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  2. No way Oliver or Brayshaw should be anywhere near the leadership group, right now they might be 2 of the most selfish, self absorbed, uninspiring (maybe a bit harsh on Clayton) players on our list, which wills eem liek an overreaction but they havent displayed any leadership this year. Trac possibly and keep lever out for another year until he gets a full year under his belt. Melksham and Harmes could be options for the LG.
  3. He is the furtherest thing from a leader we have at the club right now.
  4. Max for Captain , Oliver VC.
  5. anyone provide more onwhat kieran jack’s wife was talking about re: her comments to BT in theRoamingBrian segment?
  6. less time watching the game at least
  7. Yeah. His no.1 aim should be to get the attitude & motivation of his players into a positive state. This can be achieved by focusing on certain facts like "hey you get to play professional football for a living - [censored] enjoy it!" & "there's a reason you got to this level, use your strengths & remind us all why again!".
  8. For those that are going to Blundstone, prepare for 25 minute waiting time for a beer or pie and 15 minute waiting times to take a leak. I shudder to think of the waiting time for the ladies... A disgrace of an AFL venue.
  9. Looking forward to commencing another 11 year drought against a perpetually middle of the road mediocre side. Suspect they will risk Max as the head coach looks desperate, concerned, out of ideas and a 100 point belting will leave a massive cloud hovering over him over the summer. In - Petty, O Mac, Lockhardt, J Wagner, Hunt Out - Dunkley, JFK, Chandler, C Wagner, Spargo ANB survives because he kicked 20% of our goals last week, but we need to moving players like him, Kennedy-Harris and Stretch on.
  10. Maybe true bb but you can forget next weekend the result will be worse than last Friday. They need a circuit breaker to start 2020. It won't be a new coach that will have to wait till 2021. So what is it? I have no idea so the prospects for next year appear bleak.
  11. Could hardly make them worse LH. However it won't change things at Bluntstone. Roos by 8.
  12. May, a crock collecting his Super. Will struggle to stay on the field let alone be a leader.
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  14. When they're reviewing recruitment and drafting, find out why they failed to recognise we desperately need outside ball users with pace when all we went for was more of the same hard bodied inside players. Every single one of us on here could see this was a requirement..... How did they not??
  15. There are some good things to do around Hobart that don't include bluntstone arena. Forget the game and do some of the other things and get some value for your money.
  16. Typical classy display by the Poms: 1) Captain a cheat 2) Stealing players from the Colonies to pump up their own pathetic ranks 3) Booing a guy when he's on the ground with a possible broken neck They'll be a Third-world country by the time Bojo's finished with them. Good.
  17. That’s exactly my thought too, ANB couldn’t kick a set shot from 30 out if his life depended on it, he’s the WORST player on our list!!
  18. i watched him on Friday - he is so one sided, and even at school-level footy, the oppo will just camp on players like that, and make them turn on to their wrong foot. No where near the skill level required to be in the midfield.
  19. Dont rest Max its the last game of the season, it would mean a lot to not get destroyed.
  20. Yeah well pretty hard to do when the leadership of our captains is so very bog ordinary! Who are his role models??
  21. Not sure Clarko or Dimma would hold back for fear of upsetting the 'poor guy'.
  22. Damn it. As the youngens would say .... "My bad!" Never again Mr O.
  23. Rest Max if there is even the remotest chance his hammy is suspect. As for the rest I really don't care after last week.
  24. Of course I’ll renew - will buy the 5 premium memberships that I do every year. I’m even thinking about joining coterie. It’s odd, but I wouldn’t enjoy the good times anywhere near as much without knowing I’d suffered through the bad times. I’m a firm believer in the concept that the Club owes you nothing. You make a choice to support it or not. But if you love it, it’s not really ever a conscious choice.
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