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    I am so proud of the boys tonight. I've almost got a tear in my eye. We've been smashed from pillar to post these last three weeks, some of it warranted, some of it over the top, and when the Swans got 20 odd points up you could argue that we were in big, big trouble. But we didn't panic. We went back to playing the Melbourne way. We hassled. We tackled. And by God we took our chances. This was a modern Melbourne performance and you could almost sense, when we got up, that we weren't going to give it up. The one person I want to single out is Nathan Jones. Under the pump from all and sundry, he steps up to kick three crucial, captain's goals to help us win this game of footy. How bloody good is it? Right the man off at your peril. I also thought Marty Hore, another to cop it on here, really stood up down back, particularly early. Also to Frosty who did a pretty good job on Buddy! But stuff it. How good is it, everyone? I love this club. We have won this game when, with the injuries and the history against the Swans, we had no right to win it. As I said earlier, it's shades of the '98 game over in Perth. Kudos to the coaches, players and everyone else involved for lifting and keeping our season well and truly alive. And I'm proud that I never lost the faith! DEMONS!
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    I was there for 1 hr. Very windy conditions. Pruess - not convinced he will play this week, trained away from main group and left track early, taking 1 handed chest marks as to not favour his crook shoulder. May, Lever, Bradkte, Maynard - trained away from main group. AVB, Hannan, KK - not sighted. Lewis, Lockhart, Jetta - all trained fully and are available for selection, Lewis looked good. Sparrow stood out to me in match simulation, was in everything... ANB was training hard also.
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    I cannot see us losing tonight so I’m going to leave at 3/4 time
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    Can we get Eddie McGuire to toss the coin down at the cattery? I hear he's an expert tossar
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    https://outline.com/68mPBt Should be a rule to use outline.com for articles that get posted
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    Casey defeated Geelong 12-7-79 to 7-9-51 Carryover emergency : Hore Goal scorers : 2 Stretch, T.Smith, Keilty, Gent 1 Preuss, Chandler, C.Wagner, Munro TEAM B: WHITE, HUTCHINS, TYNAN HB: J.WAGNER, PETTY, MUNRO C : BAKER, MAYNARD, MCCAFFERY HF: C.WAGNER, T.SMITH, GENT F: BEDFORD, KEILTY, CHANDLER FOLL: PREUSS, STRETCH, SPARGO IC: STOCKDALE, STEPHENSON, D.COLLIS, W.COLLIS, M.LEWIS, WALE-BUXTON, D.FRITSCH, GAHAN SPARGO: Disappointing, slow start got into it a little bit but is a long way from a senior recall. BEDFORD: Quiet done a few good defensive things finds it hard to find the ball. STRETCH: Had a blinder he was everywhere and kicked 2 goals very close to senior selection. MAYNARD: Nothing to write home about really a few good inside things but he isn't playing near his best like he did a few years ago. PREUSS: Beat his opponent in Zac Smith but needs to do more around the ground. BAKER: Just a game done a few good runs but that was about it. PETTY: A class above Oscar should be in the side. Done everything right. CHANDLER: A work in progress but showed some good signs. T.SMITH: After a slow start worked into it Pretty well, missed a few shots but kicked 2. C.WAGNER: Fantastic game but let's himself down by foot sometimes. J.WAGNER: Really good second half a solid backman. KEILTY: After a good start realitively quiet took some good marks. McCaffery spent the second half on the bench not sure if injured. Good to see Hutchins at full back as solid as ever don't play him forward again.
