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    Saty they weren't ready physically. If what you're suggesting is right nobody would consider practicing. Tennis players, golfers, cricketers and the list goes on. They'd do a few running and gym sessions and not lift a bat, racket or club. We all know that's not the case. They practice what they do before a game. They hit ball after ball after ball This is important in an individual sport but doubly so in a team sport because not only do you have the individual skills that need honing you have a game plan to mesh with 21 other players that needs hours of practice. In 2019 we didn't have that and it showed in every facet of our game. People often use Oliver as an example of someone who "didn't need a preseason to have a good season". Rubbish. 2019 was a shadow of his 2018 and if your assertion is correct it should have been better given his age and the natural progression that should have taken place. People are focusing on the injury toll but it's the preseason. The skills practice so many missed out on. The game plan execution so many missed out on. The match fitness so many missed out on. It's been reported that the PA players went to the three quarter time huddle knowing we were shot physically. All they had to do was keep running. They did and they won easily despite the game being in the balance at that point. We weren't physically ready and we were not "ready to go". It's quite simple really.
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    THE YEAR THE SKY FELL After a number of years of linear movement up the ladder, the Melbourne Football Club unexpectedly went into serious decline in 2019, slumping from fourth to 17th in a season that coach Simon Goodwin described “a complete wipe-out”. Those around the club who tried to analyse the apocalyptic events that unfolded during the year were hard pressed to find a single reason for the debacle but the most plausible explanation was that the club’s troubles stemmed from a lack of fitness and injuries that derailed the season before it began. There was a significant amount of optimism surrounding the Demons over the summer months. Some of the pundits in the media were even suggesting that they were flag favourites based on their forward momentum over a number of years, their midfield strength as shown statistically by their control of stoppages and their high scoring in 2018 suggesting a coherent system of play and a powerful forward line. The team was maturing and it was thought that the sky was the limit but, as it turned out, the sky fell. Melbourne’s newly appointed head of high performance Darren Burgess recently said that he believed there wasn’t much the club could have done about the situation the club found itself in both before and during the season. “Having done a lot of research on what happened last year there was a lot of comment about their fitness or lack of, the surgery just kills you,” he said. “When you’ve got 17 or 18 players in surgery and 16 were in their best 22, it just kills you.” And so the club went into the pre season without many of its key players, particularly in the midfield. The signs in the two JLT Community Series matches against Richmond and Brisbane were not good although when considered with the hindsight of knowing they were against two of the top three place getters after the home and away season including the eventual premier, it wasn’t as bad as it seemed. The team ran out of steam in its first game - at home against Port Adelaide and then failed miserably at Kardinia Park when despite winning the hit outs and clearances and making 73 inside 50 entries to 48, it was thrashed by 80 points. These figures are bizarre enough but the trend was already set for the season. The team could win the ball well enough out of the centre but conversion into goals was a problem while opposing teams had no problem with their own accuracy on the rebound. They managed to kick straight (a rare occurrence for the year) against Essendon in their third game but the Bombers were more accurate making it 0-3 for the Demons and a difficult start from which to recover as the injuries began to mount. The win against the Swans in Sydney was welcome but two more disappointing losses put the club in the danger zone. A couple of unconvincing victories against Hawthorn and Gold Coast provided some respite and a trip west looked promising for three quarters against the Eagles before another fade out put paid to the club’s hopes for the season. All the while, the injuries mounted - they were compounded not only in the number of players out but by the length of time out with their injuries. For most of the first half of the season, the Demons struggled with losses in their defensive half but after the mid season break for the bye, the club successively lost all of its key forwards and won only two more matches - against Fremantle and Carlton to limp home to a five win season and 17th place on the ladder. In the latter half of the year, the club tried a reshuffling of the assistant coaching panel but nothing could help as the team lost seven on end, albeit a number of the defeats could be regarded as honourable given the material Goodwin had to work with as the season rolled dismally to a close. Max Gawn and Clayton Oliver created history with a tie for the Keith “Bluey” Truscott Memorial Trophy. Co-skipper Jack Viney finished third and he was followed by James Harmes, Christian Petracca and Bayley Fritsch. With highly touted recruit Steven May hobbled by injury, it was left to a VFL player, Marty Hore to take the honours of best newcomer. Given the injury woes at the club, it’s not unsurprising that the Casey Demons also struggled although their ninth place finish was commendable in the circumstances where coach Jade Rawlings and later Sam Radford had so few players with AFL experience available to them. The AFLW team missed captain and star player Daisy Pearce on maternity grounds and also missed out on the finals under the weight of a massively skewed conference system. A surprise loss in the first game against the Dockers didn’t help. In the end, a big win against Adelaide was required to make the finals - a win that simply didn’t even look like eventuating. Karen Paxman, Elise O’Dea and Lauren Pearce were the pick of the squad. And so, as we enter a new decade, the club can look forward to a few acquisitions in the playing side, notably wingers Ed Langdon, Adam Tomlinson and forward Mitch Brown, the possibility of a rejuvenated Harley Bennell and a trio of youngsters from interstate. On the off field side, the experienced Alan Richardson comes onto the coaching panel and possibly the most important change in light of the fitness and injury woes of 2019 is the signing of fitness guru Burgess who is tasked with raising the sky back to the heights of 2018 ... and further.
