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  2. Can u Amit you're wrong about Harley, and lyon was right about Harley, you are were wrong, just say I was wrong Lyon is correct.
  3. If I didn't have empathy I wouldn't spend 25 hrs plus a week volunteering at the salvo's or working for another organisation feeding the homeless.
  4. To be fair mate, there was a fair bit going on before the health issues, his father’s death and the mental health issues. He hasn’t not been in a good way for some time. I can’t elaborate, but you can draw reasonable inference from that.
  5. Apart from that, he’s been plagued by injury, lost his father after being on the other side of the country during his illness and was attacked in social media over his being seen smoking at a music festival (even lambasted for attending said festival while his father was gravely ill). The kid has been to hell and back... something that causes comments like drysdale demon’s insensitive remark, to make my blood boil!
  6. I am not potting him but the fact is MFC got rid of him at the right time.
  7. Less kind people might say a donkey vote.
  8. Yeah. We'll need a 'Farewell drysdale demon' thread full of 'We got rid of him at the right time' comments, after that one!
  9. I am trying to be pleasant seemingly without success bworship.
  10. Sad to hear he’s still struggling, gotta wonder about that mini underage draft and whether it was the best thing for those players. I know at that age lads want to act tough and be excited but I can’t help but feel him being away from home at 17 and the pressures that came with it hasn’t helped him mentally. Hope he’s able to get things right on and off the park.
  11. Empathy is not your strong suit it would seem.
  12. I believe this is what is known as an Informal Vote.
  13. The same issues surfacing that were bubbling away at our club, that we weren’t allowed to talk about on here at the time. We made the right call getting rid of him. With that said, I really hope he can turn his life around. However, the influence he was exerting on other young players was why he was moved on. I’ll leave it at that, as I don’t want the mods here telling me I am defaming the bloke🤫 Good luck to the kid.
  14. Not wanting to get all high and mighty, but comments like this are in bad taste I reckon. Whether were right/ wrong to trade him is irrelevant now. The bloke is clearly going through hell. All the best to him.
  15. Brayshaw Petracca Lever McDonald vandenBerg
  16. MFC got rid of him at the right time
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  18. He had issues while he was here. It's got nothing to do with what state he plays a sport in. Troubled young guy. Hopefully will find his feet and get back on what path he chooses to follow.
  19. Not too sure about that but hard not to feel sorry for him - something definitely NQR there It might be that he just isn't an AFL footballer - it is a not a career that works for everyone despite obvious talent
  20. This bloke should never have gone home.
  21. This really is sad news. Poor bugger, he really had a tough few years. Wishing him all the best; a recovery to full health.
  22. Day 3 results. Round 1 concludes with: Ed Langdon d. Braydon Preuss 84-41 Joel Smith d. Toby Bedford 102-23 Marty Hore d. Kysaiah Pickett 64-61 Jake Lever d. Adam Tomlinson 115-10 Sam Weideman d. Luke Jackson 83-42 Day 4 games, open until 19:00 tomorrow night. Oscar McDonald vs 8. Angus Brayshaw Ed Langdon vs 5. Christian Petracca Jake Lever vs Tom Sparrow Tom McDonald vs Mitch Hannan Neville Jetta vs Aaron vandenBerg Happy selecting!
  23. Wishing Jesse all the best. Fremantle forward Jesse Hogan is taking leave away from the club so he can deal with mental health challenges.
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