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  1. I was there. Watched behind the perimeter fence on far wing. So good to see live action! observations: - 4x 25 min quarters no time on played -Lots of swapping of players between the two teams -Lever Pruess Petty KK and Nietscke only 5 who didn’t play - May starred, BOG easily -Bennell played all 4 quarters, 1st half on ball 2nd half on HFF -Spargo did some great things, I’m not always a fan but he looked at the level today -Fritsch was the best forward -J Smith will be close to selection, either if Lever doesn’t come up or instead of O Mac. - I rate Sparrow. HIGHLY!! Head to head with Viney all game and not a backward step taken. - No injuries during the game to anyone. Relief! - Rivers and Hibberd were in a showdown for the final HBF spot. Both played well today - Dont expect to see any of the two Wagners, or Baker early in season. They look like the last in line depth players to me - Actually think Bradtke showed he can play. 20% better than his Casey 2019 form - Goalkicking am issue, but expect it will be for all 18 clubs next weekend till the season gets into its rhythm - Hunt looks out of favour - My biggest take - get on Brayshaw for a return to form. Played with no helmet, and moved and hunted the ball like it was 2018 again. Happy to answer questions
  2. Very disappointed with the outcome, but sick of the carry-on on the other threads re how crap the team is, sack the coach etc etc. i sense the frustration in the press conference that we are still struggling to put all the pieces together, but I think it’s close, and a bit more continuity and playing together will see us push us the ladder quickly. Just might not be this year. can I just say that all of Clarkson, Hardwick, Hinkley and Buckley have been in the “sack the coach” club by supporters, the media, and ex players, presidents etc. none of us keyboard warriors really know enough about in the inner workings of 2020 AFL to know if anyone can coach. However i thought today the backline looked pretty good. Before the game I actually thought that we were one tall short and was worried how we would cover Myers and Ablett at ground level, and who was quick enough for Rohan. Lockhart and Smith both made one or two errors but their versatility was a real plus today. Hibberd was better than he has been and I don’t get the hate for Lever. Thought he showed some glimpses that he might be getting back to form. Except for Ford’s mark, we didn’t get beaten in the air - but their goals were from hit up leads where there was not enough midfield pressure (unlike the tone we had for our I50 entries). All in all, I thought the backline was pretty good as a unit (given the number of AFL games that some have played and also together as a unit). midfield is a strength - despite Geelong having a few all time greats, serviceable 200 gamers like Guthrie and Duncan, and Parfitt etc, we looked comfortable here. our I50 remains the problem. Think we need another tall, and Bailey Fritsch to be third man up, not playing on athletes who are taller like Blicavs. That said I thought TMac competed much better this week, Hannan looked dangerous and Kozzie when he trusts himself more could be one the best small forwards in the comp - there is hope that things can change for the better pretty quickly. Still need a lot of work in the entries, and in the end this was the difference. not sure where Geelong stand, but they had a lot of experience and beat the hawks by 10 goals two weeks ago - so obviously they not complete crap. i understand the frustration on this site, but the lack of objectivity and negativity bordering on hatred annoys me. cue the usual posts that I’m an apologist for the coach and club, got no idea, the reason why MFC have been crap for 50+ years etc, we are going to loose every game between today and when we deservedly go broke or get kicked out if the league etc etc