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    Well knock me over with a feather. Who would have guessed. Same story that we've had from every assistant since about 1968.
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    How in hell are we having this discussion again?
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    Saty always thankful for your training reports but this is not your finest work. Given the overwhelming amount of detail the Club (President, Head of football, Coach, conditioning staff etc etc etc) provided about how unready physically the players were this is a bizarre post. It's worse than that, it's actually insulting the players to ignore everything the Club has said about the impact of physical injuries and suggest it was a mental problem. Disrespects the effort players who missed a pre season put in to nevertheless do their gut busting best.
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    Impossible question really. However, if both were fit Tomlinson would clearly be in front for reasons of experience and consistency of performance . Most would rate him as a “better player” Kk has been cruelled by his concussion issues. One can only hope that he successfully overcomes these in order to show what he is capable of
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    I think what is happening is you are trying in vain to defend your total misreading of where we were at the start of 2019. You're digging a deeper hole, just let it go and admit you were wrong, everyone who has an opinion is sometimes, you'll feel better and be free.
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    People must have run out of things to complain about.
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    rubbish, l went to training and quickly realised we would not achieve the heights of 2018 after a couple of sessions and posted a few times accordingly. all you need to do is count the number of starting 22 players doing match simulation / match practice to realise we were stuffed. would be great if that stat was/is in each of our training reports
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    If we’ve spent pick 3 on a bloke who won’t play in the seniors for at least two years then I’d be thoroughly amazed. If you can’t see what Jackson has in terms of capabilities and then mesh it with an AFL program and deduce a set of possible outcomes that couldn’t see him play earlier rather than later, then well, we have plucked a guy that should’ve been a third rounder and we know that’s not the case.
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    The Weird, has to go from an occasional contributor to dynamic KPF.
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    I think this thread is about the MFC Captain! Cotchin of the Tigers is now the poster boy for captains, but I can remember during 2016 and midway through 2017 he was hammered for not being a real leader, then miraculously he becomes a great captain! Viney showed great leadership in the 2018 final wins and I can recall a number of other games where he has shown exceptional leadership to drive the team onto wins. It will be great to see him play after a full pre season, rather than going in unprepared and carrying significant injuries. Judge him at the end of hopefully an injury free 2020! Max strikes me as a different kind of leader, but I’m sure if he becomes captain or co-captain, will lead by example and having another terrific season. Jones disappointed me as a leader for one key reason, have hardly see him chase a player over the last two years, maybe it was due to injury, but as a problem MFC has had over a number of years as a team, that really disappointed. I know it’s simplistic but I think of a root cause for one of our problems. The other leadership we lack showed up against Port in the first game last year, with Max being attacked the whole game and getting no support! Also happened in 2018 prelim against the Eagles! I think this is where the likes of May, Lever, and Vandenburgh were really missed in 2019, not sure if Viney played that game, but at some point you need to stand together! Hopefully we show this leadership across the ground in 2020! In my view this is one of the reasons we lose to Collingwood so often, they look like they believe they can just push us around!! So standing up and being counted is what I’m looking for from all our players. Richie Vandenburgh led the Hawks to change their mentality particularly against the Bombers, to go from victims to the aggressors! Then onto Being a great team. Leadership starts at the top, but it’s up to all the players to step up. Go Demons in 2020!
