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    Wow 😮 and to think some people hassle me on here for certain posts. This one is right up there... How about The MFC take responsibility for itself and actually learn to fight for the most beneficial outcomes....
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    They handed over a profitable football club with a finals ready list. they 100% did their job. and i think we should all be extremely grateful because people so easily forget how bad things were under Mark Neeld.
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    Yesterday was one of Goodwin's best coaching efforts. It looked like he simplified the game plan and simplified player roles. Things I noticed: - Played more like WCE in prelim: Slowed down movement out of backline. Jones and Salem took their time to find targets. Switched the ball across half back often, particularly by May. a more kick/mark/control game as shown by the # of uncontested possessions, kick to handball ratio, and # of field marks. - He gave players simple and very clear roles: Lewis at ff to keep McGovern deep. Fritsch our lead up marking forward (took 14 marks!!!) Those two positional moves really opened up the fwd line and made it easier for connection with mids. Gus to tag Yeo May to go one-on-one all day with Kennedy. The Wagner boys on the wings - Played 'tempo' footy - controlled by Jones and Salem and to some extent Harmes in the midfield - Played mainly one-on-one defence rather than zone.. Its probably a bit early to say the manic/chaos style with zone defence is dead but there are very clear and significant signs that our coaching box has got the message than in 2019 the top teams are the slowest to play on and the lowest teams are the fastest to play on. We may have done some of that recently but yesterday was the first time I noticed a significant and simultaneous change in game style, player roles, ball movement and tactics. It worked. Damn shame we didn't get the 4 pts. The coaching box deserved it. There is still a lot of work to be done but if I read yesterday correctly Goodwin has taken a huge step towards flexibilty and change.
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    Lyon is trying to get a response. Reasonable to think last year was an aberration but we won't truly know that until probably mid-2020. By which point I suspect we'll either be heavily in contention or Goodwin will be gone. It's a disgrace the position we're in. A few on this board understate it quite a bit. But it's very difficult to bounce back quickly from this position. I think Goodwin and co. have "over cooked" the pasta with some poor player management and development choices as well as trades that at the time looked good but perhaps set us back. It's all been over cooked and after taking 4 steps forward last year, we took a bullet train 4km back in 2019. 2019 now is about saving *some* face but in typical Melbourne fashion I highly doubt we'll win another game this year. A 5-win season with <80% percentage is coach killing for a team with finals aspirations. We may even see Goodwin gone by the end of the season. Lyon speaks with emotion and frustration in his heart. He is a ruthless competitor. 17th at this stage is unacceptable no matter how you spin it.
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    Proud of the boys yesterday. Tremendous effort and the best our forward line has functioned in some time, especially with some key players out. Back line is looking better and better each week. May smashed Kennedy and Lever is improving each week. Frosty had a bit of a shocker on Darling, who is in super form, but that's going to happen. Salem continues his good form and I thought Josh Wagner wasn't too bad across half back either. It was like watching a local footy game though - we are the side outside the five who is full of endeavour, effort and willingness to hunt the footy, but we lack the polish to put a superior team away at the minute. The Eagles kicked goals when it counted and we just couldn't do the same often enough. Kudos to Jordan Lewis, and Goody, for his role up forward, and let's hope Fritsch stays as a permanent forward from now on. Have him down there with Tom Mac and they could be a formidable force. But the loss sums up our season really. We've been in so many contests but we just can't finish the job. It's disappointing, but I'm still positive about our chances from 2020 and beyond.
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    Can everyone learn Eleni Glouftsis’ name. I’m really over hearing “that female umpire was rubbish”. It’s not the gender making the bad decisions. The sexist drivel I’ve seen on Twitter & Facebook pages is gross. She absolutely deserves to be bagged for the bad calls but i don’t get why it always has to come back to gender.