  3. Hey all. Tried my luck this morning down @ Casey. Here's what i saw. The forwards had the whole oval to themselves... not to sure where the rest of the crew were. Anyways, The forwards group included: TMac, Fritsch, Kozzy, Jackson, ANB & Hunt. Harley was there, didn't train, but he was the drill assistant for the session. Warm Up: The boys paired up for some laps around the oval; Kozzy / Hunt, ANB / Fritsch while Jackson & Tmac ran solo. There was about a 50m gap between the runners. Slow, steady laps for about 10mins. A game of soccer for 5mins & then a couple of 150m run throughs at about half pace. Jackson's a glider, Kozzy's quick & Tmac's a robot. Some kick to kick about 30m apart to round off the warm up. First drill: Player in the goal square starts us off. He kicks to a player on the corner of the 50m arc who then kicks to a player at the top of the 50 - He then gathers, plays on & kicks for goal. No real intensity about this drill, boys still moving at about half pace. Lasts for about 10mins. Nothing more to see here. Second drill: Group of 4 at the center of the ground with Justin Plapp. 2 at the goal square (1 forward, 1 defender). Plapp kicks the ball up to 1 of the group of 4, they then run a carry, disposing by handball to each player, with the last chain of the group kicking to the leading forward. The kicker is rotated at each restart. Tom, Jackson & Hunt mostly leading out from the square. Fritschs' delivery is a standout. Hunt - good hands out in front on the lead. Jackson just glides across the park - Good bounce about him. Kozzy just knows how to play the game. Tom looks stiff... but that's Tom. Third Drill: Starting player positioned about mid ground closer to the flank. He gathers a random ball from Harely (ground ball, half volley, on the full etc), who then kicks a 30m kick to a leading half forward who marks 60m from goal. Player then waits for one of the two leading forwards to present. He makes his choice & the forward marks about 35m out from goal. No shots were taken. Melk appears from nowhere! some light jogs around the oval & then some kick to kick with burgo... but then joins the boys soon after. Once again, Fritschs' delivery from 60 out to a leading forward is a class above the rest. Low penetrating darts... the others are ok, but they don't penetrate through the air like Bailey's. All drills where done at about half pace. Aaron Nietschke was doing some runs along the other oval with a couple of the medical boys. No sign of Weid. Or Brown. The weather got me outta there before they ended. Happy to answer any questions. 🔴🔵
  4. Positives: No turnovers. Backline kept the opposition scoreless. May and Lever anchored us well. Hussle around the packs and pressure from the mids and forwards didn't allow them to touch the ball at all. Bombers are absolute knobs. Negatives: Conor McKenna. We didn't score. We struggled again with that mid forward connection and couldn't get the ball inside 50 once. Tom McDonald to cop it again this week after not clunking a single mark. Thoughts?
  5. Given the number of times in recent years that others have done to us what we did to Carlton, I’ll take the money and run. They’re a better team than what they’re being credit for and I think we’ve lost the fitness edge we had earlier in the season. It’s already clear that this is going to be a different year - one that’s going to involve changes from weeks to week, experimentation and creativity. We don’t look like we’re in the race based on the first two rounds but history tells us that you can’t judge your fortunes on one or two games. I remember us in 2018 suffering a bad loss early against Hawthorn and thinking we were no hope for the season ahead. But we turned it around, won a couple of games and gathered momentum to finish in a prelim final. We have 15 rounds left and there’s still time to do the same again.