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    Personally I think it’s too early to write Dunkley off as ‘depth’. He’s been in the system for half a season, was highly rated in that mid-season draft and has played senior footy. It took his brother Josh a few years to get going and his whole family are sporting achievers so there’s a lot of scope for him - particularly being a young bloke. Rivers inclusion in the senior team will be dictated by Hibbo’s availability and form. A season developing at Casey will be fine however I do I agree he looks a likely type to slot in to the team earlier rather than later.
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    To any Demonlanders caught in these horrific bush fires. My thoughts and prayers are with you, I hope you all come out of it safe and sound. A house can be rebuilt, a life can't
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    Surely it was obvious it was going to be a fluff piece by the title. Why read it if it’s not your cup of tea?
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    For those who don’t know or can’t remember I originally created the “Air Jurrah” image after his debut against Essendon. I decided to then get the t-shirts made and 100% of profits went to the Mt Theo Program in Yuendumu. From memory we raised about $550. A Demonland member got a tour of the club once and saw the Air Jurrah image in Brent Moloney’s locker:
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    For all the reasons bb lists this comment is palpable nonsense, on two levels. One being that it is an incontrovertible fact most players were not physically ready to go round one. Indeed arguably most never reached optimal fitness levels. Two it is supposition on your part that most players were not mentally ready. It may well be true of some players and there have been some comments from mfc people implying that (e.g. lewis), but nonetheless it is supposition. I am assuming you keep repeating this nonsense to create some drama. But perhaps not. Maybe you actually believe it to be true, in spite of all the contrary evidence and the statements from the club. I'm not sure which of these two scenarios is stranger to be honest. Whatever floats your boat I guess.
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    Based on last year we need about 21 players to undergo very serious [censored] development
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    Chicken (real name Wilfred) played 150 games for Fitzroy and won the Brownlow in 1933. He was a tiny 170cm and 62kg and earned his nickname as a child when his mother could never catch him!
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    The classic 'GNF' move...
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    I know this’ll come across as straw-clutching but I remember seeing your post which did paint a different story: https://demonland.com/forums/topic/46882-hayden-young-drafted-by-fremantle/?do=findComment&comment=1772824
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    Reading’s not your strong suite? I can’t think of any one other sports writer (or non sports journo, for that matter) who comes close to capturing the spirit of the game in the way that Flanagan does.
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    That's extraordinary really. I have been saying for years that the biggest determinant for success in the AFL is a strong preseason preparing the whole team properly in terms of the required fitness and injury (which includes factors such as who is injured, when they are injured, how long they are out how long to get back to fitness etc etc). This has never been more the case than now. The silly soldier out, soldier in, never blame injury mantra is a weird cultural thing where real men are stoic and teams overcome injury with sheer mental strength. Stupid. The bombers are having a horror run this preseason with many players rehabbing from surgery and injury. Watch them struggle. When they do It is worth noting that their numbers in rehab and missing sessions is not even in the same ball park numbers wise as what we experienced in the 2019 preseason.
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    Such an open question. In terms of fitness? Skill work? Game plan/rules understanding? I realise it’s a combination of all of these and other things so we are really narrowing it down to the newbies and the rookies... For me it’s probably Bedford. His time trial running has been fantastic so he’s got that right... shown a few glimpses last year so I reckon the staff should be investing heavily into Toby. He and Kozzie could prove really dynamic in the forward half as a pairing.
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    I'd love to have a wager on that.
