be a massive get. Im not surprised though. Dom Tyson lived with him and still keep a solid relationship via twitter and instergram
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    He would be a very good get, from what I hear he is a great kid with a good head on his shoulders. He would blossom under Roos, Stone and co and would work well with Tyson.
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    I'm sorry Song, but that's clearly in the back.
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    He'd be a pretty good get, IMO he doesn't look an out-and-out star though, more of a very good meat-and-potatoes mid. Sort of like Trengove, but better.
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    First round - throw in Strauss, Blease and the steak knives
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    Fyfe would cost our first rounder and maybe a latter swap of picks. No more. Players invariably get to their desired destination these days. Look at Kurt Tippet, Luke Ball, Taylor Adams and Josh Caddy as examples.
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    Brayshaw for Ziebell won't happen, they are similar types of players and one is proven. Forget the name, family allegiance means nothing. North desperately need some KPP's though so if you wanted Ziebell a trade of picks might do the job. I don't think we need his type though, we need a bit more run & carry than he gives us.
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    GIve em pick 4 and a pie and coke. We aren't giving away Hogan, they can forget that. And as great as Nat Fyfe is, I wouldn't give away picks 4 and 5. I think Fyfe might be a legitimate target though, I don't think he'll stay at Freo - I wouldn't.
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    Life has done something to hurt you hasn't it Machsy. Others has previously posted seeing Hogan by himself, not smiling and looking, what they thought, a little down. Good to hear he was with other players and was having a laugh.
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