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  2. I had a look at some of his highlight videos yesterday, he was such a good player. It's a shame that he had issues and injuries, but here's hoping he can recover some of his past brilliance, it would make him one of our three best players if he can
  3. Multiple clubs enquired about Petracca this year but there wasn't any interest from the 23-year-old or the Demons in moving him. The above is from an AFL.com article about our club’s most intriguing unsigned player for 2020. Enquiring doesn’t necessarily mean teams made a play for Trac, there was talk on here the Cats were interested, just wondering if anyone knows which other clubs enquired. In the current AFL landscape players are being courted well in advance of a contract expiring. To me he’s the priority signature for next year. He was very good in 19 and can elevate his game even further, would love to see him locked up well before teams come seriously knocking on our door. From a few training sessions I’ve seen in the last 12 months or so where you are actually close up I’m still amazed at Trac’s core power and strength.
  4. When he celebrates a goal, he could hand out the high four and a halves.
  5. Fancy bothering to take a photo of that! God kids are soft nowadays. In my day we'd have carried a horse home on that little finger alone...
  6. Very true 'Gonzo'...we have a new CEO who is yet to make his mark on the club. It will be interesting to know how much input he had into the changes made. The structure is there but there have been significant renovations.
  7. Assistants come and go, it's the CEO, President, Coach, Footy Manager - the key roles that promote stability.
  8. I wonder about the callouses on his hand. Has he been partaking in hard, manual labour during the break?
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  10. No brigade of coaches sacked, that was an overstatement by 'steve' but also your take was an understatement and didn't account for the significance of the changes made. Some pushed and some moving on, who knows where each falls... Viney, MIsson, Rawlings, Jenning, Macca...it's not a small exodus, these were major players.
  11. I blame the surface of Gosch’s Paddock.
  12. Am I missing something? I never said there hasn't been significant changes. I'm not spinning anything. Need for change was identified. And they got on with making those changes. Mud season. But not just as a reaction to poor season. Reactive management is stupid management. I pushed back against claims of a 'brigade of assistant coaches being sacked (if you count Jennings there has been three who have left and only 2 sacked) and a 'mass exodus frpm rbe FD (viney, pitsch, the IT guy - small exodus). That is spin
  13. Will leave after shaking Martin's hand at the PSD.
  14. Still astounded that Harley’s coming to us! He maybe 50:50 chance of regaining his form and his body holding up, but if it does... it’s equivalent to a proven top 3 draft pick, with years of development done, hardened and hungry for success. And would be THE pick of this years draft season. Like wow!
  15. Were we interested in Frank Anderson last year? I would think a season in the VFL has done him the world of good. Jake Ricciardi is another I think is worth a shot.
  16. Think he did the same thing last year. Remember thinking it would affect his tackling.
  17. GWS may have to accept that, for the first time in their existence, they’re going to pay a fair price for the players they draft, like every other club (except GCS)...
  18. It seems players taken in the PSD are not on the same or similar contractual terms to players taken in the national draft (which I understand involves standardised terms). If we want Ben Sokol, presumably this is one reason why he’d hold off entering the national draft and instead come to us in the PSD (because we can offer him slightly better terms than he may otherwise get in the national draft). Also - it avoids the lottery of potentially getting picked up by clubs like the Dockers or the Crows. Or even worse, Carlton.
  19. A little like the politician that steps down for family reasons... Spin it anyway you like 'bin' but there have been significant changes made in the FD as there should have been after a disastrous 2019.
  20. “I’m so disgusted at the club so I’m going to stay on in a coaching role”.
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