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    Can we close that Viney liability thread now. How many possies did he get?
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    It's maudlin, but it's true. If this kicks off like it has in Europe, this will be the last season of footy for some DeeLanders. Forced retirement, not 4 to 6. I'm not quite sure what we can do to look after each other; we share a love for this Club and have endured together through so much [censored]. I saw a flag in '64, but I'm not sure my son will. It might just be worth checking in on each other once in a while. If you get crook, you might like to let DL know. We are, as they say, all in this together, and the odd (queue @Bitter but optimistic) message might lift the spirits. This isn't a drill. Stay safe. Stay at home. Go Dees.
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    What an emotionally draining season that was. Felt like it was never going to end.
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    Dear Melbourne Football Club, Thanks for your email. I will always support this club through the good and bad times! My late father, Kevin Raymond Hardeman who passed away on 3rd December 2018 and was a financial paid up member of the MFC since 1972 (except 1979!) and we, as a family attended every MFC game up until 1987. In 1973, I remember sitting in the Northern Stand with my Grandmother (Gary Hardeman’s Aunty), my Dad, Mother, Brother and Sister (my youngest brother wasn’t born at the time) with Robert Flower’s parents and talking to them while watching Robbie play his first game for the MFC! I was still taking my Dad to the footy in 2018 and sitting in the top deck of the Southern Stand in the AFL members...sometimes on our own!! My Dad saw his last MFC game and win against the Bulldogs at Etihad Stadium! It was a fitting last game for Dad (who had Dementia and was living in a nursing home at the time!). My Dad had grown up a Footscray supporter and saw many of Melbourne’s premierships in the 1950’s. My father was a good footballer in his own right and played U18s for Yarraville Football Club and told me he had played football on the MCG and his opponent that day was EJ Whitten who was playing for Braybrook. It was the season before EJ started playing for Footscray. Dad also coached North Footscray Football Club and was a life member of the Umpires Association in the Footscray District League (FDL) which is now defunct. My Dad was the strongest, nicest and honest man I ever knew. He was and is still a legend!! Our greatest MFC moment was at Whitten Oval in the last game of 1987 when we beat Footscray to make the finals for the first time since 1964! I remember hugging my Dad as the final siren rang and dancing on the terraces...what a game! What a team! What a season! We where also there at the Preliminary final at Waverley and watched as the Hawks broke our hearts!! We went to our Grand Final losses in 1988 and 2000 (another great year...loved ‘The Wiz’!!). My poor Dad was too ill to go the finals in 2018 but my brother, my niece and myself where at the MCG to see us beat the Cats and the Hawks (I was responsible for starting the Melbourne, Melbourne, Melbourne chant after the game!). I flew to Perth for the 2018 Prem final and sat behind Daniel Cross (Daniel lived with my Dad’s brother Peter Hardeman and my Aunty when Daniel first started playing at the Bulldogs) and the club doctor on the plane over...the loss still hurts as does the 186 point loss at Geelong (Dad, my son and I sat though the reserves as they got beaten by 30 goals and then the seniors by 186 points...I am still recovering from that defeat!!) My Dad also knew Dudley...and I remember Dudley selling peanuts at the footy at the G in the 1970s and 1980s... Anyway... I love this club with all of my heart and soul! Stay strong and take care. Go Dees!!!
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    The precipice stands right in front of the Hawks ATM. Burgoyne unsighted, McEvoy ( 1st game back from injury), no impact. Patten grossly unfit, was completely shot by quarter time. Scully run off his feet firstly by Langdon, then Tomlinson. Smith forced to play on Langdon and then did nothing during the game. Puopolo should be retired as he had as much impact as McEvoy. No forward line apart from Patten.......... Common factor....30ish years of age! Oh how wonderful this is.....Now for Geelong!
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    Jetta played on Burgoyne who did SFA. Hence Jetta won his position. I’m not sure where the criticism is. His primary role has always been to defend and he has always done that very well. He isn’t a play maker. Never has been. But name the last time a Jetta opponent has given us a bath?