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    I rarely post but often find the conversation interesting. I have been a supporter since the late 1950s. I saw the 1964 Grand Final as a young boy. I go to about 16 games a year (from Newcastle, NSW!) I think I understand the game quite well. But what I have seen this year (and last for that matter) are the following consistent facts: 1. Midfield gets the ball a lot but kicking delivery is very poor. 2. Mad-style handballs often to disadvantage instead of kicking. 3. Kicking accuracy in front of goal has been poor - set shots. 4. On-ball players often jogging whereas I see other teams' players running hard in similar situations. 5. Players regularly and persistently played out of position - this is a coaching decision. And inflexibility during games when problems are clear (see also point 7). 6. Chaotic bull-charge game style but not commensurate with the skill levels of the players. Would need very fast forward line and excellent kicking delivery which is not present. 7. Less-skilled players promoted in selection and persisted with when other more skillful players are left in the seconds, and, when they do get a chance in the AFL, their confidence or fitness is low. 8. High injury count - probably related to the chaotic game plan. 9. Consistently poor drafting and/or recruitment choices and poor development of top draft choices (with exceptions). Thus, I do think 2018 was an aberration and agree with Gary Lyon. MFC does not have the sophistication of player skills that the higher level teams seem to have and our seeming game strategies are incommensurate with the skills we do have. I have also never been impressed with the senior coach. He appears wooden and inflexible from where I sit.
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    Well actually more their fault than his. If we kicked only some of the gimmes we missed this year, we would have another 3-4 wins and despite injuries, crap umpiring etc, would be challenging for the 8. We, the 17th placed team, with no forward line, should have beaten last year’s premiers by 5 goals last Sunday, except for the worst kicking for goal I have ever seen. For that matter in a similar game a few weeks ago in Perth, we should have beaten them too, but for once again atrocious goal kicking. We threw away the Crows game and maybe the Dogs game in the same manner. In all of those games we were undermanned, lost more players during the game, copped terrible umpiring and yet the Coach got the team in a winning position, while not missing a kick at goal himself. I am not a Coach apologist, but fair is fair. If our players weren’t the worst goal converters in recorded stats history, we would still be a finals chance and probably not discussing the Coach.
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    we should do a "port adelaide" and have these games declared as away games........
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    Since you love your averages, how about this: 2016 - 10 wins 2017 - 12 wins 2018 - 14 wins (plus two finals) So we average 12 H&A wins over a 3-year period, which is then followed up by a record of 5-12 after 17 rounds in 2019. 2018 is far closer to the average than 2019 so far. Further, if we include this year, our record under Goodwin (2017 onwards) is 33 wins from 64 games (51.6%). 2018 win-loss record was 16 from 25 (64%) and 2019 is 5 from 17 (29.4%). 2018 is therefore much closer to the mean than 2019. This is only including wins, not those should-have-won games like Geelong (twice) last year, Port last year, Eagles (twice) this year and Crows this year. At this point in time there is no reasonable basis to say 2018 was an aberration.
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    Lyon was overly emotional, which is fine as a supporter and really was just expressing our collective frustration. But I don't buy the aberration bit. You can't fluke 2 finals wins against quality opposition. You can't fluke a percentage of greater than 130% - that is a reflection of a large body of work. An aberration is a couple of wins against good side, not a whole season. I also think about it this way.. What makes more sense? That ordinary (not good) players dramatically outperform their abilities over a sustained period of time (season 2018) or very good players underperform their abilities over a sustained period. To my mind it is extremely difficult to perform at 140% of your abilities even once, let alone a whole season. But it is very easy to perform at 70%, for a whole host of reasons. The reasons? I've said it before, I'm also a subscriber of the preseason, injuries and impact on confidence theory. But I'm also open-minded to the coaching criticism. Fritsch being played out of position ALL year is just one of several examples of that. Looking forward to 2020...
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    Yep, definitel an aberration - that's what I think whenever I see incremental improvement year-on-year over a number of years. Sigh. Everyone wants to have the biggest feelings.
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    So Lyon picked a guy that nearly sent this club to fold but yet thats ok because he's "passionate" Nah [censored] that. I'll back Goodwin in to get us going again next year.
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    You are talking to the only male nurse in a regional hospital........ All my bosses are female... all my workmates are female. Every,Single,One. Been that way for 15 years. You have much to learn, but i wouldnt hold my breath. Enjoy living your life being offended by everything.
