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  1. I went to Casey to watch training with my teenage daughter and son. Trengove appeared, but did no running. His legs have lost a lot of condition, and I guess his left leg had the injury because Dom Barry's legs were bigger than it. NIcho did some handball drills and then walked heaped of laps, finishing with some stationary kick to kick. Dunn walked laps, and then was like a sidelines coach barking instructions during some drills Clark did some handball drills but nothing else. After an extensive warm up, one group of players left to go to a distant training track. Gawn, Magner, and a few midfielders whose names I forget. The best thing about today was that almost every player was there. The only player I didn't see was Rohan Bail (edit: Jeremy Howe and Tynan also). This is the first time in a few seasons that we have had so many in full training. I can't wait for Clark, Trengove and Gawn to join in. The main drill began at stoppages. Any time there was a spilled mark or poor kick the drill was stopped and Neil Craig - who led the session - would choose a spot on the ground to start again. Every player had a one-on-one opponent each time the play stopped. The backmen looked efficient and strong, and I was super impressed with Gillies. Very big, very strong at the ball and has good awareness. The midfielders were lively and aggressive. Jones and Blease were the standouts, Davey and Jetta not far behind. But the kicking into the forward 50 was atrocious. The first 7 times they conducted this drill the ball missed the forward target 6 times. It was a bit windy (when is Casey not?!?!) but the delivery was just plain poor. Frustrating to watch. Every other aspect of the drill was impressive. Cam Pederson attacks the ball fiercely in the air but did not complete one contested mark he went for. Every 15 mins or so they would stop for a drink, and do 2 - 5 mins of in close tackling, picking moving ball up of the ground drill. I was sitting goal end and saw the defense up close. Davis and Couch hardly hit a target by foot. Joel MacDonald was running hard and kicking well. The other backmen seemed impressed with his effort and efficiency. Jade Rawlings voice among the backs never let up. Always commenting, always feeding back. If needed, he got involved and would use his weight and nouse to ruffle a few feathers. It seemed to work wonders and fired them up at times. Interesting to watch Jamar and Spencer ruck against each other. Spencer matched him for strength and positioning, but Jamar has a greater tap sense and won on maybe 2/3 of all contests. But around the ground Spencer ran well, often getting into attacking positions with Jamar trailing. I have a gut feeling he will overtake Jamar by the end of this year and could end up being our ruck duo with Gawn. Aaron Davey was lively and aggressive. I can't believe I am typing this but his tackling was spot-on, both in close and on the run. Jetta looks fit, quick, aware and strong around the footy. Dawes leading was great - however on a few occasions his great leads were ignored. One last thing that I really liked. At one stage Watts turned out of defence and delivered the ball poorly out to the back flank. Jetta gave him a brief spray, and Watts acknowledged it and took it. I had to leave at 11am. Cheers.
  2. So wish I could go to these sessions. I literally refresh this page all day Monday, Wednesday and Friday reading all your posts. They certainly don't go to waste. And the interstate fans really appreciate the reports you guys post.
  3. I went along to training today, again. I have been to 3 sessions over the past week or so, so I think I have gained a fair bit over the sessions. Firstly, the way they are training is very impressive. That is, the structure and style being set out by the coaching group is impressive. I particularly like the way the sessions are completed in 3 main groups. The mids/forwards and defenders basically do all drills and acticities together at all times. it is a great way to get accustomed to each other and form more knowledge on how to work together. Secondly, the effort being put in by all players is super. The drills they are doing require heaps of running while using the balls. It is always moer enjoyable chasing a ball rather than just running. To start with my only real negative, the skills still need work. There are some players with fine skill, however, in general, we still miss targets too often. On the positives, individually: Hogan - A big young man and I look forward to his development at Casey. The work he is putting in this year will be great for the future. Dawes - Moves very well and I am very happy he is with us. He and Clark in tandem will be a tough matchup for oher teams. Davey - He is moving freely, it is the first time in years he is walking without a limp. With his skills I am looking for a big year. Rodan and Byrnes - Both have good voices and instruct people well. I think they have plenty to offer, particularly since they havve good skills and pace. Tynan - Extremely impressed by his size and athleticism. Looking for a big year from him. Viney - In the match simulation drills he is always on the bottom of packs and has great recovery. Gillies- Looks to be a solid defender and moves well. Is being earmarked for a spot in round 1. Watts - His legs look stong and his judgement in the drills is sublime. If he can be the 3rd or 4th tall I think his future is looking very good. His skills are just that good, he needs to run off the back line. Jetta - Really impressed by his effort and he seems to be quicker than I thought. HIs toughness will help the backline out. Spencer - I actually think he will be the number 1 ruckman very soon. He is huge and he has a dip (as does Jamar) but his athleticism is better. His kicking has improved, but he should be a handball first player. Jones/Grimes - both have great voices and they train well every time. Grimes is training with the mids so I would think more time in there for him this year. Blease - as others have said, his speed is the thing. In some of the drills today he ran and carried the ball for 3 or 4 bounces. He is getting better at giving the ball off, but he still needs to be sure he gives off the first option more often. Terlich - I really like the look of him, his skills are pretty good and he is really fast. Have the feeling he may be a regular this year. Kent - As seen in the highlights reel of his, he has a great kick on him. He is also really solid (as are all the players now) Needs to improve his decision making though. Fitzpatrick - Still looks unco, but he is so quick and athletic for his size. I am just not sure what position he would play. There are others to talk about, but if you have any specific questions I can answer them, as I have seen heaps of training so far (the life of a teacher!) Overall though, I am happy with what I have seen so far, the fitness and effort has improved from previous years and as a whole we seem to be able to train at a higher intensity for longer times. I am not expecting miracles this year, but I think a vast improvement is on the cards.