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    Slightly off topic but I just wanted to say that I live in Lucca in Italy and that, from our experience, the most important thing to do is to stop the spread of the virus....by whatever means necessary. We have been in significant lockdown for almost two weeks and the rate of infection will continue for at least a couple more weeks. There are no sports events taking place, we are permitted to leave our house for three reasons only; shopping, to go to work, or for health-related reasons. No shops other than supermarkets, food shops or pharmacies are permitted to open. No bars or restaurants...and you know how Italians love their coffee! Walking outside is only permitted for one of the above three reasons e.g. to go shopping. All shops restrict entry to enforce a minimum one meter distance between shoppers - maybe 50 people in the supermarket at a time. The reason for these measures is because this virus is a beast and spreads amazingly quickly. If the spread not slowed hospitals and doctors will be overwhelmed because it often impacts on the lungs and the demand for intensive care exceeds the ability to provide it. Inevitably, it will hit Australia similarly so I urge you to start the 'social distancing' required. Italians are not known for their rules-following behaviour but I can tell you that they are certainly taking this seriously. Good luck!
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    Quality thread idea. So my flight to Bangkok got cancelled. I was due to go there on April 6 to my wifes home in rural Thailand. We have been married for 7 years, but i havent seen her since early July last year. Now it looks like its going to be somewhere around 18 months by the time i see her again face to face. Sent emails today to Thai Airways and also for the internal flights airline in the hope of a refund. Cant cancel my leave as the roster is already full. Cant fly to the Brothers place in QLD either as i would be lucky to get there, and almost certain not to get a flight home.. My gym is now closed so i cant go there either. So i called work and told them i am happy to cover any shifts i can during my annual leave if our nurses need extra time off to care for their kids who now have no school to attend. There WILL be some who have to take extra time off now that School isnt an option for the ruggies. Easy to feel sorry for myself, and i did have my moments. Then i remember that my job as a Nurse makes me safe from the threat of job loss. I am even in the position that i could tell my daughter not to worry herself sick about losing her job at Bunnings as i can cover her mortgage until she gets some income. Sure, im also in an industry where my risk of catching "The bug" is fairly high, and i do have a health condition that makes my risk of death from it almost 15%, but hey, it could be much worse. As long as i dont infect my 79-80 Yo. parents with something i bought home from work, it should be ok. Will feel pretty rubbish if i bring home the bug that kills them. So yeah, its crap that i cant see the Wife for ages. What can you do. I feel a lot less sorry for myself when i see the lines at Centerlink on todays news.So many people losing their jobs with 10's or even 100's of thousands of others still to lose theirs. Be nice to your neighbors and dont abuse the poor checkout chick for the 1 pack pasta limit. Its not her fault. Stay classy and look after each other in whatever way you can.
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    I agree mate, he had a good game and is a possibility to play round 1 IMO. Not huge numbers but was noticeably clean out there tonight. The hate this kid gets on here is ridiculous, the kids a 20 year old ffs.
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    What game were you watching? Spargo's quick hands and smart position were one of the highlights of the night.
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    People potting OMac clearly went into the match with a pre-conceived idea and outcome. He played well today against one of the best 2 pronged forward lines in the competition. Not a star, but was very solid down back today. Lockhart was great - he can hopefully play the whole season down back this year. Kossie - he has 'IT'; a quality that we haven't had at the club for a longtime. No matter what happens with the draft this year, we made the right choice trading into the first round with North - he's gonna be a player. Bedford - great pace and pressure. Not completely convinced, but showed that he could be a contributor. May - didn't stand out with the ball in hand, but blanketed Kennedy, and that hasn't happened very often before. Viney - responded brilliantly. Captaincy aside, he is playing like he was before his injury. He's completed a pre-season and now he's showing us the form and ability that won him the Best and Fairest and the captaincy in the first place.
