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    The irony is that in fact we are far from a basket case. Our board is as stable and solid as it has been in decades. An internal review has seen significant change carried out in a professional, measured fashion, tge exec is solid as is fd. No players wanted out. And one again mahoney has been a total pro at trade time and achieved most of its stated aims wirh a minimum of fuss. You want a basket case look at the crows atm. Despite their wealth and resources they are a mess, with players wanting out, coach quitting before being pushed and key personnel being sacked during the trade period when they are trying to retain and attract players. On a related note where do the posters who so vociferously pushed the mfc in crisis line a couple of months back stand atm?. You know the ones who warned of player dissatisfaction, players wanting out, (gleefully) supported false rumours about goody being sacked, jumped on Barrera silly comments about sliding doors and meetings wirh tge afl, pointed out the coaching and fd changes as evidence of crisis (whilst also arguing changes had to be made) and warned no players would want to come to us.
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    Who was it a couple of years ago that wasted a big chunk of their trade period sitting in arbitration because they couldn’t agree on a deal? From memory it was Essendon and St Kilda over Jake Carlisle. We can’t underestimate the importance of getting your deals sorted early so you can move on to your next item. Mahons must have been stoked when he learned the Frost deal would be done with Hawthorn. Two clubs with a no BS approach to trading; no coincidence it was one of the first trades done. It’s also no coincidence that we’re always one of the most active clubs at trade time. Despite the way 2019 transpired, at this time of year, I always feel like we’re in very good hands.
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    Just watched the highlights package on the MFC website - he’s always sprinting, looks unreal. Wish we could’ve landed two of him. He could actually be the blue print for Jayden Hunt (on the other wing). Over to you Mr Burgess.
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    I have to interject with this tripe. I was at that game in 2005 against Essendon and no side was ever going to beat the boys that day. They played like a side possessed to honour their teammate and his memory. We were on fire for the first half of 2005 but as was the case for 04-06 we fell into mid season slumps and in 05 we regrouped late to make the finals, I recall the late Jeff White goal against the Dogs to put the finals destiny in our hands. So if you want to pot the club by all means go ahead, but don't make [censored] up and certainly don't taint a legacy and the way the club won a game in his honour
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    I'd do it just for the headline, "Dees Receive Giant Bonar". I'll see myself out.
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    Demonland should come with a form guide.
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    Unfortunately, he'd be always off the ground under the blood rule.
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    Its poorly expressed camouflage by Ralph. He is really justifying why a recent premier should get a match winning forward, Lynch for nothing. And of course Ralph and his family are long standing and staunch Richmond supporters. If Lynch had gone to Collingwood (a recent GFinalist) and they won the 2019 premiership he would be singing a very different tune. Sadly, his 'basket-case' words reflects what a lot of the industry thinks. tbh, I'm not sure his comments will be ammunition. There have been so many such opportunities. 'Bruise -free' footballers which is a bit ancient but with the current personnel we have the last game of 2016, 2018, our obvious fall from grace by mid 2019 as examples where 'it burnt and cut' deep and we didn't respond. The players need to want and work hard for success. It needs to come from within.
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    GWS pretty much have to trade for pick 3 for their strategy to work for them, otherwise they wouldn’t have traded for pick 6. I’d be surprised if they aren’t most of the way to negotiating a deal with us already, but no deal will probably happen until some of the other pieces have fallen into place and the available pieces for trade are known.
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    I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, but...
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    Is it too late for our basket-case of a club to make application for a couple of priority picks in next month’s draft based on Mr Ralph’s expert opinions?
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    Pathetic post, stereotyping. You know absolutely nothing about me or my background, if you did you'd understand how ridiculous your comments were about me, my parents and Grandparents are. I've seen and lived poverty mate, but it pales into insignificance to what my parents and grandparents went through. Absolute garbage
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    Wrong. Played a few senior footy at my home club in Yarrawonga including the elimination final in 2018. Same club that has included former AFL players like Brendan Fevola, Steve McKee, Tim Hargraves and Jason Wild who have all played there.. The ovens and Murray is regarded as one of the best leagues just below VFL level. A tough and free flowing standard. Young Jimmy is well known to our family as he grew up and played rep footy with my little brother. But they are also close friends. My brother and James were out last Saturday night on the [censored] together.
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    Not me Moonie - I've got an exclusive contract with the Demonland podcast that prevents me from appearing on other media outlets. Maybe it was my pessimistic twin, Grapewhiney?
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    2018: Oliver wins contested ball and fires out a pinpoint accurate handball to a running Harmes who doesn’t break stride and instinctively every player breaks hard. 2019; Oliver wins contested ball and handballs to Harmes knees who fumbles a handball to Brayshaw’s feet who under pressure turns it over. While the whole team second guesses do I break or defend? Too late turn over, flat footed witches hats look like amateurs. Rubbish game plan ect ect. Improve the basic skills over the preseason will turn the ship. But if we don’t, running machines will do little to improve us.
