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    Me? Never. I've seen them all come and go, what will be will be. If players don't want to play for Roos, their loss. Roos will get as much out of their replacements, should they choose to leave.
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    Doubt it. WJ is on a Panama cruise. There will be people there who write on Demonland and hopefully they will keep everyone else informed.
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    Huge mistake? He's sounding happier and healthier than he has in at least a year, possibly more. His decision to retire cannot in any way be construed as a mistake.
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    The disconnect here is that this type of feedback is only for the fringe players that find themselves in the VFL. If they are going to continue to be as honest with these as the one I just read - they should do them for the AFL as well. It doesn't sit comfortably with me that we are publicly appraising fringe players and not senior players.
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    Yep, nothing changes. Over rated, over payed, over hyped and over there.
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    Could Mitch Clark make a comeback, and play for the dees again in 2015 ? His twitter feed, apart from showing he still has love for MFC, is indicating he is making a return to the gym... could this be the first step on the journey to the biggest comeback in AFL history ?? Mitch Clark @MitchClark11 6am start at the gym. Time to get fit again. Thank you to everyone who has wrote to me. I can't thank you all enough.
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    I'm going to be one of many to admit that I thought he was cooked, he showed very little in his time under Neeld and like many I was furious the club gave him such a long contract. I'm very happy to see him turn it around and the OP's point of "could he be the man" has been a really good call. He, like many others, are showing what happens when a coach shows faith in you, and in fairness Neeld played him a lot but it always felt like he was on a knife edge, for that matter just about everybody was. Now he is playing with freedom, knowing that his mistakes aren't going to over analysed and as long as he keeps performing his role then his place in the side is solid. No doubt his career best game on the weekend, and I hope he's striving for more.
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    If we had this solid coach from the start, the question is whether a player like Blease would have been drafted to us at all.
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    As a result of this post, i read the appraisals of the Casey players. I must say i am very pleased. Having a senior corporate background, one of frustrations of senior management is that often appraisals are not realistic in what they tell staff. Often they prefer to tell then what they think they want to hear. This helps neither the company, nor the individual. These feedbacks told it the way it was. None of these players could be under any illusion about what is required. Very Roos culture i would have thought, and a primary reason why we have improved so much. Well done (yet again) to the Roos/Jackson regime.
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    Annual even is on tonight it will be interesting to see what the reaction is and if there are any new announcements made. I'm sure that WJ will be in attendance and will keep all of Demonland appraised of the goings on.
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    That is very refreshing to see. The honesty and detail provided to players who racked up multiple possessions yet who displayed weaknesses in their game. I get the feeling that we will change coaches for the Scorpions if we stay aligned.
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    Well, that's good for the rest of the competition. He'll chew up a large portion of their cap and he's an overrated ruckman, occasional forward. I never understand drafting ruckmen in the top 5. Rookie list or late picks all the way for ruckmen.
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    I'm not sure how comfortable I would be as a player with (one of) the coach(es) posting his feedback in such a public fashion, but I agree with you in principle. As a supporter I find Allison's reports greatly insightful.
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    +1 for 'never'. These always go on all year. The easy ones like third year players will be done soon, the tough ones like Frawley will take all year, and then there will be a last minute of signing or axing of borderline players as our draft/trade position becomes clear. I think it's not something worth worrying about because you just never know what is happening behind those closed doors.
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    i don't think he's a spud, but he has been injured for two years. you'd want to be confident his body is right. he has a lot to learn about football too.
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    Blease isn't a surprise at all. The surprise would be if he mastered defensive footy! Fitzpatrick is one who I think got a bit ahead of himself with a few good games last year and is struggling to adapt to Roos style footy. Also has been changed from little ruck to a lot more ruck. I expect him to still take more time because learning rucking, learning how to be physical at the contest is going to take a while. Evans is the one I'm most disappointed in because he's had some good reviews. He's had a brief taste of AFL level. He's got the fitness, he hasn't been injured like Michie. And probably besides McKenzie he should be close to the team and could come in and play half forward, wing, patches at half back or even be made in to a tagger considering he has some fitness, speed and physicality.
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    Wow, NicNat and Scully chewing up millions of dollars, this league has far too much money to throw around. I'd give 'em 300k each if I was feeling generous and I had to choose between them and Damien Gaspar and Aaron Fiora.