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    Deja Vu! Non existent delivery into a non existent forward line I don’t think it’s an ability issue so much as a structural issue. I have lost confidence in Goodwin Did we learn nothing from the 2018 Prelim ?
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    A few words from Harley’s old coach Ross Lyon: ”But Lyon had caught up in Melbourne with another recruit and (now ex) Docker that struggled to get on the field in Harley Bennell, who has been listed by Melbourne. He said Bennell was sprinting in a way that he had never managed as a Docker. Lyon said Bennell, who had a succession of calf injuries at Fremantle, was "going really well" in Melbourne, having had successful surgery to his calf. "He's excited. He's sprinting. He's sprinting at levels he never was able to achieve at Fremantle. Up on his toes sprinting," Lyon said. Source: https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/recruiting-jesse-hogan-a-whole-club-not-just-coach-call-lyon-20200309-p548cl.html
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    Can't believe the posters who think Jackson looked ordinary... Take a closer look! He got pushed around in the first two or three ruck contests, but then adjusted. As the second half progressed he began to get his hands to the ball first and we started to take it away from the contests. His follow up work is elite and he wasn't afraid to tackle with vigour. If you think he will be playing at Casey for most of the year, you don't recognise 'star' quality when its right in front of you!
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    Jackson should not play this year unless we get injuries. He's a kid. A tall talented kid, but I mean c'mon it's like putting a baby giraffe into a battlefield. Yeah the giraffe might stomp someone but it's not the place he belongs.
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    Great observation. Thanks for your insight
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    This man has seen things.
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    The sound of people scratching their heads trying to work out why the AFL persist with this match up as the first game of the season
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    Just our luck that the year we have two genuine home game blockbusters that the coronavirus is going to diminish crowd numbers. Last year we had neither Anzac Eve or QB and blew a $1.5 million hole in the accounts because the supposed big drawing home games came at the end of the year when the season was shot. Even if the virus is contained both our blockbusters will suffer lower numbers, maybe 40,000 instead of the anticipated 65,000-plus if the behaviour of the past week is any guide to the resilience and public spiritedness of Australians (Hint; there is none.) So the heat should be on those who sit on the fence every year waiting to see how the season unfolds, and also the estimated 10,000 MCC members who still resist buying even a token membership to do for this club what they demand of the players: go hard and go often. Time to buy a membership folks because the club budget is probably blown without you. NB: Moderators, I didn't put this in the Coronavirus thread because that derailed some time ago.
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    You would have to be a real [censored] to call the club and abuse their membership department and demand refunds right now. This is not within their control and a club like ours can ill afford cancelled memberships on top of losing home game attendances. The biggest shame is our performance last year probably means lots of supporters were waiting to see how we perform in the first few rounds before deciding to renew this year.
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    This is actually pretty funny. I can't believe people on here are getting upset.
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    John Travolta was hospitalised for suspected COVID-19, but doctors now confirm that it was only Saturday Night Fever, and they assure everyone that he is Staying Alive.
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    OK, we're all a bit bored here so, further to that Peter Marquis post and veering completely off topic, I've gone the extra mile and come up with a cricket team for your consideration. In batting order, they are Nathan Jones, David Hasselhoff, Sid Vicious, Shane MacGowan, Waylon Smithers, Peter Marquis, Damien Monkhorst, Bill Dunk, Lou Reed, Colin Miller and Scarlett Johansson. Or, if you prefer, Chunky, Hunky, Punky, Drunky, Flunky, Trunky, Monkey, Dunky, Junky, Funky and Spunky. Phew!
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    MFC Supporters: Practicing the art of turning silk purses into sow’s ears, since 1965.
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    Don't care what anyone says. It was a nice change to spend a quiet Friday night and watch Melbourne win a game of football, especially against Hawthorn. Let's hope we're allowed to attend the football this year. Don't want to see it cancelled, or played in empty stadiums.
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    Had a few DD? Having a differing opinion is great and needed but you really do offer zero value here. You just tend to slag people off rather than give anything back. It’s an Internet forum for Dees fans in case you missed that part.