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    A quality back six unit can only be formed when the individuals comprised play a significant amount of game-time together. May and Lever have played what, three games together? We need them to play every game possible together and that goes for Jetta, Hibberd and Frost too (if he's going to play that third tall). IMO it would be absolutely ludicrous to play May forward with a handful of games to go when we're sitting 17th on the ladder.
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    I could care less about the Neeld thing. And i don't mind his criticism of the club. All power to him. A terrific servant for the club and he has more that earned the right to knock us. What i mind is that he is a paid professional analyst who is rubbish at that job. I don't care how he 'feels' about the dees. Not in that role anyway. Maybe down the pub over a few beers, but not on a show that is supposed to offer some level of professional analysis, requiring some level of professional detachment. His comments sounded like a fan boy whose feelings had been hurt, who had been let down. If he truly believes last year was an aberration, do some basic research and back up that opinion with some facts. Do some work rather than waffle on. He's supposedly 'thought about it long and hard' and gives no substance to his argument. At all. Not single rational argument to back his opinion. That's the best he can do after thinking long and hard? I mean c'mon. Browny tried hard to get him to expand on his thoughts, for example asked him about the quality of the midfield. But got nothing from Gary. Embarrassing stuff. In all seriousness he sounded like many posters on Demonland. The difference is he is getting paid to have an informed view and make rational, well argued assertions. Cold, hard criticism? You are pretty easily pleased Steve. Personally i prefer a bit more rigor in my analysis. Each to their own i suppose.
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    The criticism of Lyon comes from the fact he (either voluntarily or through coercion) wandered in to the club to have a bit of a dip at selecting coaches without joining the board and doing it properly. He had the same thing in his coaching career where he dipped the toes in but never put it on the line. He has nice TV skills but is a relatively lazy caller and panellist. There's little quality to his analysis. Whilst not actively bad like many in the industry he doesn't really seek out anything of interest. No advance stats. No tactical breakdown. There's a bunch of reasons we are where we are: 1. Injuries - losing May, Lever and Jetta for half a year screwed the backline and when they come back the best 2 forwards are out. 2. Lack of fitness after going all in for last year 3. A number of traded in players - Lewis, Hibberd, Garlett starting to trail off. By the way, the alternative to bringing in mature players in the Roos years was for the rebuild to take longer and slower and less chance of working. Can't have your cake and eat it too. 4. Recruiting failures in finding outside runners and small forwards - by the way we aren't the only club in that situation 5. Game plan - the advantages we had in 2017 and 2018, maybe even 2016 as well, have been found out. I truly believe our coaches got a lot out of the group in terms of tactics in previous years. Some worked, some didn't but we weren't boring and had a plan. 6. Coaching structure - there's something up with the McCartney situation, the Rawlings back to the forwards from Casey, Rooke etc. Acting overly emotional doesn't help. We won 10 games in 2016, 12 games in 2017 and plenty of games last year. That's largely without Lever and May, with a very young Oliver, Harmes, Brayshaw, Salem and Petracca, with Jack Viney missing a lot of footy. The President seems like he's not just an empty figurehead and is dipping in to support the footy department with some leadership. We have an experienced CEO. Mahoney's been in the job a while now, if he's up for it he'll get some things done and work with Goodwin to fix some of the gaps in the list, in the coaching structure and in the fitness area. It's not easy to express all of that on a TV show so I'm hardly surprised the claim is 2018 was an aberration.
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    We've been over this in one of the many other threads in which you post your grandiose statement about how bad things actually are. We got better every year from 2014 to 2018. Averaging out our ladder position over that time is unrealistic, unfair and hides that truth.
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    Can we not start this stuff again? Always find it incredibly unfair when Dees fans smash a great of the club for trying to do a job he openly said he wasn't qualified to do, because his dying best mate begged him to do it.
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    So....is Garry Lyon really 'SWYL'????? ....or is 'SWYL' really Garry Lyon???? Has anyone seen them in the same room together????
