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    Did all this happen in a place called the "Vault" If so....Look out....
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    2013 has seen a remarkable level of ineptitude from this club - staggering really. I have highlighted a few key stats - ahead of the median AFL teams in green, behind the median AFL teams in red. Under Neeld, compared to the median AFL team(s), we managed: 23 Contested Possessions LESS 29 Uncontested Possessions LESS 12 Inside 50s LESS 5 Clearances LESS 7 Marks LESS Under Neeld our opponents, compared to the median AFL team(s), managed: 5 Contested Possessions MORE 46 Uncontested Possessions MORE 8 Inside 50s MORE 3 Clearances MORE 14 Marks MORE Under Craig (and leaving aside the Geelong game which skewed every stat up or down), compared to the median AFL team(s), we are managing: 16 Contested Possessions LESS 1 Uncontested Possessions MORE 5 Inside 50s LESS 4 Clearances LESS 13 Marks MORE Under Craig our opponents, compared to the median AFL team(s), managed: 9 Contested Possessions MORE 7 Uncontested Possessions MORE 2 Inside 50s MORE 3 Clearances MORE 11 Marks LESS Our net improvement under Craig from the first 11 rounds has been: +3 Contested Possessions compared to our direct opponent. +70 Uncontested Possessions compared to our direct opponent. +14 Inside 50s compared to our direct opponent. -1 Clearances compared to our direct opponent. +45 Marks compared to our direct opponent. It's a staggering improvement, and while we are still some way off the pace of other clubs, the key determinators or run and spread in the modern game: Uncontested Possessions, Marks and Inside 50s have all shot up dramatically under Craig.
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    It is now proven beyond reasonable doubt that football is one of the leading causes of statistics.
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    I appreciate stats, especially in this easy-to-read format.
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    Yes, Jimmy Toumpas had an absolute stinker and was subbed out. But what I find most astonishing is that people are dismissing the FACT that the week before he had 20 possies and 7 tackles against the best team in the land, on their turf and in dismal conditions. Oh and by the way Wines had 8 possies against a far less superior opposition and in far better conditions. These boys are still kids!!!!!! They will be up and down until they mature. Although Wines is already a boy in a mans body. Jimmy had no preseason. At least let him get a full preseason in before making any judgment/predictions on him.
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    Why not? Hurley was ready made and produced early and was touted as 'THE NEXT BIG THING' in the Hereld Sun. He is not much better now than the day he was drafted. Watts has improved big time, and while he still has me shaking my head sometimes, he looks like he might actually make improvement into the player we thought he might be. At the moment Ollie Wines is making most of wish we drafted him. Maybe we should be patient with Toumpas and not bag the [censored] out of him at every chance?
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    Happens on all blogsites... I mean it's not helped by the over-the-top comments from recruiters every year. After the draft they interview 18 clubs and every one of them says they're rapt with the picks fast forward 4 years later and only half of the picks actually make it past 50 games.
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    Thats all i do BH sit around and think of how things can go pear shaped. Geez don't u? It's a dees supporters right! We are the kings of "different ways things can go pear shaped" NOTHING would suprise me after the last 6 yrs. (and yes I know a new boss is at the helm but would like to c "proof in the pudding" for a little while longer.
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    I realy liked the bit just after that !!
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    Floating between the VFL development league and VFL seniors does not bode well for an AFL call up (on face value).
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    Isn't it funny how a while ago the text messages between Hird and Dank were made public. Remarks from Hird that the players "were buzzing and up" at training after injections and commending Dank on his good work. Yet there's an argument that the AOD9064 isn't or wasn't performance enhancing, it was just banned. Does ASADA or WADA need any more validation about performances being enhanced?
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    Graham Wood was a master of quick running between the wickets though . Ask Laird ,McCosker ,Darling,Dyson,Wessells and all the other guys he ran out.
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    Just threaten to trade him to GWS if he doesn't want to play here. That's a hell of an incentive to stay.
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    I'm not super disappointed with that, to be honest. In my opinion, his recent form warrants being dropped anyway. He's had a stand out year, but he has obviously been tiring over the last few weeks.
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    Let's not knock Vlad now. He's our de facto el supremo. He can do whatever he wants as long as he shows us the money, gives us priority picks and keeps Jeff Kennett and his ilk away from the club.
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    jumbo won't fancy you leaving out the Geelong game. That's his ace in the pack for this ultra bizarre anti-Craig crusade. ...even if 80% of teams would get belted in a wet weather game at KP.
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    Don't be surprised if we see this set up: Petrie - McDonald Tarrant - Pedersen Black - Dunn Thomas - Frawley I certainly think Frawley will go to Petrie but I worry that Thomas is the most dangerous forward at the roos and neither McDonald, Dunn nor Terlich are capable opponents.
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    ...and there's part of the problem. They are taking the midfield places where Taggert should be played, at the moment he is sitting at half forward with a very occasional run as a mid. If Couch and Magner are not in serious contention for a senior berth then Taggert should be played there but maybe this is a problem of not having a stand alone team in the VFL.
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    Horrible to read stats show that watts averages more possessions per game than hurley, otherwise hurley averages slightly more goals and inside 50s while watts had more rebounds and tackles, probably reflecting positions played. Overall after ~70 games I'd say they are very even. Watts uses it better, gets abit note of it, hurley attacks it harder kicks more goals would be a layman summary. Another 50 games though and things could be very different though.
