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    My guess is that the fighting was going on during English classes at primary school.
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    Not to mention you can get to centrelink within 3 minutes every second Wednesday plus your dealer lives next door!
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    No team has traded with Essendon since the Salmon-Jarman-Lloyd deal, because they never offer anything of value in exchange, and waste other recruiters time with ridiculous offers.
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    I want to thank you lads for making this one of the funniest threads I've read in a long time. You had me crying with laughter. That artwork is Gold!
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    Seems unlikely that it was a time issue mate, for memory Essendon were locked down in a room with GCS trying to get Caddy deal done, which was the reason we couldn't get in there? If they were after Beamer they weren't being too active.
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    No, that Cameron Schwabb borrows all his ideas from Demonland
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    I think I'm most looking forward to watching the human wrecking ball that is James Magner.
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    Could be dangerous JJ. We dissidents gots to keep our heads down. And besides, I might get mistaken for Rhino Richards!
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    And people complain about Melbourne's weather. The rains were supposed to never come again and those that did would never fill our dams. Yeah, right. The last time it stopped raining in NSW and QLD Phil Scully was climbing roofs, Dean Bailey was obsessed with being competitive, and I wanted to meet Daisycutter's Sister.
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    I'll never understand why people feel the need to react like this... I'd rather read a little story then make up my own mind about whether I think it is true or not, without the original poster needed to be ridiculed.
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    I think you have made your point Thomo....I suggest you ring our CEO Cameron Schwab and have a chat with him....eyeball to eyeball...otherwise give it a rest.... For the last time...Dealing with Asians takes time...they do not rush with the "Ferang" sorry that is Thai but the same culture difference. If this deal comes off it could set us up for a decade or more...
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    you can drop the strawman arguments too thomo
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    We could win the flag this year and some people would still be complaining we played round 1 NAB Cup without a sponsor FMD - to call this "....a low point" for the club You have to be kidding Come round - no sponsor - sure, have a crack - but the season hasn't even begun To be honest I'm more interested in seeing how our PLAYERS actually PLAY and let others worry about sponsorship Fact - with Energy Watch - we are $300k p/a ahead of last year from out FOJ and BOJ sponsors Clearly the club is waiting for the right deal and not jumping at shadows like some of you I'm sure Schwab could've signed 10 sponsors by now if he was as nervy as some people - clearly he has something bigger in mind
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    While it's possible we could try, over time, to change the colour of their logo to suit the MFC, I just can't see them agreeing to replacing the red with pink...
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    More like Eddie after making a statement like that!!Let's watch Bucks age this year. 4-5 hours sleep a night does that.
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    I reckon he'll be sleeping in the spare room tonight!
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    We are in discussion with the major sponsor it will happen by rd 1, to suggest this is a 'low-point' is an exaggeration of the highest order. We just signed our bigeest sponsorship deal in our history and one of the biggest in the league. Pull your head in.
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    You know this for a fact? I would have thought that the fact that Energy Watch is on the BOJ with a very large sponsorship coupled with the fact that the Reach Foundation logo on the FOJ is a temporary placement for the NAB Cup, might be an indication that a major FOJ sponsor has been in the works for a while and that an announcement is imminent. There is still a little over a month until the season proper gets underway, so it is hardly time for hitting the panic button.
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    Why don't we see what happens in season 2012 before we get worried??
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    Yes i agree why should we care about what collingwood are doing time to stand on our own 2 feet
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    Mark Robinson also said Leigh Mathews would coach this year... Just sayin'
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    Don't forget to include Neeld and Scotty Watters to that list. A lot have left, not to mention their injuries!!
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    Stuff em'. Leave no prisoners. If we lose the home game on Queens Birthday because of it then so be it. We've been to passive for too long, time to get a bit of grit and get stuck in.
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    sorry about that, struggling to post from the iphone. Thomo, just remember whos 'charity' it is we are supporting. Lets show a little respect.
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    How was Leigh Brown pinched from Collingwood? As far as I know he was a retired player when offered a role at MFC or can't you take a new job after you've resigned from Collingworld? Insecure bunch over there!
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    Who still maintains Neeld didn't already have someone in mind when Barry 'left' the club?
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    Here is my team for the first game (I have made it with the goal of fielding a team that has a good chance to win while also giving young guys a good run) B: Bartram Frawley Garland HB: Grimes Sellar Bail C: Gysberts Moloney Nicholson HF: Sylvia Watts Howe F: Green Clark Petterd Foll: Jamar Jones Magner Interchange: Martin Bate Subs: Tynan Couch
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    Woah there, I live in said suburb, and given it takes me 25 minutes to walk to the MCG, 30 to walk to the city, 20 minutes on the tram to Etihad, and 10 minutes on the bike to AAMI park/Gosch's paddock, you'd want to live somewhere pretty f***ing special to make me move there......
