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  2. I can't see a 2020 season happening. Round 1 will sit in the history books as an anomaly
  3. I was just watching a couple of videos of a young guy named Jon on the “The Melbourne Football Club, The Mighty Demons” Facebook page, who had received among other things, a gift and best wishes from Demonland. That was one of the most touching things I’ve seen in a long while and is something we all need during these dark times. Good on you Andy, you’re a good man!!
  4. Starting to resemble Eyes Wide Shut more than Aussie Rules Football
  5. Nothing about 2020 makes sense. Someone ate a bat in China and now I can’t watch football.
  6. Tragic news for both families. Considering conditions on Sunday, the size of the vessel and where it was found I’m not optimistic.
  7. They could play with masks, gowns and gloves. You know it makes sense.
  8. Terribly tragic. Hope they’re both found alive and well.
  9. Not really the idea I had in mind......
  10. It's now getting beyond stupid...
  11. I see where the Suns and Freo play in both conferences... That will bugger them well.... Good idea
  12. I don't think the Feldmanns qualify.
  13. I like the idea that is in the OP but I could see something like that being a trial for the future of the competition. Covid 19 is, of course, having a big impact on our lives at the moment and I believe that this impact will be felt in the medium and long term on all areas of our lives. With regard to the AFL and footy, I can see that the AFL will emerge form this with a tighter control over the footy clubs and finances and also a relatively free hand to reshape the game. So, what might we see? The competition split into two conferences with the teams in each conference playing each other twice and the other conference once? Mind you, with 18 teams in the competition that would result in a season of 25 games before a final series. It would work better with 16 teams as that would result in 22 games for the season plus finals. 25 games per season would not be out of the realms of possibility as that would then justify shorter quarters and an interchange extended to 6 players. All possibilities. Clubs may support that [censored] the additional games would provide additional income. The broadcast media would support [censored] a there would be additional games to broadcast and the players could be won over with shorter games and additional interchange and possibly retaining larger lists. If the conferences were decided on the ladder positions at the end of H&A of the previous year, this is how it would work out. Red conference · Geelong · Richmond · WC · Bulldogs · Hawthorn · Adelaide · Freo/Suns · Sydney · Melbourne Blue conference · Brisbane · Collingwood · GWS · Essendon · PA · North · St Kilda · Carlton · Suns/ Freo You might look at swapping Freo and the Suns in that case so that the two Queensland teams and the two WA teams are not in the same conference.
  14. Darc' must be pulling Ed's, string.?
  15. Maintaining the even more obscure sub-thread: Jewish Ex-Demons footballers, Derek and Rick Feldmann. Returning to the very obscure Gentile Ex-Demons footballers thread... Laurie Queay played two games in 1972 (probably off the bench). Unfortunately 'Tiger' Ridley and the match committee were unimpressed, he never played for the firsts again. Pretty decent footballer in his day for a school now prominent in recent AFL drafts.
  16. Clarko was never elite but a top class role player who suited our team at the time. Guess that was when he learned to find and use role players in his recruiting for his coaching career.
  17. They may still look the same but their playing styles were noticeably different on the field.. Michael played in the centre (when there was such a position) and was a runner in perpetual motion pushing the ball forward for the whole game. Henry played more as a forward/utility who was also a runner but like taking speccies and kicking goals. Both were great amateur footballers.
  18. If you know these two either could have played and only they would have known who was there, identical. I was once snubbed by Henry by not speaking to me at the cricket, except of course it was Michael and I had not met Michael. I think I kept that "grudge" for 6 months, Will not forget that time, cos i knew they were twins. long time ago now.
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