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    I went along to training today, again. I have been to 3 sessions over the past week or so, so I think I have gained a fair bit over the sessions. Firstly, the way they are training is very impressive. That is, the structure and style being set out by the coaching group is impressive. I particularly like the way the sessions are completed in 3 main groups. The mids/forwards and defenders basically do all drills and acticities together at all times. it is a great way to get accustomed to each other and form more knowledge on how to work together. Secondly, the effort being put in by all players is super. The drills they are doing require heaps of running while using the balls. It is always moer enjoyable chasing a ball rather than just running. To start with my only real negative, the skills still need work. There are some players with fine skill, however, in general, we still miss targets too often. On the positives, individually: Hogan - A big young man and I look forward to his development at Casey. The work he is putting in this year will be great for the future. Dawes - Moves very well and I am very happy he is with us. He and Clark in tandem will be a tough matchup for oher teams. Davey - He is moving freely, it is the first time in years he is walking without a limp. With his skills I am looking for a big year. Rodan and Byrnes - Both have good voices and instruct people well. I think they have plenty to offer, particularly since they havve good skills and pace. Tynan - Extremely impressed by his size and athleticism. Looking for a big year from him. Viney - In the match simulation drills he is always on the bottom of packs and has great recovery. Gillies- Looks to be a solid defender and moves well. Is being earmarked for a spot in round 1. Watts - His legs look stong and his judgement in the drills is sublime. If he can be the 3rd or 4th tall I think his future is looking very good. His skills are just that good, he needs to run off the back line. Jetta - Really impressed by his effort and he seems to be quicker than I thought. HIs toughness will help the backline out. Spencer - I actually think he will be the number 1 ruckman very soon. He is huge and he has a dip (as does Jamar) but his athleticism is better. His kicking has improved, but he should be a handball first player. Jones/Grimes - both have great voices and they train well every time. Grimes is training with the mids so I would think more time in there for him this year. Blease - as others have said, his speed is the thing. In some of the drills today he ran and carried the ball for 3 or 4 bounces. He is getting better at giving the ball off, but he still needs to be sure he gives off the first option more often. Terlich - I really like the look of him, his skills are pretty good and he is really fast. Have the feeling he may be a regular this year. Kent - As seen in the highlights reel of his, he has a great kick on him. He is also really solid (as are all the players now) Needs to improve his decision making though. Fitzpatrick - Still looks unco, but he is so quick and athletic for his size. I am just not sure what position he would play. There are others to talk about, but if you have any specific questions I can answer them, as I have seen heaps of training so far (the life of a teacher!) Overall though, I am happy with what I have seen so far, the fitness and effort has improved from previous years and as a whole we seem to be able to train at a higher intensity for longer times. I am not expecting miracles this year, but I think a vast improvement is on the cards.
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    Gee Rodan a guy who has played 170 odd games and couldn't establish himself When Davey won the best and fairest it was the last time he was injury free You didn't dampen for me, I laughed
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    I don't think we recruited Rodan to fulfil the role of a champion. Hopefully our early draft picks of the last few years will come to the fore and provide that. Rodan's there for a purpose however, and I believe that is to add some maturity to a list that is very much lacking in experience and games played. From what I'm told, he's already making a contribution at training and it's the little one per centers that someone like him can add to the group on and off the ground that helps you develop a strong and cohesive group with a decent culture.
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    The Leadership Group is more important than who is captain. This is a common refrain, but it is not about who is the best player - it is about standards and having people in positions that force players to look up to them and respect the effort they put in to preparation and performance. If all our players had the dedication of Jordie McKenzie we wouldn't be such a mess.
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    I don't warm to Trengove as Captain, for his own sake he shouldn't have the extra pressure.
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    Australian one day team currently tanking
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    I agree with this but I have a great deal of sympathy for Jack. He was cursed by the "MFC messiah syndrome" early, played when he was still at school in the Queen's Birthday game and because of the Club's blatant manipulation of expectations surrounding him we have seriously, IMO, impacted on his career. I doubt I can think of a player who has had more press in his early years. I think I'm right in saying that even last year one of the first comments Neeld made was effectively a public comment on Watts and that he'd achieved nothing. FMD. I hope he proves to be a very good player, for a whole raft of reasons I love him to have the last laugh. Unlike BH I'm not sure he lacks courage I just think he's finding his way in AFL footy and he attracts far too much attention. And that is our fault. If he fails we'll have our fingerprints all over it.
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    He is certainly not robust stuie and Just think after two knee recos in two years they will bring him along very slowly. Lets hope he does a "grimes" and has an injury free 2013
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    Im also not a big fan of 2 captains....it smacks of indecision, Trenners is a bit young with Blokes like Clark and Jones in the side, who i think are more natural captain material. Would be happy with Grimes or Jones as captain and Trengove as vice with a view to taking over from either of these two one day.
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    Hell, I'm glad some of you guys aren't negotiating contracts too!
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    His comments have got 6 pages of comments from us so he's done his job (even if he is a complete [censored] while doing it).
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    I like it, especially with Chunk as vice-captain. The idiot in me also likes the idea of numbers 31, 9, and 2 being the top three in the club ...
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    seems big to me more like a social club committee
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    lets hope the Russian takes this a lot better than Moloney did.
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    Melbourne unveils new leadership group Great inclusions! Thought Rodan would have snuck in but happy enough. Well done to Jordie McKenzie as well! Very level headed person he is. Well done to Jonesy as well! Thoughts on the Russian making his way out?
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    In regards to Howe, I think he will spend more time playing up the ground, from what I have seen at training. He is super quick, great agility, and we know he can mark! He will be a really tough match up for other temas. His field kicking, on both feet, is also really good. I rate him very high in the club in relation to foot skills, and I expect him to have a great year. Possible Top 5 in the B and F in my opinion.