  4. Gee Rodan a guy who has played 170 odd games and couldn't establish himself When Davey won the best and fairest it was the last time he was injury free You didn't dampen for me, I laughed
  5. I don't think we recruited Rodan to fulfil the role of a champion. Hopefully our early draft picks of the last few years will come to the fore and provide that. Rodan's there for a purpose however, and I believe that is to add some maturity to a list that is very much lacking in experience and games played. From what I'm told, he's already making a contribution at training and it's the little one per centers that someone like him can add to the group on and off the ground that helps you develop a strong and cohesive group with a decent culture.
  6. The Leadership Group is more important than who is captain. This is a common refrain, but it is not about who is the best player - it is about standards and having people in positions that force players to look up to them and respect the effort they put in to preparation and performance. If all our players had the dedication of Jordie McKenzie we wouldn't be such a mess.
  7. Arguably the most extraordinary post I've ever seen on here.
  8. I wish I got paid to make up sh!t.
  9. I don't warm to Trengove as Captain, for his own sake he shouldn't have the extra pressure.
  10. Chip was 12 when that photo was taken
  11. Haha! What?! Here's Chip from the start of 2008, check out the neck, and arms. Same was Watts? Reshaped?! Give me a break.
  12. Well folks, we've reached land and are here on the Gold Coast where conditions are perfect for some r & r after the nerve wracking events of the past week and a half. I suppose you're all wondering about the shenanigans on the banana boat and how it all ended. Well, here's a brief summary: The ship's captain offered us some coffee once they removed our gags and freed us from the ropes that bound us to our chairs. He explained we had been caught up in an Interpol operation against a vicious gang of international terrorists who were using sporting facilities to store weapons for use in their nefarious plan to one day dominate the world. The leader, Al Kyder (aka Vlad the Impaler but a man with several aliases) had been captured alive and taken to the Pentagon for further questioning. His accomplice, the Michelin Man, broke down under interrogation after he was deprived of donuts and Tim Tam biscuits for 17 hours and confessed to everything. The son was released and was last seen wandering around Circular Quay in Sydney just having a look around. "But what about the tape? What happened to that?" "Oh, the tape. Yes, well Vlad did manage to crush it into a thousand pieces but that's not a problem. It contained a compilation of Barry Manilow songs - we managed to switch it back on the ship before Phil grabbed what he thought was the authentic tape. We made copies anyway and returned the original to the MONA Museum." Well, that was a relief. Feeling the throbbing from the lump on the back of my head, I asked, "But why was it necessary to attack us, then tie us up and bring us back to the ship?" "Our men have been training for this operation for a long time. You were wearing the distinctive orange and charcoal livery of Al Kyder's international terrorist franchise. They had to disarm you when capturing the ringleaders. It was only when they brought you back on the ship that we realised your true identity." It turned out that Interpol had been on to Vlad for years. They had vision of him sitting at the MCG during the Jordan McMahon game. The rest of the row was occupied by you know who and his punk son. They had the kid bugged at Hong Kong airport on his way home from the MFC trip to China and knew all about the plot to recruit him to GWS. His fourth placing in the inaugural best and fairest at Blacktown was a signal to the rest of the terrorist group that the attacks would start in four month's time. It was no surprise to learn that a rogue former UN identity had joined the AFL as one of its investigators. We also got the news that the AFL commission would meet on 29 January to exonerate the Demons of all possible charges in the tanking affair and, by way of compensation, the MFC would be awarded the first five picks in the 2013 AFL National Draft. The Giants were to be expelled from the competition at the same meeting (to be immediately replaced by the Tassie Mappers). All would be good in the world again. Things got even better on the last day of the cruise as the ship entered the Brisbane River. Redleg and I (and our respective wives) were sunning ourselves on the deck and drinking banana daiquiris when the ship's purser handed us our envelopes. They were from the Governor-General advising us that on Australia Day, we were to receive our Orders of Australia for services to the country and to sport. For the second time since we embarked on the cruise, Redleg fainted.