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    Ha!! He is pretty much the cause of it for picking Mark Neeld from the start. He is the reason Roos had to come in and clean up the mess!
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    I'm bemused by people wanting Goodwin to go this year or next year if we don't have a good first few months. So, who should replace him?: working premiership coaches are tied up in L-T contracts. previously sacked coaches, struggling in-contract coaches (Pyke (2020), Hinkley (2021), Lyon (2020)), retired coaches - I hear Malthouse wants to go around again! Roos, would love it but he won't come back as a medium/long term coach another untried coach with training wheels? So, no thanks, I'd rather keep Goodwin. I've seen enough in recent weeks to believe he will get there with better people around him. Wait and see what the assistant coaching changes are over the next few months. If they are half decent we will make the 8 next year. If we did let Goodwin go, you could bet the Crows will snap him up in a heartbeat! And we get left with who?
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    Last year the club made an operating profit of $506,276 and the NT games bring in a minimum $1,000,000. We are big time on the teat of this deal and are lucky the conditions aren't there for any more games or we'd end up like North and Hawthorn and selling 3/4 games a year up there to make quick cash. It's in a small part paying for increased footy department spend, increased salary cap, for us to take over Casey, dumping the pokies at the Bentleigh Club, fielding a women's team, losing annual Queen's Birthday hosting and probably sack a coach in 12 months. I don't want to play there but the reality is we're a consistently poor club that has relied on charity three times in 20 years to avoid falling into total financial disrepair. I don't think another Victorian club will jump in on this because all the other minnows are selling games somewhere else, and now that Channel 7 has their hooks into the Alice Springs games they're going to want a Victorian club hosting, but if the NT/AFL/whoever did the dirty on us and we lost this revenue stream it would be a disaster.
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    I've said my piece many times over the last two years regarding our list, so @titan_uranus has either missed reading those contributions or hasn't been bothered which is why he believes I haven't provided detail. Not my prob. I don't wish to comment on every aspect of the club because in many areas we are doing just fine. I have concerns with our list and as of this year, Goodwin. For three years, I have always been of the belief that we are a noticeably unbalanced and poorly skilled side compared to most others and therefore very one-dimensional in the way that we play and how we're instructed to play. Last year in June, I responded to Saty with the post below as he was (as always), taking a very relaxed approach to our losses and just generally toeing the company line. "Here's a question. If the players had 'learnt' from bombing the ball long against stronger sides who apply strong pressure, then we'd have rectified it after round 1 when we beat Geelong 64 to 41 in the inside 50 count yet lost the game by 2 points. What's your answer? Against Hawthorn we won the count 54 to 53 yet lost to them by 67 points. Against Richmond and Collingwood we were comprehensively beaten up around the ball being smashed in clearances and possession chains out of stoppages resulting in scores due to opposition heat. We nearly always gave the ball up under pressure. Against Port, we smashed them in inside 50's yet lost the game by 10 points. Again. Pressure. Like you, I can see a lot of positives within the group and I know there's a lot of growth and potential there with our core group of 23-24 year olds. But unlike you, I'm completely aware that these patterns emerge because of a team deficiency that can only be changed by additions to our squad that will give us a better balance and blend of attributes. " The way that we lose games to disciplined sides is no mystery at all to me. Goodwin has shown a complete lack of flexibility regarding our list and hasn't done nearly enough to address what have become obvious trends in the way we lose games. I also posted this after our queens Birthday loss to Collingwood last year: "I've tried hard not to post since Monday's loss, allowing for some time to view the game on TV, (having been there live) and to watch closely on what went on at the coal face which is where the game was lost. First off, it's clear as day that Buckley went to town on the first quarter of the bulldogs game and would have shown his players and said, "look what happens when you pressure Melbourne to this level". Props to him, we couldn't handle it at all and they maintained that level of intensity for the entirety of the game which was impressive. Why were or levels of intensity and pressure not at theirs given its what we've