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  2. I like that you've bristled up a little here. Some emotion in one of your posts, I'm all for it. Let's see if we can coax out just a little bit of empathy now. 100% of the people you've chosen to lecture in this thread support Goodes. An skewed figure for someone who 'deplores racism'. One thing I'm sure (hope) we agree on is that there was an element of the abuse Goodes received was racially motivated. I think that the majority of it was/is. That is my opinion from the sample size that I have come in contact with. Meanwhile, you're hellbent on trying to make people prove what percentage that was (obviously not possible) in order to protect those the might've been lumped in with the bigots. You've tried to compare whites experiencing racism to minorities and in this case indigenous Australians experiencing racism. I find that completely misses the mark at best. All of the people that have put forward considered arguments in this thread disagree with you. You may not put me in that category, if that's the case, I'm not fussed. But have you considered that? Everyone is wrong and you're right? Even the person that seems to know you personally disagreed with you. Maybe you're just more intelligent than everyone?
  3. Astonishing we are favourites. They are going to absolutely smoke us imo.
  4. Isn’t the only way to get match fit to play footy games? I was concerned he might be underdone too but only from a touch/form/confidence perspective. As far as I can see there’s no evidence whatsoever that he wasn’t ready from an injury recovery point of view. People are flying off the handle without having the facts at hand, as usual.
  5. Well i was going off what May said on Fox Sports that he had hurt his foot before the QB clash.. Whatever the situation, i though 6 qtrs in the VFL wasn't enough.. you can train all you like but you need to get match fit and hardened and confident.
  6. not allowed to have "flare ups" in this industry...
  7. Evidence that Lever was “rushed back”, please? I thought he had been in full training for months before he returned.
  8. Pretty sure Winmar was a diver, y'know. Ducking his head for frees and all that.
  9. The way the AFL is trying to regulate fans is ridiculous. Normally I can't stand Joffa or anything to do with Collingwood, but I found a podcast interview with him where he makes some important points. If anyone's interested by sure to give it a look. https://ipa.org.au/ipa-today/the-young-ipa-podcast-episode-114-extended-with-joffa
  10. Hell no. Lewis will retire at the end of the season and imo jones will be retired (respectfully). He needs to go back into the middle permanently and the club needs to recruit outside runners WHICH THE CLIB SHOULD HAVE DONE 3 SEASONS AGO FFS if the club did it 3 seasons ago we probably wouldn’t have this prob now. It’s ironic that since Gus has been moved he has lost form. This club does my head in with playing players out of position. Instead of thinking of getting rid of him get his brother to our club.
  11. ANB in and tell him to stick on Wilson all day. Pressure him so those Rebound 50s are uncomfortable all day. Can’t afford their gun players to create havoc once the ball is cleared from our forays forward.
  12. I'm guessing Lever was rushed back for the QB game because our deluded coach genuinely thought we were a chance for finals. With antics like this, the Joel Smith saga and the on-field performances in general, the entire club should be ashamed of themselves for what they've dished out to the members and supporters in 2019.
  13. FAs next year include Whitfield, Brad Crouch, Heppell, Hawkins, Cameron, Zac Williams, Darling, Jamie Cripps, WCE Kennedy, Easton Wood. There are others and many of these will no doubt re-sign over the next 12 mths. Wouldn't mind us having a decent crack at Whitfield and Crouch
  14. Watch the video yet, gents? C'mon, it's only 6 minutes long. "My activism did not spring from my being gay, or for that matter, from my being black. Rather it is rooted fundamentally in my Quaker upbringing and the values that were instilled in me by my grandparents who reared me. Those values are based on the concept of a single human family and the belief that all members of that family are equal. Adhering to those values has meant making a stand against injustice, to the best of my ability, wherever and whenever it occurs." - Bayard Rustin, American human rights activist and senior advisor to Martin Luther King Jnr (who also incidentally criticized white so-called progressives). That's real liberalism right there. All men are created equal type stuff. Judge by the content of character not by the colour of skin type stuff. Not this cheap watered down rubbish cowards propagate to feel better about themselves. Matsuo Basho - 5 The Mob - 0 (Forfeited) * Crickets *
  15. Will be up to 4 changes for this weekend. lets just say the injury curse has not left the building.
  16. So we played a player on QB who was already significantly underdone in his comeback from a serious knee injury, but who was also carrying a foot problem that may have caused him to change his running style, hence leading to this current knee soreness? Congratulations to the club on its never ending quest to achieve new levels of incompetence.
  17. Agree. He does better when he's inside. Would rather we chased Whitfield, Coniglio, Ed Langdon or similar. Outside run and good disposal is our need. Worth remembering next year we have Viney, Trac, Hibberd and Harmes coming out of contract
  18. Meanwhile the AFL turns a blind eye to PED use ... but the public doesn't care about PED use anymore (except when the Olympics or Cycling comes around) No votes to buy there. I'm not excusing Stephenson either ... more so highlighting the inconsistencies with regards to the integrity in the sport. A 10 week suspension for transgressing the rules with regards to gambling on the sport vs 1 urine test per year per player for PED use. Out of whack in my book.
  19. Lewis in? Are you serious? Brad Hill, Stephen Hill, Fyfe, Walters, A Brayshaw, B Matera, Wilson.......good luck keeping up with these blokes!
  20. Today
  21. No problems. A new CEO comes in and declares his big ticket item is to build a training and admin base in the one location. The fact it's on Pert's agenda is a step in the right direction (PJ had bigger fish to fry in his tenure at the club), as these types of CEOs are judged on their results. If he fails to deliver this promise, quite simply, he will have committed career suicide.
  22. He's a high quality young player. but he's at a club that needs him more than we would need him, and he would cost more than would be appropriate to pay (in pick-equivalent and dollars). I think our trade-recruiting should be very focused on picking out specific players who meet our specific needs, and I don't see Parish as in that category. Overall I think we should also be very much looking at managing salary cap and keep a stash prepared to go after free agents, because that bypassing of trade/draft 'cost' is a huge bonus for building a list to reach the very top. Plus, I'm expecting pretty significant turnover from the tail-end of our list at the end of the season, so I really think we should be trying to hold onto multiple good draft picks to make sure there is some serious quality coming through the new kids.
  23. I keep saying it and i hark back to a thread i started "Professionals" - this club is so far off the pace when it comes to these sorts of things. It really does my head in. Changes should be: IN: Smith / Lockhart / Lewis Out: Wagner, Spargo, Lever (inj.)
  24. I commented on this 3 weeks ago Jaded about the Lever & May inclusions, especially with limited game time at Casey (Lever 2 quarters & May 4 quarters for Casey). Makes no sense whatsoever & shows total disregard for player welfare & care . I know the players just want to play, but really, we are no chance to play finals & achieves nothing! I would have thought that the coaching & medical staff would have learnt from the Viney experience ...... Dumb....
  25. In a word? Yes. ANB was our best last year and he is no quicker than Viney. Forward pressure is more reliant on mindset than just pure pace. Sure we might not see him Chase down players like Saad running out the backline but his front on pressure could be a huge asset. The only * on Viney as a forward is his ability to convert. He's an awful setshot at the best of times. Playing forward he would need to do it often. Adding Viney as a forward might also help with our scrappy entries. 1 because Viney wont be kicking them in as often but also because if the balls inbetween him and his opponent I'd back him to win it more often than not. Unlike players like Spargo, Garlett etc
  26. I hope the Casey Radio truck gets there nice and early and finds a good spot to avoid being bogged again.
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