  6. One of the most important things to do to beat Richmond in the last few years is to work out how to score against their defensive zone. It used to be Rance and then became Grimes who would almost always be the deepest defender and would read the play to drop back a good kick behind to stop teams getting out the back. They'd then rely on Broad, Astbury, Vlastuin etc to compete on the wings/half back. With excellent pressure up the ground they'd force long kicks to Grimes often standing by himself for easy marks or letting him come forward and have easy one on one wins due to better positioning. The Hawks did a great job of combating this when they played a couple of weeks ago. I thought I'd present a few examples of how they worked him around. 1. Burgoyne was playing full forward and he positioned himself perfectly to play off Grimes and get used in the play. In this first instance from a stoppage just back of the wing he pushes up and wide away from Grimes whilst the rest of the Hawks forwards and up the ground and towards the corridor. Grimes attempts to stay deep a good kick from the play as he likes to be. Wingard takes the short kick and Burgoyne can then run the ball and kick long away from Grimes - with an assist from a hard charging Scully - to Gunston who draws a free and goals. 2. From a centre bounce that is hacked forward Burgoyne comes up to get involved in play, but as soon as he gets the ball he thinks Grimes will be back where he left him and looks boundary side. The Tigers defender makes a good spoil and surprisingly the Hawks actually had a good lead from the square as Grimes was caught in no mans land, but more often than not the smart play of instinctively ignoring the long bomb will be the right move. 3. In this next example after the Tigers win a centre clearance but turn it over the Hawks forwards push hard to the wing. The Hawks rebound breaks the lines so the Tigers defenders then leave their opponents to press up much like our defenders do. Burgoyne realises this and this time instead of coming up he drops back away from Grimes in to clear space (see second image), then it's an easy kick to the pocket for a shot on goal. The other thing the Hawks did very well was both Burgoyne and later in the quarter Gunston drag Grimes up to forward line stoppages leaving other Tigers as the deeper defenders. That helped create goals because other defenders were unable to intercept mark or clean spoil and the Hawks beat out Stack in a one on one and forced a holding the ball from him. Adjusting our game plan to take away Grimes' influence and beat the Tigers zone will be crucial to winning. I'd suggest Melksham with a dose of Fritsch as the right match ups. Clever forwards who can get to the right spaces and then use the ball once they get it. The other forwards need to be aware of how to position around the match ups and how to take advantage of how the Tigers play.
  7. Can someone ask him if he thinks Goodwin and Mahoney are the right guys?
  8. They should have tested him twice. To be sure, to be sure.
  9. I'd prefer the post-draft experience where I get to berate them for their decisions with the benefit of hindsight.
  10. You can't tell me you haven't missed this feeling. Only one club can make you feel like [censored] when you win, and it's us. Hope everyone here is going well. Isn't it good to be back??
  11. Well it obviously all worked out for adelaide, and they are flying now.
  12. I really don't understand the virtiol towards Goodwin. All actual information and signs are positive: - He has a reputedly relationship with the players. - He has shown a real interest in tactical innovation (the "center the ball at all costs because high percentage shots are more valuable" morphed into the 8 man back line running off the square, which became the 4 man diamond defense) - He has rotated players through positions to try and find a fit (17 players lined up on the wing in 2019). - He has recruited to fill holes in list/structure (added Tomlinson and Langdon to fill the wings, added Preuss/Brown as forward/ruck depth), probably made the right call on Hogan and got us May, brought in small forwards to compete for spots). - Other than 2019, every year has been upwards while he has been involved. -2019 was documented to be horrible with pre season injuries, and then in season injuries. We sucked, but he regularly had 5-8 of or best 22 injured, it was a tough year. I understand that after the 2019 disastor we need to bounce back, but damn he gets a lot of hate for someone whose only fault seems to be not having answers during one injury interrupted season.
  13. What a relief Spargo has been included. His speed, height, skills and long kicking are exactly what we have been missing.
  14. Looks like we have no choice but to delist Spargo as a result.
  15. Is anyone suggesting that Jones, Salem & Bennell wouldn't have been in the round 1 team if fit at the time? So really, we're looking at four new 'ins', Hunt, Rivers, Jackson & Smith. Considering Hunt played all but one game in 2019, his inclusion can hardly be classified unexpected. So the reality is, we have given Rivers a try ahead of Hibberd, we have opted for Smith ahead of O Mac and gone for Jackson ahead of Weideman or Brown. I don't see these changes as revolutionary!
  16. Cheers mate Decs doing well, but has been missing footy a lot. In fact he has missed it so much he thinks he might go back to Casey next season.
  17. Feels weird playing a game this weekend. Usually we play once every 3-6 months.
  18. Nothing wrong with earning your spot. If he doesn’t get picked this year, then we have a real big problem on our hands. It’s round 3, so wait and see. Im personally more concerned by Jackson playing. For all of the exciting promise he’s shown so far, he is a long way off a senior footballer.