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    Oscar beat Darling. Harsh
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    Kicked three goals in the last qr with the boys riding Lily Mithens game winner home with 25seconds to go. Good stuff.
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    I think people are very quick to forget Spargo's 2018 season and base a lot of their views on his lack luster 2019 in which he was probably playing injured for the most part. Not only is he a competitive animal, but his positioning himself to win the footy and use it in dangerous ways is also pretty good. I've got no issues with him being in the side with the form he showed over the preseason.
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    I was holding off starting this thread but Round 1 is a go ... Round 1 • West Coast Eagles v Melbourne Sunday 22 March 2020 • 6:20 PM (AEDT) BEST IN SHOW by Whispering Jack I am writing this knowing that the AFL has deemed that the opening round of competition will proceed but fully believing that it should not. The world is going through cataclysmic change as a result of the overwhelming spread of the Covid-19 virus and I agree that a distraction like sport would be good for the public. However, while the physical threat to the population is bad enough, there are other issues to be addressed including the mental health of the community and the effects on the economy, business and leisure which are profound. Then there is the effect on the sport itself. While many activities are being postponed and cancelled to permit the isolation of participants and thereby minimise the possibility of contracting or passing on illness to the vulnerable in the community, the AFL has forged onwards with a business as usual approach, albeit without the crowds that often give the game what we describe as “atmosphere”. But can we really claim that the show must go on when the health and well being of our elite sporting persons - the players - is at stake? Compare us with the American National Basketball Association which cancelled its season last week when the first player tested positive. Yesterday, it was revealed that one of the game’s superstars Kevin Durant is among four Brooklyn Nets players to have tested positive for the coronavirus. Will we only follow suit when inevitably one of ours is found to be infected? And what then will be the effect on our national game? The AFL has deemed that the show must go on and so it seems it will. Over in Perth where it’s always a difficult place for visiting sides to win, I expect Melbourne to make a good fist of things. I’m expecting the team to be much fitter than this time last year. We should see a great midfield battle with the team at close to full strength there, a stronger defence than the one the club could muster last year, but perhaps still not enough up forward to beat the Eagles on their home turf. And despite the fact that the affirmation of that home crowd in favour of West Coast will be missing, they remain one of the competition’s frontrunners and, by the end of the day, they’ll be the best in show. West Coast by 13 points. TEAMS WEST COAST EAGLES B Jetta McGovern Duggan HB Gaff Yeo Brander C Sheppard Barrass Hurn HF Redden Darling Sheed F Ryan Kennedy Cripps FOLL Naitanui Kelly Shuey I/C Ah Chee Hickey Nelson Petruccelle EMG Hutchings Schofield Waterman Williams MELBOURNE B N Jetta S May J Lever HB O McDonald J Harmes M Hibberd C E Langdon C Oliver A Tomlinson HF A Neal-Bullen B Fritsch J Viney F C Spargo T McDonald A Brayshaw FOLL M Gawn C Petracca J Melksham I/C T Bedford M Brown J Lockhart K Pickett EMG M Hore L Jackson T Sparrow S Weideman Melbourne Football Club: Injury List: Round 1 Kyle Dunkley (heel) — available Sam Weideman (ankle) — available Nathan Jones (Achilles) — test Braydon Preuss (knee) — test Joel Smith (quad) — test Mitch Hannan (groin) — 6 weeks Harry Petty (groin) — 6 weeks Aaron vandenBerg (foot) — 3 months Kade Chandler (finger) — TBC Harley Bennell (calf) — indefinite Kade Kolodjashnij (head) — indefinite Aaron Nietschke (knee) — season
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    Once we hit 100 posts will need to shut this down
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    MEMBERS of the Melbourne Football Club have rallied around the Club in the wake of the news that crowds won’t be allowed into games for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19. In an impressive display of unity and loyalty, over 100 people purchased Melbourne memberships on Monday, generating over $10,000 of revenue for the Demons.