built our entire brand on? Buckley also exposed us in a couple of areas within the midfield. Having a contested heavy, one dimensional midfield group who are all natural ball chasers/inside players can be a double edged sword. When we're on, playing with intensity and most importantly are 'clean' in the contest, we look really good. If the opposition put pressure us at the coal face and nullify Gawn's taps then we look slow and reactionary given the types of players we have playing as half forwards and wings. As an example, if you watch Harmes closely in patches when he's on the wing, you'll see how hard he finds it to sit back from the contest and trust that a team mate would win the ball. Some of his efforts when he decided to chase the ball were very poor as he had no impact and it allowed for his opponent to sit back on the outside and become an option in space. Too many times this happened, and Collingwood had a much better spread of midfielders both inside and outside. Sometimes I wonder what instruction is given to players like Harmes and Brayshaw when they play on the wing and or if they're listening? Both players played their under age years as inside mids with Harmes having rests forward. Unfortunately at this stage, if the opposition get on top in that area, we don't really seem to have another plan due to our personnel through through the midfield. I noticed Goodwin tried to throw Hogan in there again and for me, that's just clutching at straws as he is not a midfielder and cannot play that position effectively. Watch some of his efforts and you'll see. Whilst there are other areas of the ground we can tinker with, like the Vince and Lewis in the same backline conundrum, I thought I'd concentrate on the midfield as it's our strength. Bringing Tyson in is not an answer for me. Unless you're taking one of our starting mids out which there's no need yet imo. We need to get back to starting the game with real intensity and being clean with that first possession. Pederson whilst strong in the air, doesn't provide the same defensive pressure as Smith or Weideman. I would bring Smith back in. Other than that, keep the same side. The only way we beat Port over there is by playing to our strength and smashing them at the coal face. Oh, and Petracca needs to start in the middle. Needs a rocket. " The way in which we lost to Collingwood^, Hawthorn and Richmond last year were eerily similar to how we lost to West Coast in the Prelim. The same can be said for losses in 2017. There's a trend. And now this year, with a whole range of other influencing factors such as an extensive injury list, poor off-season pre-season numbers, poor depth and Goodwin playing the same squad with the same personnel lining up in the same positions, we find ourselves sitting 17th on the ladder. We had a one wood and when it is taken away from us we have absolutely no other way of playing due to the makeup of our list. It's a real problem. Can it be addressed? Obviously. As I've also said many times, this might have been the year we needed for Goodwin to get his wake up call.
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    Perhaps this is part of the explanation for our inconsistency within and between games (notwithstanding injuries skill and game plan factors) Men playing boys... (if you look at every clubs senior list of the number of players they have born before 1994 that is are 26 or older) .. you would get a league ladder like this.. Pies and Cats 20 Hawks and Roos 19 Eagles and Crows 18 Giants and Port 17 Freo 16 Tigers and Swans 15 Bulldogs Bombers and Saints 14 Suns 13 Lions and Blues 12 Dees 11 (and so every Man in the Dees team is critical but if 5 of them Jetta, Vanders, May, Garlett, Melksham and Lewis don’t play many games ... we are in trouble) or you could look at it from the other side of the street and say it’s not just age but experience that is number of players wha have played more than 100 games (lists as of today)... and the expected ladder would be... Pies and Hawks 17 Roos 16 Cats, Eagles, Crows and Port 15 Tigers and Bulldogs 14 Giants 13 Bombers, Swans, and Saints 12 Lions 11 Freo and Dees 10 Blues 9 Suns 8 perhaps there’s a correlation of sorts between these two ladders and the Dees season.. perhaps it says don’t go to the draft but get some mature footballers..
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    He reluctantly agreed to do a job that he had very openly said he wasn't qualified for because his dying best mate asked him to. Honestly, pull your head in. That's a horrible thing to criticize someone for.
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    Except Steven May recently, and he was chastised publicly for it. Personally I think it was the best evidence of a player with natural leadership skills since the Neitz days. Our onfield leadership is one of our biggest issues, and it doesn’t appear like changing anytime soon. We need to build around Lever and May in this regard, as they’re clearly the best onfield leaders at the club.
