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  2. How is Lever playing? Has he played the entire match?
  3. It was the lack of effort that did it for me today, they were hitting the ball at pace and we were just jogging around chasing tail. Where was last weeks effort? Might as well forfeit next weeks game if thats the best we can bring. Trouble is I've booked to go up.
  4. Im sorry but this is rubbish. Teams with good methods, training and structure who come out with white line fever (we dont!l) still hold up ok and some very well with a stack of injuries or also ran players. See the Hawks & Tigers pls. They don't plumb the depths that we do and find soldiers to come in from downstairs who play a role no matter how few games they have behind them. This is a 'whole of club' problem from the boot strapper, the recruiting team, the line staff, the coach and many of the players who go missing when the heat is on.
  5. Too many pretty boys not willing to do the hard stuff
  6. Jones - failed to inspire Viney - little to excite Gawn - our only winner Harmes - couldn’t impose himself J. Wagner - tried but lacking Petracca - irrelevant 3 quarters Stretch - selection defies logic Brayshaw - devoid of confidence Hore - played with purpose Baker - showed promise again Smith - had no impact Fritsch - floated through game Oliver - was comprehensively beaten Spargo - couldn’t justify selection T. McDonald - had no presence C.Wagner - played without purpose Lockhart - out of depth Frost - all at sea Hunt - a disappearing act Garlett - lost in Dreamtime O. McDonald - making up numbers Petty - out of depth
  7. So Richmond , Essendon , Collingwood etc get the Dreamtime game , we get the nightmare game . Thanks Dees for finally breaking my heart after 65 years . I cannot take it anymore , or until next time !!
  8. My worry is that the players are falling into bad habits and once again getting used to being beaten. Other clubs such as Collingwood and Richmond have heavy injury lists which explains say a 20% drop in form ... ours has been almost total.
  9. Doesn't have any impact on games, simple as that.
  10. At least Tom scumbag wasn’t on the team to enjoy the win and we still beat him at the dorks. Gotta look at any positive possible.
  11. Jeffy looked really bad out there today, playing cheap.
  12. Did some nice things, whether or not he's one for the future is another thing.
  13. It's only his 2nd game in a bog ordinary team coached/drilled and trained seemingly very poorly though DJ. Quality of the posessions seemed quite good.
  14. Would cut it up at De La Salle . . . that's about it unfortunately. We've simply run out of players and he's 35th in line.
  15. Kicked one too many goals and moved from pick 2 to pick 3 for no reason. Hope it doesn't cost us the player we wanted. Reminds me of trade week when we love giving away extra draft picks in trades for no reason.
  16. Yep and Harmes crunching last qrt tackle on the kung fu fighter aka toby g.
  17. The selection of Spargo was mind blowing. I like the guy but his skills this year have been abysmal.
  18. He has till Rnd 6 next season to prove otherwise Strange. His performances at selection, positional set ups and match day game style too hit and miss so far. Too often loses the game pre match or with the starting line ups. Too easily out coached and often coaches us out of any chance of winning from the get go of match. Has not shown he has what it takes so far. Will need a stellar 2nd half once the better players return to turn that impression around for mine.
  19. No might about it. Its done.
  20. When half your side isn't up to AFL standard it's always going to be a slog. Without any skill from half back or run in the middle it was always going to be a lot of bombing down the line, reset, hope to create chances. Our backline was so slow and undermanned we couldn't open the game up. Just wasn't going to happen until the Giants pressure dropped off. The mental weakness in the first half to give away dumb free kicks and not just hang in and create a few goals was really poor, but physically there wasn't much to be done. The game opened up in the 3rd quarter and the Giants walked in goals whilst we battled away to add a few. Then in the last they dropped off and the game was at the standard (below average AFL) where many of our players are at.
  21. each to his own but have seen it too many time times before.. Used to hang our hats on individual cameos for 30 odd years.. wearing very thin these days
  22. Gawn, Hore, Baker were the positives for me today
  23. 6 players with under 15 games out there today... Want to know why this team looks different from last year? Because it is a completely different line up mainly due to injury. We really are playing like a team with next to no chemistry again which makes sense when a third of your team are new inexperienced faces. Looks like this season might be done and dusted
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