  19. Not sure I'd be ridding us of Lever or Tmac just yet. 2020 premature expectation, I'd say.
  20. First time on here in a long time, and good to see things haven’t changed. judging some of the comments, we have already lost the next 4 games, sacked Goodwin and are a rubbish club, While that may all be true, we haven’t even okayed the game yet! Replying to people questioning our small forward structure, I can tell you that we will have 2 tall forwards, I think tmac and wied, along with a stack of smalls this week. Someone said carltons defense is poor, that is half true. Their tall backs are very good, their small backs are very good at going forward, but crap at defending small forwards. If you look at their games recently (last season, praccy games and round 1) the oppositions smalls all kick goals, so we are planning on kozzie and others to kick 3 each. we also need to make sure our talls are separated as Jones and plowman are very good help defenders. bennell definitely in the mix, but they may play Jones as a HFF. rivers and Smith very much in line to play this week too.
  21. I’m going to make toasted sandwiches on game day and call it a “Breville 4 Neville”.
  22. Yes, they didn't kick any goals, but are we really going to call TMac/Weideman "horrible" for what we could see of them in a 6-minute highlight clip of an intraclub match?
  23. Footy is finally back, and this is what we're discussing?
  24. Jeez tough crowd! I hope Goodwin sticks it up all you doubters just to see the Olympic level backpedalling on here by the so called "supporters" of this club. You're all damaged goods.
  25. Perhaps this is an attempted joke. Who knows. But saty your relentless bagging of fellow posters, individually and collectively is becoming exhausting. The great irony is that you bag posters for their supposed negativity. Ironic because it reflects a seeming complete lack of self awareness given how negative you so often are of late. I know I can put you on ignore (I have done so previously). But i'd rather not. I don't put many people on ignore. You are a long term poster that has contributed a lot of good content and positive energy. Your training reports are a good example of that. It would be great, in these somewhat dispiriting times for some more of that positive energy.
  26. Any chance future seasons can also go ahead without them... ?
  27. This covid virus must be seriously tough [censored]. How any bug could survive with all the drug residues that must be floating around at Windy Hill defies imagination.
  28. As many have said it was horrible from halfway through the second quarter until the end. It's a rare game where you lead all day and are never headed but arguably deserved to lose. Really disappointing after such a great start to drop away like that and not be able to recover. The backline seems to be copping it - I actually thought as a whole they probably won us the game (along with some Carlton misses). We went 11-0 in inside 50s at the start of the game; from that point on it was 48 to 29 against us but we managed to keep them at bay really until the last quarter. There were some mistakes from individuals and the defence started to creak quite badly in the last quarter but Carlton were basically walking it in with no pressure on the ball carrier. No defence can sustain a constant barrage of inside 50s when there is so little pressure applied up the ground. To me it was more the midfield and forward line who were the culprits, despite being so good early in the game. What happened to the pressure? It was sensational early - Carlton were nervous and fumbly and they barely got any clean ball. Then in the second half we could hardly lay a glove on them and they got out in space time and time again. I just don't understand how it can go from such a high level to such a low level in such a short space of time. And same with the clearances. We went from a position of absolute dominance to then getting pummelled in the clearances in the second half. This is meant to be a strength of ours with our big-bodied midfield and even more so when it's Gawn against an inexperienced ruckman. Like the pressure it was just so disappointing to completely drop off in an area we should be dominant in. There's been a lot of talk about TMac - confidence, form, injury, etc. - I think he's just not as good as people think he is/expect him to be. Don't get me wrong, he can be a very handy second tall forward - a really effective foil for a gun KF the way he was for Hogan in 2018. But he's not the main man - it's not his fault, being your side's no.1 KF is the hardest role in footy and not many have the ability to do it. He has a lot of good attributes and is still clearly a best 22 player but he needs help. We are hugely reliant on Weid making it and being that dominant KF. I still have time for him and he needs a good run at it and to get some form and confidence and go from there. But if he doesn't make it, we are desperately lacking in this area. It was so obvious in the second half when we just needed a KF to clunk a few to get us out of trouble. Every time it went in Carlton either marked it or ran it out and it meant we could never reset and press up. Carlton just recycled the ball and attacked again and we were constantly on the back foot. Having that big man take a few enables you to structure up again, a bit like a striker in soccer holding the ball up and allowing his defenders to push up and his midfielders to make runs in behind. It's so important when you need to arrest the momentum in a match.