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    Everything will be OK, just relax. The internal review will say better assistants, better high performance staff, better injury rates and the club will inject more depth again after getting ahead of themselves. Next year will be nothing like this, frustrating - yes, but if you don't get a full preseason in these days, you can write the year off. Things can change quickly, see Cats after their trade period. If anything, we overachieved last year and people got their hopes up. We will be right up there next year, enjoy life while you can peeps.
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    The loss of good depth players for not much/no return: Kent, Tyson, Vince, Bugg, Pederson The surgeries in the off season the belated start to the pre season May coming in unfit May getting suspended may and lever not playing in the backline until rd.... then we lost our two forwards in Tmac and Weids Forced game plan changes: Zone defense is limited with 6-6-6 can’t run players off back of square Not sure how much of the above is Goodwins fault. I don’t think all is lost. But bring on 2020. Go Dees
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    Unlike most commentators, Lyon actually watches Melbourne games and sees what we see. Garbage.
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    Regardless of G Lyon’s past involvements with Coaching Panels, he is on the money. This Club right now is in deep [censored], and it is going to take a huge effort to get it back on track. Who else falls this far, so quickly? WTF went on last summer? Why isn’t the list fit enough to play 4 Quarters. No excuses. Get a list ready to play 2 hours a week. Why wasn’t somebody in contact with Stephen May straight after his recruitment? Book a flight ✈️ Tell him what is required. Don’t wait for him just to roll up. That is f$&@ing unbelievable!!!! Record Memberships this year and we are served this cold turd each weekend. I honestly think Goodwin thought it would just roll on. Yes we had surgeries, but so did all clubs. We have 45 on the list... Why are the not fit??? I am glad the boots are being sunk in. We have had so much assistance and we throw it away everytime Get to work Simon. Next year starts now.
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    If there is anything to take from this, it's that Goodwin is the man. Real leadership is putting the arm around when it's needed but also giving a genuine shirt front to get the response required. And then not only did he challenge him, but he went with him the whole way. That's culture building and it builds respect between the coach and players.
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    Can Demonland please confirm that Joeboy's account has not been hacked? I don't ever remember him being this positive after a loss.
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    I feel we just look like a better and more balanced side whenever he's out there, whether it's in defence, midfield, or up forward now, he just gets to the right spots and I think it makes up for his lack of pace. 6 marks today and should've kicked 4. A brilliant negating effort on McGovern, outsmarted him with bodywork. He's obviously found a lot better form in the last month and in the VFL, if this continues, then surely he offers more value than taking on an extra list spot on rookie or kid. We need to keep as many players on our list who can kick and make smart decisions. Given the form rejuvenation, I hope he and the club reconsiders his on-field value for next year and gets him to go around 1 more year. I'd just like to request that Mods don't merge this with the other thread. The title is a blight on the forum. JL is a 300 game great with multiple BOG level grand final performances and deserves better.
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    Just because you come back from the injury list doesn't mean you return in a good way because of lost fitness/touch etc. Classic example Mitch Hannan. So don't expect players like Melkshem to be back to normal this year after missing so much time.
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    As I and others have been at pains to point out this is plain wrong and to be honest is a really unhelpful narrative to be pushing as a dees fan. Why? Because it is wrong. You made that assertion a fee weeks ago and I posted the link of the article from may with the games missed by best 22 through injury ladder. I'm not sure if you read it but it showed we were hit hardest at that stage by a big, big margin. And things have got much worse since then. If that ladder was done now we would be so far ahead of second it is not funny. And as noted by wrecker45 the injury issue has to be seen in context of our shocking preseason and resulting lack of a strong fitness base (by the by the tigers had a great preseason, as did not coincendally all the teams in the top 5. Saints didn't and have struggled all season. Go figure). Caro should stick to footy politics if she doesn't understand that. Sure, debate the actuall impact of a poor preseason and injury. But please don't misrepresent how bad both have been for the dees. As I say it is an unhelpful narrative and just feeds all those lazy footy media people who love to reinforce such myths.
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    If we could just kick the thing through the big sticks, we’d have been spared a few headaches. Who is our goalkicking coach? Do we have one? Get Saty on board for all I care. Just get someone. Anyone. Lesson 1 - Wind: what is it and how does it affect my kick?