  13. Why is it obscene? If we were tanking it's only natural to look at who might have been involved, and Stynes was President at the time.
  14. Former Eagles player suing AFL, website I've raised the above article for a couple of reasons. Firstly, because of the story itself but secondly, as a reminder to posters of the importance of observing certain standards on any site of this nature. I direct you all to our code of conduct which is pinned at the top of this message board. The code will shortly be undergoing a review, particularly to cover areas where posters carry on their own personal squabbles to the detriment of other people's enjoyment of the site, often with multiple posts that hijack discussion. If you want to keep Demonland going, then please respect this and if you have any doubts, please consult the code of conduct. Thanks.
  15. Australian one day team currently tanking
  16. I agree with this but I have a great deal of sympathy for Jack. He was cursed by the "MFC messiah syndrome" early, played when he was still at school in the Queen's Birthday game and because of the Club's blatant manipulation of expectations surrounding him we have seriously, IMO, impacted on his career. I doubt I can think of a player who has had more press in his early years. I think I'm right in saying that even last year one of the first comments Neeld made was effectively a public comment on Watts and that he'd achieved nothing. FMD. I hope he proves to be a very good player, for a whole raft of reasons I love him to have the last laugh. Unlike BH I'm not sure he lacks courage I just think he's finding his way in AFL footy and he attracts far too much attention. And that is our fault. If he fails we'll have our fingerprints all over it.
  17. People wax lyrical about some of our new youngsters in the midfield but I have a feeling that Max will make a big difference to the club once he's fit an firing. (Disclosure: I'm happy to be one of Max's sponsors at the club this year) We know how important it is for clubs to be strong in their ruck divisions which form an integral part of the midfield. Max has in the past shown some glimpses of what he could do once be gets up and running. I was at Casey late last season (v Northern Blues) and was talking with a Carlton supporter and the bloke told me he still remembered Max's game against the same team a year earlier and marveled at his impressive ruck skills. His view was that Max showed something special that day with his ruck tapwork and mobility around the ground. I know I'm biased but it's young players with his attributes of size, flexibility and skills who can make a difference to a team. It's time for a change of fortune for the big fella.
  18. I have to say I am also emotionally invested in Watts, but I must confess if a swap for Cotchin was on offer I would pack Watts' bags myself
  19. Hi everyone, Years ago in my final year of Uni doing Film and TV I did a documentary on football fans as my graduate project. I've been meaning to put it online for ages and finally did it. It features our very own Mohawk (who was a top bloke to meet and have in the film) as well as different types of fans from Carlton, Collingwood, West Coast, and St Kilda. I'm very proud of it, and despite the fact it's a bit out of date with things (as it was filmed in 2008) the crux of the story about footy fans still gets across. Anyway, thought some people on here might be interested to see it. It runs for 12min and in my opinion Angelo (aka Mohawk) has the best line, I'll give you a hint; he talks about our old friend McLaren. Enjoy! https://vimeo.com/57635790
  20. He is certainly not robust stuie and Just think after two knee recos in two years they will bring him along very slowly. Lets hope he does a "grimes" and has an injury free 2013
  21. Im also not a big fan of 2 captains....it smacks of indecision, Trenners is a bit young with Blokes like Clark and Jones in the side, who i think are more natural captain material. Would be happy with Grimes or Jones as captain and Trengove as vice with a view to taking over from either of these two one day.
  22. Hell, I'm glad some of you guys aren't negotiating contracts too!
  23. His comments have got 6 pages of comments from us so he's done his job (even if he is a complete [censored] while doing it).
  24. I like it, especially with Chunk as vice-captain. The idiot in me also likes the idea of numbers 31, 9, and 2 being the top three in the club ...
  25. seems big to me more like a social club committee
  26. lets hope the Russian takes this a lot better than Moloney did.