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    Just got home a very good night no announcements just a few words from PJ, Josh Mahoney, George Stone and PR about what it takes to be a successful team and how you need good people in all positions. They are convinced they have those people in place and that the team is good enough to take it up to the other sides. Sat next to Jeremy Howe and he's convinced they have a chance to beat any team they play and they are looking forward to playing Port next week. I suggested he should take Wingard and he said he'd love the opportunity, then Chip came over and he reckons he should, it will be interesting to see who does. They followed Roosy on match day when we played the Bulldogs and it was great to get an insight in to what goes on. They had him miked up and showed him talking to the players before and after the game as well as at all the breaks, plus what instructions he was giving during the game from the box. He challenges the players about what they did during the game and why didn't they do it differently as they were told. They had an auction which went extremely well and the FH raised in excess of $600k. PJ said we need to get more members and the figure of 35k is unsustainable if we want to grow as a club the players are starting to show some improvement so they are hoping that the membership will as well. Chris Dawes got up and spoke on behalf of the players and I'd have to say he is a very impressive person, he feels the players are capable of matching it with the best and wants the supporters to stick with it as we are getting there. All in all a good night and if anything else springs to mind I'll post it.
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    just some find the need to stick boots into easy targets, we don't know who they are and probably never will, all this obseesion with Watts is just so frickin' passe', boring, tiresome and unwarranted
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    Delisted free agent??
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    Jason McCartney would have something to say on that front, as would ramanauskis or however you say his name ha, heck even our boy Schwarta!
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    Are all the player managers saying hold off till we see what happens with Chip and thus what is available in the salary cap? It could be nothing more than that.
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    I was at the game with parents of a a couple of players. My biggest complaint is that some seem to think they are gods in the reserves and over did it. No respect for the opposition. I would make one observation on Brett's comments. I can't remember many disposals Mitchie had where he did not end up taking the crunch yet had probably 3 turnovers in his 34 touches. Hard to be defensive when you are picking yourself up of the ground. The group I was with thought Mitchie was easily best and they had their own sons on the ground. Perhaps there are too much expectatios=ns on a 2.5 game player who spent 60% of his game on the half forward line.
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    I would have this guess too.
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    I would have a guess and suggest it's also part of his recovery. Fitness and feeling healthy can help someone with mental illness tremendously.
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    If he ever plays AFL again and it's not for Melbourne, it will be a travesty.
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    They asked Jones about this on Talking Footy, Jones was pretty guarded about it but couldn't hide his hope that he could return. I got the feeling that it was more to do with his hope that he's on the road to recovery. It's all about Mitch getting better, if he feels up for a return then I hope he considers us first.
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    could be, but most likely him not wanting to get fat like most men his age.
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    Seems like you can no longer coast in the twos. Allison and Miller are all over it. Good to see. Get the feeling the coach is on borrowed time.
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    man, this game is so far away, i'm taking a break and gonna worry about it next week.
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    Not a fan. I'd always draft the guy with skills and awareness over a learner. Maybe, I'm a conservative judge? I certainly wouldn't spend a top 5 or 10 pick on a ruckman. Unless, he was just as capable as a KPF. I'm just not for gambling on top picks. NN was a gamble.
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    Rubbish onfield, this contract is 50%+ for marketing.
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    To be fair, the guy has once in a lifetime athletic attributes. Pick 2 is over the top with the benefit of hindsight, but the idea that a player like him would have ever made it to the late pick or rookie list stage is laughable. You'd surely, at worst, take the risk that you could turn the freak althlete in to a footballer with a pick in the 20s at the lowest.
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    when Blease was playing U-18's in the same Vic team as Watts, outside runners with speed where still in demand. the contested footy & zoning where just in their infancy as the game changed. We were still trying to play an attacking game style when Blease started playing VFL, but the top teams were getting onto the defensive game & hard 2 way running, and the top teams were ahead in Elite fitness training & sports science as well. IMO, its imperative that all young recruits must be tuitiond into AFL footy by doing all the non negotiable, the basics of playing physical footy, tackling chasing, blocking shepherding, defending hard. most of our young guys that we recruited since 2007 have had it soft & had games thrown at them w9ithout these values instilled. bleasy got it easy, & is now struggling.
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    I would call that honesty; back in the 50's thru to 70's, this is the norm for honesty... its only the baby boomers children, & on, that can't handle honest straight talk.. Ray Jordan would have these guys jumping out of their bodies. Allison was just 'talking straight talk', after a couple of less than pleasing games on the trot.
