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  2. 6 Gawn 5 Viney 4 Hore 3 Baker 2 1 ugly
  3. Four weeks less pre-season. I agree the first four weeks were unacceptable but a slow start to the year can be the norm after making it as far as a prelim.
  4. This song. It hurts my ears!
  5. There is a little bit of 'front-runner', still in this club/team. It's gunna take some time, to change that cultural Habit.
  6. 5 goals in a 90 secs. DO IT!
  7. Agreed. This quarter is garbage.
  8. That's the hole point 'NC'... scramble/work to get shallower. & hop out of the hole we are within... sorry not hop-out, that's the Roos recipe. step out would be us.
  9. Shame we gunna lose this by a couple of goals.
  10. Junk time goals from everyone this quarter.... percentage was definately part of the coach's speech at half time!
  11. Junk time means nothing this Club stinks again. Why...?
  12. Not one player lead up at Wags coming inside 50 then...deplorable methods up forward from us
  13. Definitely Clarry's worst for ages
  14. he was part of the Crows thrashing from last year at the least. he has won a few i think
  15. "I was really proud of hows the boys held it together and came back and kicked half our score once the Giants had switched off in junk time."
  16. First blood for the second half to Williamstown. It’s a 9 point game.
  17. Bloody hell....why didnt we try in the other 3 qrts?
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