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    That is rubbish. He has played some of his best footy, including this year, against decent opposition. Typical Demonland myth.
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    yes, lets get rid of everyone over the age of 23. Then we can really get to the foundations of the rebuild's rebuild's rebuild.
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    Mark Stevens ‏@Stevo7AFL17 MayImagine Col Sylvia tearing it apart on a HFF for Pies? A gun .. But also for all his perceived weaknesses a loyalist grateful to Dees Well I can't blame him if he does leave hearing all the abuse from some supporters. We can't win a game and haven't for 5 years and the bloke he's still supposedly loyal to us. Yet in return, we as a supporter base want him out because he hasn't performed regularly enough against good teams. HELLO, WE'VE BEATEN 1 GOOD TEAM IN 3 YEARS! NO-ONE'S PERFORMED!!! All these posters harp on about how our culture problem is kicking out players before they're due.. Junior, Greeny etc. These guys were so cooked in their career they couldn't play anymore.. and we have a late 20's player who has so much talent and is finally beginning to sort himself out and play good footy.. He wants to stay at Melbourne and we want him out.. Guck me.
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    Silly post, the way i see it, the reality of the situation is that we cant afford to loso\e any of our good players. We can argue about whether he could have been better at other clubs or with a different attitude, but as it still stands he is a better player than most on our list. must keep IMO
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    From the web: Ron Gauci was appointed Chief Executive Office for the Melbourne Storm Rugby League Club in the NRL at the end of July 2010 three months after the salary scandal engulfed the club. Gauci has held senior management and executive positions in some of the world’s largest multinational and domestic organisations including Microsoft, Telstra, IBM, and most recently Verizon Business as Vice President Aust/NZ. Gauci is also a former Director on the Board of the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), a former member of the International CEO Forum and held a position on the Board of Governors for the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM). Gauci has spent the past two decades as a “fix it” businessman taking on some of the most difficult challenges. He has been described as an inspiring leader as well as the “go to” man when handling complex issues. He has a reputation for quickly ascertaining impediments to success and a knack for realising the full potential of an organisation and its people. Since arriving at Melbourne Storm, he has been involved in the restoration of the club’s brand, the transformation of its commercial business and the management of a professional and well governed organisation. From the devastating events of 2010, the club has gone on to post significant success in its off field operations and on field performances including securing the Minor Premiership and Club Championship in 2011 and most recently success as NRL Premiers in 2012. Yeah the Storm are a great team and that's a lesser issue but I think this bloke could definitely bring his skills and help us along if PJ doesn't stick around.
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    Reported on SEN. Must be true.
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    An amazing game.. He kicked 2 goals for the Red Team and was in the best for the Blue... Sounds like a few Melbourne players!!!
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    how could anyone want us to lose Sylvia, we have about 3 players capable of genuine match-winning class and he is one of them
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    Yeah 2 CEO's... Way to streamline that structure...
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    I must completely over rate some players after reading some of the comments in these threads for those people who think Daisy is soft and the Col is not needed. I wonder what he really has to do to earn the respect of some people here, it sounds like anything under 30 touches and 5 goals is not good enough. Let's all agree that he is never going to be that star player, he will never win a brownlow and he will probably never win a coaches award for being the king of 1 percenters like our Jordie continually does. Also, he is not a leaders boot lace but that's not his fault. Some people are born with it, others aren't. Why should be try turn him into one?? Memories of Brad Green flood back. He is a genuine HFF who has stints on the ball, ala Chappy or Stevey J and no I am not putting him anywhere near the standards of those two but his position should be similar 75% in the forward line with a chop out on the ball. Maybe if the ball was forward a bit more we would see some more Col action. Now from the half way mark last year (and after coming back from a big injury pre season) he averaged 22 touches and a goal a game which I don't think is to bad in a team that was complete filth. This year, removing the Essendon disgrace and noting our team is even worse than last year he is still averaging 20 touches and a goal. This is his limit and I don't know why so many would be happy to see a player getting these numbers leave. Most will say that he is continually kicking long to no one which watching, yes I agree, but also from being at the games he has stuff all options to kick to, we all agree there is no spread and without Clarke or Dawes I'd probably rather kick it to an opposition player than Sellar as well. We continually cry out for decent grade mids and the one player we have with some talent people are happy to see the back of.
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    This is tiring. It's players like Colin that are supposed to make us a good team. Not play well when other players do the hard work for him. I hear the same thing about Watts, Blease and others. How about these players actually deliver and who knows we might just be a good team.
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    I would be disappointed in the extreme if Sylvia left this club. He is an absolute must retain player. A bit of a litmus test for Neeld actually.
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    "Cheeeerrrrrsss guys! Thanks for the memories!"
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    I cannot imagine any club paying him more than he would get at the Dees. He could almost name his price and contract terms if he has a solid year.
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    I'm not sure old dee. Perhaps it's a CEO with the capacity and willingness to sell a story. To this extent I'm curious as to the abilities of Ron Gauci. And it will be interesting to see how Jackson fares. Beyond that, incriminating photos.
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    You're right, one could carry the waters...
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    New messiah every year....
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    I'm guessing he kept quiet while not being out on the park and will now say it how it is which is long overdue. Uncompromising leadership. What the club needs.
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    Darren Jolly? Greg Wells? Earl Spalding? Jeff Farmer? Stan Alves?
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    Surely not the T word. Surely not. Round 14 is shaping up as a massive game. Quite looking forward to it. I must be mad.
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    I reckon our best chance of retaining Sylivia is if Neeld isn't coaching next year. Sure, he just might feel like he owes the club something but I doubt he feels owes Neeld anything at all.