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    The better way to have phrased point No.1 is that at our 2018 best the MFC has show it's self capable of playing football that is well and truly capable of beating just about any side in the competition and that a return to that level of list fitness, system and confidence should have us right up there again. We are inherently a much better team than our 17th finish would suggest. If we are to improve significantly, then I think point No.2 has to be improved game plan and system. It will be a big test for Simon Goodwin and the coaches. If we don't improve in this area, then everything else falls down. I'm backing Goodwin to produce the goods. In 2018, he took us from a team that defended well, but struggled to attack to the highest scoring team in the comp. Perhaps there was an over correction towards attacking at the expense of defense and last year we frankly didn't have the troops and it all fell apart, but if Goodwin can coach that change in game style in one direction, I believe he can wind it back the other way as well. Everything about whom Goody was as a player and his various clean-outs of players who wouldn't commit to me says he has the fortitude and abilities to set expectations and get the team to two way run much better in 2020 - Langdon and Tomlinson should help in this regards as well. I initially thought Tomlinson could be a lot further down the list of reasons, but this realisation of how important he would be structurally, now makes me think where he is nominated relatively is about right. Point No.3 or 4 for me would be the age profile and continued natural development of list our with key mids like Oliver, Brayshaw, Trac, Harmes, ANB (perhaps Viney if he can maintain fitness) and other guys guys like Freitch, Salem and to some extent Weid/Petty. Sure some other clubs could also claim this, but I think with a fit list we are ahead of similar lists like St Kilda, Brisbane & Freo and I expect the age profiles of some clubs up the top like Geelong, WC and Collingwood will have them heading in the opposite direction. No.9, I would just have as generic 'wild card' factor. Into this I think you could lump a hoast of players like Jackson, Pickett, Rivers, AVB, Joel Smith, Bennell, Sparrow, Baker, Dunkley and perhaps KK. There is no certainly that any one of those players in particular will pop up and star, but I think there is a fairly high chance that at least one of them will. Again I think we have more in this category than other clubs due to a combination of frount loading the draft just gone and our annus horribilis 2019. I'd probably also add a No.10 point - Depth. Provided we can keep a fairly fit list up to Rd.1, having players like O Mac, Petty, Pruess, Brown, Hore, Spargo, Hannan, Lockhart, the Wagners and possibly Jordan, Chandler and Bedford as fringe/depth players is a lot better than I suspect a lot of other clubs have. Sure we looked fairly exposed when we needed to use alot of them all at once last year, but using them more so in isolation to plug holes and maintain selection pressure, I think they are all more than capable of doing a job and some could also develop and get better.
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    KK would have had a much better career than Tomlinson if he never had the injury concerns. No offence to Tomlinson, but KK is much better suited to a wing. We got Tomlinson because he is a solid best 22 option who is versatile and doesn't have injuries (Until he got to us and got injured immediately). He has shown he can play the wing position and can do it better than the majority of our list. Its a funny question really... How good would Trengove been without the foot injury? How good would the Ox have been without the knee reconstructions? Would Luke Molan be considered a bust if he never got injured? If my grandmother had wheels she would be a bicycle.
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    I'm interested in whether you posted that you were "digusted" with our drafting before or after it was leaked to you. Also keen to hear your explanation for posting inside info from a club official on a public website if you're so concerned with leaking?
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    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all Demonlanders. It’s been a tough year for our beloved club. Let’s hope we can bounce back in 2020. I want to thank our Mods @Nasher, @Whispering_Jack, @Grapeviney, @george_on_the_outer. They go above and beyond in their tireless work of keeping the forum civil and a friendly, inviting and inclusive place. Things can get heated in here especially in the tough times and the mods do a great job of keeping the peace. Thanks to my Podcast cohosts @Grapeviney, @Supermercado & @george_on_the_outer. It’s a tough job having to front up week in week out when you only win 5 games so thank you guys for not bailing on me. A big big thank you to our regular preseason trackwatchers @kev martin, @Baghdad Bob, @Satyriconhome, @DeeSpencer & anyone else who I’ve missed out. This year you guys have raised the bar and I look forward to your reports in the New Year. A million thank yous. And lastly but certainly not least thank you to all of you who make up this wonderful community. This forum is nothing without its contributors. Hopefully 2020 brings us that elusive Premiership so that we can all bitch about the cup not being shiny enough together. Bring on 2020. 🔴🔵😈
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    In seriousness I'm super pleased we have Richo onboard and feel really positive about 2020. My key takeaways were that the players are fit, have got a good conditioning block in and will focus alot on footy and how we play when back from the break, and that Richo's focus is that the players understand it instinctively.
