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    I picked this up from Adam (Supermercado)'s twitter. The State Library has the Footy Record on line all the way up to 1989. FOOTY RECORD
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    Surely we can trust Barry and the recruiting tam after picking up Troy Davis (no.50) & Tom McDonald (53) in last year's draft. If we could do the same this year, I for one, would be rapt. Furthermore, picking up Nicholson, Evans & Lawrence as rookies just added the icing on the cake. At least if we make mistakes in the rookies area , we can easily drop them off next year for the Super draft of 2012.
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    The article Redleg's referring to is entitled "Media lock-in before draft" but it isn't available on the web but it says that the first round selections 1 to 26 will be made behind closed doors. Andrew Demetriou will then count down the selections from 10 to 1 for the television coverage. Selections 11 to 26 will then be "ripped through quickly" and then the live coverage will commence at # 27. At least from a timing point of view, things should move pretty crisply.
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    Just some of the quality you can come away with...
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    My preferred scenario is for GW$ to drive up his price so much that the Pies are forced to pay heaps, thus leaving the Northern Filth without the player and the Southern Filth with the task of trying to keep him without losing other good players. May they both end up rooted with the Pies playing Pendles + 21 Irishmen and GWS wondering why they paid so much for somebody whose knee exploded one minute into round one.
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    I believe this guy is the most important and worthwhile investment we have made,possibly ever.The team of Neeld & Misson could be the best move we have ever made.Thanks Gary Lyon.
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    I bet Simon Eishold is very glad the Internet did not exist in 1987!!
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    We got the same as Geelong got for Ablett. We won't get more than that. Time to move on.
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    It's not me. it's you. It's over!
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    Does that mean we shouldn't invest in any more non-indigenous players?? I could mount a case to say they have been equally if not more inconsistent than the indigenous players. How about we pick the best players we can irrespective of their background and back our systems to make them the best they can be.
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