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    It's two things. You can pin it on specific players all you like, but individuals aren't really the problem for us right now. It's how quickly we move the ball, and the poor use of the ball going forward. Both are related. We get it, we bomb it and we generally turn it over at the moment. Our gameplan is to kick it in there, keep it in there and get a goal. Every now and then we might hit a lead, or get someone out the back, but it's a rarity. Teams have pretty much worked us out when we go forward. A prime example for me was the first foray forward in the last term. Melksham marks, turns and kicks... to basically a three on one, as the Cats all went straight to the hot spot. When the ball hits the deck they have the numbers, because we usually don't move it quick enough, and then they run it down the other end as they've set up to do so, while we have sent numbers forward to lock the ball in. They have acres of space to hit targets and we can't defend it. I'm an optimist, but this isn't working. We need to look closely at it. What's the fix? Weideman and Tom McDonald can't get near it, so we get stuck into them, but what chance to they have when the ball is kicked long to a contest all the time? What are they supposed to do? I know we have players down on form, but the way we go about things doesn't help. Shifting a few out for others won't change a whole lot at this stage. I thought our efforts around the ball were much, much better. We had a dip pretty much all night and worked hard to match them in all areas. Our ball use was poor, though, while they took every chance they got. Think about the third term. We kicked a few points - one of them being a goal might have changed our mindset, changed our outlook. But we missed them all, they scored one from one entry and it was pretty much all over. I mean, getting it forward isn't the problem for us. Using it properly and/or keeping it in there, is. Positives? Our mids worked hard all night. I like the look of young Sparrow and what he can bring to the side. KK will be better for the run. Outside of that, there isn't a whole lot else. Individuals aren't the problem, here. As I said, we have players down on form, but they aren't the core issues right now. The game plan is the major issue. We need to fix it and quick. It's not panic stations for me yet. We can easily still make finals. But we need to change it up to do it. Chin up, people. Let's do our best to stick by the club and hope we bring the same intent, and better usage forward of the ball, on Friday night. If we do then we win and get our season back on track.
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    People can say the there was no heart, no desire, not trying, etc. but I disagree. There was plenty of effort in the first half. The problem was the usual structural issues - we were absolutely slaughtered by a far better structured side forward and behind the ball. St Kilda absolutely schooled us in game style / structure. So despite dominating most of the game, we were only 3 points up midway through the second quarter. The combined effect of not being able to translate midfield dominance into scores and the leaking of easy goals down the other end absolutely drained the confidence and belief of the players. Then you get what you get in the third quarter. Time to make changes, especially behind the ball. The free players for the opposition inside 50 week-after-week is just disheartening and deflating for the supporters and obviously the players. Unfortunately our style of defence is very high risk, super aggressive and only works when you're absolutely on top of your inside game, your forward 50 ground balls and your forward pressure. Clearly the players aren't at the level of last year at the moment and therefore we're getting completely exposed by our aggressive defensive structures. Surely we need some structural changes to help us defend better and stay in games when we're not producing the levels required.
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    The man just does not stop roaming.
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    It's called "telepathic concussion" and occurs when thousands of supporters all slam their forehead into their fist at the same time.
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    Long time reader - rare poster. I go to every game in Melbourne (except Geelong because f that). I've been there through the all the highs and lows, I sat through every week of the Neeld years (god help us all). I'm almost as disappointed with where we are now as I was then. At least in those years you expected to lose every week because our list was a shambles. How does a team go from a PF to third bottom after 5 rounds? I've been a massive critic of Oscar McDonald (and to a lesser extent Frost). It doesn't matter what defenders you have back there at the moment, the mid-field is diabolically lazy and slow and makes their job impossible. There is no outside run. They are one dimensional plodders. There is no plan B. The ball comes out of our forward line in waves and stays in our backline like we are moving in quicksand. What the hell has happened to Hibberd? His run and carry is non-existent or on the odd occasion he decides to take off, he looks like he's running on the spot and bombs it to the wrong option. I don't mind the Hunt up forward experiment, but he struggled today and doesn't chase hard enough when he doesn't have the ball. The lack of support from our mid-field to help the defence is embarrassing as is the forward line pressure (don't even get me started on T Mac. It's not worth it, he's just horribly out of form). But if the purpose of playing Spargo and C Wagner is their forward pressure (which is presumably the point, otherwise i'm not sure) then Goodwin is kidding himself. Delivery into the forward line is a disgrace and has been since round 1. It is beyond me how Spargo kept his spot - even though we won last week. Corey Wagner isn't AFL standard, and instead of playing Garlett for one of these two or even Lockhart, we go with Spargo and C Wagner. It's like Goodwin has stamped Garlett's papers, and don't get me wrong, he doesn't win us today's game, but regardless he makes the opposition nervous because of his pace. Spargo looks lost. You could add another 10 paragraphs slamming the players but what's the point? We're all shaking our heads about how we can go backwards so far. Does it seem to anyone else that as a team we are just terribly unfit? What does that say about a) the preseason and the application of the players, particularly those not on modified programs and b) our fitness staff? Goodwin has just said in his press conference we have players in form in the VFL...who are they? They got beaten by a team of under 18's today. My final note - gees the recruiting of May & KK is looking like a massive error at this stage. Injuries are unfortunate, but when May turns up to training out of shape, builds his load too quickly, injures himself, comes back, get suspended, comes back again and injures his groin and is out for how long...it's gone from a 2-3 weeks injury to still another 2-4 according to the MFC website. If it is worst case another 4 weeks he will have missed 7 games with a groin injury. How do we pay pick 5 for a bloke whose level of professionalism is to turn up in that state, and why was the club not clear on expectations? And if the club was clear on expectations why wasn't there a club imposed sanction for his lack of condition. It's all good for Goodwin, Lewis etc to come out in the media and say it's unacceptable, but where's the accountability? KK has concussion issues, gets a late knock in the Essendon game and what we're fed from the club varies depending on the week. Ok, maybe a week to week proposition, it just seems odd. When he did play he seemed unfit and out of touch. I am genuinely unsure if he was in the team for the GC Suns at the end of 2018 or not, so apologies if he hasn't played for an extended period of time and I've missed it. But, gees, it looks a massive fail at this stage. Did the club not sit down with May and make the expectations clear about what shape he was to come back in? Again, sorry if I've missed this on another thread. We will get beaten by 100 points next week. Reiwoldt will be back and probably Cotchin. Can you imagine Lynch and Reiwoldt working in a forward line with the lack of defensive pressure we apply. God help us.
