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    Mitch Clark & Trenners doing repeat sprints. Both look to pull up well apart from Mitch gasping for air. Good signs
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    Have done 5AA before. Rates with my vasectomy as something I will only do once.
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    Have you been watching us for the past 6 years? I don't even want to watch half the time..............
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    C&B not sure why you seem so surprised. Television is all about ratings / costs. Who the hell besides a few thousand Dees and Port supporters wants to watch a game as it turns out between both sides seconds. They finished 14th and 16th. Then add in it is being played in Renmark. Any telecaster with half a brain would not cart all their equipment to Renmark for 7- 8000 viewers. If you were running Foxtel would you?
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    I want to see more of Kent, i think he can push for a role as a forward or a dangerous sub. Tapscott really needs to pick up his game this year.
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    Ok so the following guys have been rested from the trip to Renmark, plus I'll add in Sylvia, Frawley and stay positive that Blease can make it up for round 1, but there's still a few spots up for grabs FB: Garland Frawley ****** HB: Dunn McDonald Watts C: Toumpas Jones Grimes HF: Sylvia Dawes Byrnes FF: Howe ****** Blease Foll: Jamar McKenzie Rodan Int: Viney ***** ***** Sub: ******* Now to me it comes down to a few positional battles. Small defender: Nicholson v Strauss v Jetta v Terlich Midfield depth: M. Jones v Evans v Magner v Couch v ? Barry Small forward/Sub: Kent v Davey v Taggert v Tapscott v ? Bail v ?Evans I think Pedersen is pretty likely to start as the ruck forward but so whilst I've left him out of the team I think we don't need a poll. However feel free to agrue the benefits of Pedersen v Fitzpatrick or possibly playing both or Sellar. So pick your men and tell me why they deserve the spots and whether you are a fan of them for the whole season or just for now. For me I think Strauss' skill and defensive work put him in as a small defender. I like the idea of 7 rotating defenders so I'll go with Jetta as well who can also rest forward and displayed some nice skilled kicking on the weekend. That leaves me Matt Jones on debut as a running midfielder because I think we need run and for the sub I'd go with Evans because he's nippy and can find the footy either forward or through the midfield. Kent is unlucky to miss out.
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    The AFL has said over and over, if we want better timeslots an TV schedules, we need to win games and draw crowds. Have we done any of that? At all? Nope. Until we start providing them with some value, the broadcasters will continue to ignore us.
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    So, it's a choice between Tweets and Twits...??
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    I've changed the thread title to accurately reflect what is being discussed. If anyone actually attended training and has something to report, start a new thread.
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    He will blow up half way through the second quarter. He and Trengove will struggle to impact 2013 at all. And mods - change the name of this thread to 'parking advice and fitness expectations.'
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    The only thing I can say about this article is - Carlton angry salary cap dispensation allowed Sydney to snare Kurt Tippett Chris Judd.
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    There was a guy last year called Rowe, or Rowie ? He was the most wretched person I have ever heard commentate on the footy.
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    Well if I was an opposition coach i would be saying its game over already. get his opponent to run him into the ground, provide an extra man downfield and he will be slowly starved up forward. we have to get him back to full fitness then play him. Unfortuntely a bottom side cannot carry blokes.
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    They won't even know our players names let alone bother mentioning any of them...
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    Big call. We're 3 players short of that in my opinion Quality small forward Quality small back Absolute gun midfielder
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    My team for this week Strauss Davis Sellar Dunn Gillies MacDonald Taggart M Jones Tynon Kent Pederson Tapscott Davey Fitzpatrick Barry Spencer Magner Couch Clisby, Stark, McKenzie, Nicholson, Evans, Terlich I don't care about this game, protect the players that should be playing round one, give some fringe players a chance to stake their claim. Week 3 and 4 go in full strength.
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    In the past 5AA in South Australia have broadcast the preseason games from Adelaide but I'm not sure whether they will be broadcasting the game from Renmark. I sent 5AA a tweet but they have not responded. They did respond last year when I sent a similar tweet. If anyone else wants to tweet them the same thing then that would be great. Surely they will reply to someone if they receive enough tweets about it. Their twitter handle is @1395FIVEaa UPDATE: FIVEAA confirmed to me via Facebook that they will be broadcasting the game on Sunday via the afl.com.au website.
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    We do not want Outstanding young men. We want men with mongrel.
