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  2. Hell no! This is not a game to rest players!
  3. Taj getting a good mention on AFL.com DEMONS FATHER-SON PROSPECT EMERGES MELBOURNE father-son talent Taj Woewodin has emerged to firm as a draftee for this year. Woewodin, the son of 2000 Brownlow medallist Shane, is eligible to join the Demons as a father-son selection at the end of this year. Shane played 138 games for the Demons between 1997-2002 before playing three seasons with Collingwood. Taj, 18, is a versatile midfielder who has pushed himself into the West Australian under-19s program after a consistent season with East Fremantle. He's going really well for a player who was probably sitting outside of our calculations early in the year. He's showed some terrific improvement over the last month and is a really strong character who is dedicated, professional and works hard," said WA talent manager Adam Jones. "He's very clean with his ball handling and he’s shown real competitiveness over our trial games. He's also been able to play multiple positions – wing, half-forward, half-back and he’s had an impact in each position. "Taj has really good skills by foot and he has a good all-round game." After averaging 22 disposals at colts level this season, Woewodin has been a solid player in Western Australia’s recent under-19 trial games ahead of the national carnival. The Demons have first access to Woewodin, who is open to moving states to follow his football pathway. Melbourne’s last father-son selection was Billy Stretch in 2014. – Callum Twomey
  4. I'm not a massive fan of Harmes as a player, but he's had so many mixed messages (right or wrong) from Goodwin over the last 2 years and has been frustrated most of that time. Clearly played out of position last year, this year was put more into a role that suits his strengths but was then given very specific instructions on how to play it and what to do; which made it more complicated - and let's be honest, he's the kind of player who needs it simple - and I wouldn't be surprised if that's had an impact on this apparent want for a trade. He was very very close to requesting a trade last year but Yze smoothed things over, as he's done with a lot of players, and he was swayed. I know Harmes and Goody sometimes have had their moments, but you can't underestimate how much he and his family are invested in the club so I'd be somewhat surprised if a trade did eventuate; although not totally disappointed tbh.
  5. I didn't claim the vaccine stops someone getting infected nor did I imply such. I said: "A reminder that no-one is 'safe'. And no vaccine is fool proof. Not that anyone claims they are... it encourages people to go and get any approved vaccine. It is the only protection there is. So I'm not sure why you have taken issue/quoted my post. Perhaps you assumed that by 'protection' I meant 'prevention'. In the context of 'no vaccine is fool proof' I'm not sure that would be a valid assumption, if that is what your post was about. There is a lot of terminology thrown around and used somewhat interchangeably by some spokespeople and the media when talking about vaccine benefit which is usually expressed as a %: % efficacy, % effectiveness, % prevention, % protection. I'm not going into the definitions nor the semantics. All I know is it is best to be vaccinated and that is what my post was about. I recognise that when fully vaccinated I can still get infected, become ill and pass it on. However if (in your words) I 'might not test positive or show symptoms', then I am ecstatic as it will be like never having got it. I may not be that lucky but at least the vaccine improves my chances in that regard. Whether that state is described as vaccine 'efficacy', 'effectiveness', 'protection', 'prevention' or something else I'll leave it to you and others to debate.
  6. Today
  7. I have been saying this for a long while, Joel Smith is a natural forward, like his father before him!
  8. Did Lockhart travel over? His VFL form appears to have improved, might be worth a spot and give Salem a rest.
  9. No. It’s absolutely not what was asked. The response that if “our team thought he was worth pick 6 to us” we would use it on Mac Andrew actually begs the question which is actually whether you believe on the evidence actually before the public at this time you would forgo the use of pick 6.
  10. Aren’t we better off having an oval that is different dimensions to the G seeing as we already have Casey? Practice on Gosch’s paddock before we play a smaller ground and Casey before we play the G. Better to have options I reckon
  11. I'd like to see Jones as well. I'm not sure if he's travelled though. Maybe next week v Adelaide
  12. I hope the teams MFCSS antennae are up as well. We have to assume that the eagles will come out all guns blazing. I would be disappointed if we allowed them to get the jump on us early. A slow start is not acceptable on Monday They’ve shown a very soft underbelly this year though so if we can withstand the early onslaught we should be ok.
  13. He's a monster. Practically untaggable. Leading the coaches votes. 2 x AA and another on the way this year Goal kicking was better v the suns. the only area of his game where he can improve. We're very lucky to have him (and signed up for another few seasons)
  14. Look at my icon, it’s there for a reason… ball in hand, this guy, magic…. It can always happen..!
  15. Got my free-no-alcohol area ticket as part of the membership today. Also got an evening in a lounge at Optus to enjoy. If anyone gets desperate for a ticket let me know.... I've got a bargain for $100.
  16. Personally I am hoping 2018 PF still burns and that the club has had this one pencilled in all year. This is the one I want more than any other in the H+A season. This gets us 2nd or 3rd and the perfect drop into the finals. (Adelaide etc)
  17. Yep gots the tickets today, though Ticketmaster was weird how they did it.
  18. I think that this has been his best season to date and that says a lot considering that he has already had numerous elite years. It's difficult to think that he's less than 25 years old because he's accomplished so much in his first five years at the club.
  19. Exactly. Both with perfect turf, with proper drainage. And let's not over egg the pudding on the importance of training on a ground with the exact dimensions of the g. Let's consider the winners of the last 5 flags. Tigers x 3. Dogs. Eagles. I assume the Eagles have a g size training ground (though not sure), but the tigers and dogs don't. Not even close. Punt road and written oval are probably no bigger that goshs is currently.
  20. Yes, I have seen them do it many times before. The cliff is coming for them but they still have plenty of talent to do a number on teams
  21. since his first quarter he has been our best player at the club.
  22. There’s no other supporter base anything like them. They are full of self entitlement and believe the world is against them. A lot of their fans have absolutely no idea about the game. One thing I will give the Dockers fans is that generally they have an understanding of the game with so many of them coming from East and South Freo in the WAFL days
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