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  2. Agree on firts three points. Not sure i agree with the last Before he got injured last year he was starting to play really well and much more fluent and instinctive. But seems so hesitant now. Needs to release the ball more quickly and take the game on and break some lines. Those issues were on display again yesterday, though there was couple of occasions where he did kick quickly. On improvement i think it is dependent on his mindset. If he he can free up a bit and have the confidence to attack then he could well improve. And to be honest that is the coaching staff's job to help him get his mind right. I would have dropped him after WC but was ok yesterday and with our injuries gets his chance to make a case to stay in the idea. I hope he takes the chance as i think the talent is there.
  3. did I hear right on the radio yesterday that this draft is only for 19 year olds?
  4. If he wants another 80 hour a week job
  5. That's the template for all coach and politician leaving speeches... He will spend some time for a few months and be back as senior coach somewhere after this season is over for some club if not before.
  6. Brad Scott said over the weekend he wanted to spend more time with his wife and family. Does that mean he wants another Senior Coaching job? I would say not for a while, unless he is spinning rubbish, because he already has a gig lined up. He would be a great assistant if possible, i get the feeling that Goodwin is struggling big time. Tactically and Stress levels.
  7. Like it but would play Weid in lieu of Pruess. Also like Brayshaw as ruck rover. Can't understand why they play him on wing when he nearly won a Brownlow last year playing in the guts.
  8. While I don't know him Balme struck me as the perfect director of football. Smart, able to communicate and good management skills. Scott's persona as portrayed in the media is perhaps a little more tunnel visioned than I would have wanted for the role but there is no doubt that the right person in the role provides the glue. The role of the CEO is to stay out of the football department unless systemic issues require intervention. The one role that is becoming less defined as the years go by is that of head coach.
  9. Yep. I think his natural game has been coached out of him, with him being told he is not to turnover the ball at all costs and that has stopped him playing on like he did in his first few games. He was a run and carry player who is now stop start. I think he has improvement in him.
  10. I heard we had 5 players with less than 15 games on the park.
  11. We must draft a player that can come in and play straight away.. we could have 7-8 vacancies on the list next year, that is enough. Lets draft a player that can inject some skill in to this horrible team. Find the the player with the best foot skills and draft him.
  12. He actually averaged 32 per year and didn't want to play for us. Your point being?
  13. In the words of Bob Dylan, "I don't believe you...", I won't continue with what Bob said next but Hibberd has not been generally terrible this year. He did struggle early but was definitely on the up at the time of injury I don't blame the club for Jetta's absence May is not fat and lazy Lever is no more overrated on these boards than by the All Australian selectors Hannon was not dropped several times last year KK is not all but done
  14. So this year is clearly done, if it wasn't already, But some players that are just not up to it and will never make it in my opinion: The No good: Petty - No Instinct, nothing stands out about him Stretch - Panics with ball in hand, not quick.. no redeeming features Oscar - he is just not very good Corey wagner - tries hard - but thats it. add to these players right on the line of no good: T Smith - i like him, but he cant get a run at it. Charlie Spargo - Whats his specialty? needs to kick 2 plus a game i reckon Jay Lockhart - hard to say really Josh wagner - i think he is ok.. but just ok. add theses to players horrendously out of form: Tom McDonald - all year but we have to play him.. bit is it time to rest him Angus Brayshaw - complete and utter breakdown of what he was and more importantly how we use him. Nathan Jones - He is done. its brutal, but he is. Bailey Fritsch - Plays AFLX, and somehow has never been the same. Jeff Garlett - i dont expect him to be the bloke who hits players hard, but he is struggling and the forward line at the moment is a shambles. So that's 13 players from yesterdays game that just can't and are not playing AFL standard footy. What hope do we have. Also at some stage it would have been nice to see Goodwin put Oliver at FF and clear the 50 out. Also hats happened to the Genius that was Craig Jennings? i mean surely the wraps he got last year means he shouldn't be immune to criticism.. if our players were bad yesterday, they were supported bu a shocking day in the coaches box.. a situation that has been evident a lot this year.
  15. Based purely on radio commentary (so I request that Demonland not use my votes): 6. Gawn 5. Hore 4. J Wagner* 3. Harmes 2. Viney 1. Baker (although it would have been Hunt if he'd kicked straight) *The commentators weren't being particular about which Wagner (or McDonald) had the ball for a lot of the game. I presumed a lot of the call was J Wagner primarily due to the location on the ground where I believed the ball was likely to be.