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    Winners are grinners. Can't wait to string together a lot of good wins, increase our supporter base and membership. Other clubs may not win great numbers of games, but get coverage because of their large supporter base, eg, Tigers. Can't blame the networks really, they are only going where the numbers are. If we win 14 games in a season and play exciting footy, we'll get more supporters (hopefully) and greater coverage. Then it's up to our marketing people, admin people and us to maximise the opportunity. I heard recently that at the time of the proposed merger with the Hawks, we had the most club members and they amongst the lowest. Why? Not like that now. Supporters follow success. The big push for members over the last 10 yrs has brought out the true level of club support. There are lots of Haw supporters (and members) below the age of 40, because that period represents their long purple patch through the 70s, 80s and 90s. Far too few Dee supporters under 40, as you would guess.
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    In 2012 we were largely irrelevant Until we start winning a reasonable number of games we will continue to be treated that way.
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    I was hoping the game at casey would be shown, but I'm not surprised at all.
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    Yep the AFL blab on about integrity but if they can't have a fair fixture and a proper commercially equal fixture then what is the point!
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    45's Best XI Player Nation Age Tests Keiran Powell (WI) (22) 13 3 centuries and 2 50s at 32.66 including an average of 83 this summer. A very classy young player who has an obviously promising future (as was underscored by his performances in the one dayers for W.I. Also has 8 catches. Highest score 134. 51 in the world. Ed Cowan (Aus) (30) 14 1 century and 5 50s at 32.65, averaged 45.6 against the world's best S.A. lineup (including a century). Values his wicket and is tough to remove, often seeing off the new ball. Also a handy close-in fielder. (Plays for Tassie!) Highest sore 136. 44 in the world. Kumar Sangakarra (SL) (35) 115 All class. 30 centuries and 41 50s and a batting average of 55.8. 11 times he's reached over 190, second only to the Don. 8 double centuries! Wicket-keeping, captaining legend of the game. Highest score 287. 5th in world rankings. Kevin Pietersen (Eng) (32) 92 22 centuries at 49.42. Dislike him immensely, but his batting talents cannot be denied. Shame to say he's the Colin Sylvia of my team! Has an average over 44.5 against all test-playing nations except Pakistan. Highest score 227. 8th in world rankings. Azhar Ali (Pak) (28) 27 4 centuries and 14 50s at 42.26. Another up and coming player, solid technique and suffered a few dodgy dismissals against SA recently (including his teammate running him out!) Highest score of 157 and another who really values his wicket. 11th in world rankings. Kane Williamson (NZ) (22) 20 3 centuries and 5 50s at 30.27. Very young, raw but extremely talented bat. Already has some match-winning knocks to his name. Highest score 135. Also a handy spinner, taking 8 wickets at 53 (averaging 38.5 last year). 38 in the world. Tim Southee (NZ) (24) 21 Has 65 wickets, 3 5 wicket hauls, at 35.04 with a best bowling of 7/64 (in India!). His bowling average last year was 22.64! Also very handy with the bat. Has 2 50s, highest score of 77*. Along with Williamson, Southee is a young-gun who is helping to form a bright future for the Kiwis.18.74/35.04 (22.64 last year). 22 in the world. Vernon Philander (SA) (27) 16 Gun. 89 wickets in 16 matches (Very close to a record). His bowling average is a world-beating 17.13!!! 9 5 wicket hauls, 2 10 wicket matches, best bowling of 6/44, strike rate of 36.8! Another very handy bat, 2 50s at 22.75 with a high score of 74. 4th best all-rounder in the world. Number 2 bowler in the world. Pragyan Ojha (Ind) (26) 20 Staggered he wasn't selected for the first test. Has 95 wickets at 31.62 (very good for a spinner). 5 5 wickets innings and a best bowling of 6/47. Has averaged 14.5 over the past two years. 8th in the world. Tino Best (WI) (31) 18 Fiery W.I. quick coming back into the fold. Bowling average of 26 but averaged 16.27 last year. Best bowling of 6/40. 39 in the world. Ben Hilfenhaus (Aus) (29) 27 Very handy Tasmanian quick. Great bowling average of 28.5 and over the past two seasons he has averaged 22.06. Best bowling 5/75 and could be vital in the Ashes. Number 10 in the world. Between selecting my team on the fly whilst travelling abroad, beginning my prep-teaching career and now enduring some kind of indoor-soccer et. 4 year olds plague I can't be bothered defending the team (as if it needs it). It's been a haphazard arrangement on my behalf. I think the bats have a good mix of experience and I really rate my young guys. Cowan is iffy and my drunken selection of Tino Best has hurt the balance of my side I think. Mind you, Southee, Philander with Hilfenhaus and Best to back them up with Ojha and Williamson with the spin is a pretty threatening attack and I'd back Kumar, Pietersen and an improved Powell, Williamson and Ali to chase down any target that bowling lineup restricts opposition to.
