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  2. Won't matter, I have played Footy and Cricket there and in Summer it is a good a place as any to play. I swear by the fact that if the tide was coming in the ball always did more than when it was out! Took some good Wkts there! In Winter I played 1 game of footy there on a shizzen day, a south wester with rain coming in sideways. I reckon I was close to Hypothermic and therefore Death by the end of the first quarter. Picture this 18 blokes at half time in the showers trying to get warm still in footy gear!!! If it rains there it is ALWAYS Shizzen!!
  3. You have my vote NC. You have to wonder why the MFC thought they could over come these problems.
  4. Glad to see Oskar and Petty have been given another go.
  5. Bit of a joke selection. Spargo, Lewis, and Weideman have done nothing to justify a recall and have been in poor form all season. If it is going to be wet like the forecast says, I would go small, Fritch, Stretch, Harmes, and Wagner.
  6. Doesn't have a gig yet, they are just including options in case something goes wrong with a number of players before sunday
  7. If it rains cats and dogs or just a little, he gets wet. If there is no rain, he stays dry. Seempill.
  8. How can Spargo get a gig when he didn't play last week was dropped for poor form a fortnight or so ago and gives little.??
  9. Yarra Park was placed on the Victorian Heritage registry in 2010 - with special emphasis on the layout and the tree planting - with an emphasis that this should not be altered. As no oval of a size suitable for our training could be provided in the Park without removing historic pathways and trees; and as the proposed 6 storey development proposed over the rail line would effectively block existing views into the park, good luck with trying to get anything approved within the park. I just don’t believe it would happen. Hence my thoughts on the area covered by Goshs Paddock Ovals 1 and 2. None of the above restrictions would apply.
  10. My preferred final bench - Harmes, Lewis, Preuss, Fritsch Fritsch lucky, but id give him one more game to turn it around. I would guess most people dont want Lewis in, but we have a quicker team now and his slowness can be covered much more easily. We need his experience out there.
  11. In: Jordan Lewis, Charlie Spargo, Braydon Preuss, Sam Weideman, Corey Wagner Out: Alex Neal-Bullen (Injured)
  12. Yes no doubt. However there is still our "chain" play. We turn the ball over at important places and guys like Cameron love those fast entries from opposition turnovers. We need to do a lot more than convert our shots against GWS.
  13. Some good racing coming up at Eagle Farm on Saturday with James McDonald on some very fancied rumners ... Lord Arthur (R3) Accession (R6) Military Zone (R9) James is also on RingerDingDing in the Group 1 Kingsford-Smith Cup ... 12-1 can be had. 3 Group 1's at The Curragh (Ireland) over the weekend as well ... 2 x Guineas races and the WFA Gold Cup Racenet.com RacingPost.com (UK)
  14. Hindsight bias in action. Also confirmation bias, because you're ignoring the games that were won at selection - which is the majority of them.
  15. ergo...9 clubs get it wrong, 23 weeks a year?
  16. Today
  17. This “easy in hindsight” argument really annoys me when you have a group of people/coaches on between $200 & $700k who spend so long in the company of the Players and they still get it wrong far too often.
  18. Surely his position in the best 22 is now locked, despite the 4 or 5 injured guns that are to come back (May, Lever, Hibberd, Melksham, Hannan).
  19. Hunty has some party tricks he was involved in that handball when attacking the ball out wide to Marty that levelled the scores against GG and 10 seconds or so to go smashed into a pack ball got loose where Harmes kicked it forward to TMAC and the rest is history. A feel good story for Jayden for the way he has fought himself back into the side.
  20. He sounds happy and is enjoying it up forward. Hunt recovers his flare Being played out of the square gives us greater flexibility and unpredictability i50. Played tough 'aggro' footy in the last few weeks and was a key part of our last minute wins vs Hawks and GCS.
  21. He’s one of the most dangerous players on our list and is one of the few that has the key attribute we lack - pace! It’s great he’s past his back injuries that ruined his season last year. Now he’s fit, I’d play him every week. He’s proven capable forward and back, and could be good wingmen also IMO
  22. I'm finding it very difficult to remain positive.......
  23. Cold and Wet on Sunday, should suit Viney and co to the ground. show us your fancy skills now Kelly/Whitfield etc. gonna be a scrap
  24. that'll do Hirdy. enough coffee for you!
  25. He is good mates with Billy Stretch and probably just helped him keep his spot..
  26. They're way better on the outside than us. It'll be interesting, to see how we matchup to them... as they are starting to mature.
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