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    Updated: Demon Trade Bait/FA: Rivers (Cats, Saints, Hawks very keen, Lions now also upping the ante) Petterd - (interest from 4 clubs blvd to be Pies, GC, PA & Bulldogs) Martin - (interest from Pies, & Saints) Cook - Seems likely to stay but Roos & Blues have interest Bate - Seems certain to move North most likely to Lions potential swap for Karnezis or to GC for Toy Bail - 2 Clubs making enquiries, Lions blvd to be very keen Garland - Fate will depend on Rivers but Dees keen to use as bait for a speedy mid such as Pearce Morton - Small interest from Swans & Cats, most likely to stay a Demon Moloney - Seems Brisabe or Bomber bound with PA trying hard still. Gysberts - Cats keen but Demons playing hardball & asking for Brown plus a mid pick or an established player w/pace, Motlop mentioned. Demon Targets: Shannon Byrnes - Good as signed - may be announced today/tomorrow Sharrod Wellingham - In talks this week with pies but potential Martin trade appears a long way off, will either be a Demon or a WCE. Angus Monfries - Had talks with Management, waiting on PA to finalize offer & Demons may match depending on other pieces - most likely ends up @ PA Patrick Karnezis - One of many clubs with medium interest, potential trade for Bate or Bail Danyle Pearce - Not far off if mail is right, she blv he will be in red & blue by next week,firming by the day! Chris Knights - Demons very confident, blv they are ahead of Tigers offer - Tigers win out & will announce probably today he has signed! John Butcher - Hearing more today, Demons going HARD. Could be part of Caddy monster deal. Gaining momentum in many circles =, that demons may be his home if a deal can be agreed on with PA Levi Casboult - Inquiries made & may be an easy get if others don't fall Dees way - Now looks close to re-signing with Blues. Tom Swift - Early days but discussion has occured Ben Warren - Most certain Demon among the lot, could even be PSD Christian Howard - Potential trade for Petterd Steven Salopek - Dees fighting it out with Dogs & Bombers. Aaron Cornelius - Seems to be available & Demons watching closely Cam Pederson - Now appears to be a Done deal according to many. David Myers - Seen as a key target with much more to come on this one, hearing it more & more! David Rodan - One of 6 clubs thinking about signing him, some feel Demons may even announce him today also, Dees see his pace a real plus for them! Quinton Lynch - Dees & Pies now in box seat, Demons offer far better will depend on how much Q wants immediate success. Nathan Lovett-Murray - Demons again like his pace, seems to be a back up plan but interest is noted. I'll update if I can be bothered later as I have a few more from this arvo.. For those who enjoy just knowing & understanding its all just talk & to make even simple trades happen can be tough.. ENJOY!!!
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    Bump. I was trawling through some old posts about Jones and came across the above - it's a small snippet of a post by a poster named two sheds jackson. I didn't know the guy but he was great value on here and had 299 posts that many of us wished could be more. He wrote eloquently about his cancer here: http://demonland.com/forums/index.php?/topic/16543-cancer/ 2SJ passed away in 2011. But the eternity of the internet allows us to know a little bit of a great person and you should read that OP in the above link.
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    Speaking to one of my friends who works at the AFL as a writer this is what i can conjure up. Angus Monfries has met with Port Adelaide officials and a four year deal was put in front of him. He looks certain to accept it. Ricky Petterd held discussions with Collingwood today. Travis Cloke set to sign with Collingwood for 5 years $800k a year. Fifth year based on performance. Eseendon have made another big pitch for Goddard. Four year deal with $700 to $750k a year. Didn't get along with Watters. Danyle Peace has had interest from a couple of Victorian clubs. Apparently, we are the front runners ATM. Troy Chaplin and Chris Knights are certain to pull on a Tiger jumper next year (though Melbourne is still intrested in Knights). Andy Otten has had five clubs inquire about him. We are one of them. Ben Jacobs obviously wants to return home. Richmond are into Patrick Karnezis. We, along with a couple of clubs, are into him as well. We are still heavily into Wellingham. Martin or Gysberts could be used as part of a trade with the Pies.
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    For those that don't get this: Hannabal was BH's best friend until they fell out. They thought along similar lines but there is only so much one can take of 'themselves' before it gets old...