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    It would be great to see Pickles get a guernsey. A rough trot with injury has been his only failure and the showing against St. Kilda a couple of years back proves he's got the hunger and skill to get and use the footy. Heart and head agrees the Evans will get his opportunities via the Sub although it will be via stiff competition from M Jones.
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    Evans is the bloke I think can step up and find a regular game. His run and carry is excellent and his over head marking is good for his size. Don't let jetta's body type fool you. He loves a contest and doesn't mind going body on body with someone. I think he is a defender not a small forward.
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    Coming from the Brisbane program I would imagine Clark would've had a better fitness base than many of our team pre David Misson's arrival. I'm sure there would be some lingering effects from the ethic he had previously which was demonstrated in him showing up half our team five minutes after arriving.
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    What's with all this 90%, 100%, 85% malarkey? The guy's not going to play till the coach/s want him to. Simple. Too much maths for my liking here.
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    FIVEAA confirmed to me via Facebook that they will be broadcasting the game on Sunday via the afl.com.au website.
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    TBH I don't really care when Mitch comes back this year.... so long as he is fit for a pre-season for next year and no I am not advocating tanking :D I actually agree that bringing him back early is not what we need. .... still think you misinterpretted what I was on about before though
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    Jack Grimes, Nathan Jones, Chris Dawes, Tom McDonald, Jack Watts, Jordie McKenzie, Jeremy Howe, David Rodan, Mark Jamar, Colin Garland, Shannon Byrnes, Lynden Dunn, Jimmy Toumpas and Jack Viney have all been rested. Yes, Allen we are 'talking about practice.' Good luck to the kids.
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    In breaking news from Ms Wilson "It is rumoured that Robson may have at some stage spoken with Cameron Schwab, providing further incontrovertible evidence that there has been serious malpractice occurring at Essendon, and by association at Melbourne, who after all play in the same competition as Essendon, under Schwab's watch."
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    Looking at the team lineup iv already lost interest in this game.
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    Cue "Duelling Banjos" (squeeeeeal like a pig!! - "this boy's got a nice prayin' mouth Floyd") - courtesy of Rundle Mall on any day of the week.
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    Billy, I am actually impressed by the positivity you have been expressing in your posts the last day or two, perhaps we can see if we can get Old Dee on the same page. Personally can't see Mitch being in the VFL, thought maybe sub for a couple of games
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    billy have you forgotten his efforts in the first 6 weeks of the 2012 season in the forward line. As a forward he makes a great backman.
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    How quick one can erase Kelli Underwood from their memories.
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    Sellars is probably 70% the player Clark is. With that in mind, it is smarter/safer to play Sellars at 100%, than Clark at 70%.
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    100% can include a niggle. Well maybe 98%. But we round it up.
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    having listened to 5aa before I would say yes but only marginally.
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    They are kinda strange all the time in Adelaide. I think it has something to do with the water
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    Hardtack, you do not play in the AFL unless you are 100% right, especially when you are a valuable commodity like Mitch.
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    The only concern I have is the performances and progress of those in my team, old dee. I couldn't care less how former MFC players go at opposition clubs. Just like I couldn't care for Travis Johnstone and other former players who have had little influence after leaving and only seemed to perform when it suited them, not necessarily when required or on a consistent basis. There is however one exception. Scott Thompson still burns.
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    I never said anything about them being nice. I'm not sure how that's relevant to my initial post. I was talking about character. If you have quality people leading, the rest of your team will reflect that. This football club has not had that scenario for a number of years now, as has been evident from our results.
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    I agree, Roost It. Nathan Jones is a quality player, but if he wants to win a flag, he'd be hoping for at LEAST one midfielder a class above him on the team, and probably two.
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    I can't see the current footy dept recruiting anything other than outstanding young men. At long last there's a system in place and a criteria to work against.
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    If the club doesn't win a flag with this crop of youngster, it never will.
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