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    Have we not learnt....don't trust Collingwood! If someone is on offer, it is either bluff ( Elliot) or they are just no good.
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    "Rub on all surfaces for a perfect clean" - White King.
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    I look forward to the day when an Essendon player says he wants to go to Fremantle or vice-versa. Actually, maybe not, Bellend and Dododo egos going head to head might cause the universe to collapse.
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    I just like the fact that we obviously had a plan for the trade period and have executed it cleanly and (compared with most other clubs) quickly. I assume much of the work was done months ago getting the players interested and negotiating terms, but the deals with the other clubs (ie, Freo and Hawthorn) still had to be done. The club deserves credit for its ability to achieve its desired aims.
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    And let us train on the G ya mugs! It's all gone downhill since January the 2rd 1965! Take it away, SWYL!
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    Why do people take this [censored] personally? He's entitled to an opinion. And, like, he's not wrong. We finished 17th. Some people around here bang on like we're assured success.
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    Jordon was only 17 when he joined the Club, never played footy against men, improved steadily as season progressed With both Sparrow and Nietschke, club took opportunity to build the rest of the body and educate by sitting in cosches boxes, Nietschke was an aerobic beast as a junior, hopefully injury hasn't killed this, they put 5kg on his frame upto end of season Jordon would be my pick
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    This is one of those 'high risk, high reward' trades that some people complain we never do. If it comes off, we've gained a gun player as the steak knives in the May trade. If it doesn't, people criticise the risky trade and bemoan us not taking a safer route.
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    Any player that has kicked 8 goals in a game of footy whom you can get for close to minimum chips should be warranting some careful consideration over the next 48 hours Particularly for a side that has one of the worst forward lines in the league
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    I haven't followed the draft super closely this year, didn't expect I'd need to, classic MFC stitch up, but from what I've read about the probable order etc it feels like the type of players we need more aren't expected to go at pick 3, so wouldn't it make more sense to split it? I know 'best available' is the old tune, but 1 x best available vs 2 x best fit makes it not so clear surely? Instead of ending up with another inside mid type, or more depth at the defensive end, we could possibly split pick 3 and end up scoring say Stephens, Weightman and then Pickett (2nd round), which could totally change our dynamic going forward. Is that a genuine possibility?
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    It’s been mentioned a couple of times, but the fact Langdon is always on the move and at speed, will improve us instantly. For a team that relied on chaos, we were very flat footed in 2019. The way Richmond run the ball is purely due to the fact that at any given point, 80% of their side is trying to run to create an option or space for someone else. If we can get back to running for each other, it will go a long way to helping us jump back up the ladder. Both T-Mac and Weid are lead up forwards, so they should be licking their lips at the thought of genuine movement on either wing
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    FMD, Essendon want Heaney or Blakey as part of the Daniher trade. For a guy whos spent most of the past 2 years injured with chronic conditions. Dodobird is an [censored] hole. Swans should give him the bird and let the Bombers deal with Joe's disgruntled, huge salary.
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    Wow. I make a point about negativity, and I get back negativity on steroids.
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    I am happy to believe all Dees gossip at this time of year, as it makes it interesting and enjoyable to log on to DL each time, hoping for some good news on a new player. If it doesn't come off, no biggie. As long as posters aren't lying and I believe you aren't, then it is great to get bits of news on our club. Keep up the posting and when you can, throw out another hint. Not sure if this has been posted, but Mahoney virtually ruled out any small forward trades and suggested that could be a draft scenario. So I think if he is correct, we won't be drafting a big boy with our first pick.
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    With due respect Ellis and Tomlinson are hardly in the same calibre as Tom Lynch. The argument doesn't hold up, anyone with half a brain knew that FA would work in favour of the stronger clubs. A few morsels going to the smaller clubs does not change this...
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    There’s a reason why every year we target our players and we get the deals done. While idiots like Essendon sit around and wonder what happened at the deadline. Chest beating doesn’t get you the players you want. And being notoriously good to deal with makes us an attractive proposition for both opposition clubs and players seeking trades. Also lol at Bell asking about Angus in the Langdon deal. He probably wanted Angus and pick 3 for Langdon, so to virtually trade a future 2nd round pick and steak knives is a big win.
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    I'm convinced we will have some sort of deal with GWS, whether its done in the trade period or up until the draft could be another matter. I just can't see why they would trade up to pick 6 if it wasn't to put themselves in a position to acquire pick 3 from us. As others have pointed out, they're actually worse off points wise with the St Kilda trade and if they aren't aiming to add two high end talents then what was the point of it? Green sure isn't getting past Adelaide or whoever ends up with Pick 5.
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    Robbie Gray is 31. I'd still take him.
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    Im hearing pick 3 for 6 and 11 and swaps of later picks
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    Finally, I can contribute something a little useful on this topic by selecting undecided.