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    I'm all over it, right after I make MFC coloured knee braces. I had to wear a red and black one for almost two months. Worst. Two months. Ever.
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    Agree with your post, but I don't know that we should hold our breath. We'll obviously have to wait till the end of the year, but not so sure how many will be available that fit that description.
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    If PJ is not in for the long haul then the Board needs to sound him out ASAP! Cannot wait around on this one, for once be bloody ruthless and decisive Dees Board.
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    Agree, but I don't think Dids will will have another year in him after this one. Getting sick of losing experienced, hard bodied players and then hearing all the claptrap about how young and inexperienced our group is. This will be a big test for the FD. Can they keep an experienced player who has hit some form and is allegedly loyal to the Club, or will the FD f**k it up and let another one go with little compo in return? Get the deal done Dees.
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    Appoint a super experienced coach that he might think he'll learn from and play a big part in the climb up the ladder for the remainder of his career. Give him the VC (along with Clark). Jones & Dawes as co captains. Oh, and a nice contract with a bit of a sweetner. Maybe a guaranteed career post footy with a Company associated with a friend of a friend of a friend..... of a Director. Visy or someone similar....shhhhhh
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    I'm thinking his friendship with Dids could play a part in him going to Collingwood. I hope not as we need as many mature players as we can get. He is frustrating and I don't think he will EVER reach his potential but he is a man (physically, not mentally so much) in a team of boys.
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    Huge job ahead convincing him to stay. In some ways we need him to stay as hes one of few players of real talent and experience yet in other ways his lack of providing leadership of any form, chronic misbehaviour, and generally seemingly carefree attitude to his football would not be missed.
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    No Pay but there is a spot for a Chairman opening up!
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    A permanent parking spot at crown and a personal chauffeur
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    BMW with bumpers all the way around?
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    Perhaps they could time share!
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    We cannot lose Sylvia. More than anything, it sends a message that we are a horrible option. Right now we are not flavour of the month but we need to change perceptions albeit slowly. It must start season's end.
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    Give this man a medal. Thank you sir. Unfortunately there are many fools round these parts who don't care for logic... just misdirected emotion...
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    along with Neelds 2 yr contract extension everything is sweet.
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    Byrnes has had a couple of strong games against low opposition, a couple of mid range games and a couple of shockers. He is not there to protect the youngsters. He is there to support the youngsters and lead by his work rate on the ground and on the track. He has looked better up the field but will look improved as a crumber when he is at the feet of two true talls in Clark and Dawes. He is clearly in our best 21at present and will be until the likes of Kent, Blease, Jetta, Toumpas etc can consistently outperform him or players like Bail, Nicolson improve their disposal.
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    Yeah great news, we lose a talented senior player for nothing.... Just what we need!
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    Just a question for Demonlanders Are people really surprised that other clubs inquire in players?? IMO the MFC needs to get in front of the game and be pro active signing players now or planning for their departures
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    Why would we not give him AFL experience if he deserves it?
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    Demonland myth? It's not a myth, he has constantly under performed and shown laziness, a lack of leadership and selfishness for as long as he has been here. So far this year and last year he has been better and I'd have been all for getting rid of him a couple of years ago but I fear that if we lost him this year he would leave a large hole in the list. Not in terms of any kind of leadership or as a role model but he is a big body and to Neeld, 145 games experience...
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    I agree that his effort is questionable but wouldn't every Melbourne players be? For almost all his career he has been stuck in a pathetic cancerous team with no real experience of success - no wonder most of our team lacks intensity. As the team starts to improve so will Sylvia - they will actually be playing for something (finals/flag - because right now they know they can't get into finals). He is one of the top 2-3 players at the club and has been consistent this year under Neeld so no way can we afford to let him go for next to nothing. You will be turning in your grave the moment he pulls on a black and white jumper.
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    Age and experience of list critical to performance... or even just getting on the field. Number of games missed by top 10 players in club's 2012 best and fairest (up to Round 7) 23 Gold Coast 22 Western Bulldogs, Melbourne 21 GWS, Port Adelaide 16.5 Collingwood* 16 St Kilda 15 Carlton 14 Adelaide, Essendon 11 Brisbane Lions 9 Fremantle 8 Geelong 8 Richmond* 7 North Melbourne 6 Hawthorn, West Coast 2 Sydney Swans
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    But he's not a good player. He's lazy, selfish and turns it on against weak opposition (GWS game anyone?) We can Definitely afford to lose Sylvia and his attitude and use the cash saved to chase someone decent in the free agency period.
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    That's the sort of response I was expecting. All you guys do is speculate and offer it up as "fact". It's time for some objectivity. I'm not arguing that Neeld is the saviour but he needs to be given time to do the job he was employed to do. Simple. And yes, I've been to every home game and watched all of the others on TV. I've gotta say I don't pay a lot of attention to the written stuff. My faith in sports journalism has been shaken a little of late. You only have to look at how the press has now turned on the Bulldogs. It's all just sensationalist claptrap. In the end I prefer to observe and make judgement based on what can be substantiated. I agree, our results would indicate that Neeld needs to lift his game. The way the team is playing would suggest there is a lack of self-confidence and trust in team mates. If you want to argue that the players are not playing for the coach that's fine but how do you know it's because Neeld has lost their confidence? I think it says more about them than it does Neeld. If professional sportsmen lack the integrity to do what they're paid for I don't think there's too many coaches who could do much with them - apart from culling the recalcitrants and I suspect this process is playing out as we speak. A good number of the current crop will not be with us next year. Just accept it's going to take some time and stop demanding overnight success. It's not going to happen. No matter how much you scream for Neeld's blood, there is no real alternative at the moment.
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    I reckon he would dominate in a good team.
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