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  2. Saints beat us last year at the Gee when they intercepted on half back and just ran the ball forward at all costs along the wings. Made us look slow and unaccountable. Looks likely to happen again this week.
  3. FMD maggots are giving this to Colonwood
  4. Really think he should have been given another chance. We need some leg speed, instead we bring in 2 slower types. I have no issue with Jetta and Lewis, it is more about who gives way.
  5. Pies got umpired all the way to the GF last year and it looks like AFLHQ want a repeat.
  6. I think the biggest issue with stretch is his lack of confidence with the ball. Watching the swans replay every time he got a mark he looked like he wanted to keep going, but ended up going back on his mark and then kicking long down the line. It’s a real momentum killer for a team that is at its most dangerous when it moves the ball quickly (ie second quarter vs the bombers).
  7. Yeah you’re right the Hawks are flying now. They are paying 850 a year for Jaeger, what a great investment.
  8. What’s happened them? They are having 1 down year and playing a heap of kids. The fact buddy is on 1m is not hurting them. 1m is f..k all in footy. I wish the Dees bad years were as good as the Swans.
  9. Umpiring has resulted in at least 3 goals to the Pies so far and missed a clear interference on a Brissy forward earlier for the shot directly in front. Went down the other end for another Pie goal for a potential 12 point turnaround. The ducking in the goal square decision up there with the worst for the year. Brissy were within 5 points at that point from memory.
  10. Simple answer= They DONT review every goal. It clearly touched the post.
  11. gee the umpiring has been interesting. That beams in the back wasn't there, the ump gets in the way and I thought they did review each goal so how did no one pick it up. Brisbane players are being held and they get zilch. Good to hear the brisbane crowd up and about again But collingwood do look good when they go forward
  12. he really has gone backwards from what we thought he could be in 2016.
  13. Give the Pies their due... they have a plan B as well as a Plan A. Compare tonight to how they beat Richmond
  14. Can’t understand it. I thought he was better than Corey Wagner. It seems like he is on the outer.
  15. Brisbane play a great brand of football to watch.
  16. I tend to agree LT. If i had an in form hungry Jeffy having put in enough training time on the track or ressies i would be going for Jeffy 9 times out of 10 unless we were looking for a specific defensive run with role from a smallish forward to shut down a prolific damaging play maker coming out of our 50.
  17. Stretch was not good last week, his direct opponents were Heeney/ Florent they flogged him all night... deserves to be dropped.
  18. Charlie Cameron.... 1 player from any club I think would make us a really tough side to beat. Aaannnddd then gives away a 50 Why do fwds try and mark on the goal line instead of shepherding the ball?!
  19. Umpire literally blocked Lachie Neale from the ball coming to him and directly cost them a goal. Absolutely horrible and unjust. Surely something has to be done?!
  20. Umps having another stinker! And a non-review missed a hit-the-post, plus the ump shepherded the Lion to help set up a Pie goal 🤦‍♂️
  21. I reckon we got overs as well but i threw them into Osborne just for kicks! I do like the cross sport selections though.
  22. I hate the filth. What about that last pies goal. Slow mo def shows it hitting the post!? (oh but they review all goals dont they) guess theyll subtract it first thing Monday morning......
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