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    mine is > Roos/Matthews,,,, Bomba, Woosha, Craig, Ayers, Williams, Burns, knights, Eade,
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    Im going to take the middle ground approach on this because I really think that's the only one that's true. Neeld has some positive legacies. He culled where it was needed. He set good standards. Misson is an appointment that will leave us in good stead in the future. He had also lost the group. Was it his fault? I don't know. Psychologically getting belted in round one surprised us all, including the players and we never recovered. Was it Neeld? Maybe. Probably. But even the best coach probably couldn't have recovered the group at that point. The team was smashed horrendously at a time when self confidence was already fragile. I think it would be rate that beltings like that happen in round 1, and for it to happen twice was a bigger shock. I expected to see improvement moving forward whether or not Neeld was involved. I also expected that removing Neeld would be seen as releasing the shackles by the players. That may have been Neeld related, but it may also have been psychologically related ie release the building pressure.
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    Agreed although Jeremy Howe says hi
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    You're not in to gifting games... But you think we should gift him some games.
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    Has this same convo the other day with an Essendon supporter. Even he admitted that Watts has caught up to Hurley, and will probably go past him in 2013.
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    I think the Watts bashers of yore are sitting quietly and hoping they aren't forced to eat their words these days. He's coming along nicely.
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    Well I've been bobbing around The top for a couple of months in a boat. No communication available, especially in NT. Got a AM radio signal today. It must have been country hour or something. Got the banana report. Melb 139000 cases, Sydney 147000 cases, Tasmania 3500 cases, Adelaide etc, etc. They give prices from the markets. Not fascinating, but maybe relevant? There is a different category for lady finger. Never had one of those.
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    Right now, Watts by a mile.
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    "As of December 2012 stats provided by Champion Data show that of the 2179 players to have been drafted since 1986 (including those still on club lists): * 710 (or 32.5%) have never played a single game. * 932 (or 42.8%) have played between 1 and 49 games. So more than three-quarters of all draftees (75.3%) have not reached the milestone of 50 AFL games. * 292 (or 13.4%) have played more than 100 games; and * 74 (or 3.3%) reach the 200-game milestone." Obviously drafting has gotten a lot better so some of the first 15 odd years of the draft will distort the figures, but it still shows the fairly low odds of getting it right with every pick. Unless you're Geelong! http://backpagelead.com.au/afl/8020-a-national-draft-or-player-lotto-
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    The answer to that is that he wouldn't, he simply wouldn't go on if it was going to do 1% damage to his chances on signing target #1 either there is more to this, or the coaching situation will not be bought up at all.
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    I thought you people kept insisting that Neeld had nothing to do with the drafting.
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    I'd counsel you against hero worship, or unnecessarily elevating the status of others, but I accept it's a modern day phenomenon. Fawning will only strengthen your insecurities.
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    It's just a very good thing that you don't do that BH.
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    The other thing that doesn't cease to amaze me is the absense of thought given by posters to the timetable. I would like to know when the last time a new coach was finalised and announced at the 3/4 mark of the current season. (The only thing that has been strongly hinted at is we want an experienced man) This timetable is especially significant in our case considering we are searching for a head of football, new president, board members, AFL $$ and possible special draft picks. I am sure all prospective coaches have noticed these missing pieces and even Roos' with his "not at the moment" comment may turn out to be "not interested at all" by seasons end but I am sure he like all others have some sort of interest on how all these missing pieces will fall. We are burning no one. There need to be some understanding by posters that nothing will be finalised until season end.
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    That's what I meant but you were more succinct.
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    yep. that was nearly as good as the bit before the start - lol
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    Its a song by a man named Brady Who was singing with just three chords on his own There were lots of words about giving it a go But no one knew what he'd sung Till the one day when Mike Brady met a fella And he knew he wasnt the bloke they called Hunch, Mitch said he let him air it on the radio, and thats how we heard him sing sometime about brunch. A song with punch, thanks a bunch Thats the way we heard Mike Brady's latest sing stunt !!
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    It wasn't my favourite. Condescending, pitiful, banal. Supporters often complain about accepting mediocrity: there you have it in song form.
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    Am I the only one who thinks Craig has done ok? I think about where we were and there's been a vast improvement. I'm not sure what people expected.
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    They're playing him out of position for one and he had some wisdom teeth removed recently that held him back a little.
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    I'm not into gifting games but he needs to be looked at for a few games at AFL level.
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    Nothing improved under Neeld unfortunately. 100 point losses became the norm. Everyone wanted him to succeed. Unfortunately he didn't. The change under Craig has been both noticeable and immediate.
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    The question at the forefront of all this is still...WHY Why would they use this stuff? Not to lose weight, they are elite athletes . It's to perform at a higher level quicker. That's performance enhancing is it not? [censored] me...it's not rocket science.
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    "The Morton/Gysberts Academy "
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    No Melbourne supporters no there a different type of losses.
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    It says something about our season and the last six years that 24 hours before a game we are all talking about another team that we are not even playing. Anyone feel like dancing on a grave?
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    How's it go, Biff ... ...yes, no, wait, oh .... !
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