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    Even in the worst year some one has to finish in the top 5 spots of a B&F, I would suggest the votes they polled in the B&F is a better indication as to their season performance. Oliver polled 464 votes in 2019 compared to 595 in 2018. Harmes similarly 319 (2019) and 468 (2018). Even allowing for additional votes for finals this is a significant reduction in the impact of their season according to those coaches who vote. Time to let it go and concede that as reported everywhere and as shown by our performances our players were significantly impacted by reduced preseasons.
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    I got this book for Christmas and knocked it over while camping with family in the last week, and it was an absolutely fantastic read. It’s his life story (obviously) but looking through an analytical lense — his philosophies in life in leadership and how they were shaped by his personal and professional experiences. You get some insight in to his time in to the MFC - in particular how he transformed himself over time, his relationship with Chris Fagan (his right hand man and underrated influence in the relative success over that period) and how the club never really gelled at any stage he was here (financial issues, revolving door board and CEOs and so forth), particularly in contrast with his stint at West Coast at the end. Personally I got more out of reading about his time at Essendon though as a player and then a coach. It painted Kevin Sheedy in a very different light for me. It even made me want to watch the 1993 grand final - puke! Given that it’s heavy on the philosophical side of life, if it’s a yarn with all the gory details of the ins and outs of Neale’s time at the MFC (or anywhere else), this isn’t the book, but personally I lapped up every word and it cemented Neale as one of my life heroes and all time favourite footy people.
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    I'm a bit sick of this stance. Do you think Goodwin hasn't rewatched the game? Do you think the assistant coaches haven't rewatched the game? Do you think they didn't take that game into account when making decisions about player's future? Do you think they didn't watch to see where our system fell down and how WCE dismantled us? Do you think they didn't watch that game as part of each individual player's preseason preparation? Of course Goodwin has watched the game and so have the assistant coaches. What they haven't done is sit down with the players and go over it the way they go over most games. They know the players know what happened. There is no point sending the players off with a review of that game in their minds at the end of the season. They would have wanted to send them away with a much more positive message. And before you say "well that didn't work" just review the presentation by Mahoney at the Members Information Night to realize why we had a shocking 2019. It had nothing to do with "not reviewing the game".
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    The better title fir this thread would be : 2019, the year that wasn’t
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    I actually think both the Wagner brothers are not that far off being pretty decent, solid footballers in their respective positions. Good athleticism, reasonable skills and bucket loads of courage (thinking mostly of Josh in this respect). The things I guess that are a bit questionable about Josh in particular are his decision making and skill execution under pressure. I think players like the Wagners could probably be categorized as nearly, but not quite playing at the required standard to be regular firsts players. It's probably is these kind of players and guys like Lockhart, Spargo etc that we need to take a step up and play a role for the team when required, such that their presence in the team is seamless and helps us get those 3 or 4 more wins during the season to take us from finishing just inside the top 8 to inside the top 4. Not to say that their development can be mismanaged, but players like Jackson, Pickett and Co are probably going to be good players regardless and their talents will push them up to playing seniors where they will have plenty of opportunities to develop an understanding of what is required to play at the top level.
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    We'll likely see him for 10 games or so barring injury, but I think people need to temper their expectations with him. Just because he's a pick 3, doesn't mean he'll play and dominate immediately. Tall players take longer to develop, and going by the few bits I've seen from training Jacko appears a long way off it. He's brilliant with ground ball for a bloke his size, but he really struggles with contested marking and was getting schooled by Omac last time I saw him. All his best moments I've seen at training have been using his smarts to avoid a contest - floating across a pack to take an uncontested mark or not going up with a pack and gathering the ball like a crumber when it's not marked. He's got potential, but fans need to have patience with him. Most development required for genuine best 22 candidates in my view are Weid and Baker. Weid has shown he can play well at the level, but needs to cement himself and play his role consistently at AFL level. He needs to stay on the park, kick a goal a game, provide a marking target and repeat leads. If he stays fit, works hard, and his teammates honour his leads, then he'll come on in a hurry. Baker has some great traits and his pace could be a godsend for us, but he needs to learn how to use it at the right time eg. running to create space, running away from content, when to slow run to make sure his kicking is effective etc. Still not convinced he'll make it, but I hope he does.