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    Part of me hopes we lose on Friday night. If we do I'll return to that familiar place of despair to wit I've become so accustomed. The MFC institutionalized me long ago and last year became almost uncomfortable as expectations rose. A loss on Friday night returns me to a comfort zone I've come to rely on. Like an old friend, I find a warmness in the familiarity of abject misery. Either way, I'm a winner this Friday.
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    I actually saw it differently. Yes he makes mistakes, but I thought he did his job. He was on Buddy and forced him up the ground to get most of his possessions. He has been far better than Oscar this season and you can't drop every key back we have, until the better blokes are ready. ATM I see Frost still in the side, ahead of Oscar, when May and Lever are back.
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    I'm going out on a limb and say his game was good not terrible. Squibbing the mark in 4th qtr was awful but then Max squibbed a contest with Ryder last week. Pertacca dropped an easy mark but so did Jones last week. Sh-t happens. I know stats aren't everything but they warrant consideration: 16 possessions (@ 81.3% efficiency) of which 11 were contested, 3 clearances, 7 tackles (4th highest) and 7 inside 50 (also 4th highest). That describes someone who was aggressive, worked hard and was relatively clean with the ball. Folks notice the 3 clangers but they don't undo his good work. He played on the ball where he did a serviceable job as his statistics show. He played deep in a forward line that hasn't a clue what it is doing and the ball rarely got far enough in fwd 50 so he didn't score. The club needs to decide if he is an on-baller or a forward. This 'hybrid' role isn't working for him or the team. He won't be nor should he be dropped.
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    Here we go. People making negative comments on something they know absolutely nothing about.
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    Loved Hunts two games up forward. Doesn’t get a heap of it, but he’s so damaging with his pressure and hits the scoreboard. Ticks all the boxes needed for the small/medium forward type player. He and Petracca really stood up tonight.
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    If there was nothing illegal about what they did, then Jonas wouldn't have got a fine, you absolute knucklehead.
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    Max had plenty of bandages on his leg but looked in good form. Plenty of one on one aerial drills. T Smith and Baker back in full training. Hore joined the main group after 30 odd minutes in rehab. So it was Lever, Louis, Petty and Jeff fulltime rehab. Melchum looked fit and was impressive in the one on one drills. Two Poms stood near me when the game simulation was on and they were talking amongst themselves trying to work out what game it was, how the off side rule was working, it’s like rugby but different and that the blues were trouncing the whites. When one said he was going to go to google to find out what sport it is I thought I better intervene; there is no off side, 360 degrees, you can go anywhere, the aim is to kick the ball through those tall posts over there and yes it is a full contact sport. Not sure what they made of it all. Then it was time to leave. Any questions I will try to answer.
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    Bruce has become a bit of a caricature of himself over a number of years now. My special lady friend and I were discussing last night how great it would be if Fox Footy could implement a button where all you get to hear are the effects mics (umps, whistles, crowd noise, players swearing etc). That commentary team last night were desperate for Sydney to get up... PS. Lingy can [censored] right off!