  29. I can never sit down and enjoy watching my club. I said to my wife after the first quarter watch them collapse now! Hollow feeling, no confidence nor trust again.
  30. IMO, because of the way this season has and is unfolding, no Premiership Flag should be awarded. Teams that should have had softer draws have lost them. Games have been abandoned. Some matches are suggested to be against depleted sides. Teams being forced to play extra games during the week, affecting those games and the following ones. This is a joke of a football season, that of course is out of the AFL's control, as they just need the money for games on TV. So no flag to the winner, unless of course it is Melbourne and then it should count as three Premiership Flags because of the difficulties we faced.
  31. The dichotomy of views expressed in this thread and often across the spectrum of the zDemonland blogsphere. Brings to mind the glass half full v glass half empty conundrum, much loved by psychologists and their ilk. Our research has found where one sits is often not that simple. But on matters MFC we generally aspsire to option...
  32. Our next opponent should be Essendrug next week, why should other teams get the full benefits of a compromised situation, whilst we are totally disadvantaged Fix it up AFL. You pay yourselves enough
  33. Games about to kick off, Weideman is the emergency.
  34. Hi everyone, first time poster here. Very happy to get a win, but a bit disappointed with the capitulation. I reckon it will take a few rounds for the crazy scenarios of the past 3 months to settle things down. I am a bit gobsmacked that this is a fan forum and the level of virtriol from 'fans' at our team. From reading a couple of threads it would seem that many posters forget our team is up against another team trying to win, and that our guys deliberately go out of the way to cause them angst. There is more to life than pissanting on dees players after a win, surely.
  35. Also, I think Jackson will be a player, but he isn't ready right now. Give the Weid a run down there. At least he knows how to play as a key position forward.
  36. Positives. Petracca, Rivers. Negatives. Melbourne Football Club
  37. I was at training this morning and watched some match simulation. There was a five minute period where Bennell lit up the place. He definitely wasn't holding anything back today.
  38. I don’t know how many times I yelled out “that’s not 15” for all the 8m kicks by the cats, but I’m still apologising to my dog who thinks I’ve got mental health issues.
  39. I've reported people name calling people of Asian decent "ching chongs" to Facebook before and all the weak [censored] did was hide the post from me - pathetic. Then there is the rubbish claim that these social media behemoths that make billions off advertising revenue, undermine legitimate media (whom are held far more accountable to standards of conduct and legal responsibility for their publications) cannot afford to or can not practically police racism on their platform. Racism exists and thrives on social media, precisely because it is tolerated and people can hide behind anonymity. This enables and encourages racism within society in general. FU Facebook, Twitter etc.
  40. (in Luke Darcy voice:) "But, aw, gee, he wouldn't have meant to break the rules. You can't penalise someone just because they've broken the rules? You can't turn this game into netball. Can you?" (in Slobbo voice:) "Hey Gerard. This is the -- this is the -- let me explain -- let me -- Gerard. It's unfair Gerard. That's what it is. You can't tell me -- YOU CAN'T TELL ME THE AFL NEVER -- THEY CAN'T DO IT GERARD. They can't do it. They just -- it's unfair. If they try to -- IF THEY TRY TO -- you want my honest opinion? My honest opinion? ..... I don't know." (in Gil's head:) "An Essendon player? Nasty precedent. If we send him down, what happens when it's a Collingwood player? Eddie would ...." (trails off & breaks into cold sweat)