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    I suspect people in this forum are confusing supporter loyalty with footballer loyalty. Why would anyone come to Melbourne, why did Garry A go to Gold coast, Scully to GWS or McDonald go to GWS, Money and opportunity. That is what Melbourne offers, there are some good players who cannot get a regular game with their clubs who are not prepared to sit on the sidelines while they get older and their dreams pass. Melbourne will get players, it may not be the side that some of these players would have chosen with their first pick, but it maybe the club that provides them with the best opportunities and financial reward. GA got 25 votes playing in dare i say a side worse than we were this year, that may appeal to some. Who knows maybe Swan from the woods will be a bit [censored] that those two games he was suspended in may have cost him another brownlow and that playing with melbourne may mean he does not have beams and others taking votes away from him. This draft is about picking up the best players we can now through FA and trading so that we save our draft picks for new or high value talent. It is also a time to clean house a little, in doing so it puts the players on notice that they must lift their intensity if they want to continue to play AFL football, cause if they get dumped by Melbourne they are unlikely to be wanted by too many other sides.
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    And neither playing group permitted a loss of 186. The playing group which you so support produced one of the wretched performances in AFL/VFL history. BEFORE neeld, not after. They played weak, unacountable footy all that year and only beat teams when the opposition was at a low ebb. I'm glad you embraced such a shameful set of performances produced by that group. I'm rapt that you 'back' the playing group - a group that is rumoured to have had half of its members not complete Dave Misson's fitness program before pre-season commenced. A group whose members have spoken alomst openly about not buying in to the new coach's plans for part if not all of the season. Be proud Hardnut. The group has done a wonderful job under adversity.
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    Both the above posts give at least some reason for optimism, unless you are one of the several trolls - and I won't name them but hey are well known to regular readers - here who seem to just see negatives everywhere (maybe they worked at Kodak before it folded ). GO DEES,
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    If Norm Smith saw that piece on the MFC website he would probably say: "What is this magic box in front of me? A computer you say? But they are the size of a large, and yet affordable, house in Burwood! A house in Burwood is how much?!" There is no point slagging blokes off on the effing website. Leave the bloke alone - he has heard it all and he is trying to turn it around. He doesn't need a public bake in September when he cannot do anything to respond.
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    Pretty hard to pay as an inside mid when you can't win a contested ball.
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    I heard from a very reliable source that two clubs are rumoured to be exchanging players in a deal that will send forums into meltdown.
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    A lot of Carlton people think Ratten is a lemon. So I guess he would be quite bitter. *groan*
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    Quite ironic then that the only pivotal contest Jack has won was against Jobe in the dying minutes of our only true win this season.
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    May be some room if Monfries is moved on to Port. Heard McPhee is on the move again. He should work for Getaway.
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    I would imagine its unlikely that Ratten would want the job at Melboure, but I'd have him in "in a heartbeat' myself ,as the saying goes. He's got 'assistant' written all over him. I know ,because he's told me, that Ayres would like another AFL job and I reckon he's more likely to get an assistants gig than he is a big one. Good record at Port Melbourne,stand alone club. Worth a try I think,but who knows what Neeld thinks...maybe Ayres is too hard arsed and just one of them around the place is enough. Surely mfc ARE looking for a new midfield coach...I mean really
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    paraphrased: - could develop into an inside midfielder - needs to develop his contested game - needs to show consistency when i get my kids to swallow a bitter pill i ask them to wash it down with a sweet drink
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    His year wasnt that bad, give the kid a break
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    You have said, repeatedly, that you've put B-H on ignore yet you keep replying to him. It's also funny because he has put you on ignore, so he won't see it. Please stop posting. You make this forum a worse place.
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    OP not comparing apples with apples. Simple as that. We are what we are, that is a struggling list, poorly developed with limited FD resources (until this year). It will take more than just half a season to turn around the good ship MFC.
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    Nice one, I'd be happy with any of these trades aside from ones involving trading garland!
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    How many ways and how many times do we have to go over this.
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    Good to have you back Nugde, no idea fi what you say is accurate or not, but I don't care
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    He´s a phantom, an apparition. Second cousin to Harvey the Rabbit.
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    olisik will go nuts trying to do all those trades... One thing, Nudge: Bate is UFA. No trades there.
