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  2. He should take 3 years at GC from a financial perspective. Dees could only give him one more year!
  3. 2-90 Well so far so good you would have to say by the Poms. About time Root put in a captains innings. The partnership (Root and Denly) would have to sat together for another 100 runs at least. I still cant see them getting past 250. 1 wkt and the collapse will be on. The only thing they have on their side is time.
  4. Agree, was expecting a 10 goal disaster! However, kicking 1.7 in the last and throwing away a win still hurts!
  5. Jones has given great loyalty and service to the club, so we should acknowledge both of those! The last two years, he hasn’t run or tackled and disposal has been ordinary at best. He can play one more season as a role player, but he needs to lift!!
  6. Observers keep saying Stretch is not up to it! Do these stats mean anything? 21 disposals this week at 95% effciency, yet he is said to be non AFL standard amongst a squad of players who routinely butcher the ball when they get it.
  7. Once your confidence is shot, you will find a way to lose - 1.7!
  8. I was at the ground today. There was something fundamentaly wrong with Nathan Jones. His body language reeked. He offered no leadership and no one looked to him for it. My mother watches about 1/2 a game every three weeks and it was her second live AFL game ever. She said it was either 1) his last game for the club or 2) he had just been told that he would not be captain effective immediately. The last time (and first ever) she came to a game she said Jack Watts was playing with no confidence and would be traded at year's end. He was.
  9. The Hawks could even get a double up game against the Eagles. The Eagles would be spooked with that matchup now, which would be amazing, given they'd be confident against every other club at home.
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  11. Hi Dieter, been cruising around Jurien Bay, Geraldton area looking at the wild flowers for a few days then headed south today to Perth to watch the Weagles vs Hawks game. My wife is a mad Hawks fan and yes yet again the Hawks win. Everytime I go to these interstate Hawks matches, they win, I think that is 4 in a row. Everytime I drag her to an interstate Dees game we lose!
  12. Choco Williams Sais a year or two back on the radio, the coaches mantra of one soldier out another in, is what coaches have to say, but he basically called it out as total BS, replace 4-5 of your top 8 players with players 23-27 on your list and your stuffed! While we’ve underperformed with what we’ve had available, our injuries and poor off season add up to a bad year, maybe not 5-17, but irrecoverable from a good season perspective. Bring on a great pre season, a fit list, good draw, better draft picks and s bit of luck and who knows what 2020 holds!
  13. Yep watching live tonight the Hawks took them to the cleaners and this loss has most likely cost the Weagles another flag. The Hawks are so well drilled, and have skills and they have a system that works. They always show up to play to the game plan and tactically they play smart to negate their opponents strengths. Next year they get Mitchell back, Wingard, Scully will be better, they might pull Cogniglio as well. They have picked the eyes out of the free agent system and the disgruntled or chronically injured A graders from other clubs. As well they keep developing second round picks into likely future champions, Worpel, Sicily, Mitch Lewis, etc. Yes the Hawks will give it a shack next year, us well who knows!
  14. T Mac was very disappointing in the first half of the year but I feel this assessment would’ve been different had he not got injured. In 2 of the last 3 games he played, he had a direct influence on our wins vs Freo and Carlton and appeared to be on an upward trajectory.
  15. Sounds like better than we have currently. At 73 it’s a yes!
  16. Player / Team Stats - Weighted Composite Score Rnd 23, 2019 - Roos vs Demons (Blundstone) # Hit outs to advantage not accounted for Tracc's best games for the year (statistically). Big Maxy's equal best. He put this same weighted score up on QB against Grundy! Over 200 SC points in this game which i can't say i've seen anyone score, let alone a Demon. To put that in some perspective he scored 99 SC points vs Grundy in Rnd 21, Grundy 86. On QB Maxy scored 153 SC points, Grundy 84. Big M has clearly taken the honors over Grundy both times this year. That was some performance from the big guy today. A quick summary... Maxy - 18 Effectives @ 69.2%, 4 Contested Marks, 10 Clearances, 5 inside 50s, 12 Score Involvements, 5 Interceptions and 3 Goals. Tracc - 22 Effectives @ 88%, 7 Clearances, 7 tackles and10 Score Involvements.
  17. Draft pick 73 gets it done. Only because Lions will want to free up some lust space. Cutler fits our needs. Fast. Gialkicker. Good size. Wing or half back. Good ball user. Only squeezed out by Lions new midfield.
  18. We need to find the next Higgins. A quality user of the ball just entering free agency.
  19. Goodwin - clock is ticking Football department - trade period important National Draft - need an A-grader
  20. Tom Sparrow was available to play next week.
  21. Joeboy is on the money. Great summary Has taken up my line that Spargo is just a schoolboy. Year 6 actually.
  22. 6006 Gawn - an absolute giant of a game 5 Frost - beat the Coleman medallist 4 -Fritsch why did Goody even think he should be played in the backline 3 Harmes Gives 100%+ 2 Viney A captains game 1 Stretch. Now can he stay injury free.
  23. The bagging of Scott Thompson and Ben Brown on here is embarrassing. If only we had them both running around for us this past decade🤦
  24. Can see the Hawks challenging well before the mfc.. unbelievable how they haven’t bottomed out & bring in new players & continue the culture vs the pathetic culture we have
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