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    Rodan > the guy who paints the lines > John Howard > Cale Morton
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    He did a knee and unbelievably Richmond dumped him. I couldnl't believe it at the time. He went on to be a great player at Port and be a significant contributor to their premiership. By the end of 2012 they have a new coach and are doing what Bailey did in his first year which was to say anyone who isn't here in 5 yrs has to go. No reflection on how he is playing footy at the moment. He came back from injury during the season and tore a few games apart as a super sub. He will be great value. I have no doubt about it. Bit surprised he didn't make the leadership group.
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    I agree that Rodan will have limited tenure, but he's certainly very good around the stoppages, so he'll have some value while our young mids develop. But I agree with others that after 176 AFL games Rodan well and truly established himself as a footballer, especially at Port.
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    Cricket has lost it....Too much money in the IPL 20/20 comp Batsmen have no idea how to dig in and wear a bowler down "Who can stand in the way...when there's a $$$ to be made..." Midnight Oil '84
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    So get a copy Superman, How many other clubs make long term planning templates available to the public?? It's a nice thought but it doewsn't happen.
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    You wouldn't happen to be thaipantsman would you? I vaguely recall him taking great offence at the time...
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    fcs mjt, lighten up a bit. you are getting quite paranoid
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    maybe some ought to have been. Might have resulted in the right red a lot earlier !!
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    What a lot of twaddle some people are writing, this is a leadership group at a footy club, not leading anyone into war, or running a business if they get it wrong nobody dies or goes broke It is a group for all players to strive to be part of, as the group supposedly contains, as another poster has stated, exemplary professional footy players, who go about being a footy player in the right way It is leadership by example, and it can be a sounding board for young players, somebody who is a peer you can ask questions of Gee!!!!!
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    i think mjt sees a point of disagreement with some as "belittlement" each to their own dictionary/thesaurus
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    Too many chiefs... 'Leadership' is a most over-used and over-rated phenomenon, a buzz word really, and 'leadership group' is, to me, almost an oxymoron. It is in the nature of things for a natural leader to emerge, such that the ensuing arrangement seems like the 'natural order'. I prefer to think of these players as professional exemplars, with the emphasis on integrity and ethics. Instead, we'll have so many on the field that they will be leading each other silly.
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    hypothetically for mine, it would have to have been a top 5 pick to consider it.. considering that would have meant another midfielder (on top of Viney + Thumper) I probably would have even knocked that back in favour of keeping the more utilitarian Watts conclusion: absolute horse s--t
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    There is no limit to the amount of times one can use the words "arse" and "elbow" in a single sentence but that's not what was thrown at Hazy was it? By using the two words to describe an individual board member, he was engaging in personal abuse which I understand is sanctioned in the code of conduct. You were being disingenuous when you tried to make your very poor little joke above but given that you've been a long time campaigner to stamp out personal abuse of our players (and rightly so), you should be embarrassed.
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    My good chap, that is rather inflammatory, is it not? A bit of decorum pleeeeaaaase
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    I understand what your saying fellas, my point being that 9 is a massive amount of players to be in a group, it can create diversity and sometimes a struggle for power. I would think you would only need 4 a captain, vice and two deputies. Not that I have a problem with anyone in the leadership group, I just think they dont really need the lable, act as leaders on your own accord.
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    Just for you B59 2013 Melbourne Leadership Group: Jack Grimes (co-captain) Jack Trengove (co-captain) Nathan Jones (vice captain) Shannon Byrnes Mitch Clark Chris Dawes James Frawley Colin Garland Jordie McKenzie 2012 Melbourne Leadership Group: Jack Grimes (co-captain) Jack Trengove (co-captain) Clint Bartram (retired) Mitch Clark James Frawley Colin Garland Mark Jamar Nathan Jones
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    Exactly, i thought the Jamar of 2012 was ordinary, averaging only one mark per game.So he certainly didnt show much leadership on the field.
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    Garbage post. Rodan is'nt a superstar, but he was well and truley an established player at port. He's just old and was no longer part of their plans
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    To provide a proper wind break for Casey I think it would have to be about 1KM and about 150KM in circumfrence....it is flat as a tack down there...
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    Has anyone else seen this video thats done the rounds the last couple of days? Bad lipreading interpretations of some NFL highlights, its hilarious....
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    Not just the photo, but the caption. Perhaps MN is talking to his lawyer already, but I'd hope the club strides into this one with size 14 Doc Martens.
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    For all of you who love to SHOUT "close this thread" or "this thread is boring" or "mods!!!" this one's for you:
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    Watts failed as a fowrd, we now have Clark, Dawes and Hogan to come. Our backline has Frawley McDonlad and Garland... Watts better hurry up and find a spot to make his own because Pederson and Sellar will want a game and by the sounds of thing Gillies might be handy
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    If Davey can get back to anywhere near the player he was 3 years ago,it will be such a bonus for us.
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    Great report.......as for Davey and Jetta, it is amazing what an injury free and full pre season can do for you.... as for the guys missing....had a chat with Nev Jetta early on about this.....he said everybody is on a specific program.....if guys in the past have had issues with certain injuries etc the program allows for days off, gym days, etc etc..to make sure their body is 'treated' correctly.... .and they are encouraged to report even the slightest niggle...maybe why Nicho was just walking laps I am so pleased it looks like we only have 3 who are not in full training, off days included
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    I tend to agree Fan. It would be folly to talk up the significance of these forums. However in social media terms 2001 is an eon ago and very hard to compare now and then. Can't imagine many back then would have foreseen how ubiquitous social media would become in terms of being a legitimate source of information dissemination
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    Especially in school holidays.
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