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    I loves posts like these. Let's take a look, shall we? Hogan wanted the opportunity to go home. Not much you can do there. Last night would have seen Watts go missing for large chunks of the game. He did that for years and he has done it for Port. Plus he left in 2017, not 2018. Kent has played one good game all year. Tyson is in the reserves for North. Bugg couldn't get a game. Neither could Pedersen. It was time for Bernie to retire, much like Lewis and potentially Jones at the end of the year. Losing those guys has nothing to do with how we are playing now. Apart from Vince and Tyson (who didn't do much), none of the above played in our finals. They didn't factor in. Pur confidence is shot, our depth is being tested by a large amount of injuries and we have a horribly dysfunctional forward line. We have a little mountain to climb, but it has little to do with the players you mentioned. Even if they were still on the list, only possibly Hogan would have helped last night.
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    After the first term it was a horribly frustrating game to watch. The dew played a bit of a factor, but we fumbled more than I've ever seen from a Melbourne team. That comes from a lack of confidence and, as the game wore on, the perceived pressure from the Tigers. They just kept at us all night and wore us down until we simply couldn't handle it. The way we used the ball going forward was probably the most disappointing aspect. We controlled parts of the game but rushed our kicks forward which allowed Grimes and Vlastuin to pick it off at will. It doesn't help that Weideman is waaaay out of form and Smith is not really a tall forward. I thought early our pressure down there was okay, but it's hard to keep it in there when they're marking it uncontested. Garlett and Hunt didn't have any impact, Petracca had one or two good moments and Melky didn't really play down there. It was tough to watch. On the flip side, I thought the way we set up defensively was pretty good and we weathered the storm for most of the night until the dam wall broke in the last. I thought Stretch played really well and took his chance. Hibberd did a pretty good job on Dusty, while I thought Frost and Tom Mac drew even with Lynch and Riewoldt. I thought Hore was pretty good again across half back too. Outside of that, there isn't much to write home about. I was also impressed to see Goody make some changes to kick off the game, even if they didn't make a difference all night. It shows he is willing to mix things up a little, and he made some changes to the gameplan. But with no confidence and a night that made our skills look even more deplorable, we were always ice skating up a hill. But it's on to next week. Keep your chin up, Demonlanders. Footy stinks at the moment, but there is always next week. I'm already looking forward to it.
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    He was part of Geelongs golden era and received rave reviews. Got shafted by a bunch of soft [censored] at the Dogs and seemingly looking at the same at the Demons. But by all means let’s keep up the search for a scape goat and avoid pointing the finger at the players pissweak performances.
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    I don’t buy in to the emotive crap, no heart, passengers etc etc. There have no doubt been some really bad performances (Lewis, Spargo, McDonald, Jones etc), but this is so clearly coaching to me I’m astounded others don’t see it. Structure, selection and game day. It appalling and questions must be asked!!!
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    I might be in the minority but I find Bruce Mcaveney extremely annoying to listen to when watching the game. He seems to have no grasp of what is happening, fawns over well known players whether they are playing well or not and then distracts from what is actually taking place. Keen to hear others views re Bruce.
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    Jeff Garlett kicked 3, assisted two others & had 18 disposals and 5 tackles
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    Trac needs to bring that mindset every game. He was a bull tonight.
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    Loved seeing the Wagner brothers able to share it together. Without meaning to be disparaging, they’re both fringe players and you wouldn’t expect that they’ll get to play a huge amount together over time. Must be such a great feeling. Thought they both play well for a second week in a row too.
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    The guy we really seem to be missing is the one in the pink clothes who was always running around giving out good advice. "If you get between the ball and your opponent, defending is much easier" "Stand over there, somewhere near your opponent. It will help." "See how your opponent is always getting his hands on the ball? Now you try it." "Now try getting it to another Melbourne player. You can kick OR handpass it. Your choice! If you can get it to one who is on his own, that's even better." That guy was really good. I wonder what ever happened to him?
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    From my listening to post match footy fan talkback I've gleaned the following... Losing teams don't have plan 'B'...
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    Depth is overrated. Our biggest issue is our most important structural players are playing like crap. Depth players always look great when the team is flying and ordinary when the team sucks. They are the effect, not the cause.
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    We didn't ignore it. Tell me where Goodwin said we ignored it. This myth is starting to get just as tiresome as our performances on the field. They didn't do a normal review, but that doesn't mean they didn't review it. Not only that, Goodwin has said that they reviewed the Grand Final as well and took plenty away from what the Eagles did that day. Seriously. I know the performances have been well, well below par so far this season, but let's stop pedaling this rubbish about how we didn't review the Prelim. We did.
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    Sorry, I just can't abide that comment. Ablett and Buddy loved their clubs, had played for them for 8-10 years and helped them win multiple premierships. Both highly respected inside and outside their clubs. No comparison to HWSMBN who played for a year then had a dubious knee injury. He made it obvious he did not want to play in the red and blue, didn't get on with teammates, walked out on a trip to China and showed no respect for our club, President or fans. No prodigal son scenario for him at the Dees, imv!
