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  2. Surprised he’s not more popular on here. His vision in traffic and passing is sublime. He always looks for a teammate in a better position and gives away a lot of goals that most small forwards would kick themselves. Such a good prospect for the future.
  3. Never fear! Rest assured he will fire up and play a blinder today. All our ex-players seem to find an extra gear when they come up against us!!
  4. In the big-time, Spargo is learning rapidly when to go, when to get, when and how to give, what weaponry to employ for best effect. These are big lessons that he is handling well, so far. There is every expectation that these aptitudes will continue to be enriched and deployed with far less hindrance than that effected currently.
  5. Great to see Ajax back up and competing at the top end, even if it is only temporary. I’m in a similar boat that I’ve lost interest in football/soccer as the ridiculous amounts of money took over. As for the premise of the thread, I agree, and it’s why I believe GWS will stay strong for a while yet. They might lose players but due to the quality of those players, they will always be at the pointy end of the draft. They can just keep brining in elite talent, like for like.
  6. Another loss and we’re onto 2020! More of the 2nd half from last week. Hit outs from Max landing on Viney, Brayshaw & Clarries chests and a continuation of team defence, we have to run with the Saints. Go Dees!
  7. A whistle! For you & all Dees to blow! So we get some bloody free kicks!
  8. It also exposes our selection rationale as shaky. The lad (Smith) was not 'allowed' to play on - he was forced to play on as there was no-one else to fill the gap had he been more sensibly managed and withdrawn from the game. Meanwhile, OMac stayed on the ground doing nothing once again as an automatic selection, and I am sure that there were firing young guns on the listings of the Selection Table capable of filling the gaps on the bench; for example, that crucial mismanagement left by the badly injured Smith, and the less than effective OMac at all costs mentality. Who is holding whom to ransom?
  9. It's time for TMac and Weid to play themselves back into form against a not great St Kilda tall defence. Add in Preuss and occasionally Max, and they'll find the match ups difficult. We've just gotta get it done! Another loss will be a massive kick in the guts for our confidence.
  10. Jeez, I can hardly contain my excitement and anticipation about this arvo at the "G. Before the Port match I scored a free packet of nuts with the footy record and then , against the Druggies, I was given a free yoyo. I'm all a tremble. What will it be today?
  11. We simply do not matter. The recent successes of the Tiges can absorb any unfavourable draw outcomes, particularly if it enables some distinct advantage for the turnstile-pride of the Filth and Essendrug fans. Coffers straight to the bank for the AFL, with some directed part-expenditure keeping the Anointed ones happiest. Anyway, it will all be forgotten half-way through next week as the money-laundering rolls on.
  12. Jeff scores 16 goals from 11 games last year when we were scoring freely. Tackling and pressure were down. He will have to string more than one good Casey game together before goody picks him I reckon. Id prefer Spargo at the moment. Not good last week but he has the right attitude and has lots of potential
  13. It is appearing to be the AFL intention, no doubt. It follows the '...all is forgotten...' syndrome, doesn't it?
  14. I can see where you are coming from @dazzledavey36 At first glance, he doesn't have enough tricks or the ability to crumb for goals from pack spillage for mine. He works best where the okay requires a cool head and the ability to think things through rather than raw instinct or freakish skills. Jeffy has the edge on him in the latter case and that makes him the better natural small forward. That being said, Jeffy could never move into the midfield which I could see Spargo doing. One problem of playing him as a small forward is that you DO have to take advantage of anything that comes your way in that position. On your worst days, you can get supply that leads to the type of stats a list clogger gets. That's not great for a kid who wants to audition for a ball winning mid.
  15. Most. Sure. Front ended hopefully. The club advised mid last year that we had enough room to go after another player in the trade period. We lost Hogan and got May. Everything else isnt worth analysis. We should have a heap of cash. Just my opinion.
  16. The price for that development is Jeff Garlett's career. I don't think Spargo has been best 22 all year. We lack genuine forwards on our list and Jeff is perhaps the most natural forward on our list. Spargo should be doing most of his development at Casey. I would like to see Jeff get a go, we would probably be a better team for it. If Jeff does not work out he can be dropped. I fear his cards have been stamped and he will be traded or delisted.
  17. Best Bet Caulfield Race 4 Number 1 Poised To Strike $4.80(W) Last BB for a while, might pop in for the Brisbane Carnival if time permits. Good luck all.
  18. Today
  19. Your thinking is way too logical for the AFL to contemplate.
  20. The AFL really didn't think this one through did they? Come on, how thick can you be? I don't care if they are the best band in the world, the next Beatles, whatever, but guys and girls.Come on! Beats head against wall.
  21. A must win game. Dees played themselves into a bit of form last week. With Lewis back to add experience and Ronald McDonald finally dropped (hopefully for good) and with a longer break than the Saints, this should be a comfortable Dees victory. Saints by 39
  22. But only just Jack; reports are that he has not been setting the world on fire
  23. There's been a lot of commentary around Spargs on where he's best position is. Have mentioned a few pages back that i saw some of his junior years play as a genuine midfielder. And a bloody good one too. The half forward role he is currently playing is for his own physical development. He is still slight and still building up his engine. Goodwin is not going to chuck Spargo in the center and smash him to bits. I would think over this year we will start to see him push up to a wing to utilise his smarts and cleanliness with ball in hand. Over the next few years i would like to think that Goodwin will start to play him in his natural position as an on baller who rests up forward. Obviously he needs to build his frame but that will come naturally with more pre seasons under his belt. Lets not forget that this kid is still only 19 years old.
  24. Does anybody know if Preuss trained yesterday?
  25. Its already a critical game. If we go 1-4 with tigers to come.... it’s almost season over.
  26. And, of course, Dean Kent who could barely get on the park for us in his last 2 or 3 years is fit and saddling up against us this afternoon.
  27. Who would have thought that when Round 5 came around, St Kilda would be riding high in April and Melbourne would be down there with the also rans? Time to shoot down the Saints before it’s May.
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