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    love how honest these are and how a 25+ possession game can still be a bad game if you aren't prepared to do the team things. What a turn around this club is having. Dean Kent: Dean played wing, half-forward and on-ball. He had 28 possessions and we saw some really explosive run and carry from Kenty at times. He was an influential player on the ground, but his laziness with his ball use really hurt the team at times. Defensively, it’s also an area, he can really tidy up too, like finding a man quickly when the opposition has the ball. Michael Evans: Evo played on-ball and half-forward. He had 26 possessions, but it was a game of two halves for Michael. I thought he was one of our more influential players in the first half. He won the ball well with his run and carry, but his second half was probably a different kettle of fish. His defensive transition was non-existent and he just went away from the team things in the second half of the game, which was disappointing. Viv Michie: Viv played on-ball and half-forward. He had 31 disposals and used the ball really well, when he won it. He continues to come back from his broken jaw, fitness wise. Defensively, he was really poor this week, which was disappointing for Viv. His defensive transition is an area of his game that he really needs to focus on, if he wants to win his spot back in the side.
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    Wow, Allison doesn't hold back, does he? Makes for an entertaining read. Defensive transition...ball use...intensity...win a spot in the senior side.
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    agree 1000% .. there is no sugar coating whatsoever in that review, which is exactly the way it should be
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    Because at 12:00 he'd say exactly what you said. At 12:05 he'd say the exact opposite.
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    Again, depending on which midfielders are available from other clubs, that will determine who on these recurring lists actually gets the flick.. I'd imagine Roos will want to top up again on midfield talent that has been in the system. Similar to Tyson. If we can get a hold of a midfield combo again of one or two young highly rated youngsters like a Shiel or O'Rourke plus another Cross or Vince type and then one or two mids from the draft, I genuinely believe there will be no point in persisting with any of the following: McKenzie, Evans, Blease, Strauss, Nicholson, Tapscott etc We've identified recruiters who know what they are doing, a coach and support coaches who know what they're doing so identifying, recruiting and developing talent will mean there is no need to try and squeeze the limited ability the blokes who just haven't come on have. No matter how hard they try. It's upgrading your list. And it must be done. Barry needs at least one or two more years. He's had nowhere near the opportunity those others have. Tappy is unlucky as I think he possesses some really strong attributes but it seems hard for him to stay on the park. I'm already excited about who we can bring in next year. I'm sure it'll be much easier to entice some players to join with the state of the list and how we're currently traveling.
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    So in summation Welsh comments were backed up 100% by Allison. Fair but if hard work most of the 2's. it is a job the requires so much effort, output and outcomes. You can't have a week off. Keep working hard boys and push for 1's selection.
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    Nic Nat is not a spud, and i cant believe people are saying that. But he definitely is abit disappointing, especially at the moment
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    Or if he was in a Melbourne jumper I'm sure you'd say something along the lines of: 'Barely had a pre-season, is clearly injured but is an absolute superstar. And lols at Jack Watts and anyone who'd even dare compare him to NicNat.' Am I right, am I right?
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    Still interesting he wasn't named in the best, is it not? Why would he not be in it if his report card says that he was in fact one of the best? You're a funny one BB. I know how much you love him. And rhino, I see those cheeky 'likes' of yours big guy.
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    I think Jetta will come in and I don't think his inclusion creates any problems for the line-up considering he would have played last week with the aforementioned 6 other defenders, if not for gastro. To me that indicates that he is being used as a shut down player in general, not just in the defensive half. I think the fact that he was replaced by Toumpas supports this view. Chip should come in for Dawes, obviously, to give us that extra leading forward while Gawn provides the deep option again. I think Toumpas could come out, as he did some nice things, but didn't get enough of the ball for mine, and wasn't the defensive presence that Jetta provides. Give that defensive pressure is now our calling card, Jetta would have to come in. I think Salem needs to be given another full game. JKH's first full game wasn't great, but he built from there. I think Salem should be managed the same way. So for me, it's minimal change: In: Jetta/Frawley Out: Toumpas/Dawes (suspension)
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    I honestly reckon our midfield is so much better without him actually in it. He gives away so many free kicks and his only opportunities at this club was to provide a tagging opportunity. Which is now filled by players such as Cross and Nathan Jones with a massive ROI. Mckenzie is slow and a liability and clutters that extra spot we could use for a quality midfielder who has the ability to win clearances.
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    They just got rid of Nahas, who is no good but still a more useful footballer than Blease has been. So I agree, typical Richmond move, and if they don't snap him up, they'll surely try to recycle Tapscott. Punt Road Oval should be renamed the Tip.
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    Not only Chip, what about Gawny check out his stats compared to NicNats, Gawn must be worth $1.5mill per season. Gawn gets more kicks, more handballs, more hit outs, more goal assists and over 3 times as many contested marks! So is Gawn that good or is NicNat overrated? Stats- Footywire. http://www.footywire.com/afl/footy/ft_player_compare?tid1=12&pid1=3346&tid2=19&pid2=3108&type=A&fid1=S&fid2=S
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