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    It must never be forgotten, or should i say, we must remind ourselves Collingwood is a suburb of Melbourne. It is time for this club to go out and get whatever it takes to win multiple Flags as we have done. The supporters have cleared the debt. Now do it.
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    Let's give Todd a go FCS. He knows a fair bit about AFL you know. Played at the highest level level. B& F's Assistant Premiership coach Was a senior coach of this list for 5 games last year. He may be just the the man to target what we need because he knows what we lack. Give the guy some respect. Stop hand wringing Rhino the sun will rise tomorrow.
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    & don't Let the little feable hearted Runt, ever forget... for we Are Melbourne, The one & Only, 'First' Aussie Rules Club on ther planet. We have NO Place for the feable on Our Patch, the 'G'...
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    When looking at Chinese companies you should first look at Japanese and Korean companies Both Japanese and Korean companies showed they were on a fast rising quality path Does anyone remember the early Hondas and early Hyundai and Kias? Chinese companies are on similar fast track cycles. Todays 4-star chinese companies are tomorrows 5-star companies A bit like the MFC....eh? There's a nice synergy there. Oh, and the money's good too
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    Can I Just say a few words about what some see as negative comments. We at the Melbourne Football Club have suffered much defeat on and off the field for nearly Five decades , Despite near extinction of this proud club ,the oldest football club on the planet ,we have managed to survive this long period of failure and have seen off setbacks ,disappointments and traitors who call themselves professionals .Somehow we're still here . Maybe there is a little bit of the amateur spirit in our club -the belief that the jumper should mean something despite the modern world affixing a dollar value to everything and everyone .Maybe we are naive and old-fashioned in our belief that loyalty still has a part to play in human endeavour .Maybe we are just plain stupid-stuck in a time warp where men were men and a mans' word was his bond and his honour. The world has moved on since 1964 .Ronald Dale Barrassi and Norm Smith are no longer powerful men in this competition .They were betrayed by men who never knew the importance of loyalty forged through battle ,men who believed that real power comes from clever administration and astute ,passionless decision-making .In turn these men were forced to leave not just a football club ,but their home . When I remember the tears streaming down faces in 1987 after we lost a game on a technicality from an error made by an Irishman .When I remember that same club stomping on our hopeful dreams by a record margin .I have nothing but hatred and loathing for the Hawthorn football club .I think hatred still has a part to play in the human heart because it is a human emotion that we feel when we have been wronged. Hatred lies in the hearts of men to this day because we are human .I have no problem with rage and hatred and passion because they mean we are still alive and we still feel like a wrong must be righted . Don't tell me that the world is a different place now and that football is just a business .When I take my son to watch us win a Grand Final in the next few years he wont understand what the business side means .He will watch the tears stream down my face and see that his old man is alive and well ,and has passion for this life .Until then , I refuse to forgive my enemies .I refuse to accept the "realities" of the modern world and the almighty dollar .I refuse to forgive those who have betrayed this great club .I stand side by side with those who maintain their hatred of those that have wronged us ,who have robbed us ,and betrayed us . I may forgive one day but I will not forget .
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    I don't care if we are sponsored by the reject shop JUST GIVE US THE CASH!!
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    DB, heat might not be a factor but humidity will. Even when it rains it still can be very humid especially in Feb.
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    If the club continued to accept less than a professional discipline, then we would still be rock bottom. Every player at the club now understands what is expected..................no,........ demanded, of them now. This is Neeld's gift to the players. Bailey did not have this demand and we saw what happened with his results. Can't believe many on here don't approve of Blease's treatment. Soft attitudes there ! In a successful environment, all persons will toe the line or the whole structure falls a peg. Stop making excuses for tardy efforts. The MFC needs to change attitudes here, big time. Get on with the stronger work ethic and do what you are paid to do.....perform and be punctual or suffer the consequence. Neeld has had at least 2 blow ups so far and a few players are very, very red faced. Should have happened 5 years ago!!!! Playing senior footy depends upon the committment now. Great decision I reckon!
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    Honoured to be acknowledged by the reigning UF Premier in 2011 Looking forward to round one also DL7 As the bottom line of your signature states - Bring On 2012
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    Actually , Rudi took credit for what was a quirk of free contraception and legal abortion in NYC during the 70's that resulted in less unwanted kids and less crime. The "broken window" policy and ZT policy lead to a huge prison system .What the world needs is population control-and an alarm clock for Sammy .
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    Port Adelaide were trying to give pick 8 and another 1st round pick two years ago to get our pick 2, for Trengove. I realise it's obvious, but to get real class like Gaff you have to give a lot. If our picks are now worth equal to what Port Adelaide were offering, it would be fair if Gaff is close to that stratosphere. Whether he is worth it i have no idea. I do believe it is worth it to Melbourne in its present position of decent depth, to have one A grade rather than 2 B+. It is not always the case. last year St Kilda lost Hayes (A+) and only could replace him with C grade as they had crap depth. They might have a different view.
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