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  2. I really think England can win this now. Lets hope not.
  3. .....and as for all this booing about a match that wasnt even played against England.....they have been done for ball tampering at least 3 times in recent history, Atherton in 1994 against South Africa and Marcus Trescothick in the 2005 Ashes series. Atherton was found to have dirt in his pocket that he applied to the ball, was fined 2000 pounds and it was further found he lied to the match committee. Trescothick admitted in his book released 3 years after the series to using sweets that kept the shine on the ball longer and produced the swing we saw in that series which England won 2-1. Stuart Broad and Jimmy Anderson were found to have used their boot spikes to scratch the ball in a game against South Africa in a test in 2010. Although South Africa complained, no charges were laid mainly because South Africa won by a big margin. ........so they can shut up.
  4. Really disappointing game. To kick only 4 goals against the bottom of the ladder side is disgraceful. Really poor performance by Hunt I thought he was above VFL level. We don't deserve to make the finals. Pretty poor year all round by Casey.
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  6. It's pretty hard to be quick with a sore knee. I suspect Papley would outrun him, even if Salem were fit, but let's recognise that he played injured on Friday night and that made him "look worse". He's still the first player I want kicking the ball out of the backline. (Jordan Lewis is his equal for kicking, but he's now an overall liabilty playing in defence).
  7. Yes im the same dl, i hate to see a hero cut down. Lets hope for a swift recovery
  8. I thought you might. Sorry about the mix up. I thought Italy had already started, but i think last week must have been practice matches. One never knows whats going on in Italy...only the Italians! Lets hope the original bet is a slow burn. DZ said hed post me an update, but hes disappeared. Weekend sporting pass must have been revoked at the last minute! Go the Reds! Edit: 2-0
  9. Macca

    Monkey Business

    Well I've put both combo's on and I noticed that Sparta Prague have already shot out to a 1-0 lead. 'Go the 'Reds!' (the Czech Republic version)
  10. I am devastated about Smith. He is a joy to watch and his off beat body movements are very funny. I think now is the time for Warner to step up and show why he is in the test squad. I have faith in Head abd Wade but not much for any other batsmen in the side.
  11. Fair enough Chook. Only one more week of misery to go!
  12. Well yeah, but sometimes that phrase (there's always next year) is said without any real enthusiasm or hope. But most would agree that if we can get our best players fit and firing with a few good add-ons we can genuinely improve. The coaching will get a big shake up and the FD will be on notice Oliver, Viney, Gawn, Brayshaw, May, Lever, Hibberd, Harmes, Petracca, Melksham & Salem form the basis of go-ahead solid outfit. Add in the no.2 pick (midfielder) the acquisition of a key forward and some pacy outside run (with skills) and 10 wins as a minimum is quite achievable. Friday night is a distant memory for me. Ideally we'd acquire another goal kicking forward and a pacy backman but we probably need another off-season for all the parts of the puzzle to fall into place. Frost, Hore, Hunt, Fritsch can all play if used properly and Jetta & T-Mac might find their best form again. Who knows with Weideman? Jonesy has a place as we really do lack enough experience And the players need to work overtime on their skills in the off-season. That is an absolute must. Kicking to position in the dark if needs be. Worked a treat back in my day I've actually been in next-year-mode for quite some time and the club probably has been too. Lofty expectations has a huge downside. It's fair to say we've dropped our bundle but ... There's always next year Rusty!
  13. MFC. 2013 - 2 wins 54%. Nil priority picks (7 years out of finals) 2014 - 4 wins. 68%. Nil priority picks. (8 years out of finals) Suns 2018. - 4 wins. 64% 3 priority VFL picks. Collins Corbett Burgess All played in 2019 40 games between them. 2019 - 3 wins. 62%. Priority. ???? Wow - Suns were given 12 of first 18’picks in 2011 draft plus 10 priority youngsters. Plus an extra salary $$$ cap. They have blown it. MFC got no sympathy in terms of priority picks for the 2013 and 2014 years because we had “made our own mistakes” my eye sight is fine btw
  14. On a serious note; Captain/leadership shuffle. Gawn & May are my obvious game day oberservations. Draft- Pick 2 = Noah Anderson (Pick not to be traded under any circumstances). I would like to see us bring in a couple of indigenous players. We play in the NT and should have access to the talent available. Target- Adem Yze and Brad Green to add to coaching and skills. Al Richardson or a senior head also. Trade- be aggressive to get the type of players we need. We should be targeting; - Hill & Langdon as a package - Tomlinson & Daniels - Higgins (North) & Smith (Hawks) - King (Suns) 2020 R1 & player I won’t list who we should trade out of respect! But there are many. Not sure what shape our salary cap is in. But we need to make room.
