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  2. I found that very surprising. It was really quite obvious.
  3. I just don't see a role for Jordan Lewis in 2019. Just too slow to match up against most half forwards and provides little run and carry of half back. My fear is that the Saints will easily outrun us. Goody loves his inside mids and utilities. Always on about winning the contest. I'd love it if he watched the better teams of 2019 and saw their equal focus on run and carry/speed. We have too many players who choose to go into a contest when its their role to either close down an opponent in position to receive from contest or be that option for us.
  4. Port Adelaide are mauling the eagles. Stronger, faster and running much harder.
  5. West coast playing terribly. Two scoring shots in a quarter. This is despite the usual biased umpiring. Free kicks 8-3 so far. Their only goal from a free kick of course Two blatant frees to port in the last minute not payed. Ill be cheering on port. Thought Trenners might have got a call up? Maybe just emg
  6. respect where it is due. Port may not have got the reward on the scoreboard but that was a great first quarter. Lost count of the contested marks
  7. Jack Ziebell the captain with 6 possessions. Ouch.
  8. Memo to Nought Melbourne Get your sorry [censored] down to Tassie and stay there, what an absolute waste of a game that was today. You are a drain on this cities resources and nobody except your 30 odd thousand members gives a shiit whether you live or die Ben Brown continues to stage for kicks even after being in the spotlight all week. Pack ya bags North....
  9. DV8


    Deespise them... and their efforts to cheat the competition, and to put 'injections' into young players, who had little say in it.
  10. Words do not come close to describing how much i hate Essendrug, the fact that certain Media outlets want them to be my “Second” team is just plain insulting Those bastards got away with it, and we are supposed to applaud their return. Never Forget
  11. Hear, Hear. They were temporarily punished but got the keep otherwise ill gotten gains. They got to keep the #1 draft pick in 2016 and got to keep whoever turned out alright from their top-ups and rookies. A MacDonald-Tip for one.
  12. I reckon Sparrow will be an 'In', against the Tiges.... and maybe another small defender 'in', as well ? we need more speed against Richmond. and Preuss in to stretch the Tigers tall backs.
  13. I'm cynical enough to believe that the AFL are bending over backwards to rebrand Essendon as the darling of the competition. I prefer to remember and see them as a club that systematically used performance enhancing drugs to cheat the competition. In short, I hate them.
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  15. Can’t understand how Hutchins keeps getting a game.
  16. Well said Dame you are on the ball.
  17. Did Tyson get a three year contract?
  18. was ready to watch that game if it got interesting scorewise but like last night it was a slow moving train wreck. Let's hope the game in the west is a little closer. Other than Hawthorn v Geelong on Monday it really is a lacklustre round of football from a match up viewpoint.
  19. The Club that secretly went to the AFL and said if you don't get us the best onballer, inside and outside mid from GWS we will get back on the turps again and hold our breath.
  20. DV8


    We did... we spanked their ignition for them.
  21. Buckley is getting it right. They are almost flag favourites.
  22. With the amount of tiggy-touchwood free kicks given today, I'm finding any game almost unwatchable, whether it be on GF or played on the moon
  23. The saints have won more games than us this year, so far. They have had better form. But we are starting to move.
  24. That's what Goody & Co. are getting good coin for. From an amateurs perspective... - Control the middle clearances (we have arguably the best ruckman in the comp and a stellar inside mid field) as much as possible at center bounces. - All other times protect the middle of the ground if zoning and force them wide. - If that fails and we are still getting smashed on the sling shot be prepared to go man on man to force the turnover - Play a slow possession game if they have any sort of run on (eg., 3 goals in a row). Slowly try to wrestle back control of the game and tempo until we are ahead on the scoreboard. - If we get ahead by more than a few goals.....then we can release ....
  25. Yep, (corey) he plays positions around the boundary, I agree with that. Outside-ish but with plenty of go in him. (spargo) I think even at this early stage Spargo brings our forwardline stability, composure and direction. He spots up targets inside 40Mtrs beautifully. His kicking/snaps for goal I'm sure will get better as he matures, and gets stronger in his legs. He will increase his kick penetration with this.
  26. Yes Rusty. We all remember what happened and how Essendrug produced nothing in writing ✍️
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