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  2. I have been saying for many years now that the obvious problems with umpiring decisions are affecting our game. We do not receive any protection for in the back and above the neck contact.We give away the ball for what appear to be identical contact. We need to ask the umpires what is wrong with our technique. We do not criticise the umpires but our play and ask them as the true gods of the game how can we be recognised.We show them the inordinate amount of respect they expect and they may treat us more sympathetically.
  3. Yes we do - due to Nietschke injury.
  4. Most likely today either 12pm or 6pm
  5. I didn't think we had any more available spot on our list in the up coming mid season draft?
  6. Im assuming you’re one of Goodwins assistants with that comment. Lets keep the same players in then, that don’t run and chase.
  7. Goodwin keeps saying we are too easy to play against. Whose fault is that? I bet it starts with the game plan and coaching.
  8. Well, We had one of the best in jade Rawlings and imo his influence may have been bigger than we know. Certainly the backs are a shambles since he went. He’s coaching Casey now... I say bring him back at years end as a matter of urgency.
  9. Who are the other good assistant coaches that may be available out there?
  10. ANB just runs a lot but not enough 2 help us get better
  11. Talk about your typical “Sack the Coach” OTT simpleton dramatist - How about to take a Valium or two with a Xanax Chaser & Nitrazapam mixed w/oxazepam combo Cocktail? Simon Goodwin isn’t the issue - the players not running back defensively, constantly making poor rotational judgements in transition - followed by poorly executed gob [censored] decisions w/ball heading inside 50 combined with the fact that ALL our high intercept high IQ defensive talls & contested marks up fwd are either out, or entirely out of form due to being hurt by all the above?! Joel Smith was to be our 3rd tall up fwd that could take a grab AND apply pressure, Garlett was is only now fit - which we’ve missed dearly for groundball issues & May/Lever/T Smith have all been out inj too as well as KK not getting decent run now Lewis having no continuity and just coming back in - we have ZERO continuity and all combined it equals a [censored] start - it’s really that simple but thats FOOTY!!! Our pre season showed us up in R1-2 Essendon we just came up against a team that was red hot and didn’t miss and we didn’t capitalise when on top.. LW was awful and worst loss so far but again the issues listed above can easily be factor and thems the brakes - StK go some good fortune and ran away, we didn’t connect up fwd and lost structure way too often which combined with personnel issues meant a poor loss!!! If you can’t handle the ups and downs of a game where these things happen to teams all the time then maybe think about supporting soccer more or NBL which is great quality now, less of these types of issues by someways but even then you’ll still get issues and luck that falls against your team so I dunno.. quidditch?! Seriously - Yes it’s bloody horrible but I’m so damn sick of ppl always blaming same BS and taking their own insecurities out on the club.. we had some crappy luck and have major continuity issues re personnel and it happens to of made gaps in gameplan worse but it Will turn, Saints proving it now with AWFUL list but they’ve had continuity and are resetting to a simpler style that makes them competitive but ultimately will need to be overhauled to take next step, like we had to 30 months ago.. Their supporters wanted Richo’s head for YEARS & the very same are the ones all over social media banging on about their LOVE for the club etc it’s such a cliche - Faaaarrrkkkkkk!!! Fingers crossed May Lever gets 10 weeks to click and they have massive pre seasons for lead a huge push into next year and in process turn form around wherein we win half our games and compete for 8th with a sneaky shot - that’s our lot this year I’m afraid but we support for the long game not the short! I am telling you NOW - If we sack Goodwin (wouldn’t, ever but let’s say we did and he hadn’t re-signed) we’d be set back 24 months!!! It’s just idiocy to blame him and to compare him to NEELD?!?! Talk about apples and oranges - [censored] it’s more like apples and compost! Maybe sit back when we’ve got some back in 6-8 weeks and see what we turn out then, I suggest it’ll be a “miracle” turnaround that the media say came from “nowhere”.. pffttt!!!
  12. We can drop 4 more games and make the finals. right now can anyone see us even winning 4? such a waste of a year.
  13. Changes need to be between the players ears.
  14. Tyypical from someone who would not have a clue.
  15. Is our game style even relevent these days... like the look of noah anderson
  16. I worked with Lou at the Herald Sun when I was young. He would have been about 163 to 165cm. Solidly built though. More like a Caleb Daniel type for a modern comparison. In his days players in all roles were significantly shorter. John Nicholls the leading ruckman of the 1960’s was about 185cm and built like a brick outhouse.
  17. Today
  18. I agree he has some limitations but at least he applies pressure and tackles.
  19. Percentage is always a good indicator of where you stand compared to previous years, as sometimes win loss can be out of kilter by having a number of close wins or losses. % 2018 - 131 vs 2019 - 72%, so we are a 10 goal per game worse team! Last year early in the year we got caught doing the following: - defending (or not defending) to far up the ground. - boundary throw ins in backline not having someone cover the goal side shark & shot play. - not having someone patrol the goal square. - all defenders jumping for the mark or punch, while leaving opposition players to crumb & goal. Seems like we are doing this in the forward line. - mids not running both ways (Jones is worst culprit - shocking example as captain). - ordinary kick out approach (just watch how a well coached team like Hawthorn do it) Melbourne has been poor at this for last 10 years. This is one area totally down to coaching - you have the ball from a set play, if you can’t get this right either poor planning or execution. - blazing away into forward line. - too many players competing against one another for the mark in forward line. - wingers too slow and not chasing. - from what I’ve seen and read on Demonland, we’re repeating all the same mistakes, is it dumb players bereft of confidence (as we did get better from round 16 onwards), lots of injuries (Jetta & TMac why are they playing if not fit) or poor coaching. Some fixes: - prioritise the wings with Fritsch and Stretch (at least he can run, give him five weeks to either make it or not). - Jetta & TMac out till their fit. Don’t bring in May, Lever or KK until fit. - J Wagner out, poor decision maker. C Wagner out. - Lockardt in as a small defender. - Give Keilty a go as a forward until TMac fit. - Garlett back in the crumbing role. - ANB back at least he can run. More speed in team.
  20. Be interesting to see how the return to situation normal affects home gate receipts demonlanders may be reticent to relinquish memberships but I’m guessing there’re lots more for whom this current malaise causes a bit of 👀🧟‍♂️🙅🏻‍♂️
  21. No i am saying that at the moment, tmac is badly out of form and weid cannot hold down a key forward spot. Msy has played forward so he might take the best defender. He has kick goals at gold coast.
  22. Excellent post blaming the coach is way to easy. Yes the players are to blame but getting ahead of themselves reflect an overall club culture than accept mediocrity. Good club would not pat themselves on the back for being flogged in a prelim.
  23. Just looking for one positive each of the team we have lost to are in the eight. Up until the bye there only two games currently you would rate us a chance Suns & Hawks. Tigers, Eagles; Giants; Crows; Pies look tough. If we beat Suns & Hawks we turn 3 win 9 losses. Scary. Imagine the weekly presser about transitioning and connecting better. At what stage is it acknowledged that every level of the club need to be reviewed. Maybe an Armageddon year is better than mediocrity. It will force hard truth to be confronted.
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