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    Your opinion. Why do you think Roos was so critical of the "veil of negativity" surrounding Melbourne? Because it, and the feedback from members, has a demotivating effect on the club and he realised the whole club from the members up had to get over it. But we haven't and it's back bigger than ever. If what is posted on here has very little effect on how the club performs, which is probably true, why do we have so many on here who think that making bold and sometimes aggressive statements here about not "accepting mediocrity" and complaining ad infinitum will actually have an effect? You can't have it both ways. It's a waste of breath and keyboard strokes, and really just boils down to whingeing, which has no constructive purpose whatsoever.
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    The AFL has butchered this completely. Instead of removing advantages some clubs had (northern academies) they expand these concepts across the board. Zoning failed last time and contributed to the near destruction of the competition. How can the draft be used as an equalisation measure when the majority of top 40 picks are going to be zoned to particular clubs? The rules as to who qualifies for the Next Gen Academy zones is also idiotic. I was born in Australia and grew up with a footy in my arms. My parents both grew up in Australia. But because my wife was born overseas (coming here as a teenager) my kids would qualify for Next Gen Academies. These are not kids who are new to the game etc my son started Auskick as a 5 year old.
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    This time last year he was tweeting comments about how good our on-ball brigade were and picked us to finish top 5. Fast forward 12 months and on Trading Day he said that we managed to 'fluke' a preliminary final last year. I'm glad David King didn't let the comment pass without rebuttal- He replied that side's don't fluke their way to a preliminary final. Quite frankly it was a ridiculous comment that reflects a superficial understanding and analysis of the game. I think Ralph like a few of his media commentator fraternity are a little salty that we embarassed their season predictions.
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    From my brother a Dockers member and another mate also a member both virtually said the same thing Kicking is not great, but has improved the last couple of years with him getting fitter and less fatigued His gut running is going to be hard to replace(especially with Hill also going) he just brings others into the game with the options and space he creates. A steal for a player they both see as still on the up
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    I like this thread. Even if we're all completely wrong about Langdon, at least for the first time in 6 months there's some positivity back around us. I'm really looking forward to seeing him line up for us. Why should they be viewed independently? Just so you can isolate the Frost trade and whinge about it? It is completely feasible, even probable, that we did the Frost deal knowing what we were going to do with the Langdon deal. People get too caught up on draft picks sometimes. Ultimately we will look at this trade/draft period at the end and look at who went off the list and who came onto it, and we'll see in time whether the added players have improved us. Your list of other options to trade out is classic Demonland silly season thinking. Frost had value this year. We have the ability to cover for him (whether you like May/Lever or not). None of the players you've listed have anywhere near the value that Frost has. And none of the players you've mentioned were out of contract and asking for a big pay/year rise. Frost was entitled to want more money/years in his next contract, but I completely understand (and agree with) the club's decision to hold back on giving him that rise and to instead "cash in" on his 2019. IMO, even to those who think we've lost value in Frost, I think the gain we get from Langdon should outweigh the loss to Frost. We need more run/carry on the wing than we do Frost's daring runs out of the backline. We will be a better side long-term with May and Lever playing FB/CHB reliably and Langdon on the wing.
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    Love to know why we didn’t go after Josh Bruce or even Josh Jenkins. We are going to struggle to kick goals next year.
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    As Nietzsche said to me as he ran past at rehab training earlier this year, what does not kill us, makes us stronger! So am expecting a big year from him next season.
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    Would be happy with a Stephens and Weightman combo. The two paragraphs I've read and the zero footage I've seen of them sounds promising.
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    To be fair, WB, this is the Ben King thread
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    Correct. It’s great to get players to say they want to come to your club, but if your club cant get [censored] done eventually players won’t come asking. Lever, May, Tomlinson, Langdon... we’ve gotten some big trade done quickly and easily the last few years and also did the right thing by player who wanted out. No point being a stubborn [censored]. Better one bird in the hand and all that.
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    They need to get on with the Bruce and Steven deals for starters. They’ve bitten off far more than they can chew I reckon.
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    he was pick 6 in a stronger draft, is a KPP and has only enhanced his reputation. Pick 3 would be a minimum
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    Personally and i know some would disagree strongly with this, but i would offer pick 3 and our 2020 first rounder if it would get us Ben King on a long term deal. I see him as being one of the better forwards around for 10 years, will make an impact right away and take a lot of pressure off Tommy and Sam.
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    Speed of ball use > speed of foot You seem to have an obsession with foot speed. Ash is fast, but like Frost has a tendency to blindly bomb away or miskick because of how quickly he is travelling. Look at Hawthorn and Richmond's lists as templates during flag years. Richmond play an incredibly intense and quick surge game that requires an extremely high level of execution of disposal. If they don't have that, it breaks down. Hawthorn drafted and traded for elite ball users and demolished opposition sides because they could completely dictate the speed of games. We were one of the poorest skilled sides and are one of the poorest skilled sides. It is ball use and footy IQ that we are in desperate need of. It runs from ball use coming from defence through to first disposal out of a contest in the middle, through to delivery inside 50. We look slow because we are slow in the way we use the ball and make decisions.
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