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  2. No, lets just sit on our hands & get more of the same...
  3. No. If the quality ain't there it ain't there.
  4. You are not alone frustration is a corner stone of being a MFC supporter. Back to Jones you are correct there is no one better available in fact there is no one even close to his current form. With our injuries list I think you can be confident he will play ever game this year. Next year, I reckon he will get a one year deal and he will take it as he will still be better than the replacements have to offer. Now that maybe an indictment on our mid fielders list but IMO it is a fact.
  5. That makes yet another Casey player to stand up and be counted . Is it possible we could catch a break instead of yet more injuries?
  6. Lots of quality mids who can use the ball foot.
  7. Yes old iron hands is beginning to look good.
  8. @TomBrowne7 · @7NewsMelbourne @mmmhotbreakfast Jack Viney had scans yesterday. I believe he has avoided shoulder surgery, but will miss a couple weeks. Not ideal timing for Demons fans. But I guess it could have been worse
  9. Agree with this, it doesn't seem to matter where these teams are on the ladder it's always a good game.
  10. It’s starting to look like we replaced Chris Dawes with Chris Dawes.
  11. Rewind the clock about two minutes further and see Baguley get a free kick and goal for a hold when he was the one doing the holding. Total BS free kick. If that hadn’t happened Essendon fans would have nothing to complain about as the game should have been out if reach by the time the Pendlebury thing happened. I think in general in our game we have a culture of pissing and moaning about umpiring in general. It’s a game where a lot of the rules are subjective. In every single game there’s calls good and bad. It’s the nature of the game. It’s a garbage excuse for booing 10 minutes after the game anyway. On a day that is supposed to be about coming togetherness, while ANZAC representatives were on the ground awarding a champion player. Boo your head off while the game is being played, and even after the siren. Once the presentations start, STFU and show some respect.
  12. Good will make it easier to get my finals tickets
  13. Before yesterday 3 of the last 6 games were decided by over 40 points (one by 69 points) the others were all over 3 goals. Nice try.
  14. Sorry, frustration gets the better of me sometimes. With regards to Jones - he’s struggling for sure, however I can’t see him being dropped. There’s at least 3 players I can think of that would be first and there are zero players at Casey better than him. He will be persevered with for some time yet. As for the games record, if it’s irrelevant as you’re now saying, then I’m not sure why you brought it up in the first place. Your whole post was centred around him not being worthy for holding these records, I’m not sure what else you were expecting us to conclude.
  15. Erm, are you suggesting a media conspiracy?
  16. Hard to see Jones still being around if playing for one of the more successful clubs. Clarkson would have tapped him on the shoulder years ago. He has been the beneficiary of the botched exit of Junior Mac who still was a relavent contributor. He won’t go until he feels like it. It is damning he can’t see his time is up. Last season we could hide him because the side played really well. This season there is no where to hide him anymore. It is cringeworthy watching him plodding along and butchering the ball on a regular basis.
  17. Today
  18. Well lets hope port give nth a thrashing tonight and put them back in the spotlight
  19. Yeah let’s trade a kid who is a gun for 2 developing players who might be guns or duds.
  20. And be outraged if one of our own copped a soft chicken-wing fine.
  21. If you head to the Dusty Martin assault thread our accountant has already gone down.
  22. Love it. TU on some manic warpath of truth in an era of fake news. Good luck mate. Wish I had your stamina.
  23. And hes barely 18. Writing him off now is absurd.
  24. When a Melbourne player stands up or retaliates they are penalised. Our opponents seem to be able to intimidate often illegally without the same penalty. We need to discuss with officiating body what is wrong with our structures or techniques that means we get no protection and only penalties. We may be able to change our attitudes and demeanour to allow us to play with greater confidence.
  25. A perfect example that supports my comments on confidence.
  26. People feeling "sorry" for Chunk do realise he's made more money than Sam Mitchel, Jordan Lewis and Joel Selwood by playing his footy at Melbourne yeah? We have been terrible, yet had to pay a min cap to someone didn't we . . . His best was b+ footy. Great fella, great Melbourne man whose done very well financially out of the club too. It's not going to be a fairytale and we need a whole lot more out of a skipper. Love the chunk but it's time to move on.
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