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  2. Around six weeks. Possibly longer. Making slow progress unfortunately. He's out of the boot but the foot is very stiff still. Not running yet. He's very missed in our forward line right now. His kind of clever ball-use is what we need more of.
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  4. Hayden Young? I've only seen him play one quarter but had a laser left foot.
  5. Nothing current about it for me. I never rated him from day dot.
  6. Someone better. Drafting a guy because he’s tall and his brother is good seems like an underwhelming set of criteria to recruit players by. And now five years into it he’s being put on a three week weights program to ‘bulk up’? C’mon let’s get real. Freo took Ed Langdon with the very next pick (54) by the way.
  7. I like that the club are willing to do this. it seems they did something similar with Weideman. If it works with Oscar so much the better. if not, well, we have lost nothing. He was a pick 53 and is only 23 yo. I would give him another 2 years minimum to develop his body and skills. When he ha the ball he is usually calm and level headed and has good delivery when in form.
  8. He was pick 53. There have been some stars drafted after that number but not that many. Who exactly did you think you would get with 53 instead of Oscar, who was probably worth the gamble. Just hasn't worked out...........yet.
  9. I think with some smart drafting/trading and a full pre-season we should be challenging again next season. We made a pre-lim with key backs of Oscar and Frost only. May and Lever included is a huge increase in key back talent. We just need some quick, skilful players in my mind. Weid will be a year older and hopefully TMac will bring his best from Round 1.
  10. Where does this rank for disgusting behaviour? https://apple.news/Azdfc0w2rSJO-NMnFJZH02Q
  11. was amazed at that. how the umpire didn't play a 50m against Hunt who might as well be bear hugging him to stop him retrieving the ball is beyond me.
  12. I think the mindset needs to change a bit for supporters. We've kind of been conditioned to look for top picks over the last decade or so. The club fed us the line back when we drafted Watts, Scully, Trengove et al that we were looking for the best talent from the draft to rebuild. Roos went in with a definite strategy of getting multiple first round picks over a number of years to build the core of the side. They've done that now. What we have now in terms of top-end talent is what we're taking forward. Like the other top sides there are going to be some trades, top-ups and free agents, but the core is set. If we're going to get to the top it's through improvement in the players we have and adjustments to the gameplan. Realistically, we're probably two or three years away from seriously challenging. Once the core players hit their mid-late 20's though, we'll be a powerhouse.
  13. ok, wasn't clear on that, but after the free was awarded to us, so kick-in now negated and 2nd infringement was then after and a separate event. does this mean that we would have got the free and a 50m (i'm confused over crazy rules), if so this means the penalty was 200m (50m + kick to us, 50m + kick to them). seems way, way over the top how often do you see someone penalised for a cheap head knock get some treatment and the umpires ignore the treatment? what was worse, the head butt or the retaliatory hip and shoulder? the proportionality doesn't stack up. anway it really pizzes me off, in case you couldn't tell
  14. I wonder how many of the mystery injuries and unexplained absences even from the Casey teams might be something similar? No harm trying it if the player is struggling to find form while playing. Clear their head, give them set focuses and no screaming gits each weekend.
  15. Have you looked at the top draftees this year? Unfortunately it’s looking very very thin up the top end for outside mids and KPFs. In fact not sure I saw any in the current phantom touted top 20s. Unless we want to burn a top 5 pick on a player who is expected to go mid 20s This draft is looking a like a dream draft for Goodwin with it packed with inside mids.
  16. An interesting stat re cameron. If we put frost on him maybe he can, with his height advantage, knock the ball right out of his area and out of that danger zone if he’s isolated there. I remember eons ago steve Smith was played on Leigh Mathews with a similar role. Smith was thrashing him. That was Up until Mathews king hit him behind play and put him out of the game. But it was working until then!
  17. Sounds like really good player management and development to me. Very reassuring.
  18. Hold the phone. You can't allow Walters to be suspended this year. Not on a trumped up head butting charge. He was in with a chance of winning the Brownlow for goodness sakes. The AFL has dropped the ball on this one.
  19. I have a different slant on players from opposition teams being quite often given the benefit of the doubt when it comes to penalties being incurred during games against us. I think that the MFC is on the receiving end of a well orchestrated, "try it against this mob because you can probably get away with it........they are hated by Umpires, so stretch it to the limit" . Would i go so far as to say that it comes from within the Clubs or on field, anyone's guess, but i put it out there anyway.
  20. You can do all the weight sessions in the world, but if he isn't getting the right amount of calories in he will never put on size. The bloke needs to eat, eat and eat whilst training hard.
  21. Gee the backline will look different this week.
  22. I'm as critical as anyone with Oscar but the guy had a limited preseason and was then thrust in to playing 9 of the first 11 games underdone and low on confidence. Obviously Lever and May were out and the decision was made not to risk Petty in to a bad side when he also had a niggling foot that cost him a week or two. So Oscar kept going and actually played ok in rounds 7-9 before a couple of stinkers. This seems like a smart thing to do to get his body and mind back on track and I expect he'll play well in the VFL from now. He might surprise a few as a depth player who can come in to the team and do a decent job once he finds some confidence and actually gets a run at developing his game at the right level for him.
  23. Good idea I think, I’m sure as much about mental strength and resilience as physical capabilities
  24. According to the Age this morning Petracca could be trade bait. It seems to be journalist nowadays you think you have to have a brainfart to get noticed.
  25. Cale Moton, Jimmy Toumpas, Judas Sculley plus a few others went a lot higher than Oscar, but then he is the current target since Frosty has come good and Jack W has left us.
  26. It was some time ago. Melbourne got a great start but was wound back and kicked at the end to win it’s first game for 2018. THE TEAMS BRISBANE LIONS B: Nick Robertson, Josh Walker, Darcy Gardiner HB: Luke Hodge, Harris Andrews, Alex Witherden 😄 Lewis Taylor, Dayne Zorko, Ryan Lester HF: Cameron Rayner, Daniel McStay, Hugh McCluggage F: Allen Christensen, Eric Hipwood, Charlie Cameron Foll: Stefan Martin, Jarrod Berry, Dayne Beams I/C: Rohan Bewick, Cedric Cox, Rhys Mathieson, Sam Mayes Emg: Zac Bailey, Jake Barrett, Tom Cutler, Archie Smith IN: Rohan Bewick, Cedric Cox, Rhys Mathieson OUT: Tom Bell (omitted), Daniel Rich (ankle), Mitch Robinson (suspended) MELBOURNE B: Michael Hibberd, Oscar McDonald, Neville Jetta HB: Jordan Lewis, Jake Lever, Bernie Vince 😄 Jayden Hunt, Christian Salem, Nathan Jones HF: Christian Petracca, Cameron Pedersen, James Harmes F: Bayley Fritsch, Jesse Hogan, Jeff Garlett Foll Max Gawn Clayton Oliver Alex Neal-Bullen I/C Dom Tyson Jake Melksham Tomas Bugg Josh Wagner Emg: Sam Frost, Dean Kent, Corey Maynard, Billy Stretch IN: Tomas Bugg, Dom Tyson OUT: Mitch Hannan (omitted), Corey Maynard (omitted)
  27. No changes. We need continuity with the side. Lever out by the looks of it and would not rush Hibberd back. Stay as is.
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