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  2. Meantime GWS have 3 fun key forwards. Kill me.
  3. There is no solid plan B - and thats the issue. When he does finally make any sort of tangible change, its too late.
  4. Id be sniffing glue without this site.
  5. I liked the decision to play Spargo and Lockhart as full forwards that quarter. Inspired move
  6. No effort = no result Just disgusted.
  7. i don't understand why we're continuing with what's not working in terms of oliver, viney, harmes as the core trio in the middle alongside gawn i'd try mixing it up - throw viney and oliver forward for petracca and brayshaw into the middle, for starters - brayshaw can't play anywhere other than in the middle anyway, so might as well play him there
  8. Collingwood nearly won a flag with worse injuries. Richmond have a load of key injuries and are still winning games. Injuries are hurting us, but getting demolished by opposition coaches and our insipid ball use is hurting us more, and that’s coaching.
  9. We need to make a statement and drop TMac
  10. Wind increased turned into a defensive scramble. Weid has 3. Willy get one after the siren. 39 plays 24.
  11. This is atrocious - what do they actually do all week when at training for inside 50’s! also C Wagner and B Fritsch smiling after every GWS goal is doing my absolute nut in. we are a disgrace.
  12. Demonland outdoing itself today.
  13. For Gods sake people, other than our pathetic skills, which makes it impossible to watch, did anyone think our Casey side would get within 10 goals of a full strength Giants.
  14. Goodwin could at least run through David King on the way out.
  15. I always knew Goodwin was a poor decision maker. Gambling, peptides and taking the Melbourne coaching position. Clarkson wouldn't touch us with a ten foot pole.
  16. Get rid of the coach, the coaching panel, the recruiting team and don’t ever recruit players who can’t kick. Basic skills ffs!
  17. Yep other clubs see us as soft and we are. Its not just the injuries for me its the fact t hat Tmac, O mac, Viney, Gus, oliver, Garlett, Jones have gone so far backwards.
  18. I remember him getting the bukake Gatorade shower.
  19. That all too familiar feeling of 3 qtr time, seeing fans around you leaving because they have had enough, being tempted yourself but not moving because of some stupid 'moral code' that is just engrained in you now, and lastly the late footy game seagulls. What. A. Feeling.
  20. I’m in no mood to tolerate that misplaced apostrophe.
  21. But has he won a game? I can’t remember.
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