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  2. They should dress up as the 2019 season...
  3. He's one of a few intriguing names that are still uncontracted. Frost, Stretch (for different reasons) and ANB are the other ones for mine.
  4. Let's agree to play nice hey? I wasn't talking about Misson leaving at the end of this year, I was talking about the fitness department reshuffle that happened simultaneously to the coaching reshuffle. You're welcome to view it differently, but the way I interpreted Mahoney's comments was that they were moving Misson to a more external role and moving other staff more into the player management roles. I have nothing against Misson, as I've stated previously, he's well regarded in the footy industry, but clearly whenever a football club is changing your role midseason things aren't going well (just ask Brendan McCartney). Perhaps it was just a matter of trying something different given our run of injuries this year.
  5. A year like this in 2020, Gawn will request a trade. You'd be stupid not to. I hate this club so much
  6. What are u talking about? I had him pegged for this in another thread about 6 weeks ago!! And its not a popularity, good service, my dad works at club etc, etc its based on ability TO DO THE JOB!! NUFF SAID! Won't happen though... We are too conservative and nice!
  7. Appreciate all the work mate, love this kind of post. What are your 'selected stats' though? As I reckon even the non-fans of Petracca would admit he's played better this year than last. Harmes has been ok this year, but would have though holistically he was far better last year. Not totally sold on the system mate. Petracca being rated in the top 3 general forwards this year by the AFL's Player Ratings also says he's been better this year. FWIW here's the heat map:
  8. Yeah but how typical MFC.... Will probably play this week!!
  9. Here's some stats (averages and a overall weighted score from select averages) from this season so far vs season 2018 for a little bit of objective context LN. Always have to be careful reading too much into this garb though as players may well be asked to play completely different roles in season, even in game, and from one season to the next of course. This might effect the comparative results somewhat from one season (or shorter period) to another. Might have played a more wide ranging / roaming game last season (hence more rebound 50s, inside 50s and 1%ers in defence) vs say most of the first half or more of this season where he appears to have spent more time up forward or HHF....very little drifitng across HB. Or maybe didn't have the tank to do so as often as last season...poor conditioning/fitness levels like many others!?. Another sign of the forward bias might be indicated in his overall tackles, down nearly 11%, whereas tackles inside 50 are up substantially by 170%! A heat map off AFL Stats-Pro might be handy here to see where he has played most of his time this season if anyone has the Telstra account access to this data and can be bothered posting. Ideally we would need the 2018 map also though. Probably not available any longer. Tracc may well have been a tad off vs last season (table shows he is down approx 15%) based on the yearly weighted score comparison. However he might 'appear' to be better this season (to some) on the field as so many of his fellow players are having a year from hell ie; effectively making Tracc look better than he really is/was vs last season. At least statistically this appears to be so anyway. The fellow player/s "steaming pile of dung" rub-off effect, for want of a better term! Having said that i have witnessed patches this year when he looks the goods. Patches that i can't recall so much last season in terms of "the level of impact". That could just be my ageing grey matter, but unfortunately, like last season these patches were just that. Very patchy! With Tracc seemingly unable to sustain that heady level for long periods. Misson factor or just the player's standards / attitude when coming back from a fairly decent 2018? Team off so much it has dragged him down with them? Or, he is simply playing a significantly different role and that has meant his stat composition has changed but his actual performance of the new role on field (subjectively depending on where you sit/how you see things), is better than his performance last season even though the weighted score says otherwise? Some extracted data (averages per match) from season 2019 vs 2018..... Legend: CP - Contested Possessions UP - Uncontested ED - Effective Disposals DE% - Disposal Efficiency % CM - Contested Mark Mi50 - Marks inside 50 1% - One Percenters CL - Clearances R50 - Rebound 50 i50 - inside 50s T - Tackles Si - Score Involvements MG - Meters Gained TO - Turnovers ITC - Interceptions T5 - Tackles inside 50 TOG% - Time on Ground % G - Goals
  10. You are right height wise but Bradke is miles off AFL standard! A call up could destroy the kid at this stage.
  11. Yup it's why we haven't won a flag in 55 years. Poor leadership
  12. How funny is this... Lewy..love ya's all.. Then ...ya's all got some growing up to do...bye. Hilarious
  13. In all saying that, it's a no from me in regards to Lyon
  14. He should tell them if they don’t get their act together he’s gone to somewhere that gives a f
  15. Today
  16. Imagine being a member of the team that breaks the drought.
  17. Surely some of the motivation is to please the supporters. Players play better when there is more support. Case in point was last years home finals versus last weeks crap crowd against the swans. So my thoughts are - be motivated for the supporters, because it helps your chances of success.
  18. Well the best way to stop people talking like that is to make things change not to think it’s all to hard, or that it will just happen
  19. Good on Lewis for going “Whack”. I am concerned that these attitudes were not spotted early, and dealt with. When you add this to the way the last pre-season was so poorly managed, I hope they come back from this year with a burning desire to turn this all around. There is no room for any hubris. The team was poor, the setup was poor and the results were poor. This has and will cost people their jobs. Any of them that come back other than 100% focused on doing everything that needs to be done should be sanctioned, and enjoy the windswept fields of Casey.
  20. Given his father’s public criticism of the club and the fact that he is out of contract, will Joel Smith be leaving us? I thought that he looked likely at times, up forward.
  21. Culture, culture, attitude, standards! Even though my gut said what Lewis has stated, i still don't get the how given we have achieved so little in 55 years! ... Rusty Nails Red and Blue Annual Member 4,394 6,577 posts Gender:Male Posted Monday at 08:05 AM (edited) Has to be cultural IMV. Have a reasonable year....relax & get happy....have a [censored] year. Have a few good wins (not this year) .... relax & get happy... lose the next 3 games. Win the next game against a bottom dweller with half its team injured...relax & get happy ...lose the next 5. 2018.....win 6 on the trot....relax & get happy (including taking eye off the ball ....eg; Max spying on Collingwood training sesh) .... lose the next 3 including the QB just after the Max spying sesh and against the lowly Saints by 2 points, which probably cost us a double chance and a shot at the big one.
  22. Sure. It was shameful that the players came back with a bloated attitude. The Club should have extremely high standards as a template, for every player to know, but obviously we don’t have anybody who gas even thought of that. We really should be living in the VAFA because that’s how the board think. I have worked in Departments that have changed attitude and standards within 8 hours, either change or you are out. And guess what, people change. Why does it take the MFC an entire season to change nothing? It is staggering
  23. 2017 is relevant to the players that were on the list at the time but Im not sure how our playing list is in any way responsible for the late 60's through to early 2000's given that most weren't born, let alone on our list for the majority of that time. Imagine if you were at work and it kept being brought up how [censored] the company has been since the 1960's.
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