  15. I just hope we don’t [censored] it up and trade players out that we need and get ones in that won’t help our cause.
  16. Done! Fortunately I couldn’t make Friday night, sounded putrid. But after 50 plus years supporting them , I just have to stick fat with them, as maddening as 2019 has been!! Just think of the joy if we win one flag after 55/60 years of waiting and waiting!
  17. I don't think it would come as a surprise to anyone that the first change I would make is Goodwin. I understand that it would cost a fortune given he's just been given four more years, but his gameplan is shot and he can't seem to grasp the concept that key indicators are only worth pursuing if you do them RIGHT. Ideally I would like to replace Goodwin with someone with experience. Brisbane have shown us how much that counts. I'd love to see Brett Ratten given another shot. He had Carlton performing way above their level when he coached them and never should have been sacked. If not someone with senior experience then my preference would be Rawlings. He's never put a foot wrong and his department always seems to perform better then their teammates. We've already seen some movement in the assistants. The two things we need most in that area is a really good skills coach and someone who can teach our forwards how to function as a unit instead of getting in each other's way at every contest. As for players: Retire: Lewis Garlett Delist/Trade: Stretch JKH OMac J. Wagner C. Wagner T. Smith Maynard (already gone) Walker Keilty Willing to listen to offers for: Hunt ANB Spargo Hannan AVB I know that's conservative for some, but it makes room for six senior additions and five rookies. It may free up more room on our senior list for all I know. They've made the rules far too complicated. I'm also torn on Nev Jetta. I love the guy, but he's struggled this year. It may be time for him to bow out. Jones we keep as the old stager/experience. He can hang out in the forward pocket and improve our team set shot stats. Gawn gets the captaincy. With the space on our senior list, we need to go hard for a serious A-grade mid. My preference remains Coniglio. He's not Dangerfield, but he ticks all the boxes for us. It would be worth our while to throw the bank at him. Other than that I agree that we need outside run and skill. Hill, Langdon and Martin are all viable targets. Go for all of them and see which ones bite. We need at least one of them. We fight like hell to prevent GC getting pick two as a bonus. Anderson is a gun. Pick two is not on the table. Draft Anderson. Later picks, I agree with whoever it was earlier who mentioned guys like Stack, Kelly and that dude at WC. We need to take the risk on one of the insanely talented freaks with worrying attitude. It's not like the safe players we keep picking are blowing anyone away.
  18. Yes exactly Macca, i was thinking afl and its at least a week mandatory. You just couldnt expose all his bruises so quickly. There are helmets with that area protected, but apparently Smith wont wear one as he doesnt feel comfortable so im told....
  19. Like many before it, the season was written off many moons ago i'm afraid Macca. The old saying "there's always next year" has been a mantra of MFC members/supporters for well over half a century. It's something i'm very familiar with but thanks for the reminder!
  20. Gawn, Salem...out Petty, and a young 'un.....in
  21. Yes ... better to err on the side of caution Wadda. The 3rd Test starts on Thursday so the turnaround time is short too. Smith should be getting at least a 2nd medical opinion (which would probably happen anyway) He might end up needing an extended time on the sidelines. It was a nasty blow and when he hit the deck I was really concerned. And that neck area still isn't protected well enough for my liking. Certain fast bowlers can be hard to pick up - Johnson & Archer are 2 such types. So the batsmen need proper head & neck protection.
  22. I’d prefer we take Anderson and persevere with Weed for now.
  23. A player throwing it on his boot after a blind turn, supposedly not a worse option than feeding to a teammate facing the correct direction in which the ball needed to be delivered? And with Fritsch facing the correct way to be able to ascertain that Oliver was not under immediate pressure, flat footed or not. Ok!
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