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    That will be messy... I'm guessing 'revealed?' He's already reviled.
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    Simon Buckley was selected ahead of him many times. 'nuff said
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    If we get Wellingham,Byrnes ,Knights,Pearce and Butcher, i will be rapt. 3 good run and spread mids, a forward crumber, and a strong key position forward. Add Viney and a couple more talented kids to that lot , and we will have something to work with
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    Cloke probably always wanted to stay at collingwood, they do have a pretty good side and this whole charade was about $$. Thankfully his staying with an even larger salary will help erode the side a little as they need to shed some other good players. Martin is a possible trade as they do need a big man backup for Jolly and they dont have a lot of cash to spare. Martin would fulfil that need quite well, what Martin does not do, the rest of the collingwood team does do, so they can manage with him quite well. Who knows they may get paranoid enough at collingwood to go for 2 more ruckman just to make sure, i just hope they take someone like hille.
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    Cale had his post season review - same as everyone else. The assessment wasn't written for him - hell, I can't even believe it was about him.
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    Who gives a rat's about Geelong's EOY celebrations? Every year the footy world waits with bated breath for what silly costumes they'll all wear, but what's so great about it? Sorry to be a party pooper, but I just don't see the fuss.
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    Thanks. I'd hate half of these trades and like you I take it with a grain of salt, but I love reading it.
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    Why all this worry and hand wringing about some probably never to be built stadium? - the negativity of this site is mindblowing. The town planners working for the MCC have not included a new stadium in Docklands in their future planning. Source: a town planner emloyed by the MCC.
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    Can we ban Jack Watts threads ................... at least until he plays his next game?
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    What kind of a poster 'like' a post that is intimating that poster is a 'nutjob?'
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    Too kind. Too much benefit of the doubt. Half true, half wrong. Does avoid contested marking situations. But hopefully will improve this failing. We live and learn. P.S. I miss you.
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    In case you havent noticed footy is a contact sport.
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    Other players who struggled to get games in good teams, Kennedy and McGlynn
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    Can't understand the love for Knights.....90 games in 7 or 8 years???? NQR?
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    Honestly, classic troll behavior.I thought the Dr signed off and said his goodbyes. Thought that might be too good to be true. Thank god for the ignore function is all i can say.
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    The Big Butcher. Played only 12 games and is 21.
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    When I look back on Jobe back in 2005/06, reminds me of Gysberts. Pulling the "finger out" (as his father told him) and working with this Riley character and Greg Williams transformed him in body and mind.
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    Good points above, personally I would hate to see Ratten in our coaching staff. Too often he got emotionally carried away, at times I'm sure it would of hindered his logical thinking. Besides list wise he had one of the best midfields yet they were too inconsistent, lacked depth, and ultimately looked for Judd or Murphy. I'm sure Gary Ayres would do a fine job... far better than Royal, he has done wonders with the Port Melbourne FC and as they are not aligned with any AFL club is a true credit to his work. Although as rpfc essentially said, how do we know we are looking for another midfield coach... it's nice to dream (^^,)
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    If you are up to it - you could collate them all in the OP... (I have that tone of voice where I am asking a question and my head is cocked slightly with my eyebrows raised...) (Yes, it is a tone of voice...)
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    Moloney Picked Essendon as his preferd destination but rumours going around Port are willing to pay him a good sum :S
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    You are making one rather over powering assumption - that we are looking for a midfield coach...
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    I envy how the Tigers are seemingly now the most appealing club for a borderline player to make his new home.
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    You really think these puff pieces are regarded as gospel within the club? These are more about giving the casual fan (i.e. those who don't read Demonland daily) an overall view of the player, in an obviously optimistic view, knowing the Club needs members to sign up next year. Yeah, I can see it now. Greaves - "Yeah, I've got the report on Cale Morton's season. Runs into 50 pages." Burgan - "I'll just whack that up on the website, then. Cheers. Anything we can to give out information about the club to all and sundry." Neeld - "Yep, that'll be just the thing he needs. And if we want to trade him, well, I'm sure other clubs will be just as forthcoming with their information about their players." Viney - "That Pedersen kid looks alright, I'll check the North website to see what they think of him. Holy [censored], the report's glowing! Why wouldn't we trade for him?" FMD.
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