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    It's relatively clear to me, and just as clearly defined as any other role at the football club. Maybe the problem is with your comprehension?
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    No offense, but I think these pictures are for highest priced supercoach players from each team. We should be happy Tom Scully is not even close to being the highest prized supercoach player in GWS.
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    Well you will be hopefully pleased when actions speak louder than words.
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    That's a very interesting perspective Oracle. My highlight prediction for 2012 is that during the year Andy Demetriou will suddenly resign as AFL CEO to take up a similar role with the Indian Cricket Board. One of his first responsibilities will be to investigate the problems on the sub continent of corruption and gambling on cricket matches and after an exhaustive two day inquiry into the subject he will absolve all parties suspected of wrongdoing and give the all clear declaring that the sport is well run and that there's no gambling problem in Indian cricket.
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