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    Written on 2nd July and was ahead of the curve. Subsequent information provided by the club confirmed it. It's the greatest reason to have the greatest optimism going into 2020. Bring it on!
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    I think (hope) we can be competitive this year with Burgess and the recruits but to win the big games we need Oliver Brayshaw and Petracca to go to another level and be A grade match winners....
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    I totally get where he is coming from though. If you could wave a magic wand and make them both 100% right now then Tomlinson would be ahead by a long way. KK has simply missed too much footy to over the past few years. He would be so out of touch.. Which is what his two games this year were. I don't rate Tomlinson that highly, but he will play his role and will hopefully be durable. I was bullish about getting KK. I've done a complete 180 now. I think he is done. I don't think we will ever see him play again and i'm not sure if I want him to. I cringe when I think of him getting hit in the head again. I nearly felt this way about Brayshaw too, so fingers crossed that i'm wrong and that he makes it back.
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    All the best to all at Demonland! Mods, what an outstanding forum and fan site.. thanks! To all Posters, whether I agree or not, Thanks for providing a really interesting conversation and banter and occasionally heated discusiion! It is the PASSION, that we share and although we do have differences at least we are united in one thing, A LONG OVERDUE FLAG! So I send this All the best! " Try not too stay too static or cute. Premierships won long ago memory can decay and become like brown Squashy Fruit, Change, is the seed to personal growth and a footy club so passionate, that it demands perfection and swear on the Grand old Flag Oath! And submit to the Challenges that aspire to greatness, all that we seem, Follow the Blueprint, those in command, and there stands before us The Premiership Dream!"
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    Happy New Year to all the Demonlanders. Whether I agree with you or not I respect the hell out of every single one of you for the dedication and loyalty you show the club through so many hard times. Let's hope that 2020 is the year the curse is finally broken and we see a long overdue flag.
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    My post was looking at if KK had never been injured in the first place and what each player's ceilings would be in the role. His games for us this year are pretty much null and void after how much football he missed. He really shouldn't have been in the team in the first place imo.
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    A better question might be Tomlinson or Baker.. Tomlinson obviously for now, but we should be blooding some experience into Baker this year too. Does he have to add more forward and defensive strings to his bow to get an op on the wing?
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    Dunkley’s form was good enough as a 19 year old in the VFL to get drafted mid year and then good enough at Casey VFL to get promoted for AFL games (granted with a very deep injury list). All off the back of no AFL preseason yet people call him guaranteed not to make it and it assumes a yard stick of not getting senior games in 2020. He seemed to lack a yard but naturally knows how to find the ball, connect play and kick a goal. Assuming we are blessed with a more balanced list this year I suspect he will ply his trade in the mid field for Casey and be ready to seriously push in 2021 as you would expect a development curve to look. Rivers has tools we have in shot supply and with Hibberd and Jetta likely to show decline even if fit and Harmes somewhat of an unknown off half back opportunities could be there if he develops ahead of the curve in his first year. I would still anticipate though with a balanced list that a solid year at Casey with maybe a few games if opportunities arise would be the most to consider.
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    Funny you should mention Bruce Andrew. I am in possession of a small booklet called "Australian Football Handbook". Its author is Bruce Andrew, Secretary of the Australian National Football Council. Dunno how old it is (as it doesn't have a print date), but the types of kicks that Bruce lists might give some clue to its age. The kicks listed are as follows: The Drop Kick, The Stab Kick, The Punt Kick, The Torpedo Punt Kick, and (I kid you not!!), The PLACE KICK!! LOL Bruce begins the section on this kick by saying "This is the most accurate kick of all -- especially when there is a head or cross wind blowing. It is favoured by some forwards when kicking for goal." (The last VFL player to kick a goal using the Place Kick was Tony Ongarello in 1955!!) And, no, no mention of the drop punt! Ah, nostalgia! (It aint what it used to be...! LOL)
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    I have never bet on this club. But I will be having a decent go this year for top 4. As good a list as we have had in a long time. Touch wood we remain injury free leading into 2020.
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    All of our injuries were the reason Dunkley got a game, he’s depth at best. I agree re Rivers, I think he’ll push his way into the team early on.
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