  16. I've read everything this thread has to offer and have been looking for the take aways that are constructive... few and far between! I find slash and burn sentiments unhelpful easy to discard. It is clear that we are severely under-manned. However we have still been creating a competitive amount of scoring opportunities, until yesterday. Yes, one or two selection decisions were perplexing. It was only a week ago that our team produced a fantastic effort against the odds in Perth. Don't be blind to the efforts of individuals when the scoreboard is showing a dismal result. Jack Viney threw everything at forcing the ball in our direction in the second half. This may not have been represented in the statistics, but should have been apparent to any observer at the ground. Josh Wagner was one of our best throughout the first half but is always branded as not up to AFL standard here. Blind prejudice in my opinion. He lacks a little polish but is as brave as they come. He is a handy back-up when the 'stars' are out of the team. Credit where credit is due peeps! On reflection, we could/should have selected Lewis to replace Salem. We could/should have selected Preuss instead of (name your player). We could have taken a risk on Hannon... But really, not much more than this available. I think we should be taking a closer look at how things transpired in the final quarter. I put it down to play on at all costs... which meant we were getting the ball into our forward zone before the Giants could set up their defensive structures. Talking about zones... what about Ray calling a head high free from 70 metres away... The replay exposed that decision as extremely speculative. Now, when RAY was adjudicating in his own zone, he blatantly refuses to pay Ollie a free for being smacked in the gob whilst standing 5 metres away. Incorrect disposal doesn't exist for GWS, at least to umpire 14, who then pays a mark to a GWS player which clearly skidded off the MCG turf into his arms.
  17. To me we can't play two small forwards because there is at least one mismatch when the opp have only one small defender. I counted at least four times yesterday when a highish kick went to Garlett who was pushed under the ball or the ball was punched away by a taller opponent. Jeff had no chance to mark those. On Jeff, I think he has lost confidence after the sprays he received in his first game back when he took two low %age shots for goal instead of getting the ball off to a team mate. Now, whenever he gets the ball he hesitates and looks for an alternate play rather than play on instinct. As a result he has lost his x factor. Nonetheless, I would take Jeff before Charlie every day of the week.
  18. Basic 1 percenters that become momentum shifting is what does me in. In the first qtr himmelberg kicks a goal that goes through 2 meters high as Max has been bumped off the line. Two mins later Mcdonalds shot from 45m out doesn't make the distance and is touched on the line and there's no one there to shepherd it through. Later on I think in the 2nd, when they're all over us and by right should have been 10 goals up. Viney takes a mark and has the look of 'Im captain I'll take responsibility and kick this goal' and he misses and they go down the other end and kick the next 8. I know we have injuries and have our $3 million backline out, but this is basic stuff and the 2 scenarios above (which there were many) fell on to our 2 'leaders'. Then there's skill execution, which is just going to drive me up the wall so I'll just leave it at this. We need to be aggressive and savage come trade time & bring in players that can use the ball.
  19. Does any one know what our average age and average games played per player for round 10 was vs the rest of the competition? Goody said “personnel” quite a few times in the post match presser.
  20. Scott would have to accept that his senior coaching days are over before he came to us or any other club as an assistant. I don't think he's there yet. (And in truth, it's too early to tell either way.) Do we know he'd be any better as a director of football? Would prefer someone who has runs on the board from coaching, or managing, at a successful club.
  21. Hibberd is 30 in January, and has generally been terrible this year. Jetta has been carrying a knee injury for at least 12 months, so blame the club for his current absence. Salem is a big loss. May is fat and lazy, and no guarantee of improving the side even if he gets fit. Lever is massively overrated on these boards, but will at least add some leadership. Hannan is a fringe player who was dropped several times last year. Kolodjashnij is all but done as an AFL player. Smith has played 11 games in five years and is yet to prove he can be a consistent AFL player. Yes, these players are individually better than the guys who have replaced them, but there is enough talent in the current team that they should be performing much better than we saw yesterday. I don't think that getting players back will automatically fix the problems we clearly have.
  22. B: Jetta May Hibberd HB: Lewis Lever Salem Do I really need to say more?
  23. A real worry for me is Tom Mc. He has improved in recent weeks with a couple of goals. Nonetheless, he doesn't get separation from his man to mark, nor is he able to bring the ball to ground and let the small forwards go to work. Has he lost the ability to jump? Also, did he fail to make the distance with a shot for goal from about 40m yesterday? I know the mid field is bombing it in but Tom should at least bring the ball to ground if he can't mark but he rarely is in a position to do so.
  24. I have long argued on here for a 'Director of Football' ie someone who sits on the Board who has 'football' as their portfolio. He is the person the Board expect to be across football strategy and performance. At the moment the responsibility to the Board is shared between Pert and Mahoney. The last Director of Football we had was Greg Healy. GWS have Jimmy Bartel and Carlton have Chris Judd. Not sure what other clubs do. From my reading of the Scott situation, he wants another Senior Coaching gig. But am totally with you in the need for a Director of Football and/or a Neil Balme type in the Football Department.
  25. Could pretty much write that for all forwards who play there atm
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