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    I’d say get rid of him and replace him with someone fresh, but I’m afraid “someone fresh” would be another moronic oaf, fresh out of the boys club, with no experience or even a basic grasp of the English language. That seems to be the hiring criteria for both the major broadcasters. I reckon our sport has a big problem with the quality of its commentators.
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    Amazing how a defensive 50 without Jetta, May, Lever and Lewis stood up the way they did. Fritsch and Hore, take a bow.
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    get my wife to cook a steak
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    We were putrid tonight but the afl and their umpires have completely ruined the game. The umpiring was so so bad on both sides. Worst I can remember. Unfortunately for us it was usually at crucial times which made it feel like a fix up. The Jetta one the worst. Closely followed by the Melksham hit in the head in front of the goal, yes he should have marked it but that didn’t mean the umpire doesn’t have to pay a free. And the one against frost where frosts jumper is halfway up his chest whilst his arms are in the air, but then free is paid against him. Good trick! Should become magician. When Oscar was bending down to pick up the ball in the wing and was kneed in the head and they went on to score a goal. The 50 against Harmes but no 50 to us when “the package” drops the knee into our player after a mark right in front of the ump. The couple of protected area infringements on our forward flank that were ignored which would have resulted in shots in goal. The list goes on, there were more on both sides but honestly it ruins the game. Let it go or get em all. This nonsense where they seem to have a new rule of the week and ignore all other rules is ridiculous. When you have the commentators critiquing them the whole time you know it’s gotten bad. Really struggling to watch AFL these days with the the absolute pitiful standard of umpiring. I still tune in to Melbourne as I love the Dees for some strange reason. But honestly don’t watch many other games any more. In the past would watch 3-4+ a week. How to fix this? Put some money in it and make them full time for a start. Can’t make them any worse. It’s not possible.
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    One guy I'm not worried about in the slightest.
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    Lockhart is a seriously good player. Plays very well both on the inside and out with good speed and superb skills. I didn’t really notice him for Casey on the weekend but he must have played inside most of the day and it’s hard to tell watching live who is doing well in there. Some of his games last year were pretty incredible so I’m expecting a lot from him. Good luck Jay.
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    Time to leave Stretch on a wing for the rest of the year. Tonight he showed glimpse, so i would just get as much games and experience into him.
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    Demonland becoming collectively homocidal/suicidal is usually a sure sign we’ll pluck a miracle out of nowhere. That’s about all I’ve got to cling to at the moment because all signs point to this being really bad.
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    Wise, This is absolutely on May. The fact he went publicly and shamed GC training standards is just [censored] poor and now has egg on his face. He was a leader there, what did he actually do himself to change those standards? He is 27 and mature enough to know he should have gotten himself at the best nick he could possibly be. After he did his medical the club would have given him an off season program to abide by and its clear that he didn't follow this. Sorry but this is absolutely on him. Didn't do himself any favour by knocking out some bloke in a practice match either. We honestly make so much excuses for some of these blokes
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    I liked Spargo's game. He sets up goals with good disposal. Same as in the finals last year. I'd keep him in.
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    Just landed in Paris! Scrambled to get to my hotel to listen live....OMG! Picked up the last five minutes and the crew on 3AW were saying that the Swans were: 1. Out played 2. Being toyed with 3. Sinclair was cooked! 4. And I heard Gawny's name and C Oliver's named several times Fantastic effort! I love this team and Paris awaits! Night all, soak it up!
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    I assume Kade Kolodjashnij’s career is over, just like Angus Brayshaw’s was.
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    I'll panic if we're 0-5. Far too much football to play to hit the panic button just yet.
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    Today's game was very similar to what happened v Hawthorn last year. We got smashed bombing it into our forward 50 and Geelong rebounding and getting us out the back. Im confident we will sort out the problem, like we did last year and went on to win 20+ quarters in a row, but need to win at least two of Peptides, Sydney and Saints to keep in touch. Positives for me were our engine room starting to work, Oliver, Brayshaw, Gawn and Harmes, along with Viney and Melksham working back into form, a game into May and KK, and that we are fielding one of the youngest sides. Our system is clearly not working at the moment, bombing into our forward 50, losing crucial contests resulting in opposition goals and not applying enough pressure to create defensive stoppages. Next few weeks will be important.
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