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    Oh, well.... it's a done deal then. "Send him back! Send him back!"
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    Many during the week predict we'll get smashed by 10 goals. We lead into the last quarter, lose by just over 2 goals courtesy of an opposition goal from the worst decision of the game, lose Viney by half time , we're playing the reigning premiers and people still come on here and smash the coach and/or the team. Where is the perspective ?
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    It's not that this year or last year was an aberration. The problem is that it's Standard Operating Procedure for the MFC. Incremental improvements followed by mind bending drop offs. Wins against solid opposition to fold against the weaker. 2 finals wins and then hardly scoring in a prelim. Finishing 4th and dropping to 16th. That's what drives most supporters including Lyon crazy. He's just got a bigger forum than this to share his disgust. And I value his opinion on football above all the happy clappers around here.
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    Also if you first response on this is to bag G. Lyon rather than take in what he says you are in serious denial IMO. Let your personal hatred of him go for selecting Neeld, its a long time ago, Kernahan appointed Malthouse, it was just as big a disaaster, but i dont see Carlton fans constantly smash one of their past greats. History is littered with it.. you think they do it on purpose, you think they want to ruin the club, you think they want to make a bad decision.. Its time to move on everyone, the club is the concern now, not who says what.
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    Why have we fallen so far, injuries and the worst case of goal kicking yips ever, last year was not a aberration this year is. We have out played the meth coast both times, and both times bad goal kicking cost us the game. It's 2 easy things to fix, why did the Crows fall last year and rise up so far this year, one thing injuries. Why have we fallen so far injuries. People just don't want to use injuries as an excuse but you know what it determines a season it has for years,, the team has improved as the season has gone on, but the injuries are still counting up. Am sure missing from 30 to 25 meters in front of goal is not part of Goodwins game plan, the best game plan in the world can't make up for bad goal kicking.
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    Adem Yze’s the bloke who interests me. He’s now had many years of experience working at Hawthorn in what is a very winning culture and works directly with Clarkson on match days. I think he was backline coach for a time during their premiership period.
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    Yes, because an afl club with the year we've produced after making a prelim would sit on their hands.. What kind of a comment is that? Are you complimenting them for it? No [censored] they'll be trying to turn the ship around. You're turning into the bearded supporter that goes to training.
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    Whatever suits your agenda
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    There's very little evidence for Gawn as a good forward. He can't offer defensive pressure, he shanks his kicks and he finds it harder to mark against a good key defender than when behind the ball against a ruck. Marshall is in excellent form. He does enough in the taps and is very good at following up and excellent at ground level. He'll lose the taps but win the battle against Preuss decisively. The Tigers are doing ok with Soldo and well with Chol as the extra midfielder type mobile ruck, same for McKernan as a ruck at Essendon. Preuss isn't like that, he's the opposite. He's competent in the ruck but offers little as an around the ground follower, he's more like Zac Clarke who the bombers struggled with. If Gawn's in the ruck he's odds on (but not entirely a guarantee) to win the ruck duel for the 80% of game time he and Marshall go head to head. The Saints aren't playing a second ruck so Tim Smith is actually perfect as a back up ruck against Acres or maybe Bruce. Especially on the quick track at Marvel it makes sense to get a forward in for the forward line and leave the best ruck in the ruck!
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    Mustn't be any good teams playing this year 'Mydee'...
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    You aren’t wrong and as a fellow female I agree. But truthfully I know the names of very few umpires and she isn’t one that has umpired our games a lot so I just simply have no idea what her name is. I refer to her as the female umpire because it’s an easy identifier. I also refer to Nicholls as that bald pr!ck because that too is an easy identifier. I only know his name because I’ve seen him crucify us numerous times. That Eleni is a female has nothing to do with the fact that she is seriously bad at umpiring and she joins the countless males who too are awful at umpiring and ruined many a game this season due to their incompetence. On a side note Chelsea is by far the best goal umpire in the competition and I know her name because she’s an excellent umpire not because she’s female.
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