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  2. I'm not a fan of Billy unfortunately at the moment. Works hard but his skill level is awful. Still - I'd persist with him over say Lewis for the rest of the year. The season is cooked so mind as well get as much time into Stretch/Lockhart/Baker/Spargo/Hore etc as possible to see if they will make it or not and to harden there bodies to stress of AFL footy.
  3. You're not alone CB . . . any Hore's are going to be difficult to assess without first had observation.
  4. 16 possessions, 5 marks and 2 goals from a kid playing his second game is phenomenal, whether you rate it or not.
  5. 6. Gawn 5. Hore 4. Pass 3. Pass 2. Baker 1. Pass
  6. The cupboard is bare. That is caused by player development, communication flaws, intentional stubbornness, incorrect match between games styles/strategies and selections-recruitment to task-poor club rules onfield. The lack of two-way running and the failed use of ground space (if only to retain possession in a team wide reset) was highlighted for three quarters and in the last quarter, proved to be an attribute that the players CAN come up with as the opposition had two players on the bench. Crunch time has arrived.
  7. All willy that quarter they are 13 points up. Need a dramatic change to see Casey get up. Beaten most position s. Ball seldom in our forward line.
  8. 6. Max Gawn 5. Jack Viney 4. Marty Hore 3. James Harmes 2. Sam Frost 1. Josh Wagner
  9. He has played all of 2 games. Has some run, some flair and can kick a goal. Was better than most today.
  10. Hell no. I would rather coach the team.
  11. Gives it his best and knows how to play the wing in terms of where to run but there's just nothing AFL about him. Small, not quick, can't change direction, has a 40m pop kick. In a good side you might be able to use him as wing depth but in a side like this he's just another ordinary player.
  12. sorry.... but I don't rate a 16 possession game as a great positive. Good for him. Gawn... how many hit outs to advantage ?
  13. We need the likes of Brayshaw and Petracca to be at a much higher level than they are. They are meant to be our blue chip stocks. Not our cheese and onion chip stocks.
  14. Which is pretty well what we are. Sure, only half the team, but when half the players are VFL standard, then it drags the whole team down: you can't keep possession, systems fall apart and structures break down, there's no real synchronicity between the players and finally, there's no real consistency across team selection/player position etc. We're not even going to start to be competitive until we get at least a few players back (imagine even just Salem, Hibberd and Melksham into that team), but more importantly, we start to get some consistency over a long period in the team we put on the park.
  15. You know it’s bad when you and your missus are with your 6 year old daughter and the missus keeps ducking off the get more beers for you...must’ve heard the teeth grinding.
  16. The Seagulls now lead by 13 points as Casey experience yet another third quarter fade out.
  17. What he says to the media and what he says behind closed doors r two different things. He’s not Neeld ffs. Im surprised no one is looking towards Chaplin. He’s the one I have concerns about. I’d love Rawlings back coaching.
  18. Just remember that our 2nd goal was kicked at the 17 minute mark of the 3rd Quarter Critical to remember this....
  19. It was a good fight after half time.. we are clearly undermanned and they are a class above.. it could have been 100 points. Some perspective needed. Year is done, so positives with Baker, Hore and Lockhart. Thought Fritch and Petracca played well.
  20. Goodwin has undone all the good work put in during the Roos years. We are close to square one as far as I'm concerned. In terms of game style and list.
  21. Yep. Gawn was solid and Marty Hore had a crack. Thats about it.
  22. 6.Gawn 5.Viney 4. Hore 3. Harmes 2. Baker 1. Hunt
  23. We were never going to win this one it doesn't matter which way you slice it. Not going to analyse it in great detail there is no need. As mentioned above we are carrying way too many players not up to this standard and that is just fact. Coaching was not good today so th aat plays a part but really this is just a culmination of crap. Max Gawn can hold his head up as he never stopped working but there's a bit of daylight after that. Viney worked his way into it and Harmes toiled as usual but we just don't have much to hang the hat on. If we thought ball use was bad out of the back half it seems it completely goes to water without Salem.. Hore continues to show why he's here, besides the odd gaff here and there. The Wagners while honest goers won't win us a flag. Spargo selection was funny. Usually I find a way to wrap up my post game post nicely but i think I'm just gonna leave it mid sentence
  24. 6: gawn 5: hore (and he had five kicked on him!) 4: viney 3: frost 2: baker 1: petracca
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