  41. If we had a premiership window, this would be it.
  42. I was terribly disappointed in how we played last week. The first quarter was fun but really the blues gifted us a fast start with zero pressure. We had 10 inside 50s before their first, which did not come until after half way through the quarter. We should have kicked 8 such was our dominance and opportunities. And the rest of the match was simply terrible. I cannot recall being so disappointed in a performance. Not even in Perth for the preliminary. And not at any point last year, when at least there was the mitigating fact that half our team were injured. We had almost a full list to choose from on Saturday. We were 7 goals up with two and bit quarters of the game to go. Quarters that are 20% shorter than normal so really that is more like a 50 point lead. But unbelievably we should have lost that game. We were lucky the blues did not turn up until the second quarter. And even luckier their kicking was so poor in the last 3. Of great concern was it appeared we ran out of gas. I thought this team was completely dedicated to getting us back from hell and that dedication would show in their fitness levels after the enforced break (and to be fair for it did for some - Harley, Rivers and tracc being stand outs). Maybe the group simply wasn't disciplined enough to work their backsides off when in isolation, without the club tracking their every moment and session. Perhaps Spargo encouraging a a first year player to break the rules and get suspended was evidence of a wider malaise. Maybe despite all the words they simply don't want it enough. Of great concern was the complete lack of on field leadership when we needed it from Brayshaw, Jones, May and worst of all a player who seems to get missed a bit when it comes to public criticism, Melksham. I am over his one handed attempts at marks and too cute by half kicks. The only players who seemed to say we are going to change the direction of this match were Trac, a first gamer in Rivers and Fritter and Hunt, who despite being quiet in the second half pushed themselves to their limits in the last few minutes to run, pressure and tackle. Of great concern was the complete absence of positional moves by Goodwin to stop Carlton's evident momentum. I can't think of one change Goodwin made. What was Richardson doing? Maybe Goody casualness in the press about the Spargo incident (we will look after them and welcome them back blah blah blah) and the Carlton game (learnings shmernings) is evidence of them not been ridden hard enough or the expectations not being high enough (and yes i know he would have had a different message behind closed doors but please, a level of public anger in both instances would have been appropriate). Maybe the song palaver, which seemingly was result of Harmes being too keen to play with his go pro toy he seemed to be giddy to have been given by fox, was symptomatic of a group that does not have its head in the game. Maybe, perhaps. This season is a truly unique situation and as many have correctly pointed out who knows the impact of covid, the break and everything else. Again as many have noted teams as infallible as the tigers look dazed and confused. So i'm going to summon up my normal level of optimism and look forward to Sunday's game with hope and the expectation we will win. I'll even tip us. And i'll do my bit to get us going. Ever since i changed my avatar to the grumpy Garry Baker things have gone from bad to worse for the dees. Injuries, performance, dramas. And then we had bush fires and a pandemic. Coincidence? Maybe. But i'm not willing to that take risk. So happy go lucky, cheerful Garry is back. And so are the dees. And we will back at the g by the end of July. Mark my words Go red leggers
  43. Unpopular opinion. In round 1, Weitering kept Tom Lynch to no goals, no marks and 9 touches in a Richmond win. Maybe the narrative should be a little more about how good Weitering’s start to the season is, rather than how poor TMac was.
