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  2. Percentage is a significant gauge of performance though. Otherwise why have it? Fremantle was arguably the worst minor premier in recent memory because of that, because they had a fairly low percentsge for a top 2 side. Their drop off was not as great as our for that reason. We went from scoring 31% more than our opponents on average, to 23% less. They went from 15% more, to 26% less. This is my point about our fall and season year on year being much worse. The gap between our 2018 best and our 2019 worst is largee than their 2015 best and 2016 equivalent. Just facts.
  3. Nope, these individuals who I've never met, owe me everything. I am a stakeholder don't you know. They don't know what it is like to support a team that has never one a GF in my life time. Our culture stinks, its the curse don't you know it's the curse. So these humans, who are supposed professionals, don't know what it is like to support a team, they are merely employees of an enitity that is symbolic to anything that is meaningful in my life ,hence my indignant rage at these people whom I have never met whom owe me every thing. Did I mention they owe me everything?
  4. What possible right do you, or any of the other 'livid' people on this thread, have to dictate to players about their holidays? For god's sake, they chase around a piece of leather for your entertainment. You don't own them. Their holidays, and what they do on them, are none of your bloody business.
  5. Should’ve gone on one more year if he requested it. Far too many unskilled players on this list should be departing before Lewis.
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  7. Tim Smith has hung up the boots. Will be announced in the next day or two. Injuries got the better of him.
  8. Goodwin might not be our coach in 2021 but he absolutely should be for the start of 2020. People like beelzebub and stranga want to pull triggers left right and centre. That’s not smart business or football, even if the temptation is strong. There always has to be a degree of reflection. We’re not 12 months removed from a PF. We need the context of the 19/20 pre-season and the 2020 season (at least the first third of it) to truly know where Goodwin stands.
  9. Bloody glad that Beelzebub, SWYL, TGR, PF and the rest of the itchy nut crew are miles away from managing our list or having any say in anything. You blokes need to calm the farm, god I'd hate to be in a tight spot with you next to me. All* decent posters and genuine supporters but this is a journey. Yea if we stuff up next year then you'll be shown to be correct, but a coach doesn't get their team to a PF by fluke, and clubs don't establish sustainability by jerking their knee at the slightest obstacle. Of course Goody gets a mulligan season. Until next year we won't know. So just chill. Edit: *mostly decent posters
  10. Roughie and Hodge are probably both already out've our price range. We go for the no name assistants.
  11. You’re angry at Mahoney over a trade scenario that you made up in your head? That’s fantastic.
  12. That our percentage is 77.9% and Freo's was around 65% means more than the relative change in percentage. We finished up 5th on the ladder with 14 wins and had a 6 game winning streak where we won by an average 60+ points which boosted our percentage significantly. By comparison Freo finished on top of the ladder with 17 wins. Who cares what your percentage is if you finish on top of the ladder?
  13. Interesting that Jordan has had a longer career and played more games than Nathan Jones across two clubs but has had only 2 coaches (3 including the games Brendan Bolton coached while Clarkson took time off to recover from an auto immune illness), compared to Jones who has had 8 senior coaches (including caretakers) : 1. Neale Daniher 2. Mark Riley 3. Dean Bailey 4. Todd Viney 5. Mark Neeld 6. Neil Craig 7. Paul Roos 8. Simon Goodwin
  14. but I thought we were on the Buckley/Hardwick train and 😰this is just a learning year
  15. peter bell will want our second rounder, our first rounder, and proud wa native neville jetta and won't accept a single trade less! 24 hours later...
  16. Players mum whines her darling boy isn't getting a game ..... Spare me.
  17. It a scary thought that we might improve to 13th in 2022.
  18. Somebody please explain the benefits of having co-captains to me.
  19. Cut out the middle man and get Choco as the mentor. At least we'll die laughing.
  20. Carlton being pulverised 15 years ago.
  21. Agree, Jones is done. Attempting to get him to 300 games would not only be selfish of him and the club, but it would dent his halcyon days when he went back-back-back in the B&F.
  22. Because we are not professional. Jones has a high opinion of himself bit since that very first game this yr agst Port he has been fumble and bomb it long type player. Def shouldn't be captain in 2020.
  23. Watch him go to the Hawks for a 5th round draft pick. Another salary dump by the Giants.
  24. Yes they are. Goodwin refused to learn from it. Said it was “just a bad day” He should have had that whole game time coded and studied within 2 days. Would have taught him something...
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