  27. http://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/afl-officials-guilty-of-tanking-will-escape-criminal-charges-under-new-laws-designed-to-combat-corruption/story-e6frf33l-1226556434364#.UPikKCc3tt0 Check out the caption of the picture. Surely thats defamation of character?
  28. What also must be remembered is that we are a shareholder in the AFL not some sort of paid employee and as such we are entitled to be treated no better or worse than the other shareholders, if there are rules then they must be equally applied.
  29. Nominations now being taken for roles in the Hollywood production. I nominate myself as myself and Halle Berry as my wife. I'll be doing my own stunts for every scene.
  30. And yet strangely, many inquisitions over time haven't been about actual crimes or transgressions, not about proof but merely one entity imposing its will on another. I haven't seen he club budge, nor do I hope they do. A flame thrower will work because its provides its own fuel. Doesn't need to be anything at he target !! The accusers and conspirators have all attempted to throw combustible mud at us in he hope we capitulate. F*#k them !! For all the reasons we've gone over. If you want to make this about us, we'll make it about you. There is only one, thats ONE acceptable outcome. Nothing for anyone to answer for. Want something to burn ? Lets create. Pyre and chuck the likes of lazy and lying media hacks as well as treacherous self serving turncoats on it. I'll light it !!!
  31. There is a disconnect on this. Dragged into what? We did nothing more than 'bottom out' - which is what all teams do in a draft regulated sport when they are having a losing season. Even the NBA is rife with this and it has the 'cure-all' lottery for their draft. Put Jim at the forefront - we did nothing wrong. The 18 players we sent out there onto the field did their best to win their position and games of football and they constantly failed to do so for years, so don't get fooled that a few losses are worse than the rest. We were awful, we decided to have winning as a lower priority after we lost enough games, which is our right, and we did nothing wrong.
  32. WJ best of luck, the only way for a person to learn is to be deprived of something they enjoy, so banning recidivists is your only option to retain some sense of order. It has happened to me once and I thoroughly deserved it, had no problem with it at all and learnt my lesson from it. I know they can 'reappear' but most can recognise their 'style' and act
  33. I quite liked the poem. The juxtaposition of warring fruit and the descent of mankind . The loss of innocence ,yet still told in an iconic bush balladeer format concealing weighty ideas. BBO ,whilst proficient in modern banter and it's rythmic nuances, has re-invented a traditional metier and given it a new timbre. 4 stars.
  34. Mods...I think it might be time to lock this topic...
  35. I really hate the current trend in footy that makes journalists into TV and radio stars. Too many journalists overstate their importance - they are observers for goodness sake, and are are paid to find information and report it. Robbo, Caro, that dick from the footy show with those stupid glasses, Denham, Patrick Smith. All of them should lower their public profile and do their jobs with intelligence and integrity. All of them have their "bunnies" - either player or club - but Denham is NEVER positive. He has some life issues that cause him to vent his spleen on any occasion, and his pathetic stand off with Cameron Shwab is adolescent. I would not allow my teenage boys to drip vitriol like that. I know the ABC commentary can be dray at times, but I listen to them because of Gerard Whately, Drew Morphett, Stan Alves etc... they enjoy a low profile and don't try and lift it by bringing players or clubs lower.
  36. I must say todays narcotic rations given to our senior citizens are a credit to the cartels they came from. Hunter S Thompson would be proud of todays written contribution thus far.
  37. I have it on good authority that Denham was going to be traded to Kazakhstan Radio National (KRTastic). They love the stuff that comes out of his mouth because they can sell it to their farmers. SEN were prepared to accept a partly digested egg-roll. Win-win!
  38. You wouldn't happen to be thaipantsman would you? I vaguely recall him taking great offence at the time...
  39. Not just the photo, but the caption. Perhaps MN is talking to his lawyer already, but I'd hope the club strides into this one with size 14 Doc Martens.
  40. Nah. He'd probably have to live on the streets. Just haven't got the facilities for those (Like Biffo) with high level needs.
  41. I,m not saying its good Rob......I've been to many fatals......I am just saying that when your mind is that befuddled it is easy to take the easy way out.....Not defending it at all....
  42. i'm slightly concerned you took my joke seriously.
  43. Agree. I have no sympathy for drink drivers or those who use violence. But Liam has gone from being one of the AFL's most amazing stories to one of total tragedy.
  44. I think Frawley, McDonald, Watts could be the best tall back combo going around in a couple of years.
  45. Or a priest in ladies underwear,late for Bridge.
  46. Old dee, you should ask it at the AGM. that way all of the readers on Demonland can know who you are!
  47. I don't think it's a minority that believes your comments are racist.
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