  44. OK... THE GOOD... Rivers fit in nicely across half back and, after misjudging the pace of the game early, settled quite well. Had a lot more speed than I thought and wasn't intimated into taking the game on. Liked the physical side of his game Bennell simply getting through the match was a huge win for him and the club. He is a gun and, body permitting, will get better with every match this year. He was solid, without being magical. Jackson Whilst he's not ready for senior football, you can definitely see the attributes that Taylor liked. Will be a good player for us, but I'd look to Weid next week now that Jackson has had a taste. Hunt Hasn't been part for the discussions in people's best 22s for quite some time but he showed today some great football smarts and looked fast, sharp and dangerous up forward. The speed and timing of his leads inside 50 make him look like a handsome, blonde Jason Dunstall. Gawn. He's a champion. That a term that is thrown around all too much, but in this case it applies. The tap outs he was feeding to our midfield, particularly in the first half were insane. He was back in defense for some clutch marks and is a towering presence around the ground. Looks fit and is moving very well. Our first quarter - It was brilliant and regardless of what happened after that, we showed the brand of football that we are capable of and it had the Carlton 18 running for the bunker. We were fast, aggressive and slick. Obviously, this was not sustained to the intensity that is required to succeed at the top level, but that first quarter needs to be the standard that we strived toward for four quarters every game. THE KINDA GOOD... Petracca First half was excellent and his goal in the third is the kind of shot he used to try to give off. He is edging closer and closer to the player we know he can be. There was an opportunity in the last quarter to really put his stamp on the season, but he wasn't able to impose himself like he had early in the game. Oliver Played well, but is and should be held to a higher standard than most. Seemed to be kicking and carrying the ball more than usual and played well when the game was there to be won. Viney Continued with his good form. Whilst not as dominant as his preseason games and round one, his game today was better than what were were seeing for the last couple of years. He's fit, healthy... and angry. Langdon and Tomlinson Will roll them together as they were recruited together to play similar roles. Both showed a bit today, without tearing the games apart. They're still getting into the swing of things at the club and it looks to be a good piece of targeted recruiting. Tomlinson's pass to Hunt was beautiful football. THE NOT SO GOOD... The defense When the team defense was up and running, we were looking good, but when the momentum turned, we fell apart too easily. It is always good to keep a team to 7 goals, but it is a concern that we conceded 18 scoring shots to 14. The second half saw some classic Melbourne plays where four players went up and no one stayed down. Salem had enough of the ball to really hurt Carlton, but he didn't have his usual precision and creativity and Lever and May were solid but far from imposing. Joel Smith Many here love him. I still don't see it. He seems like more of an athlete than a footballer and makes some very poor decisions about when to and when not to go. This may be in part due to inexperience, but I still can't recall him playing a particularly good game at senior level. He should be selected when his form absolutely demands it. Jones- Looked to be playing a different game plan to the rest of the team today. Was holding things up when he should have been moving the ball quickly and kept bombing his kicks to contests. He's got a hell of a lot of points in the bank, but he'll need to show a lot more next week or he could find himself keeping Hibberd company. Forwards As the leaders of the line, Melksham and McDonald did not impose themselves on the game at all. This would have been one of Melksham quietest games for the club and TMac was moving better than last year, but didn't look at all threatening. Fritsch has talent and a great set of hands, b ut if he continues to miss straight-forward shots at goal, then there is no point him being there at all. Should have had at least four today if he took advantage of his opportunities. Fitness I know nothing can replicate the real thing, but we either weren't fit enough or didn't have the desire to push hard enough in the last quarter. Either way, it's a real worry going forward. BUT... We won - and in what will be a close season, you've gotta take that. I think we probably showed today our best and worst football. Going forward from here, if the Melbourne from the first quarter turns up every week, we'll win more than wee lose. If second half Melbourne become a regular visitor, it'll make a short season feel very long indeed.
  45. Three things - 1. This whole scenario is the standard "whistle-blower-painted-as-troublemaker" story. It's easier to blame the one speaking out than take a proper look at ourselves. And it's even easier to do when it's someone like Lumumba who has a reputation for not not fitting the generic AFL player type. 2. It's classic white people trying to tell a POC what racism is. White people don't really get to decide what's racist because we're not in the position to experience it. If a POC is saying they're experiencing racism, believe them, they know what racisim is and they're not making it up. 3. AFL fans seems incapable of accepting that someone might be two things. Example - HL could be a massive w*nker but he's also making valid points about his experience of racism at an AFL club. Like Goodes before him, we might look back in time and realise H had very good points to make and we could've learned something from his experience.
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