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    It took you two weeks to get to my comment... have you checked the figures since my original comment at which time I think there were less than 100 cases? The US as of today, has 4,657 recorded cases and in just the past day recorded 977 new cases. This has nothing to do with the Democrats; Trump is the current POTUS and he has been failing miserably. My comments were made at a time when he was signalling that people should just go about their business as usual (including going to work), and telling us how he had it all under control, despite the warnings from health experts. You're so rusted on to right wing politics that you cannot see what is patently obvious; he has failed and is now scrambling to do something meaningful. Kiss the ground knowing Trump is in charge??? Hah! Kiss my [censored]!
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    No respect for a defender who thought he was a star forward* Roos knew he was only a defender. Howe and Buckley thought otherwise. Took Buckley 10 minutes to realise Roos was right.
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    I’d like winning “ to become recognisable to supporters” !
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    Irony, meet your Overlord.
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    My point was I thought Spargo played a better game than Bedford. No worries though mate, you clearly have much more knowledge than anyone else on here and make a point of stating that at every opportunity...apologies for having an opinion on an opinion site. Care to name the round 1 team for us? Or will you will go with the old line that you will keep it to yourself because you are trusted by the club with info that you can’t give to others?
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    Steven Mays kick in from full back to Gawn in the 2nd quarter was beautiful. Got us a goal end to end in 12 seconds.
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    Match high 33 disposals. Fantastic all game.
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    Great thread and thanks to those who have shared a little of their personal stories through this unprecedented time. I’ve had a lot of time at home over the last two weeks. No, I don’t have corona, but I am a school teacher and our school did have a parent test positive, hence the shutdown. I feel fortunate to be in a line of work that is relatively protected from what is going on. We have had to make huge adjustments to our pedagogy and systems we use to deliver content, but that’s insignificant when I read the hardships of others. Demonland is a part of my daily life. Between classes I log on to post and read. As others have said, I don’t know any of you personally, but this is a community and one that I feel a sense of connection to, more than ever before. I know there are many on here like me that have footy as a enduring constant in their life. It’s part of the weekly routine. The highs and lows. The memories of 87. The visual that is conjured when you hear the phrase “Still Woewodin, Still Woewodin”. Footy is a massive part of our life and it’s gonna leave a massive void. I worry for the future of our club and wonder if we will ever go to a game at the G again. Sit near the same people we have seen alongside us for years. Urgh... it’s depressing. This is bigger than footy and so many people are in uncharted waters right now. I’ve had friends lose small businesses over night. Mates laid off. Friends cancel weddings. Footy, in comparison, seems insignificant. But, the reality is, we all love our club and what footy brings us, even when it is shyt. Demonland is a great community and I know we will all support one another through this mess. Please stay safe, healthy and talk up if you are feeling down or alone. We will get this through this.
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    If someone had told me six weeks ago that we would be one game from top place at the end of May, I would have taken it.
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    Sending a massive thank you to @Demonlandfor keeping this thread updated the past few days with every morsel of news. Info has been appearing on here within minutes of being published elsewhere, and it’s been a huge time-saver to have it all contained in the one spot. Bravo 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
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    My OCD can't handle the messiness of Goody's desktop.
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    Stratton deserves more than a sling tackle. He is actually a fairly dirty player and personally I wouldn't be sad to see him cop a bit from another team.
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    Tomlinson and Langdon are footballers with tanks great recruiting.
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    I was excited by the scratch match so ...
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    As a health professional who has read a lot about the crisis, I have found the events in Italy terrifying. You are right that the mortality rate is low (around 1%). In Italy it’s closer to 10% because everyone has contracted the disease at once and the health system is completely overwhelmed. They don’t have the capacity to ventilate anyone older than 60. It’s nuts. The measures that are being taken are to prevent everyone contracting the virus at once. If we spread the process over the next couple of months we will be fine. But if everyone continues with their normal activities and spreads the disease rapidly...we could be italy #2. So suck it up.
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