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  2. And we threw in a second rounder, he needs to go.
  3. Oliver is ticking along ok. Went head to head with Cripps when we played Carlton and did some nice defensive work. So I think Oliver is passing the grade. However, he does play scared, which is frustrating to watch because he moves the ball onto the next bloke - like a hot spud. He could do with some rounds in the boxing ring just to become aware of that contact, and psychologically get over that fear, because he is a star and its a shame to see him go to waste.
  4. Get Clarkson to coach. no one else has any hope Spend Big money I will not watch another Rookie Coach It has gone on and on since i was at school...
  5. Has not developed. First dibs midfielder who prefers to go backwards. Master of hot handball. Terribly ineffective.
  6. Forget sending the team to the hub. Lock them down in the housing commission towers so they can get a taste of real life. They are living in fantasy land if they thought they played an AFL standard game.
  7. Vandenberg - rugged suburban footballer Hunt - skinny suburban footballer Viney - pack busting suburban footballer Smith - promising suburban footballer
  8. That Oliver turnover just summed up the game. We lose games by turnovers, i say this every week all our opponents need to do is sit across our half forward and we will kick it to you. We dont have the foot skills to play a 4 or 5 man forward line
  9. Might be reasonably competitive in the NEAFL!
  10. You have embarrassed yourself this past week with the tripe you post. This possibly takes the cake. How's our season going? Remember you said winning wasn't a priority but teaching the players the right way to play the game. Well done.
  11. The lack of change from teh coaches box was so stark today.. i cant defend it anymore.. what has changed in 18 months.. nothing and players are now regressing.. Oliver, brayshay, tom Mc, Lever is teh biggest bust in our recent footy history. Joel Smith selection and positioning in teh back line is mind blowing. What change did Goodwin make in play today.. did Hunt get a run on teh ball? did Melksham move from the 50m arc, why not put smith fwd, give picket a run on teh ball.. its was a disgrace and im almostr done with this club. Im so angry. the club set itself up for a sustrained period of success and something has turned horribly wrong and it starts in teh coaches box.. the p[layers love Goody apparently thats great, but he cant coach. Period.
  12. 6 - Pratraca 5 - Hibbard 4 - Gawn 3 - Hannan 2 - May 1 - Brayshaw 1/2 - Smith
  13. Why is it Goodwin's fault when every player bar m maybe Hibberd made a fundamental still error that sometimes resulted in a goal to the opposition
  14. Might be able to give them some belief though
  15. 6. Hibberd 5. May 4. Petracca 3. Hannan 2. TMac 1. Salem.
  16. I quite like Goody actually. I just hate his current gameplan. I pray he changes it.
  17. It looks like he’s keen to get rid of the ball as quickly as possible like it’s a hot potato.
  18. For the longest time now I've got the sense that he's started to believe his own press to the point that he's pretty happy with the idea of just being a footballer rather than putting the work to be great...just my take.
  19. Sugar coat that one biatches VDB done Smith never to be seen again. Cost us at least 5 goals Lever - what a mistake Oliver - overated lair that can't kick or handball Brayshaw - turnover merchant who goes missing Viney - courageous but limited footballer who excels at hitting up opposition players TMac - Is it possible he is worse than his brother? Half way through the 3rd qtr there were 9 Melbourne players with 3 disposals or less. Hibberd best game in 2 years Trac hold your head up.
  20. To hell and back?? We’ve gone feckin nowhere.
  21. I think the talent has been overrated and Goodwin can’t develop players
  22. Positive - season is only 17 games Negative - season won't finish til October
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