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  2. I am supportive of this possible eventuality as there are quite a few 'neck breathers' near and further for the Dees' backline; it could well mean that OMac sees the year out at Casey, not returning to the AFL side this year. What is suggested for him from several quarters is that all will be ameliorated/repaired/reinvented/recuperated by such a stint at Casey, to get his mojo back and thus, becoming competitive again and in weekly consideration for the AFL team. I'd posit that he still should not make the cut based upon skills and aptitudes, alone. Except for taking two defensive marks and one clearing punch in one game, I have never seen in OMac what others proclaim.
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  4. I actually think hes exactly whats been missing down back. Holds the whole show together, when all about him are losing their heads. Lets just see how he goes for the next month or so. Will be his last year though.
  5. A disgraceful decision by the AFL. See above for my post for my thoughts on this farce. I forgot to mention- when will the minute silence be done among all this noise? The AFL seem to think we want our senses assaulted with light and noise when we attend the football. It is not a rock concert for goodness sake. This season is getting more and more ridiculous.
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    Late to the topic, I know, but this 100% correct
  7. thanks but at $500k.... he's far from a gun gun forwards start at around $700k and then there is the term ???
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    Yep, the issue is the boys didn't really do the wanting of these things. It was a club administration LED course of events... even to the point of leasing a secret house, and hiring a nurse to inject the players. And the players had no understanding of what the injections were, and still don't. I cannot believe the Bombers got off so lightly... and how the footy fraternity is so blaze` about it. all these days. This has to be about 10 times worse, than if a club threw a game. I can't think of anything that could be worse in sport.
  9. The Birds of Tokyo at an Anzac day game............
  10. I agree! I take many vitamins and drugs because of a health issue, but recommended by my doctor. Some drugs were very new, just come out of trials. But to inject healthy, young, athletic men with substances unknown for so called health benefits, well, what was the purpose? It can only be called cheating. I really dislike the way it is glossed over and all seems to be forgiven.
  11. Rubbish. Hes already one of the best decision makers at the club, rarely wastes a possession, sets up goal after goal. He turned 19 just a few months ago and you're already writing him off.
  12. Maybe the Swans reneged, changed they're minds ??? just sayin'.
  13. He might be better if he can get a game or 2 in... prior to the Eagles match. 2 matches prior, is the Hawks match.
  14. No team can go into any game now, after dreaming of they're own bathwater, early in the week. Bathwater is toxic to winning for any team, these days.
  15. Well, we'll know by Monday, I reckon.
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    I'm not against what Dank does. Because I also use vitamins, minerals, Maca, and other herbs like Tumeric, etc, from time to time. And I gave many of those things to my Pet, who had become Arthritic from a trial drug to kill cancer cells... the trial drug worked... but the side effect was Arthritis, within 10 days of the trial. The Maca, and the Tumeric were fantastic for the Pet. So I'm Ok with leading edge trialing of certain substances, which are said to have better health benefits... just do not agree with the use of, for cheating, and for exploitation. If the person is fully aware of what they're doing... and the mentioned benefits/negatives of the substances, then I am OK with it... and particularly so, for terminal illnesses... where all options, or most options, are already used up. ............................... It's those who go into these things to cheat our systems in order to be better, in sport say, over the others in the competition... the Bombers, and they're officials who condoned those secret operations are a disgrace. They should Never be allowed back into the sport, in any administrative type level.
  17. Due to lack of disclosure, we still don't know what those young boys were injected with, and what lasting implications those substances may have on their future health. It is a disgrace. Then there is the talk of Hird coaching again, and some people loving the prospect. It makes me sick to the stomach. And just recently everyone got on their soap boxes to point at Melbourne and condemn them for "tanking". Again. Hypocrisy at its finest.
  18. Won't even be on the list! As limited a footballer as I have seen!
  19. Not so big in current terms 'norm'. We don't have anyone close to the $1mill mark so I'm sure we have plenty of cap space if we choose to use it.
  20. The rain is West Cokes Kryptonite.
  21. AFL were falling all over themselves to reward Essendon in this year's fixture for finishing 11th last year.
  22. I hate them too. Who remembers that idiot McAvaney saying that the drug cheats (actually he didn't refer to them as that) were everyone's second favourite team? What a moron!!
  23. A few of our regular posters were strong on him in his draft year. We had three chances to get him but picked Spargo, Fritsch and Petty.
  24. I think I remember something about MFC enquiring with the Eagles about this Jack Petruccelle kid during last years trade period. shame it didn't go anywhere, he's kicked 5 goals tonight and has got some decent wheels on him. could of been a good get for us running around on the big spaces of the MCG. looks just the sort we lack.
  25. We should have a heap of cash to play with IMO. Hogan would have freed up a bit.
  26. 3 games, 